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Wife burned to death for following Jesus.
Dear brother Les, for sometime you did not hear from me because I was taking care of my sister in the Lord who went to be with Jesus. How I wish you could have seen the joy when she received her first Bible a short while ago and she became an example to other Muslim women in the group. She grew up in a strong Muslim family and married a Muslim man but her husband became a drunkard who never wanted to hear about Christ nor did he ever want to see her read the Bible. He often threatened to send her out of his house. A month after celebrating over her new bible, her husband started disturbing her after she went to a Bible study meeting. She would reply gently but he would ill treat her and threaten to send her packing. One evening he demanded money for beer and when she warned him in a peaceful and gentle tone about the dangers of drinking so much alcohol he threw a burning oil lantern onto her. The kerosene poured all over her and she caught fire. Neighbours rushed her to the nearest hospital but she was burnt too badly. We prayed and helped with all we could do. She called her husband and children and prayed with them before losing her life 3 hours later to go to be with the Lord. Her husband had been in the police custody since. Her family have decided I should take care of the children, at least I will prove my love to this dear sister of mine. We were so close, she was more than a sister, she was part of me and was going to work full time with me to help the poor Muslim women. Her children called me mummy. The challenge I am having know is to feed the children and send them to school, I don’t know where to go. Their father is still is police custody; we don’t know how it will end.
(Name removed for security reasons)

§ This lady is a very well-trained believer who is faithfully following Jesus in a rural and very deeply Islamic part of her nation. Working very quietly she has raised up a group of women who may never become open believers for fear of what may happen to them, but nevertheless they are following Christ and learning His ways.

A senior Christian leader in Cameroon who discipled the lady who wrote to us said this: "It was a shock to hear about this sudden death; I personally called some Christian leaders in that community to take the matter to the police. I know, by experience that the local courts will free the husband in a couple of months, he will be out. The only good news is that our Mama has the responsibility of caring for the children and will train them in the Christian way, they were secret believer but now they can go to church. The husband's other wives are not willing to care for the seven children. Here in Africa, in a polygamous house, it’s the mother who cares for her own children, and when she is no more, her family should do that. Our Mama was to close to Fatima who will be happy knowing her children will be well trained and remain faithful in the faith for which she gave her life. Considering these reasons among many others, I encourage you to help sister M."

Sister M, like most ladies in her area is genuinely poor. She is an approved member of our network and has proven her honesty and integrity with us. As soon as we heard of this appalling tragedy and the sudden arrival of seven unexpected new members in sister M.'s family, we sent a gift by Western Union to cover the immediate expenses of food, clothing and school fees. We will see what we can do to set up a micro project to produce long-term income for these children.
Les and Pilar.




Athletes running a different race . .
I am with the ministry Athletes for Christ, with Baltasar and João Leite, scorers for God and goal-keeper for God, respectively. I am a professional Handball player and have been preaching the Gospel in the Arab world through my sport.
Editon Dias da Silva, Rio de Janeiro

§ If you are a sports fan see the brilliant Christians in Sport website there are some great things on there !

Are you in Australia ?
I would like to get in touch with missionaries or pastors willing to accept me as a missionary pastor, as I have a call to work in Australia. I am married with three children. I work in IT but am finishing my theological studies with the AoG.
Sergio Contreras Peralta, Santiago

Calling Norway and Sweden
I'm a missions evangelist and I need to get in touch with Norway and Sweden. I think Europe is about to experience a strong move of the Holy Spirit. I have been serving as a missionary in my own country for six years.
David Wasaff Alday, Antofagasta.

Called to Bhutan
I would like to contact intercessors and people with a similar mission call to that beautiful country.
Claide Rodriguez, Bogotá.

Who works with the Masai?
I need to meet people who are working with the African Masai tribe in Kenya, near Kilimanjaro, or at least to contact missionaries in Kenya and someone teaching Swahili.
Lina Montes, Barranquilla

§ Hello Lina, I am not sure whether you might be interested or not, but we have our free School of Missions in Swahili on the Internet, the only one in the world. Click here Best wishes.
Les Norman.

Calling you . . .

We would love to meet a Deputy Editor for these pages, someone with IT skills and the ability to select news items from all those submitted and edit them down to size. If you can do it in other languages too you will be a man or a woman in a milion ! Sorry, there are no salaries on offer in DCI and you would have to raise your own support or be employed part-time like most of us are. We can help here and there.

We would also love to have the help of a professional who knows how to locate and apply for funds and grants from charities and organisations, so that we can have more ability to serve the many people who ask for help with their projects in mission and for the lost, the last and the least of the world.
Les, the editor

Who are we?


We also visit churches, conferences and training schools by invitation (UK only)

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What is "full-time" ministry ?
I have had experiences of people wanting to go into full time Ministry service and many times I realized it is just that they have a calling but think that full time is the only way they can serve God. The truth it is that if God calls you full time it is because he has an church, ministry or organization prepared in advance for you to work at, because he does not want you to starve. We must live by faith but not of the faith. The Bible is really clear that we can do the Great Commission by evangelizing the people we have close by, at work, neighbourhood, school, college, etc. clothing the naked and feeding the hungry. Many people desire to be the great servant of God, and for them the standard of success in ministry is if they preach in a pulpit or go overseas in missions, the truth it is we can serve in the local church doing whatever is needed, no matter what. If we study John The Baptist's life and measure it by what people consider to be a successful ministry we could be disappointed because he only served 3 years in the wilderness, did not dress with fine clothing, did not eat different kinds of meals, and he died young with a horrible death. But see what Jesus said about him and you will find that he fulfilled God's plan for him. Sometimes people are confused because they assume that God wants them to go to Bible School and to do that they have to quit their jobs, but God does not force us to do something beyond our capacity or beyond His provision.
Pastor Ana Avilez, Honduras.

§ For many people, Pastor Ana has hit the nail on the head. All over the developing world where revival has been happening for years and millions have come to Christ, many are the people who live in deep frustration because they feel they have the call of God in their lives but have no money to go to Bible school, or to do so would mean leaving their family, which they cannot do. This is the reason why we started our own Free Bible School and then years later launched it on the Internet to equip churches and missions around the world so that they too could start their own free leadership training programme for missions. It is only one solution out of many but from the thousands of thank you letters that we have received over the years, clearly it is meeting a need. If God does call you don't jump to conclusions, go back to Him and ask Him for more revelation, pro-vision, confirmation and explanation. You may find that following Jesus full-time does not necessarily mean going away to Bible school or being a professional leader because there are also hundreds of other ways to see His kingdom come and His will be done in the earth.
Les Norman.

Really powerful move of the Holy Spirit
I had the privilege to visit 12 Gujarat villages in 8 days, preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Power of the Holy Spirit. Over a hundred people were filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time, some received gifts of Holy Spirit while others were refreshed and anointed. It was a powerful move of Holy Spirit, just like the day of Pentecost. Several people were healed and delivered of bondages. Over 50 people accepted Christ and 8 faithful men of God, with honest report and filled with the Holy Spirit were ordained as Pastors, and we inaugurated 3 churches at different villages with great joy and celebration.
John Joseph, Nagpur, India

§ John is an approved member of our network and you may be confident of his honesty and integrity, feel free to contact him directly and to support his work with our blessing and encouragement.
Les and Pilar.

The day the sorcery stooped . .
Ramanan and Lily were Hindus and were working as school teachers. When life became too tough and beyond their control they tried all their religious gods and came to a point that they cannot go on. Some one directed them to us and we introduced them to Jesus which was a turning point in their life. They opened a prayer fellowship in their house and soon a church was formed in their home with 55 members. Hundreds came to the Lord through this fellowship and were baptized. People moved to other villages and started planting churches. Then they transferred from north Kerala to south Kerala with much reluctance and tears but the Lord promised them that He was sending them over there to shake the strong holds of devil and set people free from the chains of Satan. Now three years have passed. From the first day Lily became sick and had many operations. People prayed for her healing and the Lord delivered her so both of them resigned their jobs and became full time ministers among all the idolaters and spirit worshippers. God touched them one by one and neighbours who did sorcery and witchcraft against them were amazed to see the power of God working through them and sensed their own power being nullified so they too started asking for prayer. Today there are 4 meetings a week and hundreds attend. Right now they need 200 Bibles, gospel tracts, and a $3000 prayer hall to meet and be legal.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala.

§ Pastor Daniel and his wife Lily are approved members of our network and you can be confident of their honesty and integrity. Please feel free to contact them directly and support their work with our blessing and encouragement.
Les and Pilar.

Are you a Spanish-speaking ministry in the USA ?
Two years ago I visited the USA and realised in how much need the Hispanics have there. If anyone knows a church willing to receive me to serve, please contact me.
Janet Velazquez C.

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Feed the hungry with us . .
One of our dreams is to open a Christian feeding centre to help those most in need in our town, and in the future to open a health centre as well, with the help of the Lord. My husband and I are both pastors.
Yanira Canales Morales De Espinoza, Arequipa

Over 1,000 churches share the vision
It has been a year since I started working with the material from the School of Mission. I have been developing a cellular growth system which I call "Missionary Cell Vision". This evangelistic cellular system has the School of Mission at its core. Once a School is set up, the students have to reach others out by forming cells of new believers. These new believers must not belong to any church. Each student has to look in their own families and circle of friends or knock their neighbours' doors. In each cell, each student gives a talk once a week. We normally use the 4 spiritual keys, but if a church has developed any basic discipleship or new membership materials, they could use those instead. During the following 8 weeks, the students are responsible for taking the believers to the Sunday services at their respective churches. The students cannot stay in a cell for more than 8 weeks. After then, the new believers come under the guidance of the main pastor, and the students will start a new cell. Students can have more than one cell at a time. This way, the students will be trained in the theoretical aspects with the School of Mission materials and in the practical aspects with the cells. This is, broadly speaking, our approach. I have organised many congresses putting forth this vision which is shared by over 1,000 churches at the moment. Everything is free. I could send you a PowerPoint presentation if you ask.
Pastor Jorge Vaca, Disciples of Jesus

Sexual trafficking of women and children
Here at Mission Commitment we are very interested to know whether there are any Christian organisations working against the sexual exploitation and traffic of women and children. Are there any centres working with women who have managed to get out of, or who have been rescued from exploitation? If you know of any organisations working in this area in Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam, we would appreciate if you could put us in touch with them. We know about Somaly Man who was rescued from prostitution and is devoted to rescuing women in that situation, but last December an armed gang forced their way in and abducted 91 women who had left prostitution behind. Their web pages are here and here
Debora Rubira, Barcelona

Women from Kalma Refugee camp attacked
Five armed Janjaweed militia men reportedly killed one woman, raped two, and wounded two while they were fetching firewood outside camp. Their families reported the incident to the African Union Forces and to the Belail police station. The victims are currently at the Amel Centre for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Victims. Please pray for their salvation, healing, restoration and forgiveness for their perpetrators. Please pray for the Janjaweed: for a Damascus experience.
Full story and a petition here
SSNet for Sudan.

Welcome to Christian Vision Ministry
Our purpose is to preach the word of God by action and show the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, according to the word of God, to enable the poor families to raise their standard of living. By the grace of God we have distributed dairy cattle to 20 low income families at Kakiro village. We saw how God is so good that some of the Muslim people come and praise our Lord Jesus. We have also have a training school for tailoring for orphan girls. We welcome partners from all the over the world.
Jonathan Mulokozi, Kagera.

§ If you follow the news on your television you'll soon realise how from behind the scenes, God is stirring the leaders of the developed nations to do something about the appalling poverty that covers the African continent for a variety of reasons. Let us encourage you to support movements like Make Poverty History and pray for the forthcoming G8 summit in Scotland. In the meantime your prayers and help can do a lot by supporting some of the people who share their lives and hopes on these pages. To help us to help them we have a special safe page for online giving. Otherwise with caution and wisdom please do what you can to help them directly. Thank you and God bless you.
Les and Pilar.

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What God has done for us in just a few years . .
We have God’s presence with us, we have the people to work with us and to serve in the community, we have God’s grace and favour on us as we do our ministry to the poor people in northern Uganda, we have friends in DCI Trust standing with us, we have many opportunities and many open doors to serve God even in other nations, like Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Congo, we have support in terms of prayers from both the local people and outsiders, we have attained recognition with the Civic and Government authorities, we have a few assets like 5 acres of land to develop, we have in place the vision and strategies to fulfil our dreams. Our poultry project is doing well, the mushroom project now is in the second stage and helps us so much in paying for most of our bills and even paying the school fees of our two children and the few orphans that we are looking after. The Government has signed an agreement to use our strategies of micro finance. The new church in Loro is growing, the tailoring machines are helping to train poor orphans. Thanks to every body in DCI Trust who has been supporting us in one way or another and for being God’s hand to reach Africa.

Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

§ George is an approved member of our network and you may be confident of his honesty and integrity. Please feel free to contact him directly and to support his work with our blessing and encouragement. Les and Pilar.

 United Kingdom
Film and Music reviews
Catch the latest music reviews for artists like Superchick, Supervision, Ginny Owens and more. This month Wooding Watches takes a look at "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith". Don’t forget to check the film archive for past film reviews, many of which are now available on video and DVD.

Time to come home ?
At this time of year, a number of mission workers return to their home country. For some, this will be an exciting time, for others it will fill them with dread. Dr. Debbie Hawker's article about Preparing for Re-entry includes practical advice about what you can do to help this transition before you return, whilst you return and during your re-integration to life back home. A must for all returnees!
Mike Frith, OSCAR

Grandmother led thousands to Christ
A 70-year-old grandmother from Nebraska has become a global evangelist, preaching the Gospel in the most dangerous places on Earth. Gwen Edland has spoken in over 40 nations and led thousands of people to Christ, including a Voodoo priest in Haiti, who himself subsequently led 25 of his colleagues to Christ. The widowed mother of four has twelve grandchildren. She once prayed that God would send her to places where the people had never heard about Jesus. Her first missionary trip was to Sweden in 1991, and says that God taught her Swedish miraculously so that she could explain the Gospel to anyone prepared to listen. In 2003, she accompanied a medical team to Recife in Brazil, where she spoke in a prison to inmates sentenced to life for murder or gang violence. 480 came to faith in Christ then, and 850 the following year. Source: Charisma News
FridayFax in English, New Zealand.
To subscribe free send an e-mail here

Have you any books or teaching aids?
Tasha orphanage is located in a township of John Laing in Lusaka. We are currently looking after widows, orphans and vulnerable children. We are offering education to the orphans and vulnerable children but our greatest challenge is the material to use in teaching them. Please, if you have any books or teaching aids that can help us you are welcome.
Pastor Claud Zimba, Lusaka.

Our Last Word for Today

The Son of Man came  . .
to find lost people and save them.
Luke 19:10
Late one night while travelling in an unfamiliar city, Tony Campolo wandered into a cafe where the only other customers were a group of prostitutes. He overheard one of them say that tomorrow was her birthday. So the next night he came back with a cake and a sign that read, 'Happy Birthday, Agnes: Campolo says, 'The door swung open and in came Agnes. .. never have I seen a person so flabbergasted. Her eyes moistened. ..and she started to cry. Not knowing what else to do I said, "What do you say we pray?" Looking back.. .it seems more than strange for a sociologist to be leading a prayer meeting with a bunch of prostitutes in a cafe! But it felt like the right thing to do. I prayed for Agnes: for her salvation, that her life would be changed. That God would be good to her. When I finished, the man behind the counter said, "What kinda church do you belong to anyway?" I replied, "The kind that throws birthday parties for prostitutes." He waited a moment, then answered, "No you do not. There's no church like that. If there was, I'd join! ".But that is the kind of church Jesus came to build. Grace is the one thing it offers that cannot be found anywhere else. He 'came to find lost people and save them: because He loves to salvage and recycle the hurting, the throw-aways, the left-out, the used-up and the put-down. And that is news they are waiting to hear outside the church doors!
Bob Gass, Word for Today, June 6, 2005

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