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Editors: Les Norman, (England); José Luis Iparraguirre D'Elia (Argentina)
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About the special Kenya and Uganda edition
To read the page click here

§ Years ago my flight landed between an Angola Army and UNITA shootout, exactly the night when a cease fire deal was finished. One week of fear was enough for me but I still think about those mutilated children and the people seeking for food in the piles of garbage. I think you faced some similar images in the refugee camps. I understand when you say that nothing can be the same as before; those images are recorded in my soul forever.
Edye Izaias, Sao Paulo.

§ I can still recall some of the horrors which I witnessed among refugees in Kenya in 1992/3. Although it was just a short time that I stayed with them then, the memory comes back to my mind. My heart ached then because there seemed to be no end no matter how much I tried to help them out. Some of their horrible situations were simply beyond my imagination yet some of the believers among them truly blessed my heart and faith. Believe me, these memories are still in my heart.
Paul Lee, Nairobi.

§ We have 3 groups of refugees in Chad, from Central Africa and Sudan. But we have men of God in Africa who travel to Europe and America for holidays, buying mansions in great cities when $100 can give someone a small business that could feed a whole family and send children to school. I pray the Lord touches the heart of donors so that these men and women you met in Uganda should have food to eat, they just want to survive.
Rev. Dr Talla Andre, Yaounde, Cameroon

§ You have had a glimpse of the real Africa where families of 10 live on less than a dollar a day but this never hinder our leaders from buying houses in Europe and today church ministers have started doing the same. They prefer to plant churches in town because of tithes and offerings. My prayer is that Tony Blair and George Bush should one day follow you on your trip to see, touch and smell Africa. The Africa they see in the palace of the president is the wrong image.
Pastor Daniel, Nigeria.

§ Thank you so much for showing me the other side of the fence. I am re-writing my will. Thank you Deborah for your words not to hoard for ourselves.
Name removed as a courtesy, Nottingham, UK

§ Dear Les, How do you cope with poverty ? I am going to Tanzania for 7 weeks to teach French and to feed the street children with food and with the word of God. I know that I will be confronted with a lot of poverty, how will I cope with it! How did you cope in Kenya and Uganda ? I was in tears reading your report and translating it for the French pages, many times I felt I couldn’t carry on. I felt like I could feel their pain. What is it going to be like when I go over there!
Delphine Birch, DCI partner, Langley, UK

Hi Delphine, I think that you will be OK when you are in Tanzania, it is when you get home that the comparisons start and the Lord begins to challenge our lives and lifestyles. The sights and sounds of Africa affect people in amazingly different ways. I have taken men to Africa who have enjoyed the trip immensely but seemed totally unmoved by the experience and no change or commitment ever came about. On the other hand I have taken men who have been so moved by the plight of African men and women that they have done all they can to send relief and help, and done so for a lifetime. One Spanish pastor who came with me to Burkina Faso now has missions in every country in West Africa and in Angola, South Africa and Mozambique as well, and raises money to send huge shipping containers of clothes, food and tools to each country in turn, once a year. Who know how the Lord will touch your heart, but there is no need to be afraid. You will enjoy your trip, God's people in Africa will make sure of that. Keep me in touch with what happens before and after - OK ?

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Great grand-daughter of Mapuches
I have always longed to live among them in Medanos and tell them about Jesus, the only true God. My husband is already in His presence and my four children are married with a son each. Although I am elderly I have still a lot to give.
Marta Graciela Cruz, 59, Ituzaingo.

Asking forgiveness for bloodshed
A reconciliation meeting between Spain and Potosi will be held on 31 March. Representatives from the Spanish government will ask for pardon for all the blood that was shed in exploiting the silver mines in colonial times. Pray that God may pour down a special blessing in this spiritually very important event.
Eloy Mollo, 47, Santa Cruz - Bolivia

New School of Mission in Pouso Alegre.

This is the beginning of a missions movement across our region. Free places for everyone from Brazil and Latin America. Held in Portuguese
Silvana Mara Silva, 36, Pouso Alegre - Brasil

§The Free DCI School of Mission in English is here

Pastor imprisoned for leading home worship
Pastor Georgi Vyazovsky received 10 days in prison for conducting worship in his own home. "We expected that my father would be found guilty," the pastor's son said, "but what we did not expect at all is this punishment." Belarus bans all but occasional worship in homes. Belarussian courts have jailed more than 150 opposition protesters following demonstrations against the president's landslide election victory. And Christian lawyer Sergey Shavtsev, who organized a church leaders conference that the government labelled a 'political event' faces the prospect of criminal charges and a possible 2 year imprisonment. Christian leaders are experiencing imprisonment and harassment under charges of illegal services. Unregistered house meetings are now being treated as criminal. Congregations are being denied meeting places and face crippling fines when they do meet. This is the worst religious liberty Europe.
Geraldine Fagan, Forum 18 News Service

Eight of my friends from church are in prison now. They were taken there this night, we can't find them, we can't get to the trial, we can't give them anything to eat even if we knew where they are. One of my friends was sacked because he was an independent observer during the elections. Please keep on praying for us!
Our own DCI representative, Minsk, Belarus.

Daniel prayed even though it was against the king’s decree. He knew it was dangerous to do so, but he also knew that prayer was of vital importance. How strange really. To pray could have cost him his life but to not pray would have diminished him spiritually. The choice was simple. For him, his relationship with God was far more important than his life situation. Prayer gives strength and opens doors. If it doesn’t always open the prison doors, it opens the hearts of the people who are held in there. What a strong weapon is prayer. [Gerhard Hamm]
From Open Doors

 Burkina Faso
Never think that Africa is beyond Christ's help . . .
From having nothing in the 80's we now have 890 children in our schools and by faith we are taking more land further north among largely muslim communities to develop christian education. We are running 50 adult literacy programmes. We have been requested to open a Medical Centre by our goverment. With Tearfund we are helping families with food shortage to have access to oxen and ploughs, with sheep for women. With DCI we are developing a big banana farm to give work to people and produce money. We are building four new churches in villages on the cutting edge of Islam. But for the main church we do need a PA system with 16 channel mixing table, 2000W amplifier, 4x800W speakers, a Peavy guitar and a piano amplifier if anyone can help us please.
Pasteur Philippe Ouedraogo, Ouagadougo.

Can recommend a good UK School of Medicine?
Dr. Andre Talla, Yaounde.

§ Dear Andre, I don't think we have any Christian medical colleges in the UK. The only Christian hospital I know is Mildmay but try the Christian Medical Fellowship who know everything and everybody medical and have a list of all the medical schools on their website.

Who needs a Bible in Braille?
I have several books of the Bible in Braile, in English, for anyone who might need them.
Andrés, Santiago de Chile.

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Spreading the missionary vision
For over 6 years, my husband and I have been travelling from Cuba to Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, USA and Argentina to share the missions vision. Our own Cuba missions conference was very good, overflowing with God’s blessing, the church was packed from morning to late into the night.
Pastora Rebeca Martínez, Cuba.

New School of Missions… come along
I have started to teach the Free DCI School of Mission to 20 people from different churches. This has been a time of blessing because we have raised a vision for the unreached of the world, each student was able to understand that they are part of God’s dream to take the Gospel to all the nations on earth.
Andy Rodriguez, Guines, Cuba

 Democratic Republic of Congo
Bible class with Indonesian peacekeepers
God has opened a door for us to start bible classes among the UN peacekeeping troops in Bunia. I led a team of 4 in the opening session with 9 soldiers mainly from Indonesia and Bengladesh. They followed the Bible and asked many questions.
Enosh Anguandia, 40, Bunia.

For me it was marvellous . . .
Only God’s mercy gave me the chance to keep on living. I thought that I had no way out from my sins, but the marvellous thing was that I have received the forgiveness of God and now I receive blessing after blessing, day after day.
Paola, 35, Guayaquil.

Do you find English difficult?
Go to Easy English Click on What's New? and you will find exciting stories from the book of Genesis in very short sentences designed for anyone who is struggling to learn English.
Hazel Bradshaw, 75, Cheltenham, UK

Send me ideas to raise funds . . .
I am working with children and teenagers aged from 6 to 14 in deprived areas and there is a great need education. I need some ideas about how to put a project together that people can support.
Ronaldo de León, 32, Guatemala.

§ Ronaldo, here’s our special page for this subject

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 In India
The clouds are gathering . . .
Challenges and persecutions but the church is growing. Last Sunday we had 7 new commitments, on Wednesday we had 14 baptisms which makes in one year 92 baptisms in one village church. More are coming to hear the word, the missionaries have 7 prayer groups in 7 villages each with 40 to 45 people.
Daniel Varghese Kizhakkevila, Kerala.

It seems as if the radical Hindus have all but declared war on Christians. Two of our missionaries in Haryana were attacked as they were showing the film 'Jesus' to 200 villagers. Young Hindu militants attacked the missionaries. Some of those watching the film tried to rescue the believers, but they, too, were cruelly beaten. The police came and left as about 1,000 radicals surrounded the house, shouting and threatening but miraculously, God intervened and the owner prevented them from entering his property.
Yours for the lost of Asia, K.P. Yohannan.
Gospel for Asia

Mob of 100 with iron rods surrounded our church. They were in a bad mood and for 3 hours they demanded that all the believers should renounce their faith in Jesus. None of the 100 believers inside the mud walled church building responded and for a moment it appeared that they were going to burn the church. There is no police station here and we all went down on our knees praying to our Living God for deliverance. The Lord answered our prayers and slowly the mob went away. At the Kumbh Mela Convention, 500,000 Hindus committed themselves to reconvert Christians.
Pastor JJ, Central India.

Can anyone send me Bible lessons for children?
Priscilla Macharia, 53,

§ Dear Priscilla, I was in Kenya last week and know there is a book famine. If you can do a search for Suday School lessons on Google and you will find many to download free and print. I hope that many subscribers will e-mail and ask for your address.
Les Norman.

Baptisms in heart of terrorist HQ
Last week my father went to a very remote place to baptise people there. The area is a terrorist headquarters and the Maoists came to harm my father but praise the Lord they just threatned him and left him.
Prabhat, 23, Kathmandu-Nepal.

Leadership Training with 198 pastors and leaders.
The topic was House Churches Growth and for three days we enjoyed a great, Spirit filled fellowship. Now it is a time to take steps in faith to win Pakistan for Jesus. We still need all the help we can get for the earthquake victims - please.
Pastor Muqaddam Zia, PO Box - 663, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Does anyone have a boat engine?
The Amazon runs throughout Peru from South to North and is fed by hundreds of rivers and gorges where thousands of people in need of the gospel live. We are building a training base for pastors and leaders who will go to the heart of the Amazonian rainforest by the only means of travel: the rivers. Does anyone have any outboard motors that we may use to take the mission school-boat to the unreached people?
William Sifuentes Lezama, 48, Nauta-Perú

My life belongs to God
I am a young person who has studied for 4 years. I want to go on mission to non-Christian countries. My life belongs to God and the least I can do is to give it away in sacrifice.
David, 25, Trujillo-Perú

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Police crack down on noisy churches !
The BBC report that prasing the Lord too loudly has caused the police to raid and to confiscate instruments from 11 congregations.

 Sierra Leone
School of Missions and Church Planting
We are an indigenous Christian organisation and have planted 7 branches and 3 schools as we work with the unreached and underprivileged in the rural areas. Sierra Leone is a muslim dominated country with about 70% Muslims and 11.72% Christians.  Free DCI School of Mission
Rev. Tamba Eric M'bayo, 41, Freetown

God moves among the Masai
Tanzania is home to thousands of people tall, slender and athletic Masai an ancient warrior tribe. Once resistant to the Gospel the Masai are now witnessing a revival and abandoning some of their old religious practices and traditions like polygamy, promiscuity, adultery, witchcraft and female circumcision. Christian help to overcome HIV/AIDS has been one reason. Source: CBN News
From Joel News, Netherlands.

The harvest is plentiful but the throat is sore !
On Sunday four Thai Hilltribe churches came together to set up a concert to reach out to hundreds of thousands of Western tourists and Thai non believers right in the heart of the busiest shopping areas in Chiang Mai. I must have given out at least 10,000 Christian tracts in about three hours, it was awesome. Then the next morning I was not able to speak a word, my throat is sore.This is almost certainly a spiritual attack on our potential to reach massive numbers of non-believers and show them the right path to eternal life with Christ Jesus.
Gareth, Chaing Mai.

 United Kingdom
Eight full scholarships available
Study Mission as Transformation, Theories and Strategies of Development, 22nd May 2006 to 23rd June at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford, UK. The tuition cost is £1000, Masters degree Level. Apply by April 15th 2006.

We want to eradicate starvation in Paysandu
We are working in slums where children are suffering from starvation and they are forced to be prostitutes to get food or drugs, or to carry out inhumane tasks. Please see our web page You will find a link titled “Street Children” (Niños de la Calle).
Pastor Juan Carlos Laurino, 51, Paysandú.

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