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Welcome to the October 13th 2004 edition

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Teenager set on following Jesus

I am 18 and two years ago the Lord called me to into missions. Now, I am going to Cologne for three months. This is a beautiful, multi-ethnic town, where many have abandoned the Gospel and others have never even heard it. I pray that Jesus may take me to other countries in need, it does not matter where. I just know that my sweet Jesus has called me and I am determined to follow Him.

María Noel Del Basso

Lady Doctor wanted . . .

Mature Christian lady Doctor wanted for a one year or more volunteer term, housing or expenses provided and assistance with visa. GP's, newly qualified GP's or retired GP's welcome, preferably a non-smoking, non-drinking caring Christian lady as the mission mainly serves female Muslims. Male applicants considered.

Gareth Lavell, Rejoice Urban Development, Thailand


How can I set up a Christian bookshop?

What do I need? What steps do I have to take?

Ana Maria Chavez, Belgium

Are you in Angola .?

I am currently serving in Argentina and about to go to Angola so I would like to get in touch with missionaries there.

Luciano Silva, Bauru.

Are you in Sweden ?

I would like to contact an Evangelical Church or Mission in Sweden. I speak Portuguese, Spanish and English and have a Masters in Missiology. I want to be a blessing.

Pr. Jean Aguiar, Natal

Are you in Malawi ?

We have the vision of planting a missions base in Malawi and need a contact
there to fine-tune our work.
Jose Soto Cespedes y Naara, Santiago

Buddhist in coma meets Jesus

A Buddhist suffered a heart attack and was taken to a Munich hospital, where he spent several days in a coma in intensive care. When he awoke he continually pointed at the cross hanging on the wall. The nurses asked him if the cross offended him and if they should take it down. He shook his head and continued to point at the cross. When he could finally speak again, he said that he had met Jesus in his coma. Jesus told him that he would awake and live for another fourteen days. He should be baptised, and Jesus would wait for him. The patient insisted on being baptised immediately, and died exactly fourteen days after waking from the coma.
Source: Eva-E. Müller-de Ahna
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Almost burned to death

Someone broke the window at night, sprinkled petrol and burned my bedroom thinking I was in, but I was not. You can see a picture here. This was not a thief, this was an act of a killer. My life is at risk at the moment, please pray for me.

Anthony Macedo Barlee, Womankind Association.

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Suicide rate going up

If one goes to Andhra Pradesh of South India you can see farmers suffering. There is no rain, no cultivation. The farmers dreamed that by getting a great harvest they could repay their debts to money lenders but when they are unable to repay many commit suicide. There are many news flashed in our daily papers about it.
Cecilia Infanta, Chennai

Saved from the brink of suicide.

A man and a woman with two small kids came to my office tired by walking a long way and having no food for days. They married 8 years ago without family permission. He was a barber in his grandfather's shop but not paid properly so it was hard to feed his family. When he asked for a raise he was fired and the family blocked all the doors for a new job. When he found a sore on his leg his relatives said it was leprosy and the family had to flee without knowing where to go and with no money for medicine or food. They spent two days in the railway station. A Catholic charismatic centre took them for a week and they met Jesus and received healing but as Christians they could not now go back home. More days in the station followed with no food and no help so they all decided to commit suicide and to be with Jesus. Our neighbour heard their story and led them to our office. We provided an interest free loan of $50 from the DCI Bank for the Poor to rent them a house and start a Barber Shop in a village. Now this man makes $10 per day, supports his family and worships with us.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala.

The gold rush is over . . .

Now the gold mines have closed down people here are falling into poverty and school dropouts. The elderly people who cannot work have become a burden to their own family so we are praying and planning to start an orphanage and an old age home.

Rev. Ganesh Chitnis. Bangalore.

Soldiers with guns and tears

This summer, a group of Christians stood with their guitars and flags in front of Israeli soldiers at an army post on the Golan Heights. The soldiers were about to go out on a dangerous armed mission, but several of them stood with tears in their eyes as the Christians sang and spoke about Jesus, the Messiah. The army commander, said "Thank you for coming. You have been a great help. You could hardly bless Israel more - we need exactly what you are doing!"

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Life on the very edge . .

God is at work here although this mission field is closed to the gospel. Through 8 years of work with little support, materials or finances the Lord has helped me through this page and your counsel. Our mission school is moving and we have a good few believers in our hidden group. Several missionaries have visited us and spoken to people on the sand of the desert. Please pray for my safety and that of my family, as it is forbidden here to speak about Jesus or face prison and deportation. If someone can help us with an audio cassette copier we can distribute tapes without risk.
Name known to us, withdrawn for his safety.
Communicate via the editor.

One city and two visions

Culiacán is a city well-known worldwide for it's drug trafficking, but the church here has a vision that it will become a much sought after place to live, and be a blessing to all nations, because where sin abounds, grace will abound even more. Recently, two Christian radio stations have started test broadcasts, we want them to succeed and prosper.

Jose Michel Jacobo, Culiacan


The World Christian Network
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§ Is it OK to watch sexy movies ?
Our last bible study was on overcoming temptation and sin. One lady asked, " Is it wrong to watch a sexy movie to stimulate otherwise boring sex with my husband? It is not porn but one of those movies that is just suggestive but not really explicit.
Name withdrawn to avoid the blushes !
Manila, Philippines

§ OK, let go straight for the jugular. I am no expert but I have been around long enough to know that the answer is don't do it, lady ! The gentle dove of the Holy Spirit will fly away grieved at the sight of the film, at the sound of the language and especially at the sight of God's people choosing to flirt with sin in the presence of the Holy Spirit who lives in them. The high of tonight is not worth the guilt feeling of tomorrow. The fact is that one suggestive film will never be enough, next week it will have to be another even more suggestive film and then before you know it problems will really start, as they have already for thousands of people who are now seeking deliverance from addiction to the soft or hard pornography which is flooding magazines, advertisements and films. In our house the second the clothes start coming off on TV, or the language gets bad, the channel is changed. This marriage boredom problem is a very common secret but if the couple, or even one of them will begin to talk to the Lord and pray about the problems with a friend of the same sex, the Lord will hear and help as He has done for so many couples in mid-marriage boredom.
Les and Pilar
Very happily married for 22 years, with the Lord's help.

Can't resist going to where you shouldn't be going ?
Neither can thousands of other people, believers and pastors included, and this is the number one counselling pastoral issue in 2004. It is just too easy, no-one sees you, the high that porn gives is all too addictive and the guilt afterwards all too painful. If the pictures and the temptation are irresistible for you too, now is the very best time for you to go to this page and choose someone to ask for help. No-one will see you going there - no-one will know, and it will be that first step towards freedom and victory over 21st century sin.
Les and Pilar

§ Can you read and check Arabic text ?
Would you like to help us with our Arabic pages ? Please write if you can.

§ I am travelling to Burkina Faso in December, how can I learn some Moore language?
Jenn Downey, Burlington, USA

§ Jenn, this is a very difficult one but try this page for an on-demand course from Michigan State University.

A bit of fun with words
Try reading this fast, believe it or not you can do it -
I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdgnieg The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer inwaht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt!
Sent in by DNA Computer Sales, England

§ This page was made by Dave Wilson of Web1 in England.
Why not ask Dave to make your web pages for your business, church or missions organisation. You will be as pleased as we are.


Who are we ?

After 27 years training leaders and helping them to start new churches, missions and Bible Schools, Les Norman these days is a guest speaker and a writer with a heart for the lost, the last and the least of the world. Pilar is a teacher, an intercessor, counsellor and a very popular Christian poet in the Spanish language. If you speak Spanish this is Pilar’s book free for you to give away. Our daughter Elisabeth is finding her way forward in youth work.


Ladies and gentlemen, our charity The DCI Trust (1987-2004) needs the support of a world of readers so that we can support mission to the lost, the last and the least of the world. No deductions for administration are ever taken. Please come and join us.
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If you could see the kids here . .
Treasures for Christ is our project for poor children who need food, clothes, health and dental care. Parents need to learn about family relationships for the kids' sake. If you would like to be part of our project you are very welcome.
Colonel Silvio Palacios, Pastor.
Iglesia Puerta del Cielo (Gate of Heaven Church)

Northern Ireland
Is it fellowship or friendship ?

If you, let's say you are a Presbyterian, have a cup of tea with your neighbour because that person happens to be a Presbyterian, that's fellowship. On the other hand if you have a chat over a pint of beer with your Catholic, Baptist or atheist neighbour who lives on the right, that's friendship. (Don Carson)
Jose Iparraguirre D'Elia, (from Argentina) Belfast

Open the window for us !

I would like to contact a missions agency that could help us send our missionaries to the 10/40 Window.
Pastor Esteban Valverde, Huacho.

Unique Pray for Syria guide in several languages
Download from or on DVD.
Shout for Joy Syria

Live in fear and trembling
Fear has to do with being awe-struck and amazed at God. Trembling marks uncertainty and humility, that is the way we are to live out our lives. We here live by God's grace, humility, fear and trembling and we work out the saving grace of God in our life. We cannot handle life in our own strength, or by our own will or sufficiency. We need the might of the Lord on our side. I did not chose to share in the suffering I see here, but for some reason, I was chosen to see, experience and do what I can do in this suffering. Gods plan is so unique and beyond what any of us can even start to imagine. He already had all this planned out for me and sustains me all the way. Working for Him, with Him and Him working with us, in us and through us is the only way. I am so blessed to have a ministry that I truly love.
Gareth Lavell, Chaing Mai.

Curious mix of corruption and Christianity.

Both the President and his wife are Christians and large churches in Kampala have 40,000 in attendance on Sundays. On Friday evenings you hear exuberant praise and speaking in tongues from churches all around who are holding all night prayer meetings. You can walk around the supermarkets to the sound of Christian music and there is a 24 hour free Christian TV channel. Nationwide prayer initiatives are announced on secular TV and the press give positive coverage. On Sundays Ugandan TV news reports on the sermons that were delivered by prominent Christian leaders that day. A Sunday secular newspaper recently featured the 10 'coolest' pastors in Kampala and described their lifestyle and beliefs! Just a few decades ago Idi Amin proclaimed Uganda a Muslim state and the turn around has been remarkable. Yet there is still much corruption, poverty and rebel insurgence. The challenge is for Christians to take their Christianity outside the churches to address the evils of society. Just 20 mins drive from Kampala there is a huge refugee camp filled with displaced persons who fled from the war in the north who live in the most terrible poverty. Uganda is surely a country of contrasts.
Diane Chapman, Missionary in Uganda

Miracles, guns and drunks
Click here for a one page report into George Purkweri's recent trip into Sudan carrying the help that the World Christian Network sent. Read about people giving their lives to Christ, a remarkable healing miracle, drunken drivers, guns under the bed and much more. Thankfully George is now safely home.
Les, the editor.





Tell me about Mozambique and Israel

I am a young lady who returned to the Lord two years ago and since then I want to go into missions.
Marta Pimienta.

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