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Welcome to the August 17th 2004 edition
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Do all the good you can . . .

By all the means you can, in all the ways you can,

in all the places you can, at all the times you can,

to all the people you can, as long as you ever can.

John Wesley

From The Word for Today Devotional


AIDS . . 

For everyone who writes in asking for advice and help 

Here is a very good page from the BBC in London that explains how HIV is transmitted, when a person can be said to have AIDS and the treatment options open to those with this fatal disease.


See also the AIDS Care Education and Training page for their work in compassionate, unconditional care for all who are affected by HIV, regardless of how they come to be so.  ACET provides life-saving education that respects the historic teachings of the church, encouraging long-term healthy lifestyle choices.

Les and Pilar, the editors




Best value school starts again

Once again the interdenominational school in Hotel Los Olivos is on from 20 September. The first year was a great blessing. This is the most affordable Bible school in Latin America.

Richard Brandan, Coordinator


Christian radio looks for music

We need Christian music from round the world. Send us music and we will broadcast it here.

Juan Carlos



Be a Friend of Africa

Friends of Africa will work with the African nations in leadership, evangelism support and social projects. I would like to get in touch with people all around the world interested in reaching pastors, missionaries and Christians living in Africa.

Pr Marcelo Satiro, Indaiatuba.


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What about the children?

The Lord has moved me to understand the paramount importance of sharing the missionary vision with our children, as theirs are tender hearts, sensitive to the voice of God. There are many adult conferences and seminars about the call of Christ but what about our children? Don't forget that they are the future leaders.

Patricia Poblete, Chile


§ The very best resource to do this is the Window on the World, from Operation World. Daphne Spraggett with Jill Johnstone. The best-selling books You Can Change the World Vols 1+2, written for children and families, have been completely revised with stunning graphics as Window on the World.

Les and Pilar, the editors.



What does a believing country do?

There are so many young people fully trained in all our churches but we do not have enough funds to send them out to the mission field. We are looking for ways to help missionary agencies so that they can send missionaries out to India, Africa and other countries in the Window 10/40. We must unite in prayer to see people in action to evangelise the world.

Carmen Farias, Viña del Mar, Chile


How can I be in missions ?

I am a 24-year-old Civil Engineer with also a degree from the Ministerial Bible Institute of my church. I have taught children, young people and adults in my church since I was 15. I would like to serve in missions. As an engineer, at the same time I could also help in infrastructure development projects in poor neighbourhoods -waterways, primary care units, housing and social projects.

Alexander Rdondo, Sincelejo


§ It has often been prophetically declared that part of the next wave of missionary power will come from missionaries who are also professionals; instead of being pastors, they will integrate into  European societies and live their faith. You are welcome over here !

Les, the editor.



DR Congo

Would you serve God here ?

I have completed my research about Unreached People where I live and find that there are no missionaries to carry the Gospel to the people. If any one feels that he can serve God in my country, I will be glad to provide the information. Peace is back in my country after more than five years of rebellion and wars.

Pastor Mozart Dino Kile.


Europe was an eye-opener!

I am back home after 6 weeks of ministry in Europe, this was an eye opener to me. Now I know I have to pray for Europe more than any other time.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala.


§ I think the last straw that broke the proverbial camel's back was when we took Pastor Daniel into a beautiful city centre church building and to his surprise, inside was a bar, discotheque and night club filled with people, drinking at the pulpit where once Christ was preached until very recently. Europe is no longer the Christian heart of the world and our streets are far from being paved with gold. The truth is that spiritually we are very far from Christ and very far in time from the last revival that God gave. Join Daniel in prayer !

Les and Pilar, the editors.


Please remember us. .

Our outreach is to Eunuchs, Stone-breakers, Street Children, Ragpickers and slum dwellers. we have 34 street children under our care and 8 co-workers are church planting in unreached areas.

Reuben M. Sathiyaraj, Bangalore

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Readers, you are our eyes and ears for what is happening in your country, be our correspondent,
Send in news from your nation


Free Christian book, published 2004


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Ladies and gentlemen . .

We need support from a world of readers so that we can support a very different world of people and projects in mission and social action. No deductions for administration are ever taken. Thank you.
Les and Pilar, the editors and founders.
The DCI Trust, 1987-2004

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Unique photos from the BBC

Join a 14-year-old boy collecting rubbish for his living

Click here for the photo album



Nothing compares to India

We always thought that we in Mexico and Latin America are poor, that we do not have enough funds to evangelise or send our missionaries but nothing compares to India. It is impossible to describe the smell and sights and the saddest thing is that among the many gods they worship, none is our loving God who grants eternal forgiveness. We had the great privilege of worshipping with brothers and sisters from Afghanistan and Iran. They were deeply moved after seeing us and hearing our language. They are all Muslims converted to Christ. Afterwards, we took part in some baptisms at a church in a Hindu community. In Asia, a true conversion means baptism as a complete surrender to Jesus Christ -t hat is why Hindus and Muslims are persecuted afterwards.

Kevin y Alma Ruth, Alejandra, Adriana, Sarai,
David, Edson, Joel - Youth With A Purpose, Mexico.




Middle East

Wonderful move of God in this area

We have been preaching three times a day to Jordanians, Iraqis and Syrians. It was a wonderful time but Iraq needs lots of prayer because the conditions are still bad.

I wish not to be known for lots of reasons.

(Writer well known to us)



Hope born out of tragedy

A landslide has killed 19 people and damaged over 400 houses in Matiguàs and Rìo Blanco. This tragedy has moved us to bring not just food but the also the love of Jesus and His peace to these people. The mud has covered and destroyed all, but Christ will help them to rebuild their lives.

Abel Melèndez, Matiguas



Liberating Nigeria for Jesus

Our national crusades called God’s Hour For Nigeria are on October 12th-18th and November 20th-26th. Please consider sending some gospel materials for the poor, we want to see a mighty revival of the gospel of faith in Nigeria.

Rev. Evbota Idemudia Godstime, Benin City


Who will go ?  We will !

I will like to know if there is any missions minded believers anywhere in the world who would like to help young and upcoming missionaries.

Tony Onyeama, Nigeria


§ I know that Nigeria is the source of most frauds and scams on the Internet but it also the home of millions of good believers who with a little encouragement can be the next wave of world mission power. Take care but why not take a risk to contact these young men and see if they can prove their faith and identity.  Our policy here is always relationship before sponsorship.

Les, the editor.


Who are we ?  Photos










Three Christians killed

Samuel Masih, accused of blasphemy, was killed by a policeman while he was in hospital suffering from tuberculosis, Javed Anjum was severely tortured by Mullahs and died, and preacher George Masih was also killed. In addition, Christians in Quetta, received threatening letters and one pastor was kidnapped and tortured, though he later escaped. In addition, several Christian women have been raped. Since 1986, at least 79 Christians have faced blasphemy charges. At least 10 are currently awaiting trial.

Ben Rogers, CSW Advocacy Officer, South Asia

Send it by


Be my Sales Rep in Europe

I am working in the International Trade and looking for someone who would like to sell coffee in the UK and in Europe. We also have trout, good quality shirts, anchovies and agricultural products.

Gustavo Velarde, Lima.


§ Our pastor-colleagues in Peru know Gustavo and speak well of him and his faith. We feel that you can write to him with confidence. 

Les and Pilar, the editors.




Missionaries come and join us

We are looking for missionaries in need of spiritual support and who would like to join us and be part of our ministry and our goal to plant new churches in Africa, Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Julio Barros, Comunidade Mundial, Ministérios Rocha Viva



Architect available for work

Architect with 25 years of experience, member of Orthodox Church can do architectural projects by computer and the Internet. I am 47 years old with three children.

Sergey Abrosimov, Novosibirsk



Madrid's Carlos Anacondia meetings

It was a special and remarkable event, as we inaugurated a prayer mountain in Gurugú for pastors to meet and by prayer demolish the spiritual stronghold that guards gates of Madrid. We are sure that the Congress will have many spiritual repercussions and bear abundant fruit. Carlos Anacondia undoubtedly has more authority over demons than anyone I have ever met worldwide.  We have all been very pleased to have this man of God here, and found him to be humble, unpretentious, free from materialism and filled with compassion for the souls, all of which is seldom found in one person.

Miguel Diez, Remar International, Madrid


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Faith will win the day in Africa

We shall continue with the struggle of faith until that day when we shall no longer be like African witch doctors who always tell people that they have medicine for barren women yet they do not even have children themselves. They sell local medicine for riches yet they themselves often seem the most  miserable and poorest of the community. Keep standing with us so that we can prove God goodness and blessing to our people.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira

Photos from Lira


§ George is going over the border into the Sudan in early August, to a town not that far from those appalling scenes of Darfur which we are all seeing on the TV this month. This unenviable bone jarring journey will take days. The plan is material and spiritual micro-transformation of a village through starting a Goat Bank with an initial 40 goats to loan out. The goats give milk, they multiply and kids are passed on to the next family. George will also take 40 hoes, thousands of seeds and two tree saws as well. Fifty-two beleaguered new believers are waiting for a Free Bible School, so notes, exercise books and pens are in this £600 package from the friends of DCI World Christians. 

Les and Pilar, the editors.
More information



United Kingdom

Is Islam Oxford's fastest growing faith?

I attended a service at a well known church and there were only 40 people altogether, including children. It was heartbreaking. The Vicar said that Islam is the fastest growing faith in Oxford: there are around 7,000 Muslims in Oxford and it seems that they all go to their Mosques. At another famous church I was told that 50 people usually attend but over 1,000 tourists visit each weekend. The splendid building has become a tourist attraction, a museum, but is ceasing to be a place of worship. My heart was saddened. If 1,000 people visit the church every weekend it is only a matter of reaching out to them out at least with a one-page leaflet about our faith in Jesus. They should hang signs on the walls with relevant verses from the Bible. I sent an email to both churches with this idea.

Visitor to Oxford from Argentina.

United States
Haiti just opened my eyes . .

The needs in Haiti are many, but the Gospel is marching on. In Jeremi, where there are some Christians there is a terrible drought. Even a glass of water is a luxury item. The region is also full of voodoo. God has called me to Haiti and my heart burns with desire to go. I am asking God to show me what to do. My idea is to sell my house and buy a plot of land in Haiti. As a foreigner, I need to know where to register as an evangelical missionary also doing humanitarian and social work for the people.

Enrique Poello, Las Vegas EE.UU.


Web Evangelism Guide

Tools for the Christian Web Designer

The Web Evangelism Guide has developed X-Spectrum - a new way of assessing the level of appropriate contextualization of a website, or any other outreach medium A related page aims to get inside the head of 'Jay', an imaginary but typical non-Christian:

Tony Whittaker, United Kingdom





The last word  . .
Put on the apron of humility,

to serve one another (1 Peter 5:5 TEV)

Real servants keep a low profile because self-promotion and servanthood don't mix. They don't serve for the approval of others, they live for an audience of one. Paul said, "If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ" (Galatians 1:10 NIV). You won't find many real servants in the limelight. Actually, they usually avoid it when possible, quietly serving in the shadows. Many people start off as servants but end up as celebrities. They become addicted to attention, unaware that always being in the spotlight can blind you. If you're serving in obscurity, feeling unknown and unappreciated, remember, God put you there for a purpose! So stay put until He chooses to move you. Your present ministry matters to Him!


There are 750 Halls of Fame and 450 Who's Who publications but you won't find many real servants there. They know the difference between prominence and significance. You've several prominent features on your body you could live without. But it's the hidden parts such as your heart, kidneys and lungs that are indispensable. The same is true of Christ's body; the most significant service is often unseen.


In heaven God is going to openly reward people we've never heard of on earth; people who taught emotionally disturbed children, cleaned up after incontinent elderly, nursed AIDS patients or served in a thousand unnoticed ways. Listen: '"Throw yourselves into the work of the Master, confident that nothing you do for Him is a waste of time or effort"  (1 Corinthians 15:58 TM).

Bob Gass, The Word for Today from UCB Radio


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