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Something new . .
Here is a very lovely, gentle website for everyone who is Looking for God,
not surprisingly it is called . .

§ Thanks to our friend Sue Morris in Nottingham, England for sending this in. Sue does Personal Life Counselling and can help you with assertiveness, confidence building, counselling skills, life and career planning, crisis recovery, time and stress management, spirituality, personal growth and handling change. Her web page is:


Amazed by what the Lord is doing
A man who suffered from cancer was healed and a 4-month old girl was also healed of a disease that made her head grow huge. God did the miracle. We are tremendously blessed.
Juan Molina, 53, Buenos Aires

Latin America Missions Mobilisers
With over 25 years of pastoral experience in Argentina we are now working for 3 years along the East and West coasts in the USA, organising seminars, preaching and teaching in Spanish-speaking churches in the USA about World Missions to mobilise and equip pastors. We help pastors to engage their churches with world mission. We have also set up a church in Mendoza, Argentina, with the strong conviction that it is possible to build strategic alliances between the North and the South to extend the Kingdom of God.
Pastor Ruben Hector Besada, 48, Mendoza


Christian education under attack here
Recent policies include scrapping Christian education from all schools and there is talk about restricting evangelism in rural areas.
Nancy Ledezma, Bolivia.


Are you in Kampala, Uganda ?
The Lord spoke to me in a dreams about the capital of Uganda, Kampala and showed me a hospital at which I will work for Him one day. I am studying Pharmacy and Occupational Therapy and would like to get in touch with people there to support them in prayer and in the Word and to learn about how it is like to work there.
Daisy Esther, 21, Marituba

Why am I a magnet for the bad boys and bad girls ?
Last week we went to the ghetto to clean for the homeless people. Boy, I had never seen so much dirt. The place was filthy, you won't believe what we found. There were plenty of human dejects too. The students were disgusted at first, then I told them how hell would be for this people if they died without salvation. Well, we had a lot of fun and we really got to know Who is with us and we had many opportunities to share the word of God, even the owner of a bar opened his heart and we shared the word and prayed for him. In the school where we are taking lessons I made friends with the majority of the so called Bad Boys and Bad Girls." I am a kind of magnet that attracts this kind of people, perhaps because I used to be one of them in a far gone past. Some of this youngsters were very hostile but I persist and I win them by showing interest in their suffering and in their life. Some cases are really difficult. I feel hopeless, but I know the Holy Spirit is at work in people's lives and prayer and fasting can do much more than my words.
Silvana Mara, DCI School of Mission, Pousso Alegre.


New School of Mission in Burundi
It is with joy that I am writing to tell you that have opened a Missions School in my house in Burundi. We have 12 students and it is going well. We meet twice a week and bring food to eat together afterwards. Please pray for us.
Félix Niyongabo

§ You can see the Free DCI School of Mission for yourself and open your own in your country.
Click here

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Story of the Week from . . .


In Africa there is no such thing a natural death . . .
We have a student from Chad from a typical Muslim family so when he decided to follow Jesus he was beaten and sent out of the family, His uncle later intervened and the family took him back. Now, this uncle had a son of the same age that he loved so much, this son was just like Joseph in the hands of Jacob. Both son and cousin spent two years at the university and they decided to study medicine but the son got admission whilst our student was too poor to gain entry. That how I came to receive him as a student in our free missions school and I even offered him a bed to live in the school.

On Thursday night our student heard that his cousin had died and he never knew when that he was sick. People then started to blame the death on our student because here in Africa there is no such thing as a natural death. A family often consult oracles to know who killed who and this always bring division. I allowed him to go to see what had happened and he went with two students and a lecturer. On getting there he was allowed to see the corpse and people started beating him. The lecturer called the gendarme and later our student met with notable men from Chad who questioned him about his cousin. Then we realised that he was be accused of using Christianity to kill his friend to get power to preach the gospel. Our group then explained that we receive our power from Holy Spirit not by killing anyone. So they told us the matter was over but the crowd would not hear of it.

Two cars had to take the deceased back home but our student could not travel with them or else they would kill him on the way. The crowd surely also told the father that his son was killed by our student. Our group came back to asked me what to do, I consulted some people and told them to write a letter and give it to the only Christian among them to explain that our student is innocent. Then the father of the dead boy arrived from Chad by plane and we decided to rush our student to him to explain things. The crowd was happy because if the father will give the first slap then the crowd will kill him.

In fear someone called the police but before they arrived our student came out with the father, and the father told the crowd that no one should touch him. The father said that his son before his death wrote a letter telling that he was giving his life to Jesus in the hospital. His father wanted to know how his son came about meeting with Jesus, but anyway, he said, whether he is with Jesus or Mohamed, we will bury him and leave him with them. This is how our student came back home alive and we all celebrated such a great deliverance.

Dr Talla Andre, DCI partner and friend, Cameroon & West Africa


Free evening meals in Bogotá
We are a group of young people trying to show the compassion of the Lord Jesus by taking the Good News and meals to children in poor neighbourhoods for the last three years.
Jairo Alex Cortes Rojas, 35, Bogota.

Costa Rica

We left our building behind . .
Instead we take the Gospel out into our community. Just lately we organised a meeting in a local park and gave meals to 500 people. This is a new for us, we want to bless the people.
Jeannette Corrales Céspedes, 50, Alajuela.


Pastor of 15 churches in Haiti.
Please pray for us and teach us more about Jesus. Thank you DCI for these news pages and for your important work and its willingness to share the gospel throughout the world. I will keep on praying for the editors.
Rev Joseph Larisner


All the latest news is here
On our website there is a link to Radio Kol Israel (The Voice of Israel) that broadcasts the news in Spanish every 15 minutes. Click on the Windows Media icon.
Pr. Angel Gerber, New Wine Ministry, Israel


New Bank for the Poor in Lagos reports in . . .
This is one of the new DCI Banking for the Poor projects and what you see is a typical monthly report from the lady in charge and her pastor who supervises the work. You can read about the Bank for the Poor concept here As the loans go out and the weekly repayments come in so more widows and orphans can be welcomed into the project. Before long the list becomes very long . There are other successful banks for the poor in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, India and Uganda.
Les and Pilar

1. Sister Funke received $ 100 to sell Gary and returned $ 30 so far.
2. Sister Fola received $ 100 to sell fish, has returned $30.
3. Sister Margaret received $50 to sell vegetable, has return $30.
4. Sister Sarah received $100 to start a small restaurant has returned $ 30
5. Sister Esther received $ 100 to buy and sell second hand clothes has returned $30
6. Sister Paule received $100 to sell dry meat has returned $30
7. Sister Jumoke received $100 to sell soft drink has returned $30
8. Sister Rosa received $ 100 to sell children clothes has returned $ 30
9. Sister Jude received $ 100 from our church to sell vegetable has returned $ 30
10. Sister Praise will sell vegetable and has receive $ 45 and has returned $10
11. Sister Precious will sell plantain and have receive $ 45 and has returned $10

We should be adding three other sisters to the group next week with the money received from the payments.
Sister Jomoke and Pastor Daniel,
Life in Christ Church, Lagos.

§ If you would like to send a gift to open a new Bank for the Poor in the developing world, exclusively for widows, orphans and the poor people that no commercial bank would ever lend to then please write for more information, see the Bank for the Poor page or click here to send a gift or click on the PayPal button for easy and safe credit card giving. All gifts are passed on 100% in full with no deductions. Our Charity, the DCI Trust has been registered with the UK government since 1987. It only costs £500 / $800 to start a new scheme for 10/12 people and we are happy to add several small gifts together and put in our own family giving as well. Thank you.
Les and Pilar.

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North Korea
Up to 400,000 Christians face daily persecution
Including torture in prison camps which why that country tops Open Doors' world watch list of countries where persecution is most severe in 2005. There was a noticeable increase in persecution of Christians throughout the world in 2005, especially in North Korea, Indonesia, and Eritrea where 26 pastors and 1,700 evangelical church members are currently imprisoned, and some have been tortured by government military forces. In Indonesia, more Christians were killed and churches burned, and three Christian women were arrested for running a program for children. On the other hand the evangelical church is growing rapidly in many of the countries where persecution of the church is common, even in some parts of Asia and the Middle East that are dominated by Hindu, Buddhist, or Islamic majorities. Some of this growth can be attributed to Christian disaster relief efforts after the tsunami of December 2004 and the South Asia earthquake of October 2005.
Carl Moeller, Open Doors in Joel News


Faisalabad summer camp welcomed 500 children . .
And now our team has plans for evangelistic meetings in Lahore a city with more than 8 million souls. Our National Pastors Convention will be in the last week of September for 300 pastors from around the country and our church in Shahkot City has just got a piece of land to build for its 127 members and 200 children who have come since October 1994. We are greatly blessed to have a part in this mighty move of God in Pakistan.
Pastor Muqaddam Zia, Faisalabad, Pakistan


Doors wide open to raise native leaders
We reach out to native people with the gospel of Jesus so that they can be fully convinced that they are saved in Christ. Our vision is to raise well trained native leaders so that they can reach other native people with the gospel.
Rolando Canazas Perez, 40, Rio Santiago, Amazonas.
Photos here

South Africa - Lesotho

Interested in missions in Southern Africa ?
Visit us with a short term team 1-3 weeks or do volunteer work in Lesotho for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months
Anton and Zelda Mostert, 46, Trompsburg.


To see what we are doing in Lira, North Uganda
Click here

When you get to the page click on Slideshow and choose Fast if you wish. You will see what a beautiful job our friend and partner George Purkweri is doing.
Les and Pilar, The DCI Trust, your editors.

§ To send a gift to help this work among the lost, the last and the least of war and AIDS devastated northern Uganda click here or click on the PayPal button for easy and safe credit card giving. We pass on every gift 100% in full with no deductions of any kind. Our NGO. non-profit organisation or Charity is registered with the UK government since 1987.

United Kingdom

Story-4-All is for people who can't read
Story4all is aimed at the two-thirds of the world who can't, don't or won't read. Our new site is a forum for resources, discussion, interviews and information from around the world to show how Bible storytelling can make disciples of the world's 4 billion who can't, won't or don't read. Download a podcast as well.
Bryan Thompson, 50, Northern Ireland

§ Also read about Caleb in Easy English. Caleb is one of God's quiet heroes, who waited 40 years for his inheritance. Go to Easy English click Choose a Bible book, then Numbers, then choose Caleb by Raymond Brown, translated into Level B Easy English by Mary Read.
Hazel Bradshaw, 75, Cheltenham.

United States

New Free Missions Magazine
Hi-res version or Low resolution version
Fifty-six pages beautifully presented articles, charts, maps and statistics in colour, for all World Christians and the new wave of men and women they will send. One of the few bright spots in missions mobilization today.
Doug Lucas, Brigada Today, USA

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