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More time for our students and leaders . . .
Here is a new support page for students, graduates and leaders of the
Schools of Mission and Banking for the Poor projects,and it might interest
everyone in leadership as well.
Click here for More Time

My music and your poems for Jesus
I have one mission in life which is to serve the Lord as a channel. I am a singer and musician and I found Pilar’s beautiful poems, the co-founder of these pages. With her and her husband’s permission, I am putting music to the poems and my vision is to launch a special CD to take these words from God out into the world. Music opens doors.
Pablo Zarza, 36, Córdoba, Unquillo

§ Pablo is a well-known singer and musician in Argentina. He already has CD’s in the shops and is used to singing before large audiences. Pilar’s poems are also very popular, in a tytpical month about 1,500 people downloaded the two free books of Christian poems from this web site. It would be marvellous that this poetry could be put to music by Pablo Zarza. So if you or your church would like to help to produce this CD please contact Pablo by e-mail He would be delighted to receive a message of support.
Les and Pilar.

People from 198 nations join in prayer
Over 200 million believers from 198 nations took part in the Global Day of Prayer, held on Pentecost Sunday 4 June. Thousands of prayer meetings took place throughout the Americas from Canada to Chile but it was Africa and Asia that led the way with an estimated 40 million Africans praying in 53 countries. Believers in Taiwan asked God to bless not only their nation, but mainland China as well and they cried out for unity among all Chinese believers so they can fulfill their dream of preaching the Gospel throughout Asia and all the way back to Jerusalem. The biggest prayer meeting ever continues with '90 days of Blessing' where churches will begin doing good works in their communities, and putting feet to their faith. Source: CBN, MNN, GDOP Video-CD
From Joel News

Started a School for Missions in Burundi.
The lessons are taught in my house to 12 people and it works well, we study twice a week. After the lesson, we share a meal together that we have all brought and we have a nice time of fellowship. May God make our School flourish.
Félix Niyongabo

§Click here for the DCI Free Schools of Mission

Free Book and Magazine and a job on offer . . .
Have you seen their latest WEA Missions Commission magazine, we will be happy to send you a copy. True Grit by Debbie Meroff is one of the most important books we have ever become involved in distributing. It is a book about women and what they are suffering around the globe. We want to see a million copies of this book flooded out across the world in 15 – 20 languages and welcome your gifts to do this. Where should we send your sample? We urgently need a gifted servant/administrator to help at the office in Forest Hill, London.
George Verwer, Missions Mobilisation Network

Free Mp3 Downloads in 3190 Languages
Global Recordings Network has 4326 evangelistic audio programs in 3190 languages and dialects on their web site to download free in MP3 format. Audio Cassettes and CD's can also be obtained in many more languages. Go to http://globalrecordings.net/ then click on Resources then Language or Country List
From Brigada's weekly missions e-mail.

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Free Unreached People Group
Prayer Button For Your Website

Prayer Guard and the Joshua Project has come up with a cool way to mobilize prayer for the 6,900 Unreached People Groups. The UPG Prayer Button displays a different people group every hour, and when clicked, takes you to a 3 minute on-line prayer session for that group. The goal is to pray through all 6,900 people groups over the next 10 months. By copying and pasting a few lines of code into your website, you can mobilize prayer for thousands of Unreached People Groups. How cool is that? See it in action by clicking the image above, and get the code for yourself at:

Reaching our street children for Christ
Every week, my team and I conduct outreaches to win street children for Christ. We reach about 1,000 children a week and adults. Most of Gambia's population is Moslem so I need your prayers
Henry D.Williams, 43, Banjul

Just imagine! The devil used a preacher . .
Last week, to my surprise, a Pastor from the USA came to me. He had been lost and fallen for 7 years, immersed in the filth of the world, drowning in alcohol. Can you imagine it? When I asked him why he had abandoned Christ for so long, he told me that it was 7 years since he had last served the Lord by preaching the gospel in a park. When he finished, a minister approached him and told him he had been very good, but that he should not be serving the Lord while his own house was in disarray as his two sons were not saved.

The brother who visited me told me that since then he felt discouraged and distanced himself from God and his ministry. How terrible! Imagine! That night in the park the devil used another preacher to take the sweet taste of victory from his mouth and to sow in this servant’s heart the thought that there was no point in serving the Lord if his sons had not been converted. How terrible! As if God did not have all the time in the world to gather the family in. Sadly, this pastor opted for listening to another person rather than building his faith on God’s promise of salvation for his sons.

This made me realise how much devastating power our words possess if we do not speak in line with the Scriptures. How painful it is that instead of our words being a source of support for others, we make them stumbling blocks instead. Praise God because He gave this man the burden to come and be restored. With tears in his eyes he repented and committed himself to eternally serve Jesus. How important it is to be mature and self-controlled. How wonderful it is that we decide that our lips will only speak words of encouragement. How blessed we will be if we choose to only see what is good in others and stop judging them. Let’s give our best to God and our neighbour.
Pastor Ana Aviles, San Pedro Sula.

Jesus heals, delivers and raises from the dead
A lady in Mozambique had been full of demons and was told by her witch doctor to eat her family! She was severely sick and could not sleep. She would cut her arm and drink her own blood. When she came to church one of the Christians hugged her and prayed she would know the love of Jesus. Then one of the pastors visited her and burned all her witch doctor fetishes, and almost immediately she was freed and filled with the peace of Jesus. This morning her face was beaming with love, and instead of eating her family, they have become her friends! Another lady had been very ill with acute asthma for ten years. Her husband was sure she was a prostitute, and was going to divorce her. Recently she came to a church, completey demonized. She was healed of asthma and set free instantly by prayer and a hug filled with the love of Jesus. Her husband was amazed by her transformation, although he continued to drink and fly into crazy rages. One day he had a demonic fit and died. After he was pronounced dead at the hospital his wife began to pray in Jesus' name. In a little over an hour he was raised from the dead - and came straight to the church to ask Jesus into his heart! Source: Heidi and Rolland Baker
From Joel News

800 people at Toba Tack Gospel Convention
There was a great move of the Holy Spirit and about 16 were healed and 22 came forward to give their lives to Christ. Most believers in Pakistan are very poor and thousands of new believers have no Bible so they find it hard to grow in their faith and develop relationship with Christ. One Urdu Bible cost 1.8 US$ in Pakistan.
Dr. Muqaddam Zia, Faisalabad.

19 children die of cold in villages 5,000 meters up.
In these places the temperature has dropped to minus 20º C and it has been forecast that it will reach -30 º C by mid-June. The situation of the children and the elderly in Puno is heartbreaking. The land dried up and the livestock is dying. The outlook is bleak. The main problem is hunger; children and elderly don’t get enough calories to fight off the respiratory diseases and they have no warm clothes, footwear, socks or hats. Those already sick need medicines. They can get access to medical care, but there are no medicines. They need urgent humanitarian aid - medicine, warm clothes and food.
Victoria Gomez Diaz, 50, Lima

Come with me to the Aguaruna and Huambisa
They live on the banks of the river Santiago in the Peruvian rainforest. The Lord sent me to the area to make some contacts and now I have a Christian education plan so that these natives may know of the love of God and feel sure about their salvation. If anyone or their church wants to get involved with me, please contact:
Rolando Canazas Pérez, Lima

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The good, the bad and the ugly of foreign missionaries . . .
I have seen it and it's time to speak out. This is for everyone that wants to know how it feels to have missionaries sent to him. Joel News summarized hNuno Barreto's unconventional advice for people who want to go into missions:

1. Skip Bible school; instead learn how to plant churches in real-life.
2. Engage with the culture, but dare to be authentically foreign; don't imitate the locals.
3. Count the cost and learn the language.
4. Get a job that helps you meet lots of people, and join a club.
5. Forget about targets and 5-year plans; get a (family) life.
6. Resist the temptation of forming a holy bubble with other missionaries.
7. Beware of support with strings attached; stay financially free to be able to move with God.
8. When you plant a church, don't stay on as a pastor; your best gift to the church is to move on.

Nuno Barreto.
Website and blog
From Marc’s Messages at Joel News

Asking for short term Bible teachers
Please come over and help us in our missionary training and sending centre to reach the unreached people groups with the gospel
Benedict Amenemoit, 45, Kampala.

United Kingdom
Sail the Ship of Fools
Always worth a visit for an irreligious smile, for a groan and for things you never see anywhere else.

United States
I need to learn French in two years
My wife and I will move to Haiti to set up a mission with my own resources. I have already visited Haiti. I need books and magazines in French, music CDs and a Bible in French. Please, can you help me.
Enrique Poello, Las Vegas, EE.UU

§ Dear Enrique: You can find our pages in French here On the left-hand column you will Top Chretien and Mission France who may be able to help you with the materials. We have some contacts in Haiti and there is a School of Missions running there at the moment. For a Bible in French, click on Amazon USA or Amazon France or The Bible Society in the USA. You can find their address at the bottom of our Free Literature page. There is an on-line Bible in French here and a simpler one here , I hope this information help you towards your goal.

Join our Mission Training Network
Since 1993 our strategy has been to support churches in the areas of evangelism, discipleship and church planting. Our vision is to set up a network in every city in Venezuela, to sow the vision in churches overseas, to expand the strategy, the discipline, the spiritual and intellectual capability, and to impart the ideal of a visionary leader in six main aspects: vision, commitment, communication, integrity, reality and discernment.
David Meza, 37, Cumana.

Books urgently needed please . .
I need used books by donation or for sale on Greek and Hebrew, in either English, French, German, Portuguese or Italian. Also, Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels of John, and excerpts. Old Testament Theology books, history of the church,evangelism tracts, magazines, educational and Christian newsletters. I distribute everything in prisons, Children Bible Schools and in a Bible School where we will train ministers.
Eliecer Guillen, 33, Barquisimeto

How can we help you ?

Free Start Your Own School of Mission Materials   
Don't forget the left-hand column with lots of free things

Money Forum
All about raising, giving and spending money

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Teachers needed to educate orphans and vulnerable.
The problem is that with the increase of the number of children more teachers are needed. We do it as volunteers and we need like minded people to come to our rescue.
Pastor Claud Zimba, 31, Lusaka.

The Last Word For Today
Do you need a miracle ?

Read the story of Jesus turning water into wine. Notice what Mary said to the attendants at the wedding reception: "'Do whatever Jesus tells you." Do it, even though:

1. You're not in the right place. They were at a wedding, not a church, when Jesus performed this miracle. Some of our greatest blessings will be at other places if we'll just be sensitive and obedient to God.

2. You've got a lot of problems. They'd run out of wine for their guests. How embarrassing. Too often our problems drive us away from Jesus instead of to Him. Miracles begin when we focus on God's power, instead of our problems.

3. You're not being encouraged. When Mary turned to Jesus for help, He tested her faith saying, 'Dear woman, why do you involve Me? My time has not yet come' (John 2.4 NIV). But she passed the test. Instead of being discouraged, Mary laid hold of the possibility of a miracle, believed God and received one.

4. You haven't walked with Christ very long. The servants who obeyed Jesus had just met Him. And His disciples had just started following Him. Yet they were all expected to obey Him. So are you.

5. You haven't yet seen Him work miracles in your life. This was Jesus' first miracle. They had to obey Him without the faith that comes from a previous track record. That's always challenging.

6. You don't understand the process. Why pour water into empty containers? Answer: Give Jesus what you've got and He'll give you back what you need. That's how to experience the miraculous!

From The Word for Today, Bob Gass and UCB radio

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