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This is just like the book of Acts  . . but today !
People meet daily in their houses for prayer. They tell of dreams and visions, and experience healing and deliverance. Ex-terrorists and spirit healers accept Jesus as their Lord. Churches are formed. This is not an excerpt from Acts, but is happening today among the Kabyls in North-east Algeria. New Christian churches are forming all over and so far, they have been able to resist denominational influences and foreign leadership. Many people hear the gospel through Christian radio and television programmes. Source: OM News
From Friday Fax in English, New Zealand
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Power, Passion and Presence . .
We are training a new generation to serve God in three ministry training schools: Music and Prophetic Worship; Bible Studies; and Evangelism and Missions. The Lord is raising a different generation within this generation, a generation of worshippers, evangelists, prophets, teachers, pastors, and apostles, who will lead the next and final awakening. The Lord is recruiting His army. Join us.
Silvina Daniela Nostas, Gral. Rodriguez.

Appropriate Technology opens its door
We are high in the mountains bringing the message of God and teaching appropriate technology. There is a great hunger for the word of Word and these lo-technologies are the doors through which many families may find Christ and practical help.
Javier and Lidia Soliz, Cochabamba

Looking for partners in Africa
We are a ministry involved in evangelisation and teaching for African churches. We have already been in Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo. We would like to get in touch with African churches and pastors in other countries to set up bases for evangelistic crusades and teaching programmes for the church in Africa.
Pr Marcelo Satiro, Indaiatuba.

Can I do my course practical work with you ?
I am 25 years old. I am a believer and study journalism. I want to get involved in God’s work by putting what I have studied into practice. I write Christian poetry and lead a music ministry. My girlfriend studies commercial engineering. We are both about to get our degrees. We are looking for a job that may be complement to the things of God. We are ready.
Pedro Elias Parada Urrutia, Valdivia.

Wife dies but husband saved from AIDS
When we got to the region, as we were encouraging the brother in charge, he told us he was waiting for us because the Lord had revealed our coming to a brother who had been fasting and praying for 2 weeks. This brother met the Master 2 years ago when as a farmer he suddenly discovered that his wife had HIV. He knew he will die and a month later he met our coordinator who spent a whole day praying with him after he received Jesus. Two month later he went for an AIDS test and it was negative. After his wife died he decided to look for the person who introduced him to the Master and for that he travelled 1500 kms by bicycle. As he was praying the Lord told him he would soon receive equipping to go back to his village to introduce them to Christ. We gave him transport fare and he left for his village.
Name removed for security reasons, Central China.

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Northern Ireland
Our Co-Editor wins International Save The Children Prize
Save the Children Sweden organised an essay competition in Spanish about the future of education in Latin America. Our co-editor José Luis Iparraguirre D'Elia sent a paper which was awarded with the fifth prize. If you wish to read it, click here Congratulations Jose Luis, on this treasure of scholarly wisdom and insight.
Les and Pilar

The Bible to listen to on normal CD's
It is hard to find non computer Bible CD's to listen to but I can post them to you in mp3 format on a CD. Languages available are English, Arabic, Bengali, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese, Punjabi, Tamil, Telegu, Urdu with Cantonese, Croat, Polish, Slovak and Tagalog to come soon.

    Ghana with Denmark
Inviting West African churches . .
We have been working in West Africa for 12 years, teaching in churches often using the DCI lessons, which has been a special blessing. Churches in Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali and Togo are welcome to join us as "partner-churches. We specially welcome Ghana churches as it will be our main goal to share the G12 vision with them and to help them to multiply. Our vision is for more partner-churches; more local offices for our Bible School and a strong network of churches to multiply His Kingdom. Some churches are already praying and fasting for next years program which includes our Sports for All projects.
Ole Jacobsen, Odense, Denmark.

Over 700 dead in Quetzaltenango
A lot of people is suffering because they have lost everything. All the roads are blocked and the gasoline has finished, it has been raining all the week, day and night. Markets are completely empty, you can see the fear in people's faces as I have never seen before. They need clothes, food and furniture, they have lost their houses. As God's people we must show His love in this time to all who don't know Him. El Salvador has suffered too.
Dámaris Velazco

Aid for Guatemala and El Salvador
We are witnessing with growing distress all the terrible hurricanes, floods and earthquakes as a fulfilment of the end time prophecies before the return of Jesus. On the other hand these events are used by God to touch a multitude of souls, who are calling out for His help in such tragic situations. Nevertheless we cannot stand by with arms folded, justifying ourselves by saying that the world is reaping what it deserves because we need to act, like good Samaritans, like authentic sons of God. We need to reach out with compassion and solidarity to the thousands of suffering people, especially the most vulnerable women, children and old people. We are sending relief by emergency cargo to Guatemala and El Salvador where the flood disaster has been devastating. Our missionaries are faithfully distributing aid without wasting even one cent of the money. We are also filling two 40 foot containers with all kinds of aid and you can help us if you wish.
Pastor Miguel Diez, Remar Spain
Donations: Remar España, Cta. Misiones. Banco Popular 0075 1194; 28 0600040721
Or sponsor a child in a Remar Children's Home.

How is it possible that pastors
leave the pulpit to become politicians?
There is a move on here with many pastors running for Congress. So great is their desire to make it in the Parliament that they are opening the doors of their churches and pastors associations to non-Christian politicians who then tell lies to the people of God from the pulpits. One pastor, who is a good friend of mine, got so carried away with the idea of becoming a Member of Parliament that he lost his church. Other pastors gave up their license because the government disqualified them from both roles. Could you believe that some pastors think they can change this country through politics? This is startling; how can anyone be a politician and lead a ministry at the same time, when they are already so hard-pressed to serve the Lord in their full-time ministries? It is true that Christians are different from those who do not know God, and glory be to Him for those lay Christians who in God's call aspire to be elected into the national congress and present bills to fight corruption. However, these are ministers with the five-fold giftings giving up their callings for to earn the huge sums of money that being a congressman can provide? Why are pastors craving to make a name in the world? It is sad. Is it that perhaps that they do not understand that there is no higher call nor privilege than to be an ambassador of God on Earth?
Pastor Ana Aviles, San Pedro Sula.

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GFA team goes from India into Pakistan
As you may know, a major earthquake hit Jammu & Kashmir and hundreds were killed. Our GFA Bible college in Jammu was severely damaged but we think that all of our 50 missionaries in the affected areas are safe. A GFA relief team of 13 went to Srinigar, Kashmir to take much-needed food, water, clothing and Christ's love to those who are suffering and now we permission to go over into Pakistan. We grieve that so many have lost their lives but trust that the Lord will provide an open door for the Good News to enter with power as never before.
K.P. Yohannan, Founder, Gospel for Asia.
Latest News from Zone

§ GFA is a safe place to send your donations, in our experience they are 100% reliable and accountable, and will get the aid through to hurting people.
Les and Pilar

Speak Italian ? You must come here . .
I am the publisher and editor of The International Christian Network. I am also a member of the Evangelical Alliance in fact I am organizing a special meeting to launch it here in Sicily.
Salvatore Loria, S.G.La Punta, Catania.

§ We have been talking to Salvatore and this is a first class website with a heart for Christ and for people. We have nothing to offer in Italian so go to ICN and be blessed.
Les and Pilar

Earthquake lasted 6 minutes at 7.5 on Richter scale.
Many huge buildings have been shaken and destroyed. Many mud house have been demolished, thousands of people injured and 52000 killed. Rescue teams could not reach many places. Thank God our building and children are safe by the grace of God. Please pray for our distressed people in Pakistan,
Pastor Saleem Raza, B.M.S. Pakistan, Lahore.

Quake jolts Pakistan severely.
Thousands of Christians are also suffering in these remote areas. They became homeless and need tents, food, blankets, medicines. Please stand with us and pray for these victims.
Pastor Rauf Swan, Punjab, Pakistan.

He's the Lamb but He's also the Lion
The recent attacks in Dagestan, Chechnya, Beslan, Ingushetia and Nalchik, should cause us to think: Over 2000 years have elapsed since Jesus Christ first came into this world and people have grown accustomed to thinking of Christ as the gentle Shepherd or as the Lamb of God. However, we learn in Revelation 5:5-6 that the gentle Lamb of God is identical to the Lion of the tribe of Judah! The time is coming when the justice side of God's character will trump the mercy side, as God brings judgment on humanity for our rebellion against Him. The world will be astonished when the Lamb transforms into the Lion, and yet many will still refuse to repent, preferring to blaspheme God. (Rev.16) World events are rapidly changing, and it appears that the final wrap-up of human history may be at hand. Among the signs of Christ's Second Coming are nationalistic ethnic uprisings, famines, plagues and earthquakes, blaming and hating Christians for these calamities, a huge increase in evil that will cause love to grow cold and the commercialization of religion that cripples genuine agape-love.
Bob & Cheryl Hosken, 41 years in Moscow.
Agape Rehab Society:

In Cordoba: Spanish Evangelical Seminary
The SEE has been training Christian leaders for almost 40 years. Since its beginning, it has been training young people in the Bible and Theology. Students also help in local churches during weekends and we organize evangelistic campaigns with churches who ask us.
Benji Gálvez and Mati Sanchiz, supervisors. (957 301128)

I have discovered I am a missionary. . .
I just received a moving report about a church in Brazil, which although only 250-member strong, has over 20 missionaries! This has moved me deeply and the Lord revealed to me that I am also His missionary, and that that is why I have been living in Spain for over 20 years. That is why I became a Christian at a Brazilian-based congregation, and was discipled by a Brazilian woman, even though I am from Argentina. Now I know the purpose for my life and the mission God has planned for me. I made a covenant to be faithful to the call and serve the Lord by serving others who need to know His word. I encourage other men and women who live away from their own countries to understand it is not by chance that they are in new lands. You must only need to know that the Lord has a great purpose for your lives: go and preach the Gospel to every creature. May God reveal it to you as He graciously did for me.
Diego Acosta, Madrid.

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North-South Jihad still going on
Whilst we were there, there were attacks on two South Sudanese towns near the Uganda border by the Lords Resistance Army who are suspected of being sponsored by the North Sudanese government to carry out these attacks. There is real fear that the peace will not last, and of not having enough soldiers to respond if required. The Bishop also talked about an organisation called the Children of Peace who apparently are targeting war orphaned children and offering them the education for which everyone is so desperate. The intention seems to be to replant these indoctrinated children back into their communities as a base for terrorism. Sudan is still very unstable, living conditions are extremely basic and there is little infrastructure. Witchcraft is part of everyday life and most people we met are into polygamy, including Christians, as much of the church is first generation.
KS, United Kingdom, with Flame International

 United Kingdom
Dreams and visions evening unlocks the call
The Lord wants to unlock the dreams and visions that he’s already placed in peoples’ hearts about how he would like them to serve the Kingdom. In many cases, people have disqualified themselves, as they can’t see how to bring it to birth. We had testimonies from people who have heard that call and said ‘yes’, and we compared Zechariah and Mary in Luke 1. Both had angelic visitations, both were told something impossible in human terms, and both asked the question ‘How?’, but their heart responses were very different. We gave people a key with a blank label on which they wrote what they would like to unlock. We then prayed and prophesied over them, and we wait to see what will happen now.
Margaret Wendels.

§ Hi Margaret, When we had our Bible school a few years ago, one of the most popular sessions was called, "Tell me your vision." We took this from the story of Joseph and the students had to wrestle with the Proverb that says, "the heart of man is deep waters, but the man of understanding draws them out." It was always so, so surprising just what the Lord had placed in the hearts of people who are hardly dared to believe what they were saying themselves, yet years later many have already accomplished their visions and have moved even further onwards.
Les and Pilar.

On our way to the Maori
In January, my wife three daughters and twin boys, due to arrive in approx. 4 weeks are leaving for New Zealand to settle in Whangerei and gain training and cultural perspective on the Maori people who are leaving the Christian faith and being led by elders who are distorting the truth. We feel God's call to plant new churches to reach those who are straying and do not know God's truth. With very little we rely on God's provision.
James and Ingrid Cope, Cambridge

§ Our friends of many years John and Bron Fergusson have also recently moved to New Zealand where Bron comes from, and I am sure that they would tell you anything you need to know. Their JF Ministries page is here
Les and Pilar

 United States
Volunteers needed for free online bible college
Antioch Internet Bible International serves indigenous pastors by providing free online bible and ministry training and helping churches set up their own bible schools. We have a two year course in evangelism and church-planting in English, Thai, Russian, Spanish, and Tagalog. The Spanish version has over 40 bible schools and 2100 students. We urgently need volunteers for 4 hours a week who speak Russian, Thai or Tagalog to help as course co-ordinators.
John Edmiston, Los Angeles

Let the people know we will pray for them
Particularly people on the mission field or in areas of religious persecution. We can translate to/from Spanish, Arabic and Russian as well.
Terry Holderread, Christians In Crisis.

Government expels missionaries
The Venezuelan Government has given orders to expel New Tribes Missions, an evangelical agency with native people and serving to humanitarian needs in rainforest lands in my country. There are plans to expel other missionary groups and to restrict activities by local evangelical churches.
Rafael Gonzalez, Caracas

New Tribes Mission expelled from the country
This is a US evangelical mission, which the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, considers as an agent of the CIA. The President said that he had recently received a report that some evangelical groups obtain sensitive and strategic information and exploit aboriginal peoples. “They have set up plants for solar energy, electricity, radio stations, well-maintained runaways where planes coming from abroad land by-pass custom, in places where people live in dire poverty”, Chavez commented. The Venezuelan leader mentioned that the expulsion is irrevocable.
Sent in by Lady Bayona, quoting Orbita 14-10-2005
BBC Report in English

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Tell me if you know . . . ?
Les or Pilar will start the answers, subscribers can join in . .

Tell me what to do to join you and help ?
Henry Yanes Lopez

§ Hi Henry: I hope this page may help you and give you the answer. Write me with your ideas.

 Could you recommend a missions magazine? I am looking for youth missions activities for next summer, I am also looking for a missions radio station – do you know of any? I would also like to learn Arabic, but I could not find where.
Oscar Ceratt, Neuquen, Argentina

§ Hi Oscar, I am sorry but we do not know of any general magazine in Spanish, except those published by mission agencies that report on their own projects. For summer activities, contact YWAM, Wycliffe, Horizon or Operation Mobilisation or other agencies which work in your country? You can also get in touch with Claudia Bustamante COMIBAM’s co-ordinator in your country. There are many Christian radio stations. Try a search in Google then it will be a matter of contacting them. To learn Arabic, there are many courses available in tapes, videos or books. You might find a course in a local university or you could look for a family of immigrants who are willing to teach you their language, and you can teach them yours and make friends with them at the same time.

How can I find out more about the mission ships.
David Borquez

§ Hello David, to learn more and see some pictures of the Operation Mobilization ships, click here and here  YWAM's Mercy Ships are here and here Although these pages are in English, readers might know where to find pages in Spanish.

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What could be worse than being born without sight ?
Being born with sight and no vision.
[Helen Keller]

We must get rid of virtual Christianity.
Calvary was not virtual.
[Reinhardt Bonnke]

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