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Welcome to the 14th February 2004 edition
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Breaking News . . 
Uganda: Soon we shall be no more . . .
The rebels just stormed the refugee camp in Abia, 24 kms from Lira killed the few soldiers and then killed or burned at least 126 civilians. I just came from praying with 70 burn and machete victims. Children are still burning in the fires as I write. We are in the dry season and the fire is still burning the weak ones who could not run. There is no education, no food, no medical attention no shelter, no economic development in all north Uganda. Camps were a place of refuge but now people sleep on the streets of Lira waiting for death. We need divine and international intervention or we shall be no more. If Iraq was OK why not northern Uganda?
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.
5th February, 2004


BBC Report



Africa - Fula/Fulani people

Fula/Fulani language helpers urgently needed preferably in US/EU where it is easy to speak by phone. We need most help with Fulfulde Adamaoua – Toucouleur.

Tony Whittaker, SOON Ministries, UK.



Contact in Italy wanted

I would like to get in touch with brothers and sisters in Italy. I am 22 and working full-time in church and in child care.

Adrián Mastogiovanni, Bolivar


Burkina Faso

First time ever here . . .

We saw the presence of God and all those who came were touched because it is the first time that such a Christmas celebration took place over here for blind and deaf people, lame people, orphans and very needy people. Some pastors and AoG Council members came for a lesson and were touched.
Read the full story here.

Pasteur William Ouedraogo, Ouagadougou.

I was there at Christmas . .

It was awesome when we had this beautiful meal with some of the most special people in Burkina. There were widows, blind people, deaf, disabled and sick, and how they clapped and rejoiced in the Lord. The angels must have been celebrating with us that day. How good is our Father in Heaven. I have sponsored an orphan child in Burkina since he was 6 weeks old and I go to see him every year. He lives with a Pastor.

Marie Therese Lannuzel, Croydon, UK

Free Bible School Materials   

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Free websites for Christian groups.

Don't be put off by lack of experience or money, we will give you your domain name, e-mails, 100 mb space, ready made pages for prayer requests and contact and 24 hours support. Free for one year for developing countries and the Arab world but we ask for a gift of $150 from people in the West.

Living With Jesus Ministry
Your gateway to the Arab world



Arise Shine Morocco Video Needed

Teams in Morocco have asked for copies but we have none left. Can we please borrow a copy to make some more.

Ann Murphy, Leicester



800 wait to hear gospel first time

After 22 hours train journey and two hours of Jeep drive through the muddy, dusty road we arrived a village where 800 people were waiting to hear the gospel for the first time. The people are so poor and had little food for many days due to no rain. Meals were prepared for 900 people and I shared the simple gospel with these people and gave an altar call not to add Jesus to their gods, but to forsake all other gods and worship Jesus only. 310 people came forward.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala.



Villagers force idol into orphanage

Local villagers entered our Dantewara orphanage and installed a Hindu god idol. They were chanting slogans of their goddess and feared that we are building a church. Pastor Kasirajan rushed to the police station but nobody came so he had to make phone calls to ministers and police chiefs. Later when the villagers saw the truck loads of policemen they feared and requested Pastor not to make a complaint. Now the idol is removed. We thank God for protecting our people. 

Pastor John Joseph, Central India.


Islamic World
What is this Hajj that is happening ?

For Muslims, the Hajj is the fifth and final pillar of Islam. It is the journey that every sane adult Muslim must undertake at least once in their lives if they can afford it and are physically able. Find out here from the BBC more about the history and significance and read a personal account of the experience.

BBC England



5 kilos of seed can be 700 kilos of maize

We work in rural, remote areas reaching out to the least reached peoples. The challenge is how to support the work because we are not western. Our cry to God is to be self supporting and sustainable. We teach the churches modern farming methods as the people have the ability to produce plenty. During the growing season we bought some manual water pumps and seed and taught the people how to make compost. Then for each 5kg maize seed we give, the people can raise up to 700kg of maize. With more funds more can be done.

Simon Msowoya


Free Bible School Materials   DCI Banking for the Poor








Orthodox Churches
What are they ?
When they were founded? Where they are established? What are the main differences between them and the evangelicals?  How many members have they worldwide? Are they in Latin America ?
Ramón M. Sosa, Pastor 

Ramón: If you go to Google and type in <Orthodox Church> you’ll get a list of many pages of information about this denomination with hundreds of millions of members, some very classic, others quite modern. The Orthodox Church near you in Mexico is here
Les, the editor.



Going where Christ is not known . .

Our pastors preach the Gospel among the gypsies, kiln labourers and orphans, the Word of God is sowed so that people may have faith. Our advancing troop proceed to areas where people are not familiar with Jesus.

Pastor Saleem Raza, Basharti Madadgar Society, Lahore



Our radio station is under threat

The frequency owner wants to start his own station. He is not a Christian, and this would affect this, the only radio in town, which is a blessing to the people of God.

Yola Santos, Puno.



Young people start Vision Today

We have ten years of experience working for God and belong to different denominations but we work together as one focused on missions, training and discipleship among children, teenagers and adults.

Nirma Isabel Guerrero Tello, Lima



Blood of the martyrs 
is the seed of the church.

Ten years ago there were no churches in Salekhard, Siberia, but now there are two. One has incredible significance. This area of Russia is known by many Christians as the place of death. Believers were loaded on trains and forced to work in Siberia. Many died. Pastor Anatoly Marichev started a church, and now is in the process of building a sanctuary and Bible training centre. The church will be basically built on the bones of those who died, giving their lives for their freedom and for their faith.

Mission Network News

Send in by Robert Hosken, Moscow


Special longing for Russia in heart.

When I finish my theological studies, I would like to go as a missionary there. I am 17.

Cibel De Andreis


Who are we?   See our work with photos









Vacancy - work with Muslim street kids

Talibés are young lads who are given by their parents to Muslim leaders known as Marabouts. The word "talibé" means "disciple" in Arabic and these boys receive discipleship and instruction in Islam. Daily life for a talibé is harsh and loveless, the child will spend each day on the streets carrying a metal pot begging for money or anything resalable such as sugar. Behavioural problems and delinquency are commonplace. We are a small mission working in the south of Senegal.

Phil & Elspeth Aston, African Revival Ministries, UK.


Spain - Catalunya

The Bible is now online in Catalan.

Evangelical Catalan Help


First Media Network Congress

On June 3-5, we will organize the first Media Network Congress, that is, about any Christian media such as radio, TV, editorials, press and records. It will be held in Madrid.
Miguel Diez, President, Remar International


Sri Lanka

We don't the persecution to stop . .

Monks and 20 others had gathered wanting to speak to our believers who were walking to church. All our believers were bold and respectful, no one turned back. One leader was able to share his testimony and we had the most amazing time of worship. We were very happy as the Church stood strong, even the 20 police who came were visibly touched and we have now started showing the Jesus film to them. Thank God for all what He is doing, we certainly don't want this persecution to stop.

Roshan and Liz


United Kingdom

Want to work or study in the UK ?
This official website gives all the latest possibilities, requirements and job opportunities for legal entry into the UK including entry as a missionary or a minister.

Les Norman, the editor.



On-line radio station welcomes you

Come and hear the best programmes, preachers and concerts.

Marcelo Mendez, Montevideo



What is the 10/40 Window ?

Jesus Parra, Maracaibo


§ Here is a page with the answer, Les the editor.


New Andes School of Missions

It will be opening in June this year, information from:

Pastor Mario Gonzalez, Merida.


Free Bible School Materials   

DCI Banking for the Poor






Best Story of the Week
Africa Tribe swore to drive 
believers out by any means. .

I know a gentle man for whom Christmas will fall on the 7th of January 2004 and according to the Coptic calendar by which he lives, the year will still be 1996! He is a towering two metres or more of gentle man, slim, lithe and with the colouring of burnished ebony. Despite his striking bearing, Abera is not a wildly charismatic figure. His strength seems to rise from the quiet confidence of someone at home with himself that draws and not repels and never dominates. Living along the bank of one of the tributary rivers of the eternal Nile and in the shadow of the forest, quite naturally he held his Bible studies under his favourite tree. Other villages quickly followed, the generous trees willingly providing ample shelter. As years gave way, numbers increased to a staggering 25,000 in more than a hundred locations, all housed freely in nature's green cathedrals. He said, "I had more than thirty other meeting places also but I lost them to another tribe!". His own tribal elders, greedy for the ancestral lands settled by Abera and his clansmen had sworn to drive them out by every means available. In return, some of his own people, expressing the first love of their new faith were ready to brave this inflamed ambition in an attempt to repay evil with good. A young woman, already widowed, confided in me that she was prepared to leave her children with relatives and become the first tribal missionary and perhaps a sacrifice to their warring enemy. In addition to his care for a hundred scattered groups, he earns his living as a regional government officer with heavy responsibilities. I felt that the Christian world so desperately needed to hear the story of this work. It is an example of the gospel's power of spontaneous combustion without a trace of denominationalism, religious hierarchy or ambition for bigger and better churches

Anon, the writer is well known to us.




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