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Help me get organised.
Where do I get a database for new believers to follow them up ?
Felipe Góngora, Entre Ríos.

§ Hello Felipe, you can get something for free or low cost at Tucows You can adapt a Sales Follow-Up programme, and the database will organise you when it's time to contact someone.

Prayer with the President
During these tense times for Bolivia, its President, Carlos Mesa, left the presidential residence and prayed alongside a group of believers in the Plaza de Armas. They had gone to encourage him that Christ is the only answer to the crisis. The President's gesture was widely covered by the secular media.
Edwin Gutierrez Alva, La Paz.

For me it's Lebanon . .
I lead the missions group of my church and we the call of God's to go to the 10-40 Window. I would like to contact missionaries in the Window and in Lebanon, as this nation is deep in our hearts.
Rodrigo Jordão, Caruaru.

For me it's Niger . . .
This is my third year with Horizons to reach the unreached peoples in 10-40 Window. In December, I am going to Niger to start my transcultural practical ministry. 90% of Niger is Muslim, illiterate and living under the poverty line. God is counting on His people to reach this country.
Giselle Maria Oliveira Barbosa, Camanducaia-MG.

For us it's Africa . . .
My wife and I are dreaming about serving God in Congo, Cape Verde or in Mozambique. If anyone can help us fulfil this dream, please contact us. We are committed to surrendering our lives to the will of Christ.
Francis Cirino, Goiânia.

 Burkina Faso
Let me show you this land . .
Under the Acacias has information about the work in Burkina, along with stories, photos, some thoughts on faith and my weblog which I update every day or two with news from Burkina, reflections on Christian and justice issues, and updates on what happens to me. By the way the north of Burkina lost 90% of its harvest this year because of locusts that devastated the crops and now another locust swarm is breeding, efforts are being made to stop it developing.
Keith Smith, UK missionary to Burkina Faso.

§ No-one from outside knows Burkina better than Keith who has been a missionary there for as long as we can remember, and he lives with the people, like they do. We bought him a camel once. Some of our best memories come from the days we spent in the sand of Keith's remote compound. Go see his site, it's beautiful.
Les and Pilar.

New Banking for the Poor scheme ready to go . .

Bonjour Les, here is the list of the women who agreed to follow our Petit Commerce systéme and their start up costs. I know all of them and they have been trained by me and I have explained to them all the weekly repayment process and they all agree to meet with me every Thursday to see how the work goes. They are all ready to start and I personally trust them but we still need prayer to see the work well done. They all promise to be loyal and honest. May God bless you.
Josephine Ouedraogo, AEAD, Ouagadougou.

A Banking for the Poor project
in Burkina Faso

  • Wendkouni will sell shoes and bags (£104);
  • Aminata, Rebecca and Kiogo will sell wood (£156 each);
  • Madeleine and Hélène will sell food (£104 each);
  • Fati and Wendinso will sell small wood (£26 each);
  • Diwina and Naomie will sell vegetables (£15);
  • Jacqueline will buy one pig (£10); Pauline and Rosine will sell flour (£78);
  • Balma will sell women’s powder (£104) and Phoebe will sell dried fish (£26).

§ Dear Josephine, You have done well to develop this project, just be sure that these ladies have been trained and understand everything that is expected of them. Please be sure that their plans realistic and will work. I am glad that you know them and that they all have a record of honesty, loyalty to Jesus and integrity. Repaying a small amount weekly is very important because the danger is that a male family member will come along and demand the income from the business. By the grace of God we will get you going this month, people have seen saving money to help you make a start. God bless you, you are a special and very precious lady.  Banking for the Poor

He was robbed on the way to the market

Do you remember the story of how a poor pastor, Bigtogo Filemon, who had saved for years for a motor-bike and was then robbed in the taxi which was taking him to buy his bike ?

A few people read about this, got together and now . . .

"My heart is full of happiness and I have the great pleasure to write you and express my gratitude. The gift made through him allowed me to acquire a brand new motorcycle which is a good tool for me to serve God by evangelisation from village to village. We do pray God to give you health and courage and power to support needy pastors."
Les and Pilar, the editors.

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Reaching the world's hidden women . .
I have always had a burden for my sisters behind the Muslim veil. We need to recognize the great influence Muslim women have in their families because if you win a man, you win a man but if you win a woman, you win a society. We also shelter abused women and counsel families in crisis because when Muslim women they receive Christ, they always go through a lot of painful persecution. The family uses economic pressure to force them to surrender so we help them to take care of themselves with the rearing of goats, chickens, sewing and many other things. Then most of the time, the husbands or the families will not pay the children school fees or clothe them anymore so I organize literacy classes, sewing classes and give career guidance. Next month I am organizing a Seminar to train other pastors wives in the vision and I need women from the West who understand this difficult and dangerous ministry to teach with me.
Name removed for security reasons.
To make contact write to the editors

§ From what we hear from a pastor in your city there is no-one better than you to speak at this conference. It seems to us that you are lady who lives what you believe. A lot of people know the theories and can talk a lot, but there is no substitute for a woman of God with a vision, a call, a grace from God and a hands-on experience. You can do it, let other people who know their call take other seminars on helpful subjects but it seems to me that the person to take the main sessions is you. Let us know how you are getting on. God be with you, to bless you and make you a blessing, to keep you safe and to provide for you.
Les and Pilar.

Heading for Albania
We work in evangelism through sports and arts and are planning to go to Albania. We would like to get in touch with believers living or working there.
Pepe y Gislaine, Puerto Montt.

Just imagine what we could do . .
It is estimated that there are now 80 million Christians and more than 250,000 churches or meeting-points. Chinese Christian leaders project that there will be more than 100 million Christians and more than 300,000 churches by the year 2010. One of the most urgent needs for the church in China is the empowerment of evangelists for the spreading of the gospel and the need for training. The 40,000 official churches have less than 20,000 full-time workers with only 1,500 ordained pastors. In the 220,000 unofficial churches to which we belong, most pastors and workers are not equipped for effective evangelism. Just imagine what we could do with cassettes, bikes, visuals and so on. The house-churches, to which most of us in China belong, need your prayer and support. Central China.
Name removed for security reasons.

When the demon leaves the bus
It was too much for some of the travellers - pale and shocked, they stared at a young man who had just been delivered from a demon. Mrs. F. W., an Egyptian evangelist, was travelling in a bus, and noticed another passenger who made strange noises, rolled his eyes and occasionally writhed in his seat. The other passengers just looked away, until F.W. was overcome with a 'holy anger'. She turned to the man and said loudly "In the name of Jesus, leave him! And leave the bus!" To everyone's astonishment, the man grunted a little and shook himself, then looked around with bright eyes, saying "He's gone! I can feel it! Whatever you did with me, thank you!" He laughed and was clearly very pleased. F.W. remained in the bus longer than she planned, telling about the Gospel and freedom in Christ, because the young man and a number of the other shocked passengers had many questions.
Source: Andrea Xandry, Zurich.
From FridayFax, New Zealand.
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Moslem convert now is evangelist
I am a mission minded person and would like to have contacts with mission minded pastors across the globe.
Evangelist Oliver Razak, Kumasi

If you speak English, work and earn money
We have set up English classes and we are looking for missionaries to work in Guatemala and earn some money. After hours you could work in your own projects and make friends with your students. You must have mastered the English language and have a neutral accent.
Luis Fernando Galvez.

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Tribals abused and kept in poverty
The tribals in India are still exploited and sexually abused by the landlords and upper class people. Recently our Pastor Thomas who works among tribal people in Palghat brought shocking news of children in this tribal colony living in poverty and malnutrition. Child death is common among these tribals. Young tribal girls are given food mixed with drugs and are often sexually abused by the landlords, as they come to work in their farms. Pastor Thomas wants to open a Mercy Home in order to save the lives of these kids, born to these innocent and cheated tribal girls.

Spirit filled Bible teachers wanted
One for July and August to preach in our English speaking church while I am away. He can stay with us and we will take care of his food and accommodation. Do you know any one ? We are also looking for leaders who are willing to come and teach our pastors in leadership and spiritual warfare.

Our Missionary beaten, threatened
One of our missionaries in Tamil Nadu was beaten brutally and was threatened with death, his wife is pregnant. They have been told to stop the work and leave as many Hindus have come to the Lord. I have brought them home for treatment

Pastor Daniel and Sister Lily, Kerala.

Deaf and dumb girl healed
Kakala smiles all over her face, and is very excited! She repeats Heidi's words syllable for syllable into the microphone, touching the hearts of everyone in the village. Everyone knows that Kakala was born deaf and dumb. People ran to fetch Kakala's mother, and soon they are both standing in front of the crowd, smiling broadly. The mother again confirms that she had never heard Kakala speak before. Upon hearing the news, someone ran off to fetch another deaf and dumb girl. Heidi and the team prayed for the girl and laid hands on her, and the little Magdalena was also instantly healed, able to hear and speak.
Rolland and Heidi Baker, Iris Ministries.
From FridayFax, New Zealand
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Spiritual battle in the Amazon
We are working with over 10 native families from different ethnic groups. We train them to become pastors, including the women, and we have some special programmes for their children. Pray for the native pastors to read the Word of God, as this is a huge battle for them, and pray their lives in the community confirm what they teach.
Alejandro Flores, Pucallpa.

The Money Tree
How to recognise a scam
If it is too good to be true - it will be !
A scam is when people con you out of your cash. There are hundreds of types of scams, fake lotteries and prize draws, incredible schemes to make money quickly, fake investment plans, work from home schemes the list goes on and on.
See this UK Government link

 Free Bible School Materials    Money Forum

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Rebuilding the north, one life at a time
God has helped us to get the sewing machines using the money that you have sent and the orphans are happy in the training centre for our vulnerable poor, widows and other war affected children. We have 20 in the centre and we are offering them courses in tailoring, food and nutrition, elementary mechanics, carpentry, concrete block laying plus the DCI Free Bible School
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

God doing awesome things since Orange Revolution.
I am a student at a Bible Institute in Kiev, Ukraine. Me and my friend have started a Christian club at a public school with free access to their auditoriums. I'd like to go to Spain the Spring break.
Alex Sad, Kiev.

 United Kingdom
Back in the storms of life again ?
I found this an encouraging word, not a prediction, just the voice of experience: "until one day he experiences deliverance again. This experience of deliverance will be different from the first. This time his deliverance will be deeper. Over time, this cycle of deliverance and failure will repeat itself, with the Lord gradually doing a deepening work in him. The crucial stage of this process is failure."
Witness Lee, Collected Works, 1963
Anon, Surrey.

Help for the 200,000 small groups in the UK  . . .
Very often small group leaders come into the 'unsung hero' category, doggedly preparing sessions into the small hours? Praying for those in the group? Anxious that there just aren't enough days in the week to do all you'd like to do in terms of spending time with these people who are so important to you? Needing more inspiration and refreshment, more training. Welcome to church @home! We want to encourage you in your calling as small group leaders. We want you to be the best you can be for God and for your groups. We want to throw some fresh ideas your way. We want to be a listening ear for your problems and your success stories. Scripture Union also equips and supports School CU and Youth Leaders, teachers and students.

§ See also Youthwork Magazine for tons of ideas and links for youth work.
Les and Pilar.

 United States
Are you a Christian Accountant?
Or a Bookkeepers, Financial and Tax Professional? Join us from round the world to help each other, make friends, pray for one another in the marketplace for God, to encourage ethical and moral standards for business.
Alan K Wyant, Spartanburg

Just one hour to go . .
As in the parable God has called us to work at 5 o'clock in history and we only have one more hour of daylight to go. Let's look for those on the edge of life, for the despised and forgotten. The grace of God is being miraculously poured down upon the whole world as never before and you are an instrument in His hands for His goals.
Dunia Centeno, Cumana.

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