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Welcome to the 15th January 2004 edition
To see today's edition please click here






Marvellous, excellent and historical . .

So said the chairman of the Disabled in Lira and " This was the most real Christmas party which I have ever been to", said a Member of Parliament. We had over 450 men, women and children who are beggars, blind, lame, paralysed, orphaned, with AIDS, and we had as  guests of honour the blind lepers who brought the presence of our Lord Jesus who was born for such a people, the hopeless and downcast people in the community. All the radio stations made us the main news land the news papers are publishing what happened. The name of the Lord has been lifted in Lira more than before. It was much more better than holding the biggest crusade in Lira.

Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.


§ To see where George is living and working go this page from the BBC which sadly is not pleasant reading. In the next edition we will carry a full report with photos of the World Christmas Party for the Poorest in Argentina, Burkina Faso, India, Peru and Uganda. Don't be surprised if you are moved to tears, we were ! 
Les and Pilar, the editors



First Missionary School planned . .

It will be the first cross-cultural missionary school here and will be crucial to get to places where the Gospel has never been taken. Come !

Charles Valencia Ardila, Bogotá.



The School in a Hotel now a reality.

We start on March 15th for 10 weeks. This is the most affordable training in Latin America with meals, accommodation and tuition included. We welcome students from all over the world.

Richard Brandan.



I would like to visit . .

The evangelical churches of France and the Netherlands and also to invite them to come to my conventions in Cotonou.

Pasteur Dido Moila, Benin. 


Burkina Faso

December - 4,650 in 5 villages hear Gospel.

We showed the Jesus Film and 280 accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour. These are largely Muslim and animist remote villages where literacy is very low. A  church is under construction in Keleguem and will have adult literacy programs. We hope to open 21 literacy centres providing education and the Gospel for 30 people each over 40 days using Biblical teaching material.

Pasteur Ouedraogo Philippe, Ouagadougou.



Face to Face with Jesus Ministries

We have a vision to turn hearts to Jesus by proclaiming the Good News in meetings, forums and with literature. We want to open a library and ask for English, French and Swahili books. 

Olivier Nahayo, Burundi.


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Spirit of commitment in the air. .

To go the nations with the Gospel so that God's salvation can reach all the corners of my country and the world.

Fernando Urrea, Santiago.



A new day for pastors

The presidents of Amic and Unicea signed an agreement putting an end to divisions within the pastors and so starting a new era of unity. There are still some groups who do not want to walk along this road so we ask you to pray till we have total unity.

Carlos Cortes Perez, Barranquilla.



Looking for Rwanda contacts

I would like in the near future to carry out a mission in Rwanda. 

Pasteur Cesar Katehe Okito.


Central Africa

Leprosy epidemic among Pygmies

Our work among the Pygmies is going well and our missions team have discovered new camps deeper in the jungle.  There is an epidemic of leprosy in one camp and the government has not released the drugs yet. 

Pasteur Anatole Banga, Bangui. 



My life for Christ . .  

I want the Lord to makes my life a powerful testimony for my colleagues of work and all my family. 

Mbaibarem Patrice, N'Djamena.



Looking for training in maternity

I am a 2nd year midwife and need a 2 or 4 week training course for experience in French-speaking Africa in 2005.

Anne-Colette, Amiens.


Who are we?   See our work with photos









See what the Lord is doing here on . .

Jimi Benitez, La Ceiba.



Would you like to go on TV ?

Our TV telecast reaches over 200,000 people and is very less expensive and will go nationwide and to Asia and Europe in the future. If you have videos of your teaching we will edit and add songs and make a good presentation.

P. Kulandaivelu, Go Ye Missions International.



If it rains, we get wet . .

Please pray so that God may provide us with more zinc sheets and mortar and sand for us to build a shed to avoid getting so wet when it rains or so scorched under the sun. Does anyone have these materials here?

Aldo Guerrero, Nicaragua.


Republic of Congo

Please intercede for peace here

And for the advance of missions in the world. 

Baloubeta Welcome, Point-Noire.



Church stolen at Christmas

On 23 December the new owners of a Methodist church in Moscow violently and with the use of force evicted Pastor Kim-Jun-Kyu, his family including two young children, and other church officials without even giving them time to dress before throwing them onto the cold street at 7am. Church members contacted the police, who sealed the building so the church held a Christmas service on the street, and will be holding another street service this Sunday. The violence was accompanied by nationalistic expressions and crude insults towards Protestants, and a leader has called for a special night of prayer.

From Forum 18 News Service



Total confidence in uncertainty . .

Today, I look at the future with uncertainty towards the unknown, but with total confidence that God's presence in my life and ministry is more real than ever. Today, more than ever, I pray  that the Glory of God may fall upon Spain and transform my people. May they know in a real way the great miracle of a new life in Christ. I am strengthened by the truth that God is drawing His people to Christ and that He has a clear purpose and destiny for my life. Today I commit myself to give even up to my last breath to raise the banner of Christ in all the nations for there is no more valuable thing than surrendering our lives for Him who gave His for us.

Josep Roselló, Benissa.


Free Bible School Materials   DCI Banking for the Poor








Come and use your gifts

We organize revivals in churches, have evangelistic campaigns and training disciples to be conquerors of hearts for Christ. We invite men of God from the whole world to hold conferences for the ministers in Togo. 

Christian Revival Time Association, Lome.



Need Kurdish Bible for new Christian.

He is a refugee from Iraq and his face lit up when he saw the Bible on line. This is a Ukrainian speaking area and he said he hasn't read anything Kurdish in over a year. I can pay for postage or what ever it takes.  His wife doesn't read anything but Kurdish and is still Muslim.

Dan Bardwell, Llviv.


United Kingdom

Humour forgotten in Christian ministry?

Leslie Flynn's classic book first published in 1960 shows the therapeutic role of humour in mental and physical and is highly relevant. Not many  understand the biblical mandate to use humour and fail to see the humour that is embedded into the vast majority of the books of the Bible. This is tragic, because humour is a way of smuggling truth past people's defences into their hearts. This book is free on this page

Tony Whittaker, Soon Ministries, Derbyshire.


United States

Free pastoral training studies

George Patterson's international team have free, short, biblical, illustrated, translatable, training studies suitable for mentoring new leaders of new congregations and cells in church planting movements. Each study has a lesson for group leaders, a lesson for children's workers; some have lessons for deacons and advanced learners. Get it here.

From Brigada weekly e-mail missions news


United States

Jesus in The Passion film . .

Jim Caviezel, a devout Catholic who plays the role of Jesus in the film, is convinced that it was the Holy Spirit who led him to play the role. "It is important for me to portray Jesus' character as God intends," he says. "Mel Gibson shows the violence of the events so realistically that some will not be able to look, and will leave, believe me. But many will stay, and will gradually realise the whole truth." "In a world in which pretty much everyone is at each others' throats, this film has a good and very up-to-date message, one of faith, hope, love and forgiveness which will touch people very profoundly, and change them. "I believe that there is no better message than the one contained in this film," says Mel Gibson.


United States

About 95% of Christian literature  . .

Is printed for people who are already saved.

The Soul Winners Devotional

Igniting a passion for souls on six continents

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