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Because He lives, I can face tomorrow . . .
Because He lives, all fear is gone,
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Just because He lives!"
It's Easter week all over the world
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Two believers running in the elections
The pastors in Escobar will support two brothers who belong to different political parties to run in the next elections. One of them belongs to a working group led by a former Argentine ambassador in Asia, and tops the list of candidates to the state's assembly.
Bernardo Steinbrecher, Escobar

Book of the Month
Wow - this book is dynamite . . .
It opens your eyes, it answers your questions, it gives you courage and changes your life. The Dream Giver the powerful new book by the best selling author of The Prayer of Jabez, invites readers to follow their hearts and find their destiny in an inspired Life Dream that is uniquely theirs. In the time-honoured tradition of C. S. Lewis, Bruce Wilkinson uses a combination of parables and coaching to introduce readers to ideas that serve as a practical and innovative guide to achieving their Big Dream. Through the principles and examples in the book, readers learn how to overcome the obstacles to fulfilling their destinies. And living the lives for which they were created. It's in your local bookshop or in Amazon for sure. Read it this month with Pilar, Lizzie and I and we will live or revive our dream together.
Les Norman

Food for 300 low-income children
I am a pastor in one of the cities that is most infected with drugs and violence and we are building a canteen for 300 poor children from deprived homes. Would anyone like to support this type of mission work ?
Pastor Paolo Valdebenito.

How can cell groups and missions come together?
I would like to know how to integrate a missionary vision, particularly in Window 10/40 countries, in a church structured along a cell strategy.
Andrew Fajardo, Ibague.

§ Hi Andrew: Let me tell you what I did some years ago in a similar situation, I introduced the idea that each cell should adopt one of the unreached tribes or peoples from the Joshua Project list and have them some basic information. Then at each meeting people would pray for maybe 5 or 10 minutes for a move of God in that people group. Cell members would take turns to find out about their chosen people, the country and the mission work if any which gave life to the prayer. From time to time the people did things to raise funds to support mission to their people and in one case, we managed to remove an African tribe, the Bolon, from the unreached peoples list by sending some people from 500 miles away. Today the church is very much alive in their villages. You have got a great vision Andres, keep going forward.
Les Norman.

How do you help missionaries that come home ?
I mean those who come home because it is time and those who can't go any more and quit.
Nelson Rojas, Bogota.

§ Hello Nelson, the ideal book to read is The Re-Entry Team: Caring For Your Returning Missionaries. Look after them whatever happened, they did their best, they went when many stayed home.
Les Norman.

Secular climate creates new allies
40 million of the 60 million French population are Catholics but only 5 million attend a church service at least once each month. There are some 5 million Muslims, 650,000 Jews and one million Protestants. "Up to one third of the active Protestants have an evangelical mindset. There were 760 Evangelical churches in 1970; now there are 1,850 plus another 800 to 1,000 immigrant churches. The secular climate has made allies of Evangelicals and Gospel-oriented, evangelical Catholics, as well as Reformed and Lutheran Christians. The Catholic Archbishop of Paris says that Catholics have received two good things from the Protestants - the Charismatic movement and the Alpha Course, which is booming in Catholic parishes. Predominantly it's the 20- to 30-year-olds who are throwing their socialist parents' cynicism overboard. They are Europe's Christian hope. Source: Christianity Today
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Health Alert
Deadly malaria infects half a billion people
More than half a billion people, nearly double previous estimate, were infected by the deadliest form of malaria in 2002. One in three in the world, a total of 2.2 billion people are at risk from the mosquito-borne parasite Plasmodium falciparum. The discovery that malaria is far more prevalent than anyone had realised is a jolt to public health chiefs the world over. The disease claims 1 million lives a year in sub-Saharan Africa alone, most of them children under five. Malaria is both a disease of poverty and a cause of poverty. Sick people cannot work. Africa is already hit by a high incidence of HIV infection and tuberculosis, and malaria alone is estimated to cost the economy of the continent $12bn a year but that too could be an underestimate. Click link for more
Tim Radford, science editor, The Guardian, 10.3.05

If you are a teenage girl . .
We have a cool talking young lady who is our youth leader. Ask her about Jesus, tell her about your life, college, dreams and hopes.
She will e-mail you back soon.
Write to Lizzie

Dream saved them from the Tsunami
Only one house in the Pondicherry region on India's east coast survived the terrible tsunami, that of the Israeli family Skoles, who emigrated 20 years ago. When Yuval Skoles started building the house, his wife Hanna dreamed of an overwhelming flood. Despite the fact that the region had never experienced anything of the kind, they built their house on 5 meter high concrete pillars, unique in the area. The Skoles and their daughter survived the Tsunami unharmed. Source: News from Israel
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The Tsunami relief $ millions didn't get here yet . .

Fifteen Tsunami orphans from 6 to 14 years are with pastor Arthur David on the southern tip of India.
These kids still live in a pathetic condition with little food and facilities, most of their parents are dead and burned in a mass grave, in all 650 people died in their village called Kulachal. This Pastor will come under my supervision and my plan is to provide them with three meals a day, clean water and toilets, a safe roof over their head, send the kids to back to school and provide medicare and other basic necessities.

Thank you DCI for helping us to make a start. When I got there myself I found the pastor was in debt and on fasting and prayer for a door to be opened to feed these children. He did not have any mats for the kids to sleep on so we bought him new mats and rice. We have decided to adopt these kids. These kids are totally orphans and abandoned. he pastor has a heart to look after them and goes from house to house asking for money and clothes. The kids are still in the fear of tsunami, some believe their parents will come back for them or think their parents had gone for fishing and will come back with money. They struggle to accept the death of their family and cry in the sleep in fear, they really need a family atmosphere to live. We want to them to be loved, cared and natured with the love of God with boys and girls in different homes.

A lot of temporary shelters have been built but none are in an usable condition. If churches in that area can be supported more Mercy Homes can be opened and more kids can be saved but we can start with building two bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining Room for the first Mercy Home. In this village the people lost their family members, relatives, boats, nets and livelihood and now have no work to do and have no tools to work as they lost everything. People from other villages come and fish there and the youths get so angry at the government for not doing anything for them and at other fisher men for catching their fish. We saw people sitting in the sea shore just looking at the sea with no hope and help. They are ready for a communal riot at any time because they have lost everything and unless the churches respond and do something to save these people, the people will be lost one by one. It is true that a lot of money has been raised in the name of tsunami, but where is it for these people ? The funds have not reached the right hands that have the love and compassion of God to do something.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala.

§ We know Pastor Daniel very well and have total confidence in him and his work. We have sent some funds already and if you would like to help us to give these fifteen children a future then you can through this safe on-line giving page. God bless you.
Les and Pilar.

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 Internet Evangelism Day
Evangelism Focus for your Church
Many churches and other groups such as Bible colleges are planning to mark the first worldwide Internet Evangelism Day on 24 April. By using a downloadable PowerPoint presentation, video clips, dramas and other resources, they are creating a custom 'do-it-yourself non-technical slot, to share with their members the enormous potential of the Web for effective outreach. Part of the program is about how to make effective church websites.
More info from

Back home, making a start . .
We are alright, I already begin work for establishing Church. For present moment we gather five families in our home. Plenty of work but I have short time because I work full time for living. In Kazakhstan is a very big need for awareness. Thanks for your prayers, God can move here
Daniel Mandrigin.

The dream came true
Dear Les and Pilar, We are very grateful to God for your ministry. We have been a pastoral family for 10 years. Two years ago you encourages us with your comments and prayers to build a school and house for 70 poor children from the Tarahumara Hills. Now, this dream has come true and we are teaching them the free DCI School of Mission lessons as well.
Gabriel Villanueva Urquijo, Chihuahua.

§ Hello Gabriel, we remember those letters. We are very happy to hear how the Lord has helped you. Onwards. There is always more land to conquer, more people to bring into God's love.
Les and Pilar.

Africans far from home in remote Norway
Due to the unavailability of Gospel churches around here we have decided to set up a fellowship of which I am the pastor. We need Christian literature about faith, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, prayers and fasting, the second coming and being born again. Kindly help as soon as soon possible.
Pastor Oluwafemi Ogunmola, Rjukan

Looking for contacts in Moldova
We are leading a 10 home churches in Gliwice and Rybnik. We have home meetings every week and every three months we gather all groups together for worship, prayer and preaching. All the Christians in the house churches are young in Christ, were born again not long ago, evangelized by our Christians face to face. The church is very much evangelistic, disciplining and charismatic. I am looking for a contact in Moldavia. We have a little money and God put a desire in our hearts to give it to people apostolically working in this country, establishing house churches. I knew nothing about Moldavia before, and now I found out this is the poorest country in Europe.
Wojtek Radecki

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 United Kingdom
Who Wants to be a Missionary?'
We're re-launching our popular quiz. Lat time we had 1500 online participants and only 15 got all the questions right! The new quiz of 15 questions is online for you to test your mission-mindedness and try to make it to the top of our Top 100 list. What's more, there's a mystery prize. Click here
Mike Frith, OSCAR - UK World Mission Information Service

Big growth in all churches
We are carrying out evangelistic crusades and performing miracles. There are over 10,000 members in our church, and this just in its headquarters. Keep on praying for Brazil. Thanks.
Pr Wanderley Carceliano, Sao Paulo

About the Balkans and Fiji . .
I have been asked to lead a conference on Christian Literature for the Balkans in Prishtina on April 12 and would be interested if you have contacts there. I will also be travelling to Fiji in the Autumn and would like to make contact with the Fiji Bible School. I am also currently compiling a 'Pastors Library' which will consist of some 20 titles designed and priced to be given to Pastors in the third world.
Gerald Thompson, Worthing

Meaning of Easter lost on British adults
Less than half of Britons know why Christians celebrate Easter, according to new research. Only 48 per cent of adults questioned for a survey were aware that the festival marks the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. About 40 per cent were able to name Judas Iscariot as the man who betrayed Jesus, while a quarter recognised the name of Dr Rowan Williams as the Archbishop of Canterbury, and only eight per cent knew that Karol Wojtyla is Pope John Paul II. The poll by Reader's Digest, showed that 64 per cent believe in God and 58 per cent in an afterlife.
By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent 23/03/2005
Read the article here

§ Our England, so prosperous but so poor spiritually where it matters. Worldwide two thousand years after he walked the earth, Jesus of Nazareth remains one of the most talked-about and influential people who has ever lived. In these pages you can discover his life, character, teaching and followers. Explore the excellent ReJesus site, and post your own questions, thoughts and prayers. Alternatively let this easy to understand, illustrated page lead you to Jesus
Les and Pilar

To do or not to do and how much anyway ?
Hi Les, I would like to ask you your advice please about tithing. I went to a conference yesterday on financial liberty by Clive Pick. It was excellent and I have felt very challenged. I have been giving to church, to an orphanage and to a rehabilitation centre which all together has made approximately 10% of my nett income. I now see that this is not tithing at all. I never look at my gross income and I have to admit it to do so scares me. How I could afford to give 10% of gross ? Do I need to include the maintenance and child benefit that I receive in my calculation as this is paid for the children? I want to make sure that I get it exactly right in my obedience, then I'll take a big breath and a huge step of faith!
Anon, a lady in England, well known to us

§ OK, it is a difficult question, the kind that has more than one answer and all of them by and large are right, depending on which preacher or teacher you hear. Read the full answer in our Money Forum

 United States
Church planted in the Peru Amazon
Last Year we came in contact with a Pastor in Peru through this DCI page. I am happy to report that through that contact we have planted a church in the Peru Amazon, not a city church but two and a half days down the river and a trek into the jungle. The Lord said, "As truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord.
Dr. Donald Vickery, Eagle Pass, Texas, USA

§ This kind of news makes our day over and over again. For the last few years we have had to live in a small cottage, at the end of a country lane miles from anywhere in rural England, and it was the Lord's genius that brought this way of advancing the Great Commission. There we are, one thing leads to another and a new church is planted in the Amazon. Brilliant work Donald, God bless you for going, one of these day you will have to take us with you.
Les and Pilar.

I need a place in Manhattan
To organise meetings. If any Latin American or American church can help, please contact us.
Harutyun Babujyan, New York.

Pastor first, Bible School second !
Even though I am pastoring a church that is growing every day I have never been to a bible school and therefore request materials which I can down load and read at home.
Pastor Claud Zimba, Lusaka

§ Pastor Claud, we are here just for you and everyone else just like you. Go to the next page and help yourself to 85 free studies. Readers might be able to send you lots more by internet or by post, I hope so.
Les Norman.

Today's World Christian News

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