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Has time run out for New Life, Minsk ?
I would like you to join us in prayer for The New Life church in Minsk. Our local authorities want to take away the building. They will give them some money for it but it isn't enough to buy a room in Minsk nowadays, not to mention the building where 1,000 people gather for meetings. Thank you!
Olga Semenova, 25, Minsk, Belarus

§ Forum 18 News Service says the authorities in Belarus' capital Minsk think they are already legally entitled to take the building used for worship by New Life Church. Officials have confirmed that Minsk City has transferred money for New Life's building into the church's bank account, despite New Life's strong opposition. The church continues to oppose state attempts to take its building, and insists that the price offered is 35 times lower than the building's true value.
Full story from Forum 18 News

Suicidal man now sells 8000 bread a day
Anto was a good automobile spare parts sales man but because of his lifestyle he lost everything and went back to his home town to commit suicide leaving his wife and children in her sister's home. Anto's sister and brother in law heard what he said he was going to do and brought him to me to be prayed for. They are members of our church. Anto received the word and accepted the Lord as his Saviour. After a few weeks he became strong in the Lord and obeyed the Lord in water baptism. We helped him with $150 (£80) to start sweet bread business for hotel breakfasts. The Lord has blessed his business and today he sells 6000 to 8000 breads every day. God blessed him to provide jobs for three other people, to buy a vehicle, to buy some land and to build a 2000 sq feet house. It all started with $150 from DCI Bank for the Poor. The first picture is the house and the other is of Anto, the man on the left next to me, with our Bible in his hand. The house was dedicated last Thursday.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala, India.

Two more Schools of Mission deep in rural Malawi
So many pastors and people here want Bible knowledge but where there has been so much heretical teaching for many years. I am using Malawian graduates who speak their own language. Many people are gripped with AIDS and poverty so we would like to empower some pastors and people with $40 Bank for the Poor loans which they will later pay back.
Pastor Moses, Luinga, Malawi.

Rudolf Schuricht 1931 -2006

We are very sorry to say that Rudolf, 75, our beloved translator in Switzerland died this month after many years of severe illness. He leaves a widow, Heidy.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

§ If you are a native German speaker would be interested in taking over the development of the pages in German or starting Schools of Mission in German please let us know.
Contact Us

Volunteer team members wanted
for this website
with over 16 million hits and growing
We welcome retired men and women, the disabled, people who work from home and everyone with the right PC skills, gifts and time to help us for a few hours a week. English and another language will be very helpful, especially Spanish.
  •  We need translators and text checkers
  •  We need an editor with experience of turning raw news into short pieces.
  •  We need page designers and page-makers.
  •  We people to find answers for e-mail enquiries.
  •  We need people to start prayer groups for us and people in mission.
  •  We need supporters to help our volunteers with finances.
Contact us in English to let us see your fluency
Les and Pilar, the editors

New Uganda Bank For the Poor
I gave out the total of 1,136,000 shilling $500 to 13 widows who will pay it back within 6 months from August 2006 and save 500 shilling each month as well.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda
Fotos of Lira, Uganda

§ Read about the DCI Bank for the Poor here

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Letters to the editors

Where can I get a list of unreached countries?

I am in charge of an association that works among the poor in a Sao Paulo slum and we are thinking about opening a School of Mission.
Eloisa Angelica, 40, São Paulo, Brazil

® Eloisa, the website for everything to do with unreached peoples is Joshua Project - there are no unreached countries these days only lots of unreached people groups. Operation World is also one of the world's best pages. You will find a leaders manual to help you start a DCI School of Mission here
Les Norman

24-7 Prayer Brings Crime Rate Down
In the Summer of 2004, with the help of some sponsors, Peter Sekhonyane put up a 300- seater tent to facilitate a 24-hour prayer watch in one part of Orange Farm where 1,25 million people live in this squatter camp. For three weeks he intensively trained believers from all churches on prayer and the principles of 24-hour prayer. After 3 weeks he moved the tent to the next place to repeat the process there. In October 2004 seven of these 24x7x365 prayer watches were up and running at an average of 15 hours per day. Then they combined efforts to launch a week of real 24-hour prayer. On Saturday Peter went to the police service station to ask how it went crime-wise during that week. According to their statistics something strange happened: in seven of the 20 extensions there was nearly no crime - exactly the seven in which 24-7 prayer was going on! Over the past two years the 24-7 prayer watches have 'exploded' to 1,460 prayer centres throughout the country, mainly in the townships.
From Joel News

People need not perish for lack of knowledge
I pastor people that are three quarters illiterate and always need someone to explain little things to them simply because they cannot read. If you can send us used school books we will use them to change things for the next generation.
Pastor Claud Zimba, 31, Lusaka, Zambia

First baptism in Yaounde cell house church
Now we are praying that God gives us a room because we have many persons who have given there lives to the Lord Jesus but are discouraged because they think that house is not appropriate area to meet as church .
Pastor Nembot K. Léonce R, Cameroon

® Dear Pastor, We wish you well with your church. If you follow the pressure to have a traditional building you will also have the traditional expenses that go with this and the traditional problem of raising the money from the members. So you will have to pray and decide what is best for the people and the Lord will guide you. Both the classic church model and the cell church in the home model are good, both have their advantages and disadvantages but in places where money is hard to find the church in the home always wins. For the first 400 years after Jesus the churches always and only met in homes. Our greetings to all your members.
Les Norman.

Free 1st Prize winning Puppet Script - Free
Retired airline captain, Fred Mercer, also one of the Board of the DCI Trust here in England has just won first prize in an international competition at One Way for writing a puppet script. Capt. Fred is an active member of a puppet team that tours schools in the UK, and the show they put on is just brilliant. Here is the script to download free and there is also a free puppet ministry leaders manual.

What happened to the church in the India Leper Colony?
About two years ago we followed the leading of the Lord and asked our friend Pastor Daniel in South India to begin visits to a leper colony where men and women are forced to go if this illness is discovered on them. From that point on they become some of the most isolated, rejected, abandoned and uncared for people in the world, just as it was in Israel in the days of Christ. Pastor Daniel reports, "Today, Pastor Johnson, one of my team is well received among them. He visits the lepers once a month and spends a whole day with them. He ministers to them individually and conducts small groups of 10 to 15 people for one hour. He prays for them, sings with them and hears their stories and pains.

There are believers among them and Pastor Johnson trains them to share gospel to others so lepers receive the gospel from other lepers. He is also training two men to be evangelists to the lepers and they conduct services on other days. Every day they have prayer meetings. One leper man and one woman are being trained to be the spiritual leaders to conduct the prayers and bible study. They need some Tamil and Malayalam bibles. Yesterday we went to the leper colony and spent three hours with them talking and sharing with them. They sang songs for us and we were blessed by their happiness and joy. Some of them have been there for 30 to 40 years. With the £385 gift from DCI we gave new clothes to 311 men and women, as well as 30 fluorescent light tubes and 50 bulbs to get light into their homes. Some of them asked for asthma inhalers and diabetic medicine. This is a heart-breaking experience, thank you for showing the love of Christ for these lepers. "
Pastor Kizhakkevila Daniel, Trichur, Kerala, India

§ Photos of the visit to the leper colony, you may find some of them to be distressing and not suitable for children.
Click here

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Letters to the editors

First meeting after the war ends
Yesterday I was so much blessed to be invited to speak to 8000 people from 14 different churches who had been scattered by the LRA war 3 years ago but now had their first Sunday service together. God helped them and kept them safe in camps. One pastor had been taken with 22 other people, all were brutally killed in his presence and only he and a deacon's son were set free and told by the rebels to go back and pray for them to take over the Government.
George Purkweri, DCI in Lira, Uganda.
Fotos of Lira, Uganda

Taking 1000 Telugu Bibles to the unreached
We are going door to door to people who don’t know about Jesus yet so please pray for them.
I.Devadas, 48, Peddapuram, India.

More hopes for new Malaria vaccine
Further to the news in the last edition on the treatment of malaria here is some more hopeful news of a vaccine against malaria.
Bob Booth, 63, Canberra, Australia

World prays for the Persecuted Church in November
Join the worlds largest prayer group for the persecuted church
Johan Candelin, 60, Kokkola, Finland

Free 366 Daily Devotionals from Oswald Chambers.
Find encouragement, teaching and sacred surprises, Nanny's Diaries with children's stories and encouragement for Parents of Prodigals.
Marlene Bergman, 66, Ancaster, Canada

Because you were slain,
with your blood you purchased men for God
from every tribe and language and people and nation.
Revelation 5.9

Unreached indigenous people adopted
In 2002 our church adopted the Zapotecos, in Oaxaco, south-east Mexico and this year 25 Zapotecos have been baptised. I set up a missions team there and have been 3 times on trips to different people groups. Some 30 young people have taken part, on top of the annual trip we make as a church to visit the adopted group. In the DCI School of Missions should I study the lessons first in order to teach them to others or could I do it all simultaneously?
Pastor Fernando Amezcua G

® Dear Fernando: Thank you for your great news. For the School it would be better if you would do all the lessons first, but it is not essential for you to finish everything before teaching the first lessons to others. The main thing is that you stay ahead of your students; for example, before teaching, say, evangelism, you should finish that section satisfactorily for yourself. Then while you teach those lessons, you can go on studying in private the following section on missions, and so on. In this way you will be better prepared to tackle any questions that come. It is also important that you add your own experiences and illustrations to the basic material to put more life into the lessons and make them more complete.
Les Norman.

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Send in your news or story
Letters to the editors

Do you know any Spanish-speaking churches in London?
Miguel Ángel Guerrero

® Hi Miguel: There is a large Latin American congregation at KT-London City Church - e-mail There is also a Spanish-speaking congregation at St. James Muswell Hill Pastor Samuel Cueva 020 7813 0273. REMAR from Madrid have a base in London, the pastor is Joaquín and his wife, Rosa. Their mobile phone is: 07710315523, and their e-mail There is another Hispanic church with a missions vision at 0207 7381 3639, ask for José Luis. There will be other congregations because London is such a huge city. Maybe readers can tell us where they are.
Les Norman.

Take part in missions on the Amazon.
We are reaching the unreached people in the villages along the rivers Ucayali Puinahia and Marañón, tributaries of the Amazon. If you like to have a missions experience, join us. There are many unreached groups and your help will make our dreams come true, and the dreams of very many who are waiting for us with tears in their eyes in these villages. Come and work with us!
Johel Zabaleta, 49, Iquitos, Peru

About the changes to these pages . . .
After reading the news in the last edition about the changes that you want to make can I humbly suggest that you give different countries a chance to have a page of their own. You will act as consultants and readers could make an annual offering to give thanks to your mission and help you develop your work. If you like the idea let me do the Argentina page. I love the work of our Lord and communication. Thank you for the wonderful blessing of this news.
Liliana Rajo, 46, Buenos Aires, Argentina

® Dear Liliana: Thank you so much for all your interest and enthusiasm, it is a blessing to read your e-mail. Well, I am very ready to delegate the production of the news pages in Spanish to the Latin American world and it has been my dream for a long time to publish extra pages for countries with a very significant and active population of believers, such as Argentina.

What it is needed in order to make this vision possible is a team of Latin American part-time volunteers, for example, a main editor who must be a mature believer with a missions vision and be bi-lingual in English and Spanish, with experience in writing or editing news; one or two translators; another person to proof read the final draft; and yet another person to make the actual web page in html ready for the Internet. People be any age, race or denominational background and these days they can live anywhere in the world.

What I can't do is to take on any more workload here in the middle of the network because I am already drowning under oceans of web pages, e-mails and projects. I laugh at the fact that I have changed my spectacles three times in two years because of the PC screen. No complaints though because we are seeing the glory of the Lord through the influence these pages are having worldwide.

I like the idea of an annual offering, but the reality is that after five years we have not received more than 6 gifts from Latin America on behalf of the poor and not one for us, even though there are thousands of readers over there. We trust in the Lord and consider it a privilege to serve Latin America without expecting anything in return.

Dear Liliana, please keep on thinking of ways to work with us and praying. When you see a way forward, please tell me. Lots of encouragement and sincere gratitude.
Les Norman.

Where is the Jesus Film in English and Swahili ?
In February, along with 14 young people, we are returning to Kenya and we need to take the Jesus Film in DVD or similar format. Can anyone help us get a copy?
Rodrigo Sanchez, 32, Temuco - Chile

® Rodrigo: You can obtain the film ‘Jesus’ in Swahili here / e-mail The film is in video/DVD in 1,000 languages, so it won’t be difficult for you to get what you need.
Les Norman.

How can I get to work in a mission in London ?
I have been in the UK and now I want to return to help people spiritually and emotionally, British and immigrants and set up a work to preach and praise the Lord Jesus. Who needs me to come and work with them ?
Esneyra Mendoza, 36, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela.

® Hello Esneyra: There are many possibilities in London, no doubt about that, see the list of churches on this page. Before you come think about these 3 essential things: a visa to enter the United Kingdom; financial support or a secular job because in England it is rare to a paid job in Christian work; and fluency in English. I hope that we may get to meet you here, where as you already know revival is just a memory of a distant past.

Les Norman.

Who runs medical-dentistry missions?
I am studying dentistry and would like to serve in Ecuador or Africa.
Zuly, 21, Machala, Ecuador.

Today's World Christian News

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