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Welcome to the 12th January 2005 edition
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South Asia Tragedy

Our prayers and deepest sympathy goes to all the victims of the South Asia tidal waves. We have received stories of God's safekeeping but many, many more tell of the unbearable loss of family, friends and homes. Our colleague in Thailand, Gareth, has nine members of a short-term missions team missing. Gospel for Asia have people on the ground in the affected areas and both they and Tear Fund in the UK will be well placed to send help. More in the next edition.
Les and Pilar, the editors.


Free Christian Book
At 80 years of age senior minister Eric Maddison has released a treasury of wisdom proven throughout a lifetime of pastoral counselling. Pastor Eric has been a blessing to our lives for over 25 years and his book is not to be missed at any price - but for free . . wow !
Les and Pilar, the editors
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Missions Day here is monthly not yearly

We have declared the second Sunday of each month as Missions Day to collect the offerings for mission. We are organizing business activities to train missionaries and send them out.
Juan José Giacobone, Buenos Aires

§ This is serious commitment - wow ! Over here in Europe, we struggle to persuade pastors to set one day a year aside for missions, and to hear what you do every month, this is music to our ears and I bet it causes music in heaven as well.

Supporting the work of God

Glory be to God for what it is going on throughout the nations. Thank you, men and women who have said "I am here, Lord". However, as a church we also need to say "We are here, Lord". Despite our many problems, we have started to support two missionary families in Afghanistan and Mozambique. Pray for me that I may continue supporting other missionaries, and that the Lord may help me to bring a missions consciousness into my church.
Alicia Corvo, La Plata


The boy who officially doesn't exist

8-month-old Luka Eyvazov does not officially exist because local authorities refuse to issue birth certificates for children with Christian names. Luka's father, Novruz Eyazov insists that children are from God and when they told him to choose the name of a famous Azerbaijani poet or writer instead, he responded that Luke, as one of the Gospel-writers, will still be famous when all the poets and writers are long forgotten. Without birth certificates, people cannot go to school, get treatment in a hospital or travel abroad.
Source Forum 18 News Service

From Robert Hosken, Moscow


Tens of thousands now follow Christ

They have changed religion in the past few years, and now they follow Jesus. New house churches are being formed across the nation and this movement is by far the fastest-growing Christian group in the country. The new converts call themselves 'followers of Jesus' and keep their old names. Around 10% have seen Jesus in a dream or vision, or have experienced healing in his name.
Source Swiss missions agency
From FridayFax free in English
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Are you a Friend of Africa ?

We would like to contact pastors and churches all around the world interested in working in the evangelisation of Africa and the training of workers and leaders in that continent.
Marcelo Satiro, Friends of Africa, Indaiatuba

Going to the Pygmies

My mission trip to Cameroon starts January 25th and is a ministry of compassion project including provision of clothes, food, prevention of epidemics and basic literacy. Over a year ago God placed in my heart this desire to go to Pygmies.
Missionary Vanilda Souza

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Are you taking meetings ? Yes ?

Are you seeing much fruit ? Hmmm . .no ?
George Verwer tells you how to do it
  . .

Here are some items to keep in mind as you speak.

1. Try to have your information and facts correct and stick to what you know is true.

2. Try to stick to basic passages where the call to prayer, action and mission is strong.

3. Take the grace-awakened approach; never preach down to people, but always loving and esteeming them.

4. Be honest about your own doubts, struggles and failures as well as the victories and answers to prayer.

5. Don’t present overseas mission as a superior calling for super- special people. Esteem those who remain home in Market Place Ministry and sending. Especially esteem those who are giving and praying. For 50 years I have experienced it is easier to get the go-ers than the senders. Push the book Serving As Senders.

6. Make sure you have a great display of books and other materials. If they have their own book display, try to push their items. Get permission in advance for what you are planning to do.

7. Use Power Points and audiovisuals. Test everything before the meeting and keep it short! If you get others to testify, give them a time limit and beg them to stick to it. Stick to your time as well.

8. Try to get personal time with the pastor and other key people before or after the meeting.

9. Make sure everything is covered with prayer. If possible, make prayer part of the meeting.

10. Try to be clear and specific. Give invitations for commitment and at least to be willing to get involved more. Isaiah 6:1-8. I get people to pray that prayer, ‘Here am I, send me’ urging them to realize that the Holy Spirit may send them across the street or across the sea. Standing with you.

George Verwer, Founder of OM
Chairman, Missions Mobilisation Network

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Burkina Faso

Go see this beautiful, unique website

It is worth a visit to this website for the sheer beauty of what is on there, not just the sights of remote West Africa but the beauty of Jesus that comes through Keith Smith's words, his vision and the way he has laid down his life for these people for the twenty years we have known this man of God. Go visit, send a message to encourage Keith, he deserves it.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Remember the moped story last month . .

"It took years for Philemon and his wife to save £125 and then to borrow £100 to buy an old moped. Then in the very taxi taking him to buy the moped a thief stole his money. " Now this . . Philemon and Elisabeth are coming in to hear some good news and to go home on a new not old moped today. Thanks in Jesus' name.
Pasteur Philip, AEAD-DCI, Ouagadougou.

§ Thank you Philippe, that is very good news. It will be a good day for them and that makes us very happy. Jesus yet again restores all that the locusts had eaten. Nothing better.
Les and Pilar.


The day the fear of God fell . .

I am writing from Peten, Guatemala's rainforest. I represent a Christian ministry - Remar. We loaned a house and garden to a poor family who no-one would help, but even so, and on this holy ground, they complained and turned their backs on God. At that very moment, a lightning bolt came down and killed them. The fear the Lord has fallen on all of us.
Rui Figueiredo, Flores, Peten.


15 day trip in Orissa and Nepal.

Several healings and many decisions to follow Christ made my heart glad. In Nepal 10 young men gave their life to Jesus and made a commitment to serve Him alone. God is opening new areas way up in Himalayas. Anyone out there who has been called to work among Mongolians living in remote areas?
Pastor Ganesh Chitnis, Bangalore.

Christians found after 40 years alone . .

We just returned from a very successful and blessed 10 days to Orissa and Chhattisgarh States, visiting our churches and Houses of Hope for children. One church was in a dense jungle forest infested with wild animals with no electricity in the village. We met a few elderly people who testified that they had been baptized by my father the late Rev. Allison Joseph some 40 years back but since there was no follow up these believers were left all alone. Now the Lord led us back and we have appointed one of young evangelist and started a regular church service. A new House of Hope has been started at Bijapur which is a very backward, poor and pathetic village infested with Naxalities terrorists. Road and bridges are blown up by bombs and threats against conversion are pasted on trees. This area needs lot of prayer. Every evening we had gospel meetings and nearly 70 people gave their hearts to Jesus, others rededicated themselves to the call. Twelve were baptized in very cold waters. One young child with a hole in the heart was healed by prayer in Jesus name.
John Joseph, Central India


Again, Churches attacked and bombed

About 50 people attacked a Pentecostal church being built, in Lampung province, southern Sumatra on Nov 27. They used machetes, bars, crowbars, and other weapons to destroy the building. The local government basically did nothing to stop the anarchy, "We couldn't prevent the massive move, it's spontaneous, without provocation. Anyway the church didn't have permission," said the sub district head lightly. Those Moslem people said that they wouldn't permit any church to be opened in their area. A regulation made by the former government obligates Indonesian Christians to get permission from both local and national government before opening a church. This is a kind of persecution in our country, since in practice we can hardly get permission from our neighbours. Meanwhile, two more churches in Sulawesi suffered a bomb explosion and gunfire last Sunday, when they were holding evening services. Please pray more for Indonesia.
Name withdrawn fro obvious security reasons.
Writer well known to us.

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A forgotten mission field.

Italy lies crippled by centuries of superstitious religion and ignorance of the glorious truth of the Gospel. Contemporary materialism and a growing mystical quest for subjective, relativistic truth drive many to explore a host of religions. The cults are growing and Islam is officially the second religion. Meanwhile, the Evangelical Church in Italy tends to be 'small and well-divided'! All this sums up to the pressing need for Christians everywhere to join in prayer and intercede for Italy. Will you be a part of this, accepting the challenge to "wrestle in prayer" - to bring this vast country and its millions before His throne. See;;;;
Andrea at IBEI


Coming home from Argentina

I arrived in Argentina 6 years ago, from my country, Kazakhstan, where I used to work for God. Now, I must return to my country with the ministry that God has given me here. I need everything and especially your prayers for me and my family.
Danil Mandrigin, Buenos Aires


Memories for a lifetime

The last look upon those isolated villages, the kind where we spent most of our time in Mozambique was one filled with tears, as I cried again for the beautiful, extraordinary, hungry, dying children whom I have come to love and care for so very much. See my web pages for more.
Eddie Brito, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sierra Leone

Training here on the front line

For the first time I want to train 13 missionaries next July and August here in my home country. I need prayer support for God to give me and the missionaries all the resources we need to go to villages to plant churches.
Pastor J. Neville, Freetown.

South Asia

Buddhist monk follows Jesus

Our church had a Buddhist monk come to our Sunday service in full saffron robes, it was "kind of weird" but awesome and he gave his life to Christ. Seeing him attend our service after being a Monk for 3 years in the Temple and then see him give his life to Christ, it just blew me away. I am so in awe at how God is working showing me what he can do through others. He was brought to church by a Vineyard mission team who have known him for several months and have been teaching him in his Buddhist temple. He is still living at the temple until the church can help sort out living and a job. He could be jailed for his conversion.
Name and location removed for security reasons
Writer well known to us.


Big smile in the Shan slum

I went into the Shan slum and plan to go in again next week and take in rice and blankets and also a Christian puppet show to give them the message of Christ. I already gave out over 100 Christian tracts in the Shan language but there was one guy who said I cannot have one of those. I asked him why not ? He told me that he was the only Thai guy in that slum and the tracts where in the Shan language. I said don't worry I have a tract in Thai and this brought a great big smile on his face. Off he went back into the slum house clutching the tract tightly like he had just won the lottery. I also gave out a tract to the community leader in the slum and we got a great welcome. We are now waiting on the full permission to go in regularly from the Thai landowner. Please pray that this permission is gained and we have free access to spread the gospel and teach these poor mis-placed and mistreated people. They need the Lord more than anything. Please stop whatever you are doing and pray for a moment for this slum situation and that God will bring the masses to His feet.
Gareth Lavell, Chaing Mai, Thailand

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United Kingdom

I need Bibles in Portuguese

Can anyone tell me how to obtain Bibles in Portuguese for free.
Maria del Carmen Pereira, Spalding

Alternative technology small business ideas

Here is a very important website: It gives a whole list of projects which are perfect for the developing nations to adopt and use.
Les and Pilar, the editors

Brilliant help for PC users - and it's free !
Ian Mayer, Doncaster.

Is it later than you think ?

The late American President Ronald Reagan, who was a born-again Christian, once said 'It is later than you think. These words have taken on a new meaning to me this week. I witnessed a young Chinese couple have their car hit from behind on the motorway by a foolish speeding driver. I saw their car fly over the crash barrier and into a ditch. My initial response was that they would be dead but they not only survived and also I managed to chat with them. I asked if they had faith in God which they said they did, and I told them God had kept them alive for a purpose. You can imagine my surprise the next morning when I met with my prayer partner who told me that he had also been in a car accident. Truly, it is later than we think.
F.. John.


We support the missionaries

Missionaries are sowers of the Word in barren lands. They prepare the ground so that others may reap the fruit of their effort and tears. A missionary life is a hard one. Nowadays, many of the missionaries we support in countries as difficult as Mongolia, Morocco and Pakistan are being persecuted and have gone underground. They endure all kinds of calamities for the sake of the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. We give prayer cover to missionaries and leaders in 38 countries, and we can also support in prayer people from your church.
German J. Rivas, International Prayer Network, Maracay

Today's World Christian News

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