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Welcome to the 17th May edition
To see today's edition please click here
To all our readers worldwide who have pushed us 
through the
4,000,000 hits mark - a very big thank you.
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Years of war were no answer

Will men of God and integrity cooperate with me in the evangelisation of Angola which now thirsts for the word of God, after all the years of war.

Pasteur Esdras, Luanda.


What's best for young people?

Can you tell me which of your studies I can download for young people aged 11-20 who like to meet up and have just started walking with the Lord.

Dinhora Castroman, Mar Del Plata

§ Hello Dinhora: I think the Basic Discipleship module, 21 to 30, is ideal for these youngsters. Later on they might like the section on evangelism, 1-10. You will have to adapt the materials for teenagers but that won't be difficult.

Les Norman.

Mixing missions with football !

God is using our group to carry his word through the world of sport. I would like to know more about Africa, hear from missionaries, know the needs and hear about places for volunteers. We plan to take gospel to the world through football, and we are already touching many lives.

Aline Mariano


Burkina Faso

Come and see us for yourself . .

About 20 minutes from the airport we have 3 schools with 550 children, an expanding clinic, a local church and daughter churches, adult literacy classes, a well dug by a British church for us, and our office, discipleship school, tailoring and metal workshops. About 90 miles away you can see our children's recovery and nutrition centre and two schools in a very poor village. We will meet you and do our best to show you the maximum and taste our heat. Les and Pilar, and DCI are long time friends and partners in the ministry.

Philippe Ouedraogo, AEAD, Ouagadougou.



Have you something to preach ?

To 200 evangelists and 14 pastors with no Bible training? We invite you to our church. come and teach us.

Pasteur Hakizimana Athanase, Rhema Church.


Cape Verde Island

Three days of seminars
And a church inauguration, 21-23rd May on the Atlantic Island of West Africa. We need your prayers.

Pastor Linus Chima Obaegbu, Shammah Ministries, Praia


Free Bible School Materials  DCI Banking for the Poor









Jews for Jesus

Some one asked about Jews in South America?  The Jews for Jesus web site (or in French) has lots of useful information.  In France JFJ has grown steadily and it is amazing to see Jewish people finding their Messiah! On 29 April over 1500 invites were sent out to Jewish homes across Paris.

Sam Lee


Healing in a Bombay slum

In one of the tin shanties a woman that had suffered from a plague of oozing lumps on her head for over 20 years, was suddenly healed. Her husband searched her head for signs of them, but they were totally gone, in the twinkling of an eye. Both began crying and praising God for His mercy.  During my 40 day missions trip, I preached about 140 times, either in churches, outdoors or even on roof tops, as in biblical times. Because they saw God's power in operation, people pushed and pulled to get to us, to be prayed for. From the very beginning of our trip, the services were packed. Sometimes, the rooms got so packed that no amount of sandwiching together could get another soul into the service. Then they hung loud-speakers out of the windows, so that the guests waiting outside and in doorways could hear the message too, and this for hours. And none of the Moslem neighbours were upset or outraged by this, on the contrary, they invited us for tea and sweets.

Pastor Johannes W. Matutis, Berlin


Love crossed the world for one man . .

Pastor Reuben of Bangalore has had a stroke, fallen heavily and been unconscious for 2 days. As a nurse and friend from the UK I  felt the Lord telling me that I should immediately go to Bangalore to look after him. When I arrived I could hardly recognise Pastor Reuben,  the doctors had done all they could and said he may not survive, but he has. They now say it's a miracle,although he has brain bleed and the highest blood pressure and cholesterol I have seen in 40 years as a senior nurse. Pastor is a motivated Bible Teacher with a large growing church with outreach to villages. He runs homes for abandoned children who previously survived by competing with dogs, cows, pigs and rats for food.  He is asking that you pray for him to adjust to a second chance from the Lord to do powerful ministry in India.

Carole, Isle of Man, UK

§ John 13:35 is one of the most powerful evangelistic verses and strategies in the Bible. "This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples, when they see the love you have for each other." Carole, in love you crossed the world, God bless you and grant you your heart's desire to see pastor Reuben well and strong again.

Les and Pilar, the editors.


10th anniversary celebration

We have a church with 130 baptized people and 200 comers. For our anniversary in October we are publishing our brothers and sisters testimonies and praying for the right mighty man of God to come and preach for 3 days. E-mail if you know who is gifted to bring God's Word with power and knowledge.

Rev. C V Jagan Mohan, Chandigarh, India


3 campaigns 3 more churches

In 3 villages we had 120 conversions and left 25 people in each village church. We are now in  urgent need of 200 Bibles and support for native missionaries as every crusade will result in planting a church.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala, India.


§ India is a vast land of huge contrasts with 1,000,000,000 people and more unreached people groups than anywhere else.  It only costs around $50 a month to release a fully trained missionary family, a Bible is $2, a church planting outreach is just $250. We at DCI World Christians are helping, join us if you can. Here's how

Les and Pilar, the editors.


Free Bible School Materials  

DCI Banking for the Poor






Middle East

Passion film reaching thousands

Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion of the Christ," is moving many Muslims in the Middle East to tears. Long lines have formed at movie theatres in at least two cities - Amman, Jordan, and Doha, Qatar. Teachers take pupils to watch the movie and parts of the film are also shown on Arabic TV followed by panel discussions with Muslim scholars. Eyewitnesses say that Arab audiences are deeply moved by Christ's suffering. Street vendors are offering pirate copies. A missionary in Qatar said the film is opening up unprecedented opportunities to share the gospel. In two short hours more Qataris heard the gospel than he hase been able to reach in five years of living thereFull story here

Christian World News at CBN



200 people fast 40 days

The whole 200-strong congregation took part and at the end the Lord moved with 18 conversions and 12 baptisms in the Spirit. We also managed to enter Matiguas with the Gospel - a place with really hard hearts.

Abel Melendez, Managua


RD Congo

School of Mission now on TV ?

I opened a training centre for our church with your course but now we are planning to hold it on our TV. Please support us in the prayer for God to help us with this.

Pasteur Makamba Ndonzoao Hosanna, Kinshasa



Media Blitz from Siberia Churches

Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia, has 1.5 million people but very few believers so all the churches have united to launch a media blitz to raise awareness of the Bible, and to attract unbelievers to a local church where they will be invited to a small group Bible study to learn more about Jesus.

Mission Network News


Sierra Leone

God richly bless you  . .

Your bible school materials are helping us greatly in  pastoral training and we have added a link to your web pages from our own website. Don't forget us in your prayers.

Pastor Emmanuel Gibson, Freetown


24x7 Prayer in Alcala, Madrid

Sunday 9th to 14th of May is 24x7 prayer in Alcala and we want to invite you to be part of that. The Catholic's have given us the free use of a 5th Century chapel next door to the room where Columbus met with Queen Isabella to gain her support to sail for the Americas and in doing so opened up a whole new chapter of world history. Join us in the challenge of opening up new chapters of spiritual history through prayer. We will be praying separately and together, interceding, worshipping, meditating, reflecting and especially listening to God.

Alan and Hazel George, Alcala. (0034) 918025786

Who can have a loan ?

I would like to know how your Bank for the Poor credit recipients are selected. I mean, their personal qualities and how you can see beforehand who are going to pay back the loans and who are not; which features of their personalities you focus on; etc.

Olaya Nuche, Linares, Spain


Hola Olaya, Firstly, we only work through pastors and faithful leaders who we know personally in the developing world. They take their decisions on-site on the principle that it is the shepherd who lives with his flock who knows his sheep, that is, his members and neighbours. They look for faithfulness, integrity, responsibility, honesty - it is a person's character that qualifies or disqualifies them. The very poor who have no-one to help them seem to do all they can not to let down those who unconditionally trust them. In fact, we have had very few failures over the years.

Les Norman.

Free Bible School Materials  
DCI Banking for the Poor







The greatest thing just happened . .

I asked some local Shan construction workers for help but they did not turn up. I went looking for them and ended up in a large, very poor Shan slum village only 10 minutes from my office. I did not know that this slum even existed. We serve poor people in many slums but this is a real gem. The first thing that popped into my head in that slum was Jesus. We will start to help about 300 poor people, can you lift me up in prayer to ask Jesus to give me clear direction how to share Christ with them and to open the doors so I will be excepted into this slum.
Gareth Lavell, Chaing Mai



A Voice For The Voiceless

Christian Solidarity Worldwide is a charity working for all those persecuted for their Christian beliefs. Latest news on our website includes: Indonesia - Church attacked, church leader shot; Egypt - Praise for preventing religious violence, calls for justice in outstanding cases; Nigeria - Churches burnt, Christians axed to death in church; Eritrea - Christian families jailed for praying; Burma - Christian children forced to become Buddhist monks; Laos - Christians threatened with death unless they give up their faith. 
Full stories, especially on North Korea at:

We need musicians

We work with young people and we need musicians to form worship bands of different styles, as well as donations of second-hand PCs because we are thinking of setting up an Internet café as an evangelisation point.

Renato Lopes, London


§ Renato, you should contact Computer Aid in London. They will only charge you administration fees and will provide you with a brand new PC.

Les and Pilar, editors.


Where do you want to go ?

Instant BBC guides to history, politics and economics of all countries with audio and video clips.

Click here for the BBC Index



United States
Please, pray for my daughter

Her name is Juanita. She is in prison in California on a drugs charge. She has four daughters and none of them is with her. She has not given up the addiction. My son Jessy also takes marijuana. Please, pray for him as well. God bless you.

Maria Taylor, Akron OH

The Lord brought me here

I have some poor Hispanic students asking to be trained for the Lord. I have checked your 85 free lessons and concluded that they are nothing less than the house of God and the gates of Heaven. I am going to start teaching them in my house rather than at the church.

Daniel Lopez, San Antonio, Texas


§ Hello Daniel: Thank you for your kind and encouraging note and for your friendship. It is a pleasure to serve you, we are here for people just like you and your young students

Les and Pilar.


In the National Beer Festival

The entire city was gathered with many young people drinking heavily and then sleeping on the pavements. It is a challenge for the church, not many people are very keen to go out and win these youngsters for Christ. We formed a group to do plays and mime and we are going to put some evangelistic strategies in practice with them soon.

Mariela Ruiz y Carlos Grismado, Argentina.

Tell me about Algeria . .

Are there any missionaries/ministries working there?

Abigail Tafforelli, Uruguay.


Who are we?   See our work with photos






Come - learn from our history

Wales, where many monuments to our ancient religion's fervour still define our skyline.  Savaged by the effects of time and dwindling congregations, they mark ground taken by faith during a past century of poverty while serving under the wealthy industrialists' whip.  Yet from these our former temples of prayer, not infrequently, there rises a new plea, "O God, turn our buildings into flats." For this is our land where  church growth often consists of little more than the transfer of people between congregations or the energy of a visiting speaker, a movement of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I see myself walking through the streets of Calcutta.  I look up at the imposing buildings, relics of our colonial fervour, and watch while the crumbling stone edifice falls onto the low caste pavement dwellers below.  I shudder, as the similarity with the religious heritage of Wales becomes obvious. I would like to be able to cry aloud with Isaiah's voice to countries like America and Korea where religious decline has begun but where the momentum for the bigger and better still occupies the driving seat.  I would like to cry a warning to China, the awakening giant, as it prepares to step onto the vacated international church growth podium. "Come, visit Wales, enter our sadness. Learn from our history, there has to be a better way."

From a personal prayer for Wales

2004 is the centenary celebration of the Welsh Revival.



Are you anywhere near Kitwe ?

God is Able is our conference theme with Justin Gondwe and others from Zambia and South Africa. Light House Church along Chiwala CR, 25th-29th May 2004.

Justin Gondwe, Lusaka +2696854436


World News Today


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Les and Pilar, the editors



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