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Welcome to the 14th June 2004 edition
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Free Book for Readers
You Can Find God’s Best, written by senior minister Eric Maddison is published this month. We have copies to give away free to everyone from outside the UK who asks. You only have to cover the postage. UK readers have to pay £5 inc p+p, sorry !  Pastor Eric has been a blessing to our lives for over 25 years. He is now 80 and this brilliant book shares the counselling wisdom he has gained in a lifetime of following Christ. Not to be missed at any price, but for free . . . wow !

Les and Pilar, the editors.
More information here





Will the real God please stand up !

The God that different religions and sects worship, is He the same as the God and Father who we worship and adore? Is the God that Catholics worship the same one that the Christians worship? Is the God that an alcoholic, a prostitute or a sinner cries out to when in need the same God we pray to ? Is the god that the tribal peoples in the jungles and mountains worship, despite their ignorance of the Bible, the same God as ours? I say No, he is not - but please help us with this as this has become a source of misunderstandings and problems with other brothers and sisters.

Rocio Toapanta, Antwerp.

§ Rocío, what a mess you are getting into here ! I don’t think there is one simple yes or no answer to this one, in fact there are already many books written with differing opinions about who is the God of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic faiths, especially Allah. What is very clear is that neither the Hindu gods, nor the gods of the tribal animists, nor the spirits of ancestors are the God of the Bible.  It is our mandate to present  the gospel of Christ to these people - Romans 10.13.  


People trapped in bad lifestyles and gripped by habits are another matter altogether. I have personally seen hundreds of people like this call out to the God they did not know and receive His love and salvation in the name in Jesus. I am one of them from 27 years ago. Many others are now church leaders. 


I am certain that very many Catholics pray to the God of the Bible, they love Him and follow Christ according to the light and traditions they have received. Modern Catholic priests are very capable of preaching Jesus and many do so to big crowds. Equally there are people in Protestant churches that follow the denomination’s rules but have never personally met Jesus. I wonder which god they worship?
Les Norman


Music to your ears . .

We can bring worship, folk praise and children’s choirs to any evangelism on the streets or in the churches. We are near Holland, Belgium, and France and want to share the Gospel around the world.

Raul Proaño Aguilar, Antwerp, Belgium


Tell me about Pygmies please. . .

Especially about the Pygmy peoples in Cameroon.

Souza, Brazil


Burkina Faso

Discipleship a world phenomenon

Les, You may be surprised to know that the vision you fought for most of your life, discipleship, is becoming a world phenomenon. Nine Burkinabe church leaders took part in the historic birth of a World Conference on Discipleship in Ibadan, Nigeria. I led the team, five of whom are from our AEAD School of Disciples. We will plan a national conference for September in Boulmiougou.

Philippe Ouedraogo, Ouagadougou

§ Thank you Philippe, the fact is that after 25 years I still have not seen any better and more cost-effective method of training leaders than the discipleship model that Jesus and Paul used, summed up in 2 Timothy 2.2. Your friend since 1984, 


Who are we ?

Free Bible School Materials  
DCI Banking for the Poor








We continue the works of Jesus

After prayer we see the hand of God every day, we baptize new members but we need men of God coming to help us, to comfort theirs hearts.  We continue to call people to come, our door is open for the Gospel. Do not afraid to come God is near and everything is in his hand.

Pastor Hakizimana Athanase, Kamenge Q.


Central African Republic

Soldiers going church to church

The situation in the nation has become unstable, not politically, but for the churches.  The minister of the Interior, himself a church leader has issued a decree to close all churches that do not conform to certain characteristics he has determined.  There are soldiers going from church to church at this time closing any who do not have the required documents. This situation is causing much heartache among Christians.  The opposition is not coming from the growing Muslim population, but from within the church.  It is hard to understand the motivation, but the roots will probably be to do with jealousy and control.

Name withdrawn for security reasons

Writer very well known to us




DCI World Christians
Ladies and gentlemen . .

We need support from a world of readers so that we can support a very different world of people and projects in mission and social action. No deductions for administration are ever taken. Thank you.
Les and Pilar, the editors and founders.
The DCI Trust, 1987-2004
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445 children now go to school

Thank you for helping me to send 445 kids to schools with new uniforms, umbrellas, books, pens and pencils. 200 are the children of native pastors, 100 are from the Railway Slum, 25 from Kachery Slum and 120 children from the village churches. We had a wonderful service in church and 13 people committed their lives to the Lord. Two families who were on the point to commit suicide came church. The Spirit of the Lord revealed their condition  and they accepted Jesus and committed their life to Him.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala.



Makes you laugh

as much as Sister Act I and II ever did

Makes you cry

It's all true and even better . . .

The author Jean Mercer gives every penny from the sales of her brilliant autobiography to our work of supporting men and women in mission to the lost, the last and the least of the world. Just £6.00, $10 or 9 Euros including postage.

More information and order here




Packed meetings in Landau

Last week I was in Landau where the church hall was packed full and people sat also in the aisles. There were many healed and in one evening 10 people were filled with the Holy Spirit. I am in Vienna, Austria from 30 May to 3 June with about 3000 people are expected for a conference, then I will preach in different churches.

Pastor John Matutis, Berlin



Please l want some e-mail friends

David Nkrumah


Free Bible School Materials  DCI Banking for the Poor











Baby girls still being killed . .

We have baby girls dropped at our door step since the mother doesn't want the child to be murdered and have many girls in our orphanages needing sponsors. Female infanticide has accounted for millions of deaths throughout history. It remains a critical concern in a number of countries today, notably China and India. It is a brutal and destructive anti-female bias closely linked to sex selective abortion which targets female foetuses. Let me e-mail you a well researched report.

Pastor P. Kulandaivelu



News from Papua - Irian Jaya.

Papua is the largest island in Indonesia to have a majority Christian/catholic people but the native people live in jungle and mountains with minimum facilities, only MAF fly as mission. Nine years ago we opened a free AIM boarding school for 300 native children focussing on education and health. Indonesia has 220 million people, the majority are Moslem. Next July we elect a new president and need prayer.

Integrity Magazine



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Spy Bot Search and Destroy is free and finds nasty hidden files.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware 6 is free and finds many a sneaky bad file.

Advanced Uninstaller does a brilliant job to clean up your PC.

Les Norman, the editor



Swahili exam for DCI Mission School

If you are using the Swahili DCI School of Mission and need the exam simply let me know. We're praying that in spite of declining spiritual climate in UK and Europe the Lord will keep you strong and firm in the call. You are a blessing to us, Les and Pilar.

Paul Lee, Nairobi.

Evangelical Alliance for Preacher Training & Commission



Largest gathering in nation’s history

We had already seen 125,000 people respond to follow Christ but on the 5th day the crowd kept growing and growing with maybe 100,000 people. By the Spirit of God I prophesied life and a national revival and a fresh release of God’s blessing. I declared that nothing short of the breath of God could change them, but I never got to finish my message or give the altar call. Suddenly the people burst through the ropes in the tens of thousands for salvation and to have God breathe fresh life into them.  They cried out saying, ‘God, come into my life! Forgive my sins! Breathe Your Spirit into me!’ Suddenly the crowd began to shout as deaf people signalled they were healed, a crippled man began to walk, then blind eyes were opened. After 14 years of war and unbelievable suffering that had literally taken their breath and hope away, Liberia will now surely see a nation wide move of God.

Len Lindstrom, Kelowna, Canada



Are you working with children ?

I have worked here for 8 years, with children, and train teachers of Christian education. I would like to get in touch with ladies with a missionary call for children. My prayer is for a shelter for abandoned girls. Many of them have been abused, and we don't have a place to take them to.

Herminia Calfuguir


Who are we ?  Photos








Some places here so poor that . .

Nobody in the developed world knows they exist, there are other places with no communications whatsoever. As a pastor I have worked in places with no cars, one needs to walk 15 kms to get to there to preach the Word. Please, don't forget Peru.

Pastor Jaime Chambi, Huancayo



Risking a trip into the Sudan

We have sold our piece of land since we needed money to send our children to school and to cover all the expenses for this mission. Our major aim of going to Sudan is to witness to our brothers who are suffering like us in Uganda. They need Jesus the only hope for humanity. Pray with us so that as we go through rebel territory in Sudan.

Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

Come for three weeks . .

We are a group of 3 theological students in the UK. We have set August to reach some parts of Uganda with a gospel crusade and leaders conference. We need preachers and teachers of the word of God to join us for 3 weeks.

Nsubuga Dixon, Kampala, Uganda

United Kingdom

Calling Musicians Rappers MC's . .

Are there any young Christian Musicians, Rappers, MC's, gospel, rock or soul singers out there that can spare 2 hours one evening between the 2-5 August 2004 to entertain our Soul In The City delegates and project volunteers in Fulham.

Julia Chittell, London, UK


Bad fall, prayer needed . .

Ann, the wife of World Horizons and Nations founder Rowland Evans has had a very heavy fall down the stairs at home, and is in hospital with serious injuries, and pneumonia in one lung. This is a major setback for both Ann's health  and for Rowlands missions travels this summer. Please pray for them

Nations, Llanelli, Wales, UK


100 years since Welsh Revival

I have been looking with awe at how many places were touched by this move of God: Korea, India, China, Japan, South Africa, Latin America and the South Seas are some of the places.  And yet even that was not the full extent of God's purpose.  The First World War was Satan's great countermeasure to the flood of the Spirit and so many Christian young men died in each other's gun sites. However the purposes of the Lord are never thwarted.  Our sin and disobedience can delay them, as Israel was delayed for a generation before they could enter their inheritance.  Still, His purpose is like a stream, running beneath the surface, waiting for the song of faith to say, "Spring up O Well".

Gail Dixon, Nations, Llanelli, Wales.


United States

Do you speak French and English ?

We are translating our bible studies into French so they can be freely made available on the internet.  Is there some one who can proof read our work before we post it.

Henry Pulsifer, Kiln, Mississippi



Called to Tunisia

I am looking for information about this country, and missionaries or teams already working there. Anyone with the same call ?

Ezequiel Beberaggi, Ciudad Guanipa.


World News Today


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Thank you so much.

Les and Pilar, the editors



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