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Obedience hurts two young people . . .
God has granted us the chance to start the legalities so that we, two young believers, can train to go and reach the unreached for the first time in the history of our Cuban church. We are committed to taking on this level of responsibility so we have had to make many adjustments to our lives and do without many basic things to pay for our training because the economy here in Cuba is closed and does not relate to the rest of the world. We have already started saving and we even sold our wedding rings, as it was one way to get some money. At first that hurt us a little, as we married only two years ago, but when we thought about how much our lives can be blessed, how many broken families can be reunited by the gospel, we decided we were not only ready to do without the rings but to offer up our whole lives so that God may use them.
Andy and Yanelis, Cuba

§ Well readers, they have sold their wedding rings and it gets them about 1% of what they need for a missions school in Mexico at $100 a month. Are we going to help them and get some of the first Cubans out of Cuba and into mission? What do you say? Get in touch with them or us.
Les y Pilar
To send an offering


Next Sunday: National Prayer for Europe
We invite all churches to take part in the National Day of Prayer for Europe, on Sunday 4th of November, 2005. Make it a special day of prayer in your congregation.
Willians Cabral, 38, Itaboraí, Rio De Janeiro

§ Willians, for those of us in spiritually beleaguered Europe this is music to our ears. Thank you.
Les and Pilar.

Now I know it – it is Pakistan !
Now I know that the calling the Lord has for me. It is to go and preach His word in Pakistan. I will go.
Paul A. Schroder, 17, Quilpue.

Do you work in missions in Brazil?
I would like to contact missionaries in Brazil and to know about their projects and get involved in them.
Pastor Iván Reyes Alarcón, 40, Villarrica.

Don't miss this beautiful book . . .

Are you sitting comfortably? Then don’t read this book! You will begin with pleasure but finish in pain. It is poetic. This Welshman is a master of the English language. The descriptive style is brilliantly written, a delight to the mind. China comes alive in a vivid way. Rowland takes you with him on his travels. But the literary sweetness disguises strong medicine...
David Pawson
In the Foreword to 45 Minutes in China

§ We know Rowland Evans very well and years ago we sat at his feet to learn about passion for prayer and missions. In this most remarkable book which will take you 45 minutes to read you will go where men and maybe even angels fear to tread. You will see through Rowland's eyes and hear through his ears and heart, as if you were there yourself. E-mail Kathy Coupe at Nations, mention our name and Kathy will send you a copy at the special price of £4.00. Please don’t ask for a free copy, China needs your £4 more than you do. Don't miss this, even if you have never thought about China.
Les and Pilar.

Our 750 millions are world's least evangelised people
Some mission groups state that some European countries have less than one evangelical per thousand. I have lived in the United Kingdom all my life and can tell you that Christendom is well and truly over. We need earnest prayer and workers in this vast harvest. Like the European in Paul's vision, we plead "Will you come over and help us?" There is a great need for teams, full of faith and the Holy Spirit to work in the harvest of this great continent. The infant organic church movement needs help to establish church planting movements. We have, according to Luke 10, a vision to see 36 teams of two or more, share the love of Christ to establish 36 new churches in 2006. Will You pray? Will you consider sending a team to help us?
Peter Worthington

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Witch on my website
Recently I have been exchanging e-mails with a young Wiccan, a modern witch who found my Joel News website. Since she was a child she had been interested in fairytales, herbs and healing minerals. When she was about eleven she decided to become a witch. She borrowed paganist literature from the public library and gained knowledge of tarot, spells and rituals. I asked her: "What does your goddess give you that Christianity cannot give you?" Her answer boils down to: "My goddess confirms me in my identity, my value and my capacities as a woman. Besides, Wicca helps me discover my spirituality and develop my talents." Those were things she hadn't found in the church or with Christians. A friend of mine once said: "There is more revival outside the church than inside." The big question is whether we as Christians want to be part of the revival that is going on outside the church." He was thinking of the growing wave of spirituality and openness to the supernatural, especially among young people. This is the reason why Wicca is a quickly growing cult for young women looking for their identity. And it's not only eccentric and gothic girls that call themselves witches, or feminists or vegans. It goes much deeper. The interest in fantasy and symbolism is increasing. It is no coincidence that Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are attracting millions. Esoteric and spiritual festivals are part of many people's search for the meaning of life. Look around you: there is a spiritual revival going on outside the church. How can you, as a follower of Jesus Christ, participate in this wave of spirituality in such a way that seekers find the real Source of Life?
Marc van der Woude, Joel News, Utrecht.

Dentists with a mission
Since October 2005, our church has appointed Dr Josue Hernandez, who along with his wife, Marilesa de Hernadez, are dentists who have spent their whole professional lives to win souls for Christ. Each patient hears about Christ and Josue and his wife are planning to go out to the mission field along with nurses and young people from their church on medical-dental missions. Please, help us to pray so that God may provide us with all the necessary medicines and the rest.
Pastor Julio Cesar Hernandez Flores, San Pedro Sula.

Pastor died . . . and didn't go to heaven !
On a visit to La Paz I met a Pastor Alex Lanza who gave his testimony of how in open heart surgery, he died and was raised from death. He had 3 heart attacks and one stroke and died and was resurrected 3 times. He was sharing that the first time he felt he was dying he suffered a lot and tried to call the nurse but he was paralysed. Suddenly he saw demons all around him who started tormenting him, he felt the presence of death, and it was as if time stopped. He was terrified and asked himself why demons were taking him if he was a pastor. He couldn't understand why his soul was suffering if he was a believer and why he was going to hell. He says he asked God for forgiveness and as he did a light appeared in the hospital room and all the demons screamed and left as the presence of God flooded the room. He asked God why he as a born-again believer was suffering in this experience. The Lord said to him because He wanted him to experience the horror and torments a soul suffers before leaving this world without Christ. He was crying as he gave his testimony because he now understands that the people are souls with a real eternal destiny. As believers we must love people even if they are homosexuals, murderers, witches, prostitutes, thieves, adulterers and help them to receive Jesus before they die. Pastor Alex is now travelling and speaking with an urgency in his heart to spread the good news that there is salvation in Christ for everyone.
Pastor Ana Aviles, San Pedro Sula.

Zero to forty new believers in three months
The work started 3 months ago in Periapothu village with a bible study for 5 people which grew into 40 people in different homes as they had no place to meet together. Finally they rented a space and built a hall with bamboo and coconut leaves. Today we dedicated that prayer hut with 70 people who attended. Four families accepted Jesus and a visiting pastor from the USA was surprised to see the hunger and thirst of the people. When an altar call was given whole groups came forward. By the end of 2006 we are expecting 100 believers and by 2010 we target for 500. This is the only church within 5 villages.
Pastor Daniel

Christian girls shot in the head
Persecution in Indonesia continues The attack near a pentecostal church in Poso, Central Sulawesi follows on young Christian girls Indonesia. It is reported that two armed men shot the girls point blank in the head with pistols. Both are in coma and in critical condition. There have been reports that the perpetrators of the beheadings are in custody but have not been formally charged. This attack comes on the heels of 40 or more attacks against the Christian community, including shootings, killings, and major bombings. There have not been any convictions or arrests in any of these attacks.”
ASSIST News Service, CA 92609-0609 USA
Full story here

French-speaking Christian musicians wanted
The French-speaking annual gathering of Christian singers and musicians will be in Jerusalem from June 25 to July 2, 2006. We welcome instrumentalists and singers to join the international group which will be meet in Paris and then stay in Israel at the House Of Jerusalem.
Miss Sabine Diaz, Christian Symphony Orchestra

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Heavily hit by hunger
Over four million people are struggling to get food and need prayer support and food. The churches are facing such a challenge to teach people with empty stomach each Sundays. When you support Malawi you are doing what Jesus said, "I was hungry and you fed me." People in some districts have started eating some roots of plants and termites.
George Mkandawire, Lilongwe

§ More about this famine from UNICEF and Malawi appeal gets 'not a penny' from the BBC

Thousands of $ for you . . .
At last – meet the people with the money . . .
Your money that is if you fell into one of their many traps. Did you ever wonder who it was that kept sending you all those offers of thousands of dollars, who told you that you won the lottery, who offered you a date with a beautiful girl or all the other hundreds of tempting scams that have robbed people of money the world over. Well, surprise, surprise here they are - giving an interview. And by the way lest their friendly faces and sob stories capture your heart as I have said on these pages maybe a hundred times, don't ever reply to them.
Les Norman

1500 militants attack Christian town
Two Churches have been smashed, four Christian schools have been destroyed, many homes are destroyed. The military and police are in the town at the moment and 10,000 people have left their homes. Nobody can enter the town or received any phone call and the government has banned the media. Many young people are in custody and being investigated with beatings but no death causalities and injures are reported at the moment. Please pray for them that they can come out of this situation and God helps them to remain in faithful in this disaster.
Pastor Rauf Swan, Punjab.

§ Full story here from The Christian Post, USA and from the Guardian in the UK: “Nuns, teachers and 23 terrified schoolgirls crammed into a small upstairs room of the besieged convent as more than 1,500 men, incensed by rumours of Qur'an desecration, swarmed outside. They watched from the roof as they smashed the altar of the parish church, tore up copies of the Bible and shattered the stained-glass windows. They sprayed fuel over the house and a girls' school next door. Minutes later flames were licking the walls and black smoke filled the sky. Full story here

From Huaycan to the nations
By the grace of God, since 1991 our mission with the Holy Spirit has been training Latin American missionaries for the nations. This ministry started in the Ayacucho rainforest and now, from the humble town of Huaycan, we pray, so that all the nations may hear the word of God.
Armando Pedro Mandujano Rojas, 46, Lima.

§ If you live in the developed world you would not believe how poor this town and this area really is, and how amazing it is that God would raise up a world mission in such a place where people can hardly take care of themselves. Pray for them and many others like them whose lives shine with the brilliance of the love of God.
Les and Pilar.

On-site training in the Amazon
We invite churches, missions, ministries and people to support our training of pastors and leaders in the Peruvian Amazon. William Sifuentes, 48, Nauta-Loreto.
Amazon Leadership and Training Centre

Jesus needs you and so do we . .
We are continuing with the vision that God put into our hearts to plant 500 churches on African soil. We offer spiritual cover to ministers and groups that have no pastor and we need men and women with a missions vision to come and join us. Put your gift into Kingdom service, Jesus needs you and so do we.
José Júlio Sousa Barros, 42, Lisbon

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Come and work with me . .
I am a Tanzanian pastor and welcome people in mission from around the world to come and work with me here.
Edson Mwombeki, 37, Shinyanga

Boy, 6, chained all his life by father
This little boy was such a great burden to him that he just beat him, chained him up and locked him in a metal dog cage in the house for nearly all his six years. The boy is certainly suffering with physical, mental and emotional health problems and demonic possession. We are helping him with medical assistance and got him special treatment for mental health issues and we are praying for him daily to break him free from his demonic possession. The little lads name is Nattapun. Please ask all your friends to pray daily for this poor little lad. I and Nattaporn would appreciate this more than words. Together we have to break this boy free from his chains and free from his pain of demonic possession, mental illness and abuse. Ask the Lord to heal him completely and not only him but his entire family.
Gareth Lavell, Rejoice Charity, Chaing Mai.

Taking children out of prostitution
We take the word of God to the children, because underage prostitution has reached unheard of levels, and they do not know the word of God.
Pastor Juan Carlos Laurino, 51, Paysandú.

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Tell me if you know . . . ?
We will try to answer first, subscribers can join in . .

Where can I get free Christian Music for my mp3 player ?

§ There is an unlimited supply here at Cross Rhythms as Podcasts which you download via I-Tunes or Windows Media Player, then transfer over to your mp3 player. Plenty more under Podcasts at Google and there's normal mp3s to download free at and at Vineyard Music

How can I find an free or cheap Internet connection when I am travelling?

§ Go to this website Freedom List all the ISP's are there, country by country, many are free or Pay As You Go.

Why are some people not living a life the way Christ taught us ?
Painter Ifeanyi, Dakar, Senegal

§ Dear Painter Ifeanyi, There are many reasons why men and women do not live the way Christ taught us. For the unbelievers and for nominal Christians John 3:19 gives one very clear reason. In other cases the parable of the sower and the seeds from Luke 8 explains a lot, and even for strong, mature believers there is a struggle to do what our hearts know is right. Read the apostle Paul's own struggle at the end of Romans 7. For many people, even those in churches the simple answer is that they do not want to live according to the words of Christ, they want to go their own way or the way of others. Let's be kind because everybody who believes is on a journey from ignorance to maturity so let us be patient and forgiving with people who fail and fall on the way, and continue to think the best and hope the best and pray the best for them. Above all let us always be asking ourselves, "Am I living my life according to the words of Christ or do I need to make some changes with what I think, what I say and what I do both in public and in private, with the help of the Holy Spirit?" John 21.21 always challenges me when I feel critical of somebody. It goes like this, "Peter asked Jesus, "Master, what about him?" Jesus said, What's that to you? You must follow me." Stay faithful Painter, forgive and forget all that you see happening around you which does not agree with the words of Christ, and do your best to always follow Him.

Where can I get some good advice about getting out my debts, not just more and bigger loans ?

§ This is one of the best places to go: They won't offer you any more loans, just tons of impartial, caring advice. For anyone preparing sermons or lessons on the debt issues there is a lot of news and statistics. (In English only)

I would like information about mission work in Egypt. Thank you.
Olga, Lutsk, Ukraine.

§ Hi Olga, Try the following websites: New Life Egypt I know these people personally. Living With JesusWorld Horizons -contact their Middle East team. Frontiers know the Middle East as well as anyone. Arab World Ministries has vast experience.

Today's World Christian News

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