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DCI Christmas Parties for the Poor 2006
Where the guest of honour comes in His most distressing disguise

He crowns the year with his bounty
and his carts overflow with abundance.

Psalm 65.11

In Uganda George has 600 street people, beggars, disabled, refugees and AIDS victims coming as our Christmas Party guests for a day of music, drama, eating, drinking, presents, preaching and prayer. In Thailand, Gareth is doing an incredible six parties for 1,650 people, the first in the local hospital for the poor, the second is in a secure mental home behind steel bars, and four more will be in unreached slums and villages. In Indonesia Yoppi is going to a 100% village of the majority religion with food and drinks for 600-800 people and taking music, drama, a big PA, a big video screen and a John's gospel for everyone. In Malawi, Moses has 400 poor and sick people, and AIDS victims coming for a day they will never forget. This is Christmas, it may not be what the TV and the shops will tell you, but Christmas is a great time to bless the poor with the gospel and with God's love. Mother Teresa always said quoting Matthew 25.40, that the poor are Jesus coming to us in His most distressing disguise, which makes it very easy to thank Him for His goodness to us.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

§ It is not too late to join with us be sending an offering to help to feed the five thousand and where we are short we are believing that the Lord will multiply the food as He has done before for us. The cost varies from between just $1 and $2 per person for everything.
Click here to send a gift

New church planted right on Iran's border

This is a very fundamentalist area where the Taliban are very strong. This church is in need of Urdu bibles, worship books and prayer support. It is dangerous for them to meet in open or to build a church building there. Please remember these precious believers who are living in this very hard place and persecuted situation. I will be visiting our churches in Baluchistan about now, the political and law situation is not good there right now with the Army operating Al-Qaida terrorists and Taliban groups. This trip is very important because it will open doors of missions in Afghanistan. I hope to take about 5000 Urdu bibles, 1000 song books and literature with me for the believers there.
Dr. Muqaddam Zia, Faisalabad, Pakistan

300 Brazilians wanted to go to the 2008 Olympics

The information is here You can also download free from here my mini-book called Brazil: The Sleeping Giant.
David Botelho, Horizontes América Latina

§ The Sleeping Giant booklet is really brilliant, it takes about 30 minutes to read but the challenge lasts for days. Go get it, it's free.
Les Norman.

It's sad beyond words when leaders implode . . .

Ted Haggard, a prominent Evangelical megachurch pastor in the United States, has had to step down from ministry because he led a double life involving gay sex and drugs. In an in-depth article for Christianity Today Gordon MacDonald reflects on what we should learn from this episode. The article begins, "It is difficult beyond description to watch Ted Haggard's name and face dragged across the TV screen every hour on the news shows. But as my friend, Tony Campolo, said in an interview last week, when we spend our lives seizing the microphone to speak to the world of our opinions and judgments, we should not surprised when the system redirects its spotlight to us, justly or unjustly, in our bad moments. We are still in the process of learning what has actually transpired over the past many months on the secret side of Ted's life. New Life Church has announced that he has been asked to resign and his leadership of the National Association of Evangelicals is over . . .
You must read the full article here
and learn from wise words.

Volunteer team members wanted
to come and work with us . . .

Our website has had over 16 million hits and is growing and our partners around the world are winning souls, training new believers and future leaders for mission, they are blessing widows, orphans, AIDS victims, the sick, the lonely, the young and the old in Jesus' name. We would really welcome retired men and women, the disabled, people who work from home and everyone with the right PC skills, gifts and time to help us. English is essential and another language will be very helpful, especially Spanish. We need an editor to make these pages, we need page designers and page-makers, we need people to answer e-mails and send out subscriptions, we need a treasurer and a secretary in the UK, we need people to start prayer groups for us and people in mission, we need supporters to help our volunteers with finances. But we haven't got any money to pay salaries . . sorry. All for Jesus.
Les and Pilar, the editors
Click here to write to us in English please

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Letters to the editors

Free Food and Clothing in London
The Apostolic Church of God, every Saturday 1 till 4 pm gives free food and clothing for the destitute at the St. Michael & St. George, 1 Commonwealth Avenue, Shepherds Bush, White City Estate, London W12.
Ronald Lake, Pastor.

With or without support 33 men go for the gospel

They are all trained and have selected their unreached virgin villages where gospel is not preached. First thing they have to do is to find a house or place to stay and to do the services. Secondly they will start sharing the gospel and praying for the sick. Thirdly they will start Bible study and house meetings one by one. Fourthly a weekly prayer meeting will be started and soon this will turn into a house church. They will live on just £40 a month and with this they can each plant churches of 30 to 45 members within 3 months and then after a year if we can give a £40 bicycle to these men they will plant one to two churches in nearby villages. That means we can plant 75 churches of 30 members each and by a year 3 of these men will plant 30 more churches each and will have trained up to 3 men in each church to go further.
Pastor Daniel, DCI Partner in Kerala, India

Give me a picture of what is DCI ?

Jon Kristian.

§ OK Jon, take a look at this.

With roots going down into Christ through prayer and faith the tree of life that is the DCI vision starts to grow through evangelism, gets taller through discipleship training, reaches the noble heights of caring for the poor, is covered with the foliage of God's provision and gives fruit for God which contains the seeds of other identical trees of life. That's from Lesson 63 in our Free School of Mission, a prophetic word from many years ago that is coming to pass.
Les Norman

What do people do in Siberia ?
I read books, listen to sermons on tapes and DVD and share Gospel with people. It is hard because I have only one day off when I can go out and visit somebody to share the Gospel. Sometimes miracles happen and people accept Christ sometimes not, but I feel I should continue despite the result. Today I plan to visit an old lady who is a widow and we want to bless her with some finances and bring her a New Testament and my story. We also have three kids from a poor family who come to visit us each Sunday. Their mother left them, they grow with their father who is an alcoholic. We spend time with these kids, cook and eat something together and recently we started to pray and I tell them a story from the Bible before each prayer. They feel thrilled when they say words of prayer and we see that they like it very much.
Artamohina Galina, Omsk, Russia
Translator of these news pages into Russian

Free Ephesians Booklet in Easy English

Free 32-page small-group study booklet on Ephesians. Written in easy-English for the non-Western world. Free to sell copies without restriction, or translate the material.
Soon Ministries, United Kingdom.

O how blessed is the priest痴 life,
Christ to him is all in all,
All his clothing, food and dwelling,
And his portion therewithal.
When in sacrifice he offers
Christ to God as God has willed,
Then as food he doth enjoy Him
And is with His riches filled
Sent in by Tony Attwood,
Carshalton, UK

For everyone who wants to start a new School of Mission . . .

Many people write to me about starting the School of Mission, but only a few actually manage to do it each year and generally they go on to see great success with the help of the Lord. You have seen the Kenya School of Mission page by now, and similar growth is happening in a number of other places too as we return to New Testament simplicity when it comes to discipleship and leadership training. Open the door to the priority of free or low cost training and the Lord will give you a harvest of the lost, the last and the least in your nation and over the borders. The graduates will catch the wind of the Holy Spirit, know the call of God and they will go and do it, and bring pleasure to Jesus and to your heart as they go.
Les Norman.
Click here for the DCI School of Mission - Free

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Letters to the editors

How do I start as an Apostle ?
I have a call as an Apostle, but how do I to start because I am not trained?
Bernard, 29, Bohicon, Benin.

§ My dear brother, Your calling and ambition is very worthy and the way to start is to be the servant of all, and especially go to the lost, the last and least with the love of God and the gospel. Promotion comes from the Lord. You will do well to study our free School of Mission the teaching will help you find your way forward in the Lord.
Les Norman.

First time in Africa for Chileans . .
We池e going to Malawi in January. We値l be with a team from the USA during the first three weeks to learn about children ministry but we値l stay for three further weeks to explore and learn about lifestyles and cost of living. Our long-term objective is to settle there and set up a mission in that lovely country. This is a dream that the Lord has placed in our hearts and which is coming true.
Josef and Naara, 32, Santiago

Church doors open to missions for first time
The enemy has attacked us and that made us go ahead. We want the Lord to find us working. This was the best we could have chosen as a church.
Jose Antonio Fernandez Carballo, 38, Veracruz ,Mexico

How we can bless you?
How you can bless us?

The truth is that we have not stopped since the Congress in Madrid. We are now on a trip through Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, but we have just been in Italy and South Africa, visiting brothers and sisters from Mozambique and Angola. Every day we remember you and miss you a lot, but in some countries e-mailing is not easy and even the telephone lines are not great. We arrived on 12 November in Madrid and went on the 14th to Israel, for a week. We値l be back in Madrid in the first week of December before going to Burkina and neighbouring countries. We are not sure when we値l be going to Peru, but it値l be in January. We love you and keep you all in our hearts. You know we welcome volunteers willing to help us in our mission and social action work in 56 countries and we are willing to bless people if they need us.
Miguel Diez and Maria Carmen Jimenez,
Founders, Remar International, Madrid.


§ These are our friends and parners since 1984 when they started in their own home with a handfuil of people off the streets. Wow ! Just look at it now and the leaders have not changed a bit.
Les and Pilar

How can I train as a missionary in Brazil?

I am 35, married with two children, and would like to see the missionary call be fulfilled in my town. How can I make this dream come true? How can I help beggars in my city? How can I work for a deprived community taking the Word to them, and support for their families?
Maria Antônia Rocha Dias, 35, Três Lagoas-MS, Brasil

To all those who write
about coming to Spain as missionaries

No doubt that there are plenty of opportunities to win souls in Spain, but there are three basic things you need in advance: firstly, a visa; secondly, financial support from your own country or a secular job arranged for you in Spain because it is hard to find paid positions in Christian service in Spain; and finally, a church who will welcome you and give you spiritual cover and leadership. To check about immigration issues, click here and here. Pastor Virgilio Zaballos has written a page here about Coming to Spain as a Missionary. I hope one day we can meet you in Spain, where the South American revival is still nothing but a distant, golden dream. Same all over Europe.
Les Norman.

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I want to see people saved . . .
I would like to be in missions. Who can tell me how to start ?
Raúl Orlando Ochoa Rodríguez, Bogota, Colombia.

5 Day Conference in Cameroon on now !

Room for over 100 pastors, theme is Missions and Leadership and the goal is to train and send people to plant churches and open a DCI mission training school in each state of the country. In March 2007, we have a seminar on Banking for the Poor micro-credit, micro-projects and Community Development.
Rev. Andre Talla, Yaounde.
DCI Partner in Cameroon

David, served the purposes of God in his generation . .

Acts 13.36

What's happened to giving to missions from the UK ?
People everywhere are noticing that it is going downhill at a frightening speed along with attendance in the traditional churches, whereas many of the new and emerging churches have not yet got a serious grip on the Great Commission.

Reasons why giving is decline include:

1. The cost of housing has doubled and tripled in the last ten years and many people are in serious debt, especially with credit cards and loans.

2. Parents have to pay thousands of pounds for their children's final education now and many people are in serious debt.

3. Church building programmes now cost huge amounts even for simple structures.

4. Materialism, meanness, miserly pastors and small, narrow vision of course all play their part.

5. Missions is a forgotten doctrine in many churches.

6. Many of the new churches all do their own missions in-house and support no-one outside their group.

7. Mega-TV ministries, building programmes and Bible Weeks scoop up huge offerings which leave people with little left to give.

8. The Internet has made the mailbox of churches, pastors, believers and people like me accessible to the world. So many e-mails arrive asking for money that eventually the people just turn off. I must delete 100 e-mails for money every week. And of course they have all heard the stories about offerings being used to buy Mercedes and 4X4's while the orphans starve the unreached perish, so people play safe and give to what they can see.

For right or wrong all of these things have changed the climate of missions giving so much in recent years. To everyone who is looking and writing to the UK for help and getting nowhere sorry, we are all waiting for a better day !
Les Norman, the editor

Today's World Christian News

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