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After 29 hours of non-stop travel from 35o degrees C in Uganda and Kenya last night to a freezing snowstorm when we landed in Europe, we are just home from a visit to outstanding Schools of Mission and equally unforegttable slums and refugee camps. At this stage the only thing we know is that we can never return to being the same and doing the same things as just ten days ago. All the very good things that we have seen and all the very, very bad ones too will take care of that.

Even in the last hours of yesterday we could not leave Uganda in peace until we had "really, really" emptied the bank to buy second-hand clothes for over 800 cold, ragged and sick children for the tiny cost of £189, and arranged to feed a further 1,865 people for the day, for just £179. Not long ago all of them had nice homes and a family but you should see them now. Most had absolutely nothing to eat and very little to wear, and there are thousands more like them in sixteen other camps. The UN food trucks drive past going to worse places, they say. Many in the camps are believers and we even did a ceremony to graduate 19 of them who had done all the training and exams to become pastors in the refugee camps. The next edition will have a full report and photos.

Les and Pilar, the editors,
with Lizzie and Debora

Contact us.



The Sanctuary needs experienced missionaries
Must be recommended by a church or evangelical ministry, to work with outreach to the homeless and drug addicts. We run a support and recovery centre for drug addicts with other churches.
Pr. Walter Zaniolo, 50, Sao Paulo.

Pigmies follow Jesus
In the last year about 100 Pigmies have accepted Jesus, en Campo, Epenenje, Bandevouri, Ntdoua, Kribi, Moloundou and Makouka. Thank you for your prayers, contributions and intercessions. I return to Brazil in February with a great challenge to take with me.
Vanilda Ferreira de Souza, 34, Brazil – Cameroon.

Central Africa Mission Schools.
Please take the map and look for Cameroon. Around this country, you have Chad, Congo Brazzaville, DR of Congo, Central Africa Republic, Gabon and Guinea Equatorial. Since our last conference in July, we have been having some good contacts there and we have just heard that students will come to our school for 3 months training. When they go back to their countries, will start Missions Schools there. Each country is sending two students, paying their transport and we will help with accommodation and feeding. Has anyone got a 40/50 seat bus anywhere that we can buy or have to take the school out together on mission to unreached villages?
Rev. Dr Talla Andre

§ If you can find a bus for André please tell me as well because we may be able to help with shipping costs. This school is affecting all of West Africa and reaches out as far as Ethiopia and South Africa too. Just the place to send a really effective missions offering.
Les Norman.
Contact me

About Melilla and Ceuta, in North Africa
I would like to know about churches and believers there to get in touch with. I want to help stand in this gap.
Jorge Castillo, Santiago.

Theological preparation for Hispanic mission
I would like to recommend IBRC to Spanish-speaking missionaries and pastors for training in ministry and Bible studies wherever they live, in all levels from Bachelor to PhD. It is almost free and excellent teaching.
Julio Benítez, 37, Bogotá

About Morocco . . .
I want to get in touch with a Spanish-speaking missionary in Morocco to help him or here to advance missions there.
German Cruz, 34, Barrancabermeja

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The Great Commission is a commandment
It is compulsory, it is an order we cannot do without. To ignore the Great Commission is like writing all Christ’s commands down on glass and then throwing a stone at the parts we do not like. The result is clear: the whole pane is shattered. The Great Commission is not a choice. It is a commandment. I came to the conclusion that it is not that I have to carry it out because of the need people have of Jesus, but because I have to obey it – and this is a deeper reason.
Andy Rodriguez, 23, Guines.

How Christian are the Europeans ?
According to a recent survey, 72.7% of Europeans would be culturally affiliated with Christianity but only 4.12% are Christians that are actively concerned about the spiritual condition of their friends and neighbours. The progress of the gospel continues to be slow across the continent with just 3.84% of Europeans willing to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and join a fellowship of other believers if offered a relevant presentation of the Gospel. It is estimated that there is only one church for every 19,920 Europeans. The areas with the least churches are Serbia & Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Poland and Greece. The Balkan area where the apostle Paul first brought the Gospel to Europe, is now the least evangelized region of the continent. The Ukraine is thought to be the region most open to the Gospel. Kosovo is the least open to the Gospel. Source:
From Joel News.

Greetings and blessings to all at DCI . .
We are a Christian family that highly value the work you are doing, as you pray for us whilst we do our jobs. May God bless you and provide you abundantly.
Oscar and Dina Arevalo, 29, Villa Nueva.

§ Many thanks Oscar. We are really very grateful for your words. You can’t imagine the number of hours that it takes to do these pages, all done by volunteers. It will pass your kind words on to everybody else. Thanks again.
Les Norman.

Can you speak English and Hebrew ?
This afternoon I was feeling the Holy Spirit speaking to me telling me to tell you to pray for people who can translate to the Hebrew language, for spreading the world's Christian news among the Jewish people too. I am going to be praying about it, join me.
Ana Aviles, San Pedro Sula.

§ Pastor Ana is the translator of our pages in Spanish, and a well known pastor and prophet in Central America. Right now you are reading the International Edition. We are willing to launch regional editions, even national editions, even a Hebrew edition if we can find volunteer editors and web page makers.
Les Norman
Contact me

I count it a joy to be in DCI family . .
Dear Les & Pilar, glad to hear that the Lord has blessed you with a house. I know the pain and strain of not having a own house for ministry. May the Lord bless you more and more as you have sold out yourselves for ministry. This year will be a year of your dreams becoming true. The time of seasoning and testing is over. This is the time of harvesting and sowing more into the kingdom. We are praying for you and your family especially for Pilar's medical problem. I count it as a joy to be a part of DCI family. God willing I may come to UK in May last or June. I will let you know. I would like to be with you for a few days if it is okay with you. Today one of our pastors died of rat fever. He has orphaned his wife and two kids. My heart worries about them. I am going for the funeral and will let you know more when I come back.
Daniel Kizhakkevila Varghese, Kerala.

§ Pastor Daniel is our trusted friend and colleague with a far ranging missions, church planting, training and care ministry in South India spreading north. If you are looking for someone to be your partner in India Daniel is a good, mature man of integrity and ability, and a good communicator. All you need really for your church !
Les Norman.

Missionary kidnapped by terrorists
Pastor Subhash, a young single missionary who has already started five mission stations with 28 believers in Chattisgarh, was returning home in a taxi with five other people but they never reached their destination. Yesterday, Subhash's parents received a letter that said he had been kidnapped by the extremist Marxist group, the Naxalites. The letter did not mention any ransom or other demand, but did ask that Subhash's parents "help in order to secure his safe release." This week in which we have received reports of more than two dozen of our native missionaries and Bible college students being badly beaten in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. It also comes as hundreds of thousands of Hindus are planning to swarm into a tribal area of Gujarat in order to persecute the Christians living there. Please pray for Subhash's safe release, and for his parents, that God will be with them all through this ordeal. Pray for all of our persecuted brothers and sisters across South Asia who are suffering at the hands of anti-Christian elements.
Yours for the lost of Asia, K.P. Yohannan, Gospel for Asia

§ Last minute news: God is working His miracles, read about the miraculous release of Subhash . .

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Bank for the Poor will open eyes . .
Thank you for putting into the news, our Indonesian project for the poor. I hope it will help open the eyes of the Church in our country, not to focus on physical buildings and events, since these things only prevent us in bridging the gap to the unbelievers. So far we still make some final preparation, and about 20 people will be blessed this month. We are so blessed to see their enthusiasm and gratefulness, and soon I will give you the report.
Pastor YM, Jakarta
Address removed for security reasons.

§ Read more about the DCI Banking for the Poor here

How can I find some free Christian literature
Preferably for children, colouring-in books, New Testaments and booklets.
Sonia Valles Castro, 31, Culiacán Sinalóa

§ Hello Sonia: Here’s our page with lots of free literature and another really good website both for Spanish speaking children and their Sunday School teachers is here
Les and Pilar

After what you said about Africans not giving . .
The root of poverty in Africa is greediness, I agree with you, we do not know how to give, we have and we are to selfish, those who have never give but there are many also who do not have . These are the one we should help to start making a living and teach them how to give.
Pastor Daniel, Lagos.

§ Read the original comments in our Money Forum

Minus 31C in Moscow and people swim !
This winter in general is the coldest in Moscow since 1978-79, when temperatures reached -38C. The death toll due to freezing, mostly drunk or homeless people, is at least 27 in Moscow alone, and 53 in Russia. Temperatures were 50 degrees F colder here than in Wisconsin! Some Moscow apartment buildings experienced breakdowns in their heating systems, as hot water pipes from electric generating plants either burst or froze. Many factories, businesses and billboards had their electricity shut off so that apartments and vital services could keep getting power. Meanwhile, on 19 January in Moscow over 2,000 "walruses" celebrated Epiphany, by changing into swimming suits and plunging into icy-cold waters through cross-shaped holes chopped in the ice of Moscow's lakes and rivers. See the pix at:
Bob & Cheryl Hosken, 41 years in Moscow
Agape Rehab Society:

Every day I visit this site . .
There are many important informations for anyone interested in missions here. I have decided to transform our Bible School into a Missions School using the DCI materials. I am writing not only for myself but also to introduce our brothers in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Mali, and South Africa, we met through your friend Dr Andre Talla from Cameroon at a congress in South Africa.
Pastor Leon, Dakar.

Who can send us some puppets ?
I am a missionary from Guinea working with children in Senegal. We have Good News Clubs in the streets and in the villages and these children are the hope of the country. We urgently need puppets, reading material for kids and sound equipment if anyone can please help us. Please come and see us, pray with us and share this work with us.
Jean Paul Kpogomou, 26, N'zérékoré.

 Free Bible School Materials    Money Forum
      Don't forget the left-hand column with lots of free things

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We will e-mail you every time the page is updated


South Africa
Starting new school tomorrow . . .
I had a mission school in the Ukraine some time ago and used some of your material. Now I have moved back to the South Africa and start tomorrow with a new school in Johannesburg and will use your material. It is part of a church planting project for one of the mainline churches. May God blesses you for making the material available.
Rev J.L.M.van der Merwe, 43, Johannesburg, Kloofendal.

Solidaria TV from Madrid, it is happening now !
Since 1 January we are broadcasting via satellite to Europe and Latin America via the Panamsat. Our goal is to offer every household a new, fresh TV, alive, one which not only amuses, teaches and informs, but also shows the reality of a world in need of our solidarity with it. Solidaria TV is the first station that mainly shows programmes with a social and humanitarian content, full of love for those in great need, and with the aim of making people aware of the fact that we altogether can help the poor. The programmes include everything from shows for children to cultural slots, news, sports, comedy, entertainment, talk shows, tailored and 100% clean for the whole family.
Daniel Díez Jiménez

IBSTE: Missions returns to Europe
A special programme for non-European missionaries, to understand Europe, its identity, its history, its needs. Between 20 to 25 February. Plus Intensive courses: 6-15 Feb - Apologetics; 18-22 April - Evangelisation Theology and Methodology; 18-26 April - Church Planting; 5-16 June - Introduction to Missiology. Saturdays: 10 to 13:30 in April-May: Minor Prophets; Pastoring the Elderly; Lifelong Learning. If you are interested in enrolling on any of these courses. . .
IBSTE, Tlf. 93-6655690, Castelldefels, Barcelona.

United Kingdom
The Academy of Mission that comes to you
This Academy brings Bible teaching to leaders rather than vice-versa, saving precious resources of time and money of those least able to afford them. The 20 hour course is done at your location and is aimed at missions movements, organisations, congregations and individuals who are ready to commit themselves to cross-cultural ministry. Get in touch, share your thoughts with . .
John Clements, Llanelli, Wales, UK.

United States
You don't expect a church to meet in a nightclub . .
Or in a coffeehouse, or in a movie theatre at the rail station but that's what National Community Church does. It began in 1996 when the church plant was told that the public school in which they'd been meeting was being closed for fire code violations. This turned out to be a blessing, because within a few weeks the believers arranged to meet in the theatres at Union Station, the most visited destination in the US capitol. The congregation is now 75 percent unchurched and dechurched; 80 percent are single; and 80 percent are in their twenties. The church's core values include 'expect the unexpected' and 'playing it safe is risky'. This church is like the tabernacle in Old Testament times, a mobile church, with flexibility and fluidity. More at
From Joel News

God had a different plan . . .
I had been married for over 6 years, and could not get pregnant. I went through the most demanding treatments and tests and nothing, but God had a different plan. He gave me His word: “Just seek me, and be faithful and I will take charge of everything”. Today, I have three beautiful children. He always delivers. Just seek Him and be faithful.
Ana C Castillo, 45, Los Teques

§ Our daughter, Elisabeth, is also a miracle baby because Pilar lost every pregnancy. After similar treatments and tests, we were told there was only one chance in a million of a baby but that possibility was Jesus. When the Lord did it even the specialist announced to everybody that the baby was a miracle and even the Irish midwife came to faith during Elisabeth’s birth. Everything is possible. Just keep believing. Lizzie is now 17 and went on a mission to Africa with us last week.
Les and Pilar.

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