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Do you need literature for evangelism ?
We have free Christian literature in easy-English, African French, Fula/Fulani and Swahili. We urgently need volunteer mother-tongue language-helpers to translate or proof-read very short evangelistic articles into Swahili for Tanzania and in Nairobi/Eastern Kenya. See the web page for information.
Tony Whittaker, SOON Ministries, UK.

Big numbers but no Bibles
There are so many children, young people and adults that we do not have enough Bibles for these new believers, so if you can provide any for us please contact me.
Claudio Alejandro, Santa Maria.

Where do we get flags to focus our vision ?
We truly believe that Bolivia will be a blessing for the nations so we have set up a missions project to train people for ministry.
Pr. Domingo Paredes, Montero

§ Hi Domingo: This link to Theodora has the flags for all the nations, where you can download the flag images for free and print them out.
Les Norman.

Are you in Pakistan ?
I’m coming to Pakistan next year and I would like to get in touch with churches or pastors to help them.
Miriam Lorena, Salvador

 Burkina Faso
Did you ask about the food shortage ?
The best strategy for the people of Kondouba and Niessega will be for people overseas to buy cereal and we will do the food distribution to the needy families in Jesus' name. Right now the food shortage is acute. 100 kg of cereal costs US$47/£26 and can feed a family of ten for two weeks. Please pray and think about it.
Philippe Ouedraogo, AEAD, Ouagadougou.

§ Philippe is a long-term and 100% reliable partner of DCI World Christians since 1984. You can work with him as we do without any fear. You can use our money transfer page if it helps.
Les and Pilar.

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Brave Christians evangelize in Chechnya
A Russian soldier was killed and two were wounded when Special Forces were ambushed by Chechen rebels in the mountains last week. Despite those dangers, Christians are in the country holding Christian summer camps. Russian Ministries' Sergey Rakhuba says it's an answer to prayer. "For the first time since the war started in Chechnya, since 1992, there was a Christian camp held right in its capital, Grozny. And, a Russian Ministries team traveled there from Vladikavkaz to spend a week with children from Muslim families." Rakhuba says they had such support from local authorities. They sent two social workers to be a part of the team to work with the children who are in such need. "They don't know anything except being in fear, being devastated because of the war, blood, losing their parents. Most of those children are orphans of war." The team traveling to Grozny was a great testimony to a local leaders there who told them, "You got to be brave, coming down to this place and risking, actually, your lives because everybody knows how dangerous it is."
From Russian Ministries, in Mission Network News

How do you have Bible School for illiterate people ?
How can I teach my people a simple discipleship course as they can't read or write?
Ligia, Santiago.

§ Hello Ligia: It is just great to hear what you are doing with these illiterate and destitute people. Very well done. The answer is easy, because these people are just like the believers in the churches in the 1st Century who sat at the feet of the Lord Jesus himself. In those days it was very unusual for anyone, especially the women, to know how to read or write, so the Gospel was passed on orally, just look at how Jesus taught the crowds and the disciples. In the 1st Century the Gospel spread like wildfire and reached the ends of the known world in just a few years, and all by people talking and re-telling the story. Later on the letters from Paul put in the details and the doctrine.

Nowadays in many developing countries the work still grows by someone who knows speaking and then the people repeat the teaching. I am always amazed to see how much uncomplicated people can remember; I met some pastors in Burkina Faso who could tell me what I said to them years previously, word for word. So be encouraged, keep on teaching them the word of God, invite the Holy Spirit to come, trust in the power of the Lord and move forward, despite not being to use books or modern equipment. Encourage them to share what they learn with everyone they know and God will do the rest, you'll see.

If you learn for yourself, only 1 person hears the word of the Lord.
If you share your lesson with 12 people, then 13 people hear the word of the Lord.
If those 12 tell another 12, 157 hear the word of the Lord.
If those 157 tell another 12 each, 1,884 persons hear the word of the Lord.
If all 1,884 persons tell a further 12 people each then 22,608 people hear the word of the Lord.

Of course, literacy classes could be set up as well so that they could start reading the word of the Lord for themselves at home. Onwards, for Jesus.
Les Norman.

Called to Mauritania 

I need some information for my church. I am a paramedic, literacy worker, photomechanical technician, pastor and theologian and I am currently planting churches.
Juan Patricio Miño Ibarra, Lautaro.

Struggling to carry the gospel of peace
We are working in the east in a community which has fled the violence but they now live in poverty and uncertainty. These people are overwhelmed. Could you come and work with us ?
Claudio Carrillo, El Dorado Meta.

§ Talking about Colombia, if you have chance you must see the film Maria, Full of Grace, it will open your eyes to a few things. We went last night and haven’t recovered yet.
Les and Pilar.

Long-awaited missions visit starts
We are very grateful to God who looked after us on our journey. We got into the country after some problems with the Customs but we are here. The first camp has just started with over 350 young people, who had to sacrificially pay $8 to come. Some even sold their TV sets to get here and they have such a hunger for God. I only wish that I had more to give. There is so much need, and it would be very easy for us to help them. Anyway... I will keep you posted.
Pastora Claudia Bustamante, Argentina.

§ Pastor Claudia is an approved member of the DCI World Christians Network and it has been our privilege to help her get to Cuba. One of our favourite lines comes from Pastor Oswald Smith who in the 1930s used to preach: “If you can't go yourself, then for Christ's sake send someone else on your behalf”. This is one of the things we took to heart years ago and we enjoy the challenge and seeing the fruit for the Kingdom
Les and Pilar.

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Time to fight for our children
The saddest event of the year has been the suicide of the best friend of my daughter. She was a girl just 14 years old and she entered in a satanists web page with divination, tarot and so on. This is also a site where you can ask for the day of your death and how you shall die. She received all this information and they also sent her a picture of her grave. Since then this girl was taken by a spirit of suicide and now she is dead and lost forever. It is terrible because young people go into these web sites believing it is a game and then the followers of the devil involve them in occult sins. The most amazing of all is that this young lady was a member of our church, she used to sing in the choir. You cannot image the pain and sorrow I feel. We must pray for the our young people, especially for the teenagers, and warn the believers not to go near any of these satanist web sites. It is time for parents to stop being cowards toward the spiritual warfare and take their place in battle to claim salvation for their children. It is time for parents to understand that they conquer only by the blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus and the word of their own good testimony. Disobedient people have no power to resist the devil, it is only those who obey God's word that have authority over the darkness. That's why we must be living examples for our family to follow. Parents if you are living sinful lives, stop it and fight for your family.
Pastor Ana Aviles.

§ For legal reasons we cannot publish the name of this dreadful web site but Pastor Ana will give it to you privately if you ask, provided that you have good reason for wanting to know.
Les Norman.

Jesus can do what snake-charmers cannot
The heavy rain in the monsoon period drives many snakes into the villages. That leads to many snake bites, and only lucky people can be treated in time. Mohit was in the forest with his herd when he was bitten by a snake. He managed to make it back to his village and tell people what had happened, then lost consciousness. Neither the snake-charmers nor the village healer could do anything to help him. One of his neighbours asked a follower of Christ to pray for Mohit. Twenty five minutes later, he regained consciousness. Many people became open for the gospel through this miracle. In Chattisgargh State, a deadly snake wrapped itself around a 15- year-old's hand during a church planting seminar. He managed to brush it off, but it fell on someone else. That person also managed to shake it off, and it finally landed on an open Bible. It died on the spot. The witnesses who did not yet know Jesus were astonished, and many have started following Jesus.
Source: Dr. Victor Choudhrie.
From FridayFax, New Zealand (In English only) Subscribe free here

Your prayers enable us to move forward.
Yesterday we were able to help and save a woman and her two kids,7 and 5 years old, from a suicide attempt. The kids are now in our Mercy Home and the mother has a job as a house maid. Our website will show you our 25 Mercy Homes. We have just opened a DCI School of Tailoring to teach poor women who will be able to get jobs in Truppur where we have a church. This has made a big impact and is a good testimony in the community as many are going to be employed and the economic condition of the village is going to be changed. Last Sunday 13 Hindus accepted the Lord as their Saviour.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala

§ Daniel is an approved partner in the DCI World Christians Network.

Nights of miracles
We are living a time of great outpourings of the Holy Spirit. Night after night, our seeking God has been bearing fruit. He has come in person again and again. May Mexico experience His presence. We want more till Mexico one day becomes a Christian nation. Our 12 million believers will be 100 million. Join us and become part of the history God is making in Mexico.
Cèsar Emilio Gramajo, Coacalco.

Ekitiland waits for God's time
Despite more than 20 years of gospel preaching and intensive labour, the land of Ekiti in the southwestern part of Nigeria is yet to be broken. Saturated with idol worship and mere religious formalism, a lot of churches remain empty and a lot of preachers are tired and frustrated. The land is in dire need of prayers for open heavens and mighty harvest.
Rev. Sola Adetunji, Ado-Ekiti.

The greatest investment.
Fellow Christians, if you have achieved any level of success please pour it into some else. Success is not success with out a successor. Jesus gave his life for us, likewise we must give out some thing for the gospel.
Evang. Onyebuchi Okorie, Kaduna.

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The ultimate prayer guide to every nation on earth
Finally on-line in full, in English and in French, the most detailed information in the world on Christianity, missions and the remaining task for every nation on earth. This is truly priceless and free.
Les and Pilar.
Go right now to

Pacto Nuevo web site now in Portuguese
Our Christian web site is now in Portuguese as well so even more people can now read about the Lord's work.
Diego Acosta, Madrid, España

Many pay for their faith with their life.
Somalia has one evangelical Christian for every 67,314 inhabitants. German missionaries report that for 15 years, Somalia has stood for anarchy, hunger, death, violence and refugees. The nation has now formed a new Government. Many Somalis have experienced death-bringing hate, and know that Islam never managed to bring peace to their nation. When they hear that Jesus prayed for his murderers while on the cross, they are deeply touched. For decades, there were very few Christians, and even today, many pay for their faith with their life. Now, though, couples and even entire families are coming to Jesus, and children are hearing the Word of God in churches. A few months ago, a number of Somali groups joined to plant a church and the government admits that their nation is no longer 100% Moslem.
From FridayFax, New Zealand (in English only)
Subscribe free here

Large parts of Chiang Mai under water
There was mass flooding in all the tourist areas and one extremely poor church for the Karen Hill tribes has lost all their instruments and has other damage, it's just awful. The building is built on rented land so please lift up their needs for finances to buy the land and for the replacement of instruments. Many of our ministry outreach areas have also been badly flooded and the people are suffering. These poor Shan people have even less than other people, being illegal refugees without land or refugee status.
Gareth, Aree and Family, Chaing Mai.

§ Since the floods both Gareth and Aree, their two small children, their cousin and their staff members have all been very seriously ill, and in hospital, with flu, bronchitis and pneumonia, and are still not well. Your prayers for them will be more than welcome. We will be seeing each other in Sweden at an AIDS Conference in mid-September.
Les and Pilar.

 United States
Can we help you with Spanish and Russian ?
This is our prayer and desire so that we may continue being involved in the word of the Lord. We want to put our gifts into practice in a church or Bible school. I have over 35 years of experience as a pastor in Spanish and I am a scriptwriter. Ludmila, my wife, speaks and writes Russian, Spanish and English.
Roberto Vizcaino R, New Jersey.

Free Scripture Coloring pages
in Spanish, Tamil and Indonesian
Project Homeword has translated all of it's coloring pages into Spanish, Tamil and Indonesian/Malay. Pass the news to missionaries and relief workers in Southern India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Wanted: Someone with computer skills to add Telugu text to our jpegs.
Charles White, Topeka, USA

The Bible vs. The X-Station
Christian Reggae Rapper Prince Trog has released a new evangelistic book entitled The Bible vs. The X-Station. This comic book shaped book is mainly focused on kids, teens and young adults who have allowed the XBOX to become their god. In today's world when there are many school shootings by kids who have spent hours after hours playing video games and lacking in true friendships, a book such as this can be a blessing for some households to lead family members into a right relationship with Jesus Christ. See the book
Tyrone Short, Aurora, Co.

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 United Kingdom
Comic Relief's grant-making pages.
Since 1985 Comic Relief has raised over £400 million to tackle poverty and social injustice in the UK, Africa, and more recently in some of the poorest countries in other parts of the world. This money is principally raised through the generosity of the public via our Red Nose Day and Sport Relief campaigns. We promise that for every pound the charity gets directly from the public, a pound goes to help people affected by poverty and social injustice to transform their lives. Our grants range from a few thousand pounds to over a million, but each one goes through our rigorous assessment process to ensure that the money the public donates is put to the best possible use. (In English only)


§ For everybody who has written asking where to apply for a grant for a project to help the lost, the last and the least of the world, here is one big opportunity to apply for some of the £55 million that has been raised this year.  You will need to read the pages carefully, download the conditions and application form, read them very carefully and adapt your application to fit the rules and the ethos of this big-hearted organization of the stars of rock, tv an cinema that is open to people of all faiths and to people of no faith at all.
Les and Pilar

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