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After a week in West Africa . . .
Toyotas for one or toilets for many ?
Our medical mission was good but Ghana is very different to South Africa, more like Uganda but more Christian, and people are very, very educated. However we had to ask permission to leave one church after 3 hours of a meeting with four offerings. So much money was being given but the church school next door had classrooms like cattle stalls and no toilets at all. The old toilets had become so full they had been condemned and chickens were feeding there. When we asked about installing new toilets we were asked £4,000 but we discovered that labour is just £1 a day. I struggle when the heads of the church try it on and I found it difficult that all the pastors had 4 wheel drives or BMW's while the children had no toilets.
Name removed as a courtesy.
Writer well known to the editors.

§ Isn’t this embarrassing, what a shame. I am so sorry that some of the worst of Africa’s Christianity has come your way. I have seen many similar things and the Mercedes cars in the church car park turn my stomach quicker than the open sewers in the slums. However, right across the whole troubled continent you will find that there are many other more noble and genuine, caring churches and missions where the poor are welcome and where the pastors live modestly to serve Christ and the people with humility and genuine love. Go again, take your love and skills to the poor.
Les Norman
More time with Les and Pilar

Ayoreos found living sub-human lives
They live very precariously; they have neither houses nor beds or appliances. Most of them are sick. We need resources to send some help their way.
José Carlos Gomes Feitosa, 41, Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Send your books to Africa
Let 100 people read that dusty book on your shelf
Our Schools of Mission in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Cameroon and Nigeria are desperate for Christian books for students and teachers to read. While the West reads less and less Africa has a book famine. Books are hard to find and very expensive. May we ask you to empty your bookcases and shelves of good, teaching paperbacks and Bibles that you will never open again and send them surface mail by ship to any of these addresses: click here  Cameroon can take books in French and English. Please don't send any of the "Five Steps to Prosperity" style of books or five steps to anything for that matter, or books that are written for problems in western lifestyles as the readers in Africa will not be able to relate to the stories. In the UK the Post Office sends a 5 kilo package of 33 paperbacks by printed paper rate surface mail for just £23. Go on, take a look, what's on those shelves that you will never read again ? Because in Africa 100 people will read that book. Thanks for your help.
Les and Pilar

Explosive growth will soon see 250,000 churches
In 1991 evangelicals made up barely 9% of Brazil but in 2000 the figure was 20% in barely 10 years. Back in the 1980s, the churches enthusiastically started to send Brazilian missionaries all over the world and into the 10/40 Window, sent and paid for by their home churches in a movement of genuine concern for the lost around the world, and it clearly pleased God. It became abundantly apparent that a sending church is also a growing church. At home in the Amazon jungle more than 30,000 villages were still completely unreached which has evoked a strong response in many churches in Brazil. Teams of church planters have gone from over 40 cities to the Amazon to plant riverbank churches. In Manaus some large churches now have fleets of riverboats to take medical teams and church planters up the Rio Negro and the Amazon to the many hundreds of smaller rivers of the region. Research shows that the growth of the evangelical churches has more than trebled to 209,000 churches in 1994 and at this rate the goal of 250,000 churches will be passed before 2010.
Source: http://www.dawnministries.org
From Joel News, Holland.

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Revelation in Easy English
The last book in the Bible is exciting but hard to understand yet God promises to bless everyone who reads it. So, if you are ready to begin, go here and download Revelation from the list of Bible books. Click on Jesus Wins! for a simple translation in Easy English level A with helpful notes.
Hazel Bradshaw, 75, Cheltenham.

All about cults, sects and people you don't know
Are your family or friends concerned because you've joined a religious group, do you have questions about a group you want to join, or one you are in already? Perhaps you have left your group, only to find you are struggling? Is someone you care about in a situation like this ? Why do people use words like 'cults' and 'new religious movements' to describe other people's beliefs? Are some groups safer than others? Is there any way to tell a bad religion from a good one?" How can we help you ?

§ Go to Deo Gloria as well for information on cults & new religious movements


Free: Working Your Way
To The Nations Online Course!
All about self-support for people in mission, available for free download here in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese & Arabic

 Burkina Faso
What did I find after two years away ?
I was also a little apprehensive of how I would find it – would it be a struggle to fit back in? Would I have forgotten all my Fulfulde? Well, in fact it was very easy to fit back in, and simply a joy to be there again. And within a day of arriving, I was preaching again in Fulfulde, and happily coping much better than expected. It was like Nehemiah returning to Jerusalem – a time of not saying much, but going out and seeing the state of things, and trying to understand how things were. I travelled a lot – to Djibo, Boukouma, Dori, Ouagadougou, and of course Gorom-Gorom and the surrounding villages. I was very blessed to spend time with many friends – Fulani Christians and Muslims, national pastors, and ex-pat missionaries. To find out more and to hear the stories of the incontinent goat, the two-legged pig, the feast of white man’s ears, the policeman who took my motorbike, the discovery of bird flu, and many other stories go to my links.
Keith Smith, UK missionary to the Fulani.
Website http://www.undertheacacias.org.uk
Blog http://www.voiceinthedesert.org.uk/keith

Evangelism course, completely free
The IPCH Theological Seminary invites you to join in. You can enrol on line.
Joao Marcos Costa de Oliveira Rocha, 33, Santiago.

Team want to visit South Africa
Our 10-strong team of young people want to spend their holidays doing some short-term missions work in South Africa. If anyone wants us to visit them, please contact us.
Angelica Ruiz, 29, Temuco.

Free web page design
The Lord has given me the desire to support missions and ministries by designing web pages completely free of charge. If anyone wants to set up a site on the Internet and cannot afford it, we can design, publish and maintain it for you. Please, if anyone is interested feel free to contact me in Spanish.
Fabian Lescano, 26, Tungurahua

Ready to come to you in Latin America
Do you need us? I am a street Pastor in France and I help asylum seekers. My wife and I know that we are called to serve God in a Spanish-speaking country and I have already served in Argentina and other countries. If you need us e-mail:
Pastor Marcel et Mme Burgy, Bagnères de Bigorre

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Lady saved at point of hanging herself
My neighbour's friend came to her one night with financial problems confessing how her work was ruined by magic. She was in such deep desperation that our neighbour followed only to find that her with a suicide rope. Thank God our neighbour brought her to us, and we gave her hope and love in Christ, and right now we are caring for her. Today we found a mother with her baby, left without any money by her husband who went back to live with his first wife. She was living in a rented 3x4 metre room with no light, only a candle because she couldn't pay the rent and this month was her last chance. Almost every day, Les and Pilar, we cry with and pray with these kind of people, we sense their hurt and sadness, we feel their sickness, we hear their hopeless cries, and we ask our dearest Lord, Jesus to please enable us to help them have a life. That's why we thank God to know you, people who cannot live happily while all around them are crying.
Yoppi Margianto, Jakarta

§ Yoppi is a brilliant translator to and from Indonesian, see our Indonesian pages for just how good he is. He has translated John's Gospel into Indonesian Majority Text with notes in two versions and makes then available free to unbelievers in Indonesia who are millions in number. No businessman in this Islamic nation will fund the publishing but demand for these books is increasing. For only US$1, two booklets will be published, and two or more people may be won for Christ. To sponsor some books e-mail Pastor Yoppi here or if you wish you can send a gift through us.
Les and Pilar.
§ Alternative methods of sending a gift  

Hi-Kidz Children's Evangelism
The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization has rated the Hi Kidz children’s website as one of the four most strategic tools to communicate the gospel to the world’s two billion children over the next ten years.

Be trained in the Holy Land
We are training people with a call to missions. They have to provide pastors references and cover their travel expenses. This is a 3-month training session with an option to stay for another six on Semitic culture, Hebrew, philosophy of Judaism, Jewish customs and outreach throughout Israel, and more. Anyone between 25 and 35 with a call for transcultural missions is welcome.
Pastor Angel Gerber, 40, Tel Aviv

The film “Jerusalem Syndrome”
It was made thanks to the will of our Lord Jesus. I have directed it, and it is going to be released on 11 August in the Kohav Ramat Asharon cinema -Israel. I invite you all. I work as a security officer at a school and with scant resources I made this film that is bringing light to other people.
Victor Braun, 48, Ramat Gan-Israel

From Venezuela we are in Parma
We need your authorisation to translate the materials of the School of Mission and we are eager to get any advice from you and to learn from your experience. We will be in Parma until 29 May, when we will return to Venezuela to start presenting and promoting our mission project, sharing our vision and raising funds. There is a lot of hard work ahead, as we are to be back in Italy to serve by early October. Angel and Hebe Sebastiani, "Pilgrims"

§ Angel and Hebe have carried out a wonderful work in Venezuela sharing the teachings of the School of Mission along with other studies wherever they have been. We are very happy to support this extension of their vision to Parma, Italy.
Les and Pilar.

Mzuzu students have just done the final exams . .
It has been so good hearing their testimony how they have been transformed from the School of Mission teachings they have received for the last nine months, also thanks from my wife for the Sunday School materials you sent, they have really helped her.
Pastor Moses Atte Aringo, Luinga.

How can we help you ?

Free Start Your Own School of Mission Materials   
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Money Forum
All about raising, giving and spending money

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Ready to serve in Europe or Africa
I study theology and want to serve in missions in Europe or Africa.
Javier Barrios Medina, 23, Lima

The price of making Hope Rwanda work . .
Rwanda has been a real challenge, both spiritual because we are certainly in the centre of a demonic stronghold here, physical with 14 hour days, and emotional because frustration and stress levels have been high and continuous, as we seem to have bounced from one crisis to the next. But you cannot have a victory without a battle, and we have been proving it! Battles there have been in plenty, but we are still here, our eyes are still fixed on Jesus, and we are doggedly gaining ground. By God's grace alone, we have been able to rejoice in several great events and missions wonderfully completed. So Thank you for your prayers. We have never felt so much the power of being supported in His arms, activated by your intercession. No heartfelt prayer ever fails to move the portals of heaven.
John Fergusson, New Zealand but in Rwanda.

All it takes is a goat . . .

Good news from Loro village. Out of the 40 goats that we gave out I found that 33 have given birth to one kid each which is 33 kids, 4 have given birth to twins which is 8 kids, but 3 died natural deaths. I gave out 41 goats to 41 orphans on the list. The goats are multiplying very much. Thanks DCI on the behalf of the poor, vulnerable orphans of Loro for giving us the first 40 goats, now they have 81.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira.

§ Ladies and gentleman, a goat costs £8 or $12, no more, delivered free. One goat makes an AIDS or war orphan who has no possessions feel that he is someone because in Africa an animal is a sign of prosperity. He feels good and has hope. The goat eats anything and everything and provides milk, dung for fertilizer and kids. These cover school fees and give the orphan education which leads to a job. When he has eight kids he can exchange them for one cow and then prosperity and prestige really begins, he can even get married and pay for his bride. All for £8 or US$12. Why do we like goats ? Why not buy a goat for an orphan right now, or as many as you can because the waiting list is very, very long as you might imagine.
Les, Pilar and Lizzie.

§ Alternative methods of sending a gift

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