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"S Rozhdestvom"
Celebrating Christmas in Russia
December 31st - January 10th 2007

World News
A Notice Board for the Nations . . .

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Thrilled with the Party for the Poor

Great indeed is our satisfaction and joy for being part of your work this Christmas. The Lord will reward your marvellous work for these most deprived and helpless ones. In particular, I am thrilled to I think they are going to be snatched out of the hands of the enemy of our souls and brought to Jesus. How happy they will be with even single day of abundant Kingdom life on this earth. I am ashamed of living in an age when what someone else needs is just thrown away with contempt, things that can do marvels in the hands of many poor people and that can put an end to the cruel parade on TV of malnourished children, women and elderly people. Be sure that when God said to Noah, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth”, He did not intend to keep a large part of humanity malnourished and famished. The wickedness of man is his craving for money with greed. The land gives enough fruit for us all.
Jean Amiral, 82, Jacou, France.

§ In January we will bring a you a special edition full of reports and photos of our Annual Christmas Parties for the Poor. This year they are in Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malawi and Uganda and instead of treating our families, friends and partners at home, our guests are refugees, street kids, disabled people, slum dwellers, the homeless, the widows, the orphans and the AIDS victims and this Christmas 3,990 people will have a day to remember of eating, drinking, the gospel and prayer with gifts to take home to celebrate the coming of Jesus, the gift of God to every one.
Les and Pilar

Twenty-eight medics choose an African Christmas
From 27 December to 6 January, 28 doctors will be working in different villages near Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on health care, education, agricultural activities and support to micro-businesses to try to reduce the levels of dependency in this country, one of the 5 poorest in the world. Thanks to the experience gained during last year’s trip we have been able to prioritise needs and apart from specific health care like eye surgery, paediatrics, nose and throat surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics this trip’s challenges include training in malaria diagnosis, training physical education teachers for orphans and poor children, music and drama groups for young people, and water quality control. Thank you DCI for prayer support, encouraging words and advice which gave us a motivation to push forward in extremely poor countries. Our motto is “To love as Jesus loves” from John 15:12. A different Christmas awaits this group of people aged between 18 and 60. Far, far away from the lights of the Western cities but very close to that true light that came to the World around 2000 years ago to shine upon every man and woman. All the help that we give over Christmas in Burkina Faso will just be the wrapping paper on the best gift anyone can receive: the message of true Christmas, the eternal love of Jesus.
Dr Angel Olmo Romero, EMSI, Barcelona, Spain.

§ What a very beautiful thing to do. We would give anything to go as well.
Les and Pilar.

New Cuba Magazine covers the whole world
We run a school of discipleship and missions training which has trained many people and now we have a new project: to edit a missions magazine to give the people information from worldwide. This is why this page is so important to us.
Aurora De Los Angeles Oliva

Yesterday, Israel; tomorrow, West Africa
We have just arrived from Israel with our hearts deeply moved by the many open doors and opportunities we found there. We think the Lord is removing the veil from their eyes so that they may accept Jesus as their Messiah and Saviour. We have opened a beautiful house in downtown Jerusalem where we gather and put up visitors, etc. We are going to the Ivory Coast and Burkina tomorrow –and may I say, Les Norman, that it’s your fault for taking us in the first place years ago! As always, we are filled with joy because we love our brothers in those lands and we believe the Lord has given many people to us. Some big projects are up and running. We may even meet the Ivory Coast’s First Lady –a sister in Christ- who wants to support us in our social work, because they are going through some difficult time due to the Islamic invasion spearheaded from France, which made the country descend into a civil war. The government is fighting alone against Islam –it seems that Israel is their only help. We are urged to open a hospital. It seems that the Lord wants us to expand the social work alongside Remar-Sanitas to help those in need physically, psychologically and spiritually. Also in Ouaga, we will meet several politicians and we’ll hold our congress. We hope we can carry on the projects of building a first aid centre and hospices. When we get back, we will let you know about everything the Lord does during this trip. We appreciate your prayers. A big hug in the Love of the Lord.
Miguel Diez y Mari Carmen Jiménez, Remar International

Even a desert can flow with milk and honey
Cascajal de Coronado is a forgotten village. We have decided to put our eyes and efforts onto it to take some good news to this place and change the existing mentality of ruin and poverty.
Jorge y Leidy, 36, San Jose, Costa Rica

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Trip to Pataxós tribe next March
The School of World Missions is working with the Pataxós, more information from:
Elisabeth Macedo Ataide Campos, 43,
Feira de Santana, Bahia - Brazil


Devastating civil crisis lasted 14 years in Liberia

We are now really trying to do just what is right in the sight of the Lord as a Christian nation so that the Lord will pour down His blessings on our war ravaged country. Four persons accepted Christ from just the last few days of training and assignments by our students in the new DCI School of Mission. We thank God for what He is really about to do in Liberia.
Pastor John Duco, Monrovia.

§ Dear John, I am sorry that Liberia has seen such sadness. I know Africa very well and I can imagine what your eyes have seen. I have visited Burkina Faso many times and know every main road in the country. My colleagues in Uganda and I have lived through 19 years of civil war in the north with many atrocities being committed on their doorsteps. On one night we lost a full one-third of our group in a LRA massacre, one widow saw ten of her children killed before her eyes. One of my team lost her life in Cameroon, my daughter nearly died from malaria when she was 7 years old but the Lord and Ugandan doctors saved her. I have walked the refugee camps and crime ridden slums in East Africa and have done all I can for a few hundreds of the thousands of poor people in there. We encourage churches and missions to send men, money and materials into Africa, the continent is not as hopeless as many people say and spiritually Africa is a world-leader in terms of people turning to Jesus. By the way the very first module in the School of Mission is ten lessons on evangelism, see them here - do what they say and people will come to Jesus as they are doing in Liberia.
Les Norman.

Book of Acts happening again
Over in India, Pastor Daniel says that the 33 men we helped to send to the totally unreached villages have now all found houses to stay in and have started visiting villages, conducting open air meetings and started house meetings. Daniel told me that people are getting saved and healed, that the book of Acts is happening again and many embryo churches are forming, and soon there will be baptisms.
Pastor Kizhakkevila Daniel, Kerala, India

Young people in Kenya pray, hospital emptied
The city of Kakuma in northern Kenya is close to the Sudanese border and known for it's large UN refugee camp, home of 100,000 people that fled south Sudan, Congo, Somalia and Ethiopia. Daniel and Marlies Hoogteyling, a young missionary couple from the Netherlands, started a church in Kakuma to reach out to the young people from different tribes and nations. Daniel reports:" Three weeks ago we took the young people to the local hospital to pray for every patient and for the staff. The next morning, when the doctor came to check the patients, he found out that everyone except for two people were completely healed, and he could release them from hospital.
Source: Daniël Hoogteyling, Youth Apart
From Joel News

From Siberia to children everywhere . .
I have an idea for your DCI Christmas Parties for the Poor. Maybe the children in poor areas will like to do something for Christmas. I am sending you some Christmas drawings and Christmas calendars, which they can colour and decorate their homes.
Karezina Nadezhda Borissovna, Omsk, Russia.
Click here for free download

§ I shall print these colouring pages and give to the Children in Agape Children Ministries. My wife has a call for children so she will use these colouring pages to help her in the children ministry. Our regards to the Russian lady who sent them in.
George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda

The Magical Power Of Writing
In the movie Black Robe, a Jesuit missionary tries to persuade a Huron chief to let him teach the tribe to read and write. The chief sees no benefit to this practice of scratching marks on paper until the Jesuit gives him a demonstration. 'Tell me something I do not know,' he says. The chief thinks for a moment and replies, 'My woman's mother died in snow last winter.' The Jesuit writes a sentence and walks a few yards over to his colleague, who glances at it and then says to the chief, 'Your mother-in-law died in a snowstorm?' The chief jumps back in alarm. He has just encountered the magical power of writing, which allows knowledge to leap across space and travel in silence through symbols.
Phillip Yancey, Finding God in Unexpected Places, page 48.

§ These days the Internet gives every budding writer a page to write on. You'll also find a welcome in every chat room and forum and you can meet a world of people, some will like what you say and some will tell you what they think. And then you can get talking.

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Letters to the editors

A story from 1908 told by Billy Graham
One of my earliest recollections is Daddy's attending the Dilworth Methodist Church. As an eighteen-year-old in 1908, he had driven his horse and buggy three miles one Sunday night to attend an evangelistic meeting in the one-room Butt's Chapel at the edge of Charlotte. This was in spite of a friend's warning him, "If you don't want to get religion, don't go in there." The way my father told it, he had been out late to a dance the night before and did not feel up to churchgoing on Sunday morning. "I was under conviction from the time I hit the door," he remembered. "Well, when the preacher dismissed the congregation, I sat on. A couple of members came back to me and wanted to know if they could help me. I said, 'I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm in bad shape.' They said, 'Come up and let us pray with you.' They did, but I went on for about ten days and nights, unable to eat or sleep. I cared nothing for this world nor anything the world had to offer. I wanted something that the world couldn't give, and I believed that I would know it when I got it. That was what I was looking for." The spiritual struggle went on for days but finally as my father told it: "One night, just as I turned onto Worthington Avenue, God saved me, and my eyes were opened and old things passed away, and all things became new. I will never forget that moonlit night."
Billy Graham, telling the story of his father's conversion.
Just As I Am, the Billy Graham autobiography

African mission eyes Cape Verde and Brazil
We want to go and bring people to Jesus and to teach them about God. Who can help us with accommodation for 2 weeks and with visa information.
Serge M'baikassi, Mission Tyrannus, Cotonou, Benin

President stands against Prime Minister in Ivory Coast
Join us in prayer that this nation will not degenerate into full scale war.
Missionary Ogele Lucky, 45, Abidjan

Easy English: Why? Why? Why . . . . ?
Habakkuk had a lot of questions just like us so he asked God. To discover God's answers go to Easy English click on What's New? and choose Do not be Afraid! You will find a simple translation with notes in EasyEnglish Level A, using a 1200 word vocabulary.
Hazel Helen Bradshaw, 76, Cheltenham, UK

They broke all our Christian song tapes
We were told not to sell again in market. Many time we are persecuted, even government not give permission to have gospel meetings. It is my prayer and vision to reach all people and age group for Jesus Christ.
Pastor Ajmad Pati Missal, 31, Orissa, India

Two Turkish Christians face 9 years in prison
Hakan Tastan and Turan Topal are happy to share their faith and invite people to attend Bible School by post. They are accused of putting down the Turkish identity and their trial is all over the press. They said, “We have been arrested because we are Christians, we are not forcing anyone to convert and if God allows it, we will carry on declaring our faith”.
From Open Doors

Uzbekistan fines believers and burns Bibles
Following a raid on a church in Karshi, two visitors were given massive fines of over 45 times the country's minimum monthly salary each for participating in unregistered religious worship, while four local church members were given smaller fines. The court ordered Bibles and hymnbooks to be burnt. Thirty police raided a Tashkent church one member has so far been fined.

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Russia has fastest growing rate of AIDS
Swaziland and Botswana have infection rates of 40% to 50%. India has more infections than any other country on earth and they're suffering from the same problem that Africa has, that is no social safety net. 62% of those infected are women, 3 to 4% of HIV is homosexuality driven. Many AIDS victims are dying without Christ but many other people alone die with Christ but with no fellowship with other Christ followers. In all the tragedy there are great opportunities to share Christ.
Steve Haas, World Vision.

I need an Amplified Bible . . .
Cynthia, Kalulushi, Zambia

§ Dear Cynthia, On this free page you can read and search the Amplified Bible and many other Bibles. I have an Amplified Bible on my shelf, it is 30 years old and well used but if you tell me who you are and why you need it I might send it to you in the post. No-one else write please.
Les Norman.

120,000 homeless on the streets in California
The churches feed and share the gospel but most on the streets are mentally ill and there are not enough beds in shelters. Housing is earned and is not a right in the US. How can we do something ?
John Sobiech, 41, Los Angeles, USA

See this and be astonished !
The Inner Life of a Cell is an eight-minute video created for Harvard biology students. Nuclei, proteins and lipids move with bug-like authority, slithering, gliding and twisting through 3D space. All of those things that you see in the animation are going on in every one of your cells in your body all the time. See how fearfully and wonderfully made you are . .

Today's World Christian News

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