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Welcome to the September 15th 2004 edition

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Are you in Canada ?

I am coming to Canada and want to find a church there. Where can I get some email addresses?
Rosalia Gonzalez, Mendoza

§ Rosalía, the easy way is to get a list is go to Google and type in <Churches + Canada> or <Iglesias + Canadá>. Then see their pages and follow their links.
Les Norman.


Mexican missionary in Vienna

We are working amongst Afghan refugees and our church meets in a basement. We have 17 Middle East people and our team is from Mexico, USA, Germany, Austria and Afghanistan. This is what Jesus has done for us.
Cesar Sotomayor, Mexico


Looking for Friends of Africa in Europe

This October, I will be ministering in missions conferences in Portugal, England, Germany, France and Spain. I would like to get in touch with pastors interested in missions in Africa to exchange some information. I have some free space in my diary so I could visit more churches in Europe. We are organising a missionary impact in Angola by May 2005. Our desire is to take pastors, missionaries, workers and people who love missions and, especially, Africa.
Pr. Marcelo Satiro, Indaiatuba


This page teaches me this . .

That our God is good and great in all the earth. Nothing escapes His providence and I am reassured. Not one leaf of a tree falls to the earth without His will. In these troubled times, His word is a lamp to our feet and an inestimable treasure.
Jesus Loaiza, Nice.

 Melodies of Heaven on Earth

I was playing the keyboard during our meeting when the person next to me was touched by the Holy Spirit and began to laugh. My minister said to me "you are also about to be touched " and while still playing, I also began laughing under the anointing. Then I fell forward and my head bumped the keyboard and this is where a miracle took place. Sounds of harps came from the keyboard and we saw blue lights that sparkled. My minister said "Dominique, what are you doing?" thinking that the music came from me. But it does not even exist in the keyboard and there are no blue lights. The Lord allowed us to hear the pure music of heaven, it was magnificent!
Emmanuelle, France.

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Hungry for God's word in Hungary !

We are very happy as we could take part in an evangelisation campaign in the town of Tatabanya. Those were six days of hard work and long but the response from the people was amazing. Many heard the word of God and many still took a decision for Christ.
Viktor and Miriam Nemet, Velence


600,000 villages waiting for gospel

This means even if we train 1,000 missionaries a year and send them into these villages it will take 600 years to evangelize India. If we train 10,000 and send them it will take 60 years. So my burden and vision is to train more nationals in church based Bible schools for two to three years and send them into the mission fields. If we won't harvest the Muslims or the communists will and we will be accountable for their blood. I am looking for partners to work with me in this project. I am just back from South Kerala after opening our latest Bible school for 12 full time residential students.
Pastor Daniel Varghese Kizhakkevila, Kerala.

 Focused on rural unreached.

Our aim is to take the message of Christ to the unreached lost and plant churches. We are also trying to bring together all the independent pastors and evangelists who are struggling in the remote villages to train and support them in building their churches.
Rev. T. Arvind Mohan Dass, Tamilnadu.

 From English into Telugu

We are translating to know more about our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ.
Rev.B.Babu Rao, Tenali

Dear Rev. Babu, God bless you but wait a minute, because you can get all of our 85 School of Mission discipleship studies already translated into a Telegu book from Pastor Sammy John at Narsapur. They are also available in Hindi from Nagpur or direct from our website.
Les Norman.


Possessed man freed by Jesus

Last night we went to a man who was strongly possessed by many demons as he had been practicing magic for a long time. Here in Indonesia we have many shamans, witches and dukuns who attract and enchant a lot of people. In the name of Jesus, the greatest name, we burned all the amulets he had and as we did my wife could see spirits coming out in the form of snake, scorpions and an old man with a typical hat. Those spirits attacked him as they went and we saw him crawling like a snake, saying magic words, moving his hands and struggling with his stomach and head. It took 2 hours to free him and lead him to Christ. We praise the Lord for being such a great Deliverer for this family, and for putting their names in the Book of Life. What happened involved several spiritual gifts, visions, discerning of spirits, words of wisdom and more which indeed still exist and are given by the Holy Spirit. You are not cessationists are you ?
Yoppi Margianto, Biblical Charismatic Church

§ No Yoppi, we too just want more and more of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Here in the UK many of the churches that teach that the gifts ceased in the first century here in the UK are declining in numbers, while the churches that allow the Holy Spirit to have freedom to honour Jesus and minister His love and power to the people are growing.
Les Norman.

Free Bible School   Free School of Believer's Finances


Mexican missionary in Japan

Please pray for us as Japan needs more workers willing to sow the seeds of life in this country. There is too much to do. Japan needs God.
Karina Keiko Shiyama Avalos, Japan.


Good news from Sudan.

We recently produced the first graduates in our school in southern Sudan, a troubled part of the world. Edward Kamau was one of our third course graduates here in Nairobi. Last year he was sent to Sudan as a missionary and he is presently involved in planting churches and training institutes in the remote places of the south. He is our pride in the Lord. The school has already grown to be famous in the Nimule. The candidates are already rushing in for the September course but we have a waiting list. We praise the Lord for raising men and women of God through us even in a desolate place like Sudan.
Paul Lee, Korean missionary in Nairobi.

§ Paul, I am deeply impressed with all of your work and the way the Lord is moving in and through you, your prayer, your faith and your sacrifice. I don't know of anyone who has done more with our materials than you have in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Sudan, Burkina Faso and China. Through you my own dreams, hopes and callings are coming to pass. The news about what you have done for the poor people of the Sudan has touched my heart. My friend George Purkweri of Lira, Northern Uganda has left today for another part of south-west Sudan carrying seeds, goats, tools, saws and Bible School materials to bring spiritual and material renewal to a four villages which have been left helpless and hopeless by the civil wars. Our love and prayers,
Les and Pilar.


Call me - I'll come !

I graduated from the Bible Institute two years ago and feel the Lord calling me to serve Him on the mission field in Central America. I am an electronics and mechanical engineer and have studied agriculture and building. I have been a missionary in Chihuahua for two years and I currently teach at a Bible School.
Juan Urrutia, Juárez

 Who needs help in Spain ?

In October I will visit Spain along with two pastors, our only desire is to help in evangelization, leadership and church planting. If you need us to come to you please get in touch.
Dr. César Emilio Gramajo, Coacalco


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Has the Arabic site been translated any more ?
I don't seem to be able to download anything after chapter 32.
Paul Lee, Nairobi, Kenya.

§ Paul, my apologies but all of our Arabic translators have ground to a halt for one reason or another and our news pages and study pages are at a halt. If anyone can send a good Arab translator and a text checker our way, we will be very grateful.

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Who are we ?

Les Norman is a speaker and a writer with a heart for the lost, the last and the least of the world. Pilar Remón is a teacher, an intercessor, counsellor and a very popular Christian poet in the Spanish language. If you speak Spanish this is Pilar’s free book. Our daughter Elisabeth is finding her way forward in youth work.


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Myanmar - Burma

Prayers and tears is the price

Our call is to the uneducated, spiritually hunger folks God gives us. There are many unreached animist villages around us and our urgent need is to raise spiritual leaders of integrity. Too many of our so-called ministers here are heavy smokers, drunkards, some are drug-traders, some alcoholics, only handling the Lord’s work as a business that brings riches. They have no passion for outreach to animist villages unless there are finances involved. My fear is to see that this harvest field left without labourers, I recall what my father spoke to me from his death bad saying, "Your field is worth your prayers and tears." The kind of help we will always need is prayer and your presence to give Bible teaching for sinners and saints.
Philip, Myanmar, Asia.


Missionary Abducted by Maoists

Our Nepali missionary Besh's life is in danger as radical insurgency group Maoists forcibly abducted him a week ago for their purposes. As of today, he is still being held. Our GFA Nepal field leaders do not know his condition or his whereabouts; all they know is that his life remains in grave danger. They have prayerfully sent another missionary to search for Besh. More than 200 people have been abducted by the Maoists and killed without mercy. Some 9,000 lives have been claimed since the insurgency began in 1996. Missionaries are even more at risk as they travel to share the Good News. Latest news on Besh is at
K.P. Yohannan
President - Gospel for Asia

Northern Ireland

Whose flag are you flying ?

Over 1,000 people gathered for four days to be challenged about worship, fellowship and witness at the Presbyterian Conference that sets out the strategy for the church in Ireland. Ken Newall, the Moderator said he would like to see churches with no national flags because first and foremost we are Christians, ambassadors of the Kingdom of God rather than of a nation. If you really want flags outside your building, let them be like those five star hotels which have flags from all the nations flying over their entrance doors.
José Iparraguirre, Belfast (From Argentina)


Tell me about Russia please

Since I was 8, God called me to pray for Russia and now I am preparing to go there in 2007. I would like to receive some information about Dagestan y Chechnya. If anyone in Asunción, Paraguay, could recommend a teacher of Russian to me, I would be very obliged.
Stefanie Janzen, Asunción.


Spanish surgeon shaken by Peru

Today was very hard medical missionary work, we finished a health campaign in Quirihuac after treating over 700 people many of whom welcomed Christ as their Saviour. Many of my patients, after getting the diagnosis and treatment for their diseases, seemed very open to the Gospel and asked to receive the Lord Jesus into their lives. I prayed with young people and adults, men or women on countless occasions, each one confessing their sins and asking for Jesus to come into their lives. I have never felt what I am experiencing here in Peru in the middle of absolute poverty, disease, delinquency, drug abuse, robberies and crime, these people surrender their lives to Christ and leave with a special radiance worshipping the Lord with joy and happiness.
Dr. Angel Olmo Romero, Barcelona

§ This story continues in the next edition as our friend Angel moves on to the next village.
Les, the editor.


Buddha watches Aids patient meets Jesus

I brought one of our Thai AIDS patients to Christ's feet last night whilst on a home visit. Jesus did it all in full view of a large Buddha statue, paintings and other demonic items that were in her home. This lady, 30, was a strong Buddhist all her life. Jesus led me to her and gave me the opportunity to speak with her and Jesus did the rest. The lady is terminally ill with full AIDS. There was five strong Buddhists in the room so am hoping that they will also give their lives to Christ. My wife Aree and I also prayed for her healing by laying on of hands. We have great hope that Jesus will heal her, her name is Khun Orn.
Gareth and Aree Lavell, Chaing Mai.


Dying lady instantly healed

The Lord showed us that a Christian lady was sick and close to he death so we prayed all night long for healing. During the last school year this sister had paid the school fees for all our children and we reminded the Lord of this. We could not go to pray for her because her husband is in the military and we can't get in to the barracks, but next day she was brought us almost dying. After the prayer and the laying on of our hands, she instantly was healed. It was just like the Dorcas story in Acts. Jesus is always the same, to Him be the glory.
Ganza-Kobozo Vespacien, (of CAR) Lomé.


Looking for an open door

For me the Great Commission is Tunisia. I work in education and would like to go to Tunisia as a working teacher or, as they say, a tent maker.
Héctor Salinas, Paraguay

United Kingdom

Back from Burkina Faso

Assamadou the little boy I adopted from birth speaks some French now, he lives with a pastor. We are doing a little fund raising towards an ox, a cart, a plough for his grandfather. His village is extremely poor. AEAD, your DCI partner in Burkina have a programme to train a farmer to care for the animal and teach him how to prepare the land prior to sowing seeds.
Marie-Therese Lannuzel, Croydon.

§ Our friend Marie-Therese first went to Burkina Faso a few years ago following in our footsteps. No-one can ever say that a lady alone, in her middle years, can't make a big difference in a poor country. Marie-Therese has done more than many a church and we can't admire her enough. God bless you Marie !
Les and Pilar, the editors.

The Last Word
The man is a success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much; who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of children; who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; who leaves the world better than when he came into it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem or a rescued soul; who never lacked appreciation of earth's beauty or failed to express it; who looked for the best in others and gave the best he had.
Robert Louis Stevenson



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