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Welcome to the 11th March edition, 2004

To see today's edition please click here





Second massacre in two weeks

It took place almost at the door of this DCI base in Uganda. Our Member of Parliament counted 193 murdered people, many were children burned alive by the LRA rebels. The Government soldiers are doing so little, people are suffering, no food, no education, no sense of living at all. We face more death unless God and the international community intervenes.

Pastor George Purkweri, DCI Uganda, Lira.

Burying the innocents the next morning © BBC

From the BBC London:


The latest news from DCI Lira here
George Purkweri in peace march that ends in more deaths.
Is another Rwanda on the horizon ?

§ We encourage you to write a short courteous note to the Ugandan Government via their official e-mail or via their Embassy in the USA to protest the lack of defence for the people of Lira and to request urgent negotiations to end the violence. Also do write to your own government to ask them to bring international pressure on Uganda to solve this bloodthirsty hidden war which is taking the lives of thousands of innocents many of whom are believers and refugees. 

Replies from the UK Foreign Office
and the Ugandan High Commissioner

Les and Pilar, the editors.

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Saharaui of Western Africa.

I am flying to Spain in March as my first stage in my calling to them. I would like to get in touch with anyone who has experience among the Saharaui.

Rubén Zapata, Mar Del Plata



Wake up call
to church in
Mel Gibson's Passion Film Coming

"The most gut-wrenching, emotional

 and life-changing two hours of my life."

This is a unique outreach opportunity for the worldwide church. Outside the USA, sadly, the awareness of the film and the opportunities that it offers, are so far very limited. In UK the film releases at end of March but few Christians know that it exists. Is anyone planning nationwide publicity, literature, or other tie-ins ? The film will  play in cinemas for a few weeks, after that time it will have lost the great advantage of people seeing it in secular, neutral, familiar surroundings. Christian groups and churches must start planning now, as a matter of urgency.



Working for rural women

We teach fish and chicken farming and hold Aids education seminars to help the rural women, the fight against poverty and sexually transmitted diseases.

Mme Ngo Makon Sara, Cameroon

§ If you are looking for contacts in say French speaking West Africa or in Congo, CAR, Chad, Niger, Cameroon our French news pages have many news items from there in French. Les and Pilar, the editors.


From 60 to 150 people in 1 week.

We are in the fire of revival here in El Zulia, a town with 25.000 inhabitants. Our congregation grew from 60 to 150 people in one week, after 21 days of fasting. In our Bible groups we are now gather 280 people a  week.

Pastor Oscar René Guevara R.



Evangelical Ministry to the Nations

We are working in different cities and aiming for the ends of the Earth. We want to hear testimonies, prophetic words to the nations, spiritual warfare.

Pastor Juan Jose Murillo, Bogotá



The power of the gospel

Many children who are bought up in my Father’s orphanage have become great people and doing wonderful work in society and nation.  Some of the Muslims and High Caste people lives were dramatically changed from eternal destruction to Life. In our mission many unreached are being reached and being born-again but enemies of the Cross try their best to destroy the work, some even attacking Bible Schools and Orphanages to harm the people of God. Our country is having elections in April, please pray for a secular party would come to power and the anti-Christian forces to be defeated. 

Pastor SJ, Andhra Pradesh


Free Bible School Materials  

DCI Banking for the Poor








Ivory Coast

In distress because of the war

Pray for our country, for our communities, for the distress because of the war. Pray for the awakening of this country, the war opened our eyes to our misery. We work in church planting in the really unreached areas.

Minister Youkou Nemlin Joseph, Agboville.



How to interpret the Bible ?

I know there are books and dictionaries that can help me with this endeavour. I would appreciate any guidance you could give me in order to know which documents I had better look for and buy.

Emilio Lopez, Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

§ Emilio, if you can read English, then you can benefit from where you can download a wide variety of free Bibles, commentaries and study materials. This is what I use, it's free and better than many $300 programs.
Les, the editor.



Music is my ministry 

I am in charge of the choir at my church and everything that goes with this ministry. We would like to hear from  anyone with more experience to give me some advice and provide me with new Christian songs.

Luis Emilio Castillo Hernández, Managua.



Revival and Healing in Lahore

The Lord is at work in the nations of the world, we hope in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that all nations shall be saved. We are wining souls through the children church, women ministry, prayer ministry, conventions, and now two days gospel meetings on 7/8 April. Thank you for your prayer support.

Pastor Labin Taj, Lahore.


Peruvian Amazon
Going to the Shipiba people

If anyone can help with medicine or simple teaching for children or women or in any other way that God places in your heart, please contact me.
Alejandro Flores, Pucallpa



Life in Dakar for a beggar child

Around forty boys aged live in a small community house in the care of a teacher to whom their parents, poor Moslem village folk, have given one or two of their children. This is a very common practice in Senegal. The teacher is in charge of the children's entire education above all the study of the Koran. Because they are extremely poor the parents make no financial contribution so the teacher who has no other resources to live on has to send the children out begging every day. One of the Taizé brothers living in Dakar describes his work with the children here

The Taizé Community, France


Who are we?   See our work with photos










1. El Internacional first edition in June

2. Trip to Israel in March

El Internacional will be a printed newspaper with correspondents in 56 countries covering cultural, political, economic, philosophical, ecologic, scientific, and above all, spiritual events in the light of God's word. Over in Israel with all the recent deaths they need us to show our unconditional love.  With this in mind, and to open our Spanish Christian Embassy and Sephardic museum, my wife and I and a group of valiant friends are going to Jerusalem with our guide, Shai Shemer, a Messianic Israelite on 22-29th March. Join us on this trip, pray for the peace of Jerusalem and return with a certain spiritual renewal.

Miguel Diez, President, Remar International


3. Alice Cooper decides to follow Jesus
Damaris for Radio OndaPaz, Barcelona

§ First – if you speak Spanish see the brilliant OndaPaz soul winning website with free video and book on offer. Now, for everyone who does not know Alice Cooper is a man, a brilliant rock musician with a big following and even bigger reputation – “wild, raunchy, bloody, and vile – according to one reviewer.  It seems that he has come through to faith in Christ. See this page for all the details from his fans. Is anyone too hard for Jesus ?
Les, the editor
Too old for this kind of music really.



1. Many unreached peoples here

We launched ourselves into evangelism in the regions and unreached towns but it is clear that access is very difficult and we welcome assistance.

Ahokoti Christbéni, Atakpamé


2. Eyes on 100 towns in 4 districts.

Only ten have a living church, the remainder are in the hands of Satan. We started mission in Tové with 15 000 inhabitants.

Nyonato Yawovi, Lomé




United Kingdom


1. Consultancy and training
for world mission and IT

For UK organizations, businesses, churches or individuals wanting face-to-face impartial assistance on any practical, mission related issue.

Mike Frith, Oscar UK


2. Christian volunteers wanted

Where can I get hold of Christian volunteers for street witnessing in Shepherds Bush, London,

Pastor Ron Lake.


3. We are looking for Pastors

If you would like to start a Power Centre Church in Spain, USA, Canada, Portugal, France, Sweden or the, UK, or if God is calling you into Ministry, email us with your details, address and testimony

Rev. Mercy Wood, Mitcham


4. What the World thinks of God  . .

A poll of 10,000 people in 10 countries was carried out for the BBC with some startling findings about the state of belief in Britain - and some surprising contrasts between other countries around the world.


Free Bible School Materials   

DCI Banking for the Poor







United States


1. Free Abstinence Education

This is for youth workers, church leaders and parents in the developing world, who have few printed resources, but want field-tested educational materials which will address sexuality and other areas of potential risk for youth.  Our library at is free of charge

Virginia Nurmi, Mahomet, IL


2. Need a Talking Bible ?

This is a complete audio New Testament that has the appearance of a regular Bible and is available in many different languages.

From World's best missions database



Your School of Missions studies . . .

Are getting increasingly more interesting, edifying and profound. Our calling is confirmed; we get a clearer picture about local and global needs; we are filled with joy by and for our Lord and take on the holy responsibility of being His ambassadors. We have grown in the Lord, in humility and commitment to serving for His glory and honour. We are His unconditional servants.

Hebe Muńoz de Sebastiani

§ The School of Missions is free of charge. Thousands of people in dozens of countries have already downloaded the lessons and benefit from this high quality training material. Les, the editor (and author of the course).



Who has a heart for orphans ?

Why not come to stay in the houses we are about to purchase, short or long term, or be part of the orphans Bible Camp in August as a teachers, song leaders, sponsors or cooks. Touch these children with the love of Christ

Pastor Billiance Chondwe, Lusaka



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Enter a name, country or topic to search

all of our editions and studies in a second.


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