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Welcome to the 14th July 2004 edition
To see today's edition please
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Missions Support for Spain

We are making strategic alliances to send Latin American missionaries to help evangelise Spain and to train people for transcultural activities in North Africa and Eastern Europe.

Adriana and Jorge Zahradnicek.



Ready to work with you

By the call of God I have served in church panting, prophetic ministry and training for ministers. I feel that I now have the Lod's guidance to offer support to other national/international ministries.

Pastor Claudio Gimenez, São Paulo


Burkina Faso

Christian TV in Burkina

Yesterday three of us from our leadership school did a 45 minute presentation. I also started your DCI School of Mission in Moore on the radio.

Pasteur Philippe Ouedraogo, Ouagadougou


Do you work in Africa?

I would like to get in touch with missionaries approved by DCI World Christians who are working in Africa or in any country in great need, so that I can support them in prayer and in kind. I can manage in English.

Emilio Pandolfa, Viña del Mar



14,000 young people a day

We need your prayers, suggestions, support and people to set up a high impact evangelistic ministry for young people aged 10 to 17. We have the chance to reach out 14,000 youngsters a day during 15 days.

Carlos Lamprea, JCUM, Bogota.


 Going to the Amazon and beyond.

I work with young people and see the help of our God. I am about to finish my studies on missions and then I am going to the aboriginal communities the Amazon and then to Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

Wilson Hernandez, Bogotá


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Free new Christian Book
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Mysterious Ways
The brilliant new Jean Mercer autobiography. 
Jean gives every penny from the sales to our work.

More information here


We deeply regret to announce that the 2004 war in Uganda has caused the death or dispersion of two-thirds of our Bank for the Poor widows in Lira. George Purkweri writes, "Some have lost their children in the war, some had their homes completely burnt down by the rebels. Some had their children abducted by the rebels. They are hurting and need our prayers to recover from the spiritual, mental and physical wounds that the war has caused. There is one lady whose 11 children were killed and only one lame one escaped. You can't imagine. We need a lot of counselling to the community. Most of the fish, bees and the other bank projects have also gone but all the goat owners are well and stable."


Ladies and gentlemen . .

We need support from a world of readers so that we can support a very different world of people and projects in mission and social action. No deductions for administration are ever taken. Thank you.
Les and Pilar, the editors and founders.
The DCI Trust, 1987-2004

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Crimea - Russia 

Forgotten, but not by Islam . .

We stayed with Muslim people from the Turkic Tatar clan in a village ghetto on the edge of Simphrapol. During World War II 250,000 Tatar were forcibly deported in cattle trains and thousands died en-route. They returned by 1990 but now live like second class citizens with no running water and sometimes no electricity in severe winters of -10 degrees. We visited homes. One dying old lady hung on every word of my Arabic. 20 Saudi-funded Turkish Wahabi Muslim missionaries are in the region bringing pressure to bring the Crimean Tatars back into Islamic orthodoxy.

Name withdrawn for security reasons

Author well known to us, 100% reliable.


DR Congo

How do we reach the unreached ?

I am writing a paper on unreached people who have never heard of Jesus in my country. It is a very tough thing to do since the project of reaching those people started in 1994 and till now there is no fulfilment.

Mozart Dino Kile, Bunia


East Africa

The way it is here . . .

Last year the only way the local people were able to get a UK visa was to begin queuing outside the High Commission at 3 am in readiness for 9 am. Some were then let in for an interview. Some men would get there early and if you gave them money they would give you their place in the queue. The queue was also manned by armed guards who could be bribed and for $3 take you to the front of the queue. To counter this the High Commission now only deal with paper applications but they begin with the view that every thing written on the form is a lie and all documents are forgeries. You really can't blame them. On the streets you can pick up a birth certificate for the equivalent of £3 and bank statements from any bank of choice stating you are a multi millionaire in local currency as well as anything else you need. A visa to the UK or to the USA is like gaining a trophy and a stamp in your passport is a status symbol above all others.

Anon for security reasons, well known to us.


How Africans feel about Africa - officially and unofficially !



From the Andaman Islands

I extol the God of mission who grants this chance to get your friendship, to share my vision and mission and to get your prayers 

Rev. Jacob. C. Chacko, Andaman Islands


§ This missionary couple, Daisy and Jacob from Kerala, India went to the very remote 572 Andaman and Nicobar islands, only 36 are inhabited, in the bay of Bengal, in 1993 to respond to a call to preach the Gospel because of God’s intense thirst for a people from every tribe, tongue and nation.
From their website, Les, the editor


Happening just as Jesus said

Sick are healed, demons are cast out, dead are raised and souls are saved. We are thrilled and excited to serve our living God. We are growing and spreading the Good news. Please visit our page for news with photographs.

Pastor JJ, Central India



Your DCI Course now all over the world

New schools have been opened mostly by our former graduates in the countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Sudan, Burkina Faso and Guangzhou, China. It should be safe to say that the course is being taught all over the world and will soon produce trained men and women, ready to reap the harvest. Many of them are already in the ministry field while they're studying and a good number is planting new indigenous churches. All these, I believe, will be the rewards of yours and mine in heaven. Once again, thank you for all your input in writing the studies of School of Mission. Please record the names of our latest 27 graduates.

Paul Lee, Korean missionary in Africa


§ You are the kindest of people and your words encourage and inspire me to keep going forward, God bless you and thank you for taking the time to write.  We are thrilled and blessed by your news, and by the way you include us, undeservedly, in the progress and success that the Lord is giving you. I will put the student's into our records and it will be a pleasure and an honour to do so.  Our greetings and congratulations go to each and every one.
Les Norman


Kenya - Tanzania.

With remote and primitive people

We have the Masai, Soba and Kuria. Please pray with us for equipment and for missionaries to come with a vision for Africa.

Pastor Francis Akaki Obae.


Free Bible School   Free School of Believer's Finances












Latin Herald Missions

We are reaching out to all Latin American countries as church planters having served in Mexico for the past 28 years. We would like to network with other Latin American countries and would be delighted to come and serve the people of Latin America in any way possible. We currently have more than 30 outreaches of churches, home meetings, and village works in this northern area of Mexico. Each church has its own outreach ministries, such as street work, teaching, prison ministries, and pulpit ministries. The outreaches are conducting more than 100 services each week.

Dr. Donald Vickery, Texas


Myanmar - Burma

Missionary from the Chin people

I work here in Myanmar serving the Lord among people who have never heard of Christ.

PVL, Yangone


§ Myanmar is an neglected Asian country whose people have a hard time under a military rule that discriminates against Christians. It is very rare that we have any contact from Myanmar, let alone from a believer-missionary. Internet access is heavily censored, but one believing couple is trying to produce our School of Mission studies in the Chin language.

Les and Pilar, the editors.



Fire, storm, ruin and still praising God

On Sunday we were at church when our home caught fire and nothing was left. We invited some pastors to pray with our family and as we finished there was very heavy storm, all electricity was gone and everywhere darkness. Then the roof fell down upon us, but we thank God we all were safe again. The devil is attacking but the family are together praising our God. Please do keep us in your prayers at this hard time.

Pastor Labin Taj, Lahore.


Peru - Amazon

Save him or remove him . .

Near our missionary base in the Shipiba native community is a wizard called Mateo Arevalo who attracts many tourists and appeals to many young people. Please support us in prayer so that this man may decide to follow Christ or if not may God remove him from this place.

Alejandro Flores, Pucallpa


Can you see your brother ?

As I was reading 1 John 3 and 4, one Russian word jumped out at me. These chapters mention that if we say we love God but "hate" our brother or neighbour, we're liars. We tend to think that to hate someone is to carry out harmful behaviour toward him or her but the Russian word "hate" is made up of two parts: the prefix means "not" and the root means "see" In other words, if we intentionally don't see a person, if we deliberately ignore someone who is in need, we hate that person. It's easy to say "I love him in the Lord" but in fact not to have anything to do with that person. Just perhaps this is part of what lies behind the anger of terrorists toward the West: they hear our words about loving our neighbours, even our enemies, but they may seldom see it in our works. Yes, they focus on the exceptions in our behaviour, and yes, they expect Western "Christian" countries to act by a different standard of conduct than they themselves adhere to. Their scheming and carrying out of terrorist acts is inexcusable. But part of their anger is directed toward the double standards they see in the "Christian" West: Hollywood's promotion of sex and violence, rampant materialism, gluttony and obesity, wasting of limited natural resources, etc. Perhaps it's time for us to examine our lifestyle and make a fresh start to live out what we say we believe. Perhaps we ought to cut back on the time and money we spend on ourselves, our homes, our cars, our recreation, and redirect some of those resources toward the people around us who are lonely, hurting or in need. "Love your neighbour as yourself" is a fifty-fifty deal: 50% for your neighbour and 50% for yourself.

Robert Hosken, Moscow


Who are we ?  Photos








Sierra Leone

75% more Mosques than Churches

We have 2,092 churches and 9,466 mosques in Sierra Leone. This should be a great concern for all Christians and every one should begin to pray for this beloved nation of Sierra Leone not to be Islamize.

Pastor Emmanuel Gibson, Freetown.



Sunday in, Monday out . .

On average 4 people come to Christ every Sunday but not all come back again because they get immediately pressured and walk away from the blessings. The Lord has also opened the doors of the radio for us, so that we can reach out thousands of lives. We are carrying the seeds of the Gospel throughout Spain and in His time, the Lord will give the harvest.

Javier Castillo, Murcia.


Remember Almeria . .

People here need a lot of prayer for God's power to set them free from fear, insecurity, divisions and emotional ties, all of which affect their lives.

Argelio Rodriguez, Almeria



Stolen phone too hot to handle

When I was at having my hair cut, a man just came with my stolen phone and gave it to the shop owner for charging. I recognised my phone straight away and I have now got it back. The people wanted me to call the police but I wanted to leave the thief to God. Yesterday God convicted all 3 thieves who broke into my house and they came to ask for forgiveness. We had to show mercy as our Lord did on the cross. It was not easy but in tears I and my wife Jane forgave these thieves from our hearts and then shared the gospel with them. We now have them as our brothers in the Lord, praying that revival should continue taking place in our town. All the neighbours were surprised how first I got my phone back and then how the thieves could come by themselves to our home to ask for forgiveness. We told them that we serve a living and a true God who answered our prayers.

Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

Click here for photos



Exhausting, stimulating, rewarding time

I spoke at a church in a cinema on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and a dozen teens and twenties, including the pastors two teenage children, responded with tears for prayer. I also taught at the Islamics Institute almost non-stop from 9:00am to 3:30pm for five days with constant questioning after class and over meals. This new course is serving a developing missions movement for un-reached Muslim peoples of the former Soviet Union. Russian speaking Ukrainians are strategic in this area of mission because they are not ethnically Russian; they are not therefore tarred with the colonial brush of the former Soviet overlords.

Steve Bell, Friendship First Ministry, UK

Teaching the Church how to respond to Muslims


Free Bible School Materials









United Kingdom
Gospel Internet from London

I will be hosting a gospel Internet radio show every Sunday Morning, 10-12 UK time with the best in gospel music and good teaching. The station owner is legendary reggae DJ Tony Williams.

Pastor Ronald Lake,


Quechuas move the British

I had the privilege of being the interpreter of two Peruvian Quechua ladies who were speaking about their work in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Lima: Huanuco. The work of evangelisation, social assistance and education of around 800 street children, many of whom have been sexually abused and socially humiliated, and all of whom are forgotten by the authorities and their families, is under the co-ordination of Margarita. Margarita lived on the streets as a child and teenager, and when he worked as a maid she was also exploited, abused and rejected, until she met an American missionary couple. They paid for her studies and now she is serving the Lord by serving these Quechua children. will tell you more

José Luis Iparraguirre D'Elia, Belfast, N.Ireland


§ I know all about Quechuas in Peru. One of my students in the 90's was Raquel Yupanqui of Ayacucho. She came to us weeks after her grandfather / pastor was assassinated in the pulpit by the Sendero Luminoso. It is much quieter these days and we have been supporting her and the Quechua work for years. This was the lady that did our Christmas Party for the Poor for the Quechuas. The Quechua story is a moving experience the poverty and neglect among them is absolute.

Les, the editor.


United States

The Seven Enemies of Evangelism

1. Deception--"I'm not an evangelist." .

2. Fear--"I'm afraid of rejection"

3. Apathy--"I just don't care."

4. No vision for the harvest "Why bother?

5. Forgetting what it was like before we were saved

6. Lack of prayer "I gave up praying for my loved ones."

7. Not knowing how to evangelize

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Jesus. Luke 14.12 The Message

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