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Our thanks
for the many e-mails
after the recent bombings in London.
Thank you to every one who has written to express their horror and sympathy after the bombings in London this month. It has been a very sad time for the UK and for Londoners in particular. Our hearts go out all of those families of many nationalities, religions and bakgrounds who have lost a loved one or who are still agonizingly waiting for news. It is all so desperately tragic yet Londoners are calm and determined to carry on with life using the trains on the buses as usual so as not to give one little bit of extra victory or satisfaction to the terrorists. Since the blitz of World War II and through all the years of the IRA crisis the British people have learned to take terrible events such as these in our stride but our hearts are broken by the suffering of the families of innocent people who went to work that morning never to come home again. Of course, in some parts of the world this happens every week and the pain there is no less real. At the moment we are living with some tension because until this terrorist gang are caught it is feared that they may strike again without warning. The only lasting solution to all the sadness of the world is the promised return of the Lord Jesus Christ who alone can and will put this world right, once and for all. "Come soon Lord Jesus, come soon."
Les and Pilar.



How do I start a micro business project?
I would like to learn how to guide a native community into starting their own micro businesses. These are people with very few resources and they live on the few handcrafts they produce daily. I would like to be able to help them to cultivate their lands or raise farm animals.
Walter Dardo Chávez. Araguay, Salta.

§ Walter, I hope this page will be of help, what we ourselves have done in Africa and Asia can be repeated in your country even starting like we did with minimum resources.
Les Norman

Surinam's national stadium fills for the gospel

We had the participation of different churches and Christian leaders from all over the country. Many healings and 86 conversions took place.
Wanderley Carceliano, Sao Paulo.

Who needs me in Africa ?
I am a lecturer with a BA in Spanish and post-graduate studies in Portuguese and Brazilian Literature. I am married to an agricultural technician who also has a desire towards missions. Does anyone in the DCI network need a couple like us? I would like to take a Masters degree and do Christian social work in any unreached country where I can bring the word of God.
Sandra Regina Selino, Ilheus-Bahía.

 Burkina Faso
Once a year it rains here . .
Bonjour Les! It is now raining here but the food is short for most people including pastors who are coming to me daily hoping to receive some help. Tear Fund is sending the relief team to Burkina and Niger this week.
Philippe Ouedraogo, AEAD, Ouagadougou.

§ I don't know long it will for the G8 decisions to filter down to make poverty history at village level, but I do know that if every reader and every church reading this news were to sponsor one micro-enterprise scheme at village level by-passing governments, intermediaries and corruption of all kinds, we could make poverty history for a lot of very poor men, women and orphans in Africa. This month even our very small group got enough money together to open a chicken farm in Cameroon which will bring a long-term living to seven newly orphaned children after the death of their mother. Make it your goal this month to make someone's poverty history or why not help our work in this area ?
Les and Pilar.
To support our work please click here

Earthquake shakes our country
It left 11 fatalities and many of our Aymara people had their houses totally destroyed and most of their belongings were lost. The roads are cut off so it is difficult to access the villages that we visit. Please pray for the Aymara believers and the unreached peoples for God to strengthen their lives and to know that there is someone bigger than any problem, and He is the Lord Jesus Christ.
Fabiola Canipa, Iquique.

Latest YWAM school just finished.
We sent 17 new the young people into mission and the Amazon was impacted by them. We are preparing the next school for February 2006. I challenge you to come and find out about missions in the Colombian Amazon.
Charles Valencia, Leticia.

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 Democratic Republic of Congo
Still singing for Jesus with gunfire behind . .
Even though still at Bible School in Kenya, my heart is burning of compassion toward my people in the DRC. Politics in DRC is nowadays chronically very sick. My concern is what God has been doing even amidst troubles. I consider this current crisis as a new way to think and apply the Gospel. I am getting regular news of a group who sing in open air to touch Congolese with the Gospel. This is in Bunia where the UN blue helmets are present due to the atrocities. Now the Spirit of God is moving, many armed rebels have publicly returned their guns as group continues to preach. The government disarmament campaign has little success, but when the word of God touches the people, many surrender their lives to follow Christ. Machine guns are still in action in the area but the fire of hope has shone and needs your prayer firewood.
Dino Mozart Kile, Bunia, DRC.

 Global Christian Trends
What are the deadliest jobs in Christianity ?
Evangelism is a massive global evangelistic movement: In 1980, 22% of viewers or listeners had watched or listened to Christian TV or radio. By the year 2000, this number had grown to 30%. There are 227 million Bibles in non-Christian nations, though poorly distributed. Evangelisation is costly, though: since Christ, some 70 million people have been martyred. The five statistically most deadly jobs in Christianity are bishop, evangelist, catechist, colporteur, foreign missionary.
From Status of Global Mission, Todd M. Johnson with Prof. David Barrett,
based on 10 million questionnaires in 3,000 languages.
From Friday Fax in English, New Zealand.

What is full-time ministry?
I have had experiences of people desiring to serve in full-time ministry and many times I have realized it is just that they think they have a calling and think that the only way they can serve God is by working full-time. The truth it is if God calls you to serve full-time is because he has already an established church or ministry or organization for you to work at, because he does not want you to starve. Really we must live by faith but not on the faith. The Bible is very clear in that we must fulfil the Great Commission by evangelizing the people we have in hand: at work, in our neighbourhoods, at school, college, etc, clothing the naked and feeding the hungry. Many people desire to be the great servant of God, and they set the standard of success for ministry as preaching from a pulpit or going overseas in missions. However, the truth is that we can serve in the local church doing whatever be needed, no matter what. If we study the life of John the Baptist and measure it against what people consider a successful ministry we could be disappointed because he only served for 3 years in the wilderness, did not dress in fine clothes, did not eat different kind of meals, and he died young in a horrible way. But if you see what Jesus said about him you will find that he fulfilled the plan of God in life for him. Sometimes people are confused because they think God wants them to go to study in a Bible Training Centre and in order to do that they have to quit their jobs, but God does not force us to do something beyond our capacity or means.
Pastor Ana Aviles, Honduras

Boy bitten by a Cobra and lives !
Recently a boy by name Seetham Naidu from our Children's Home was bitten by a poisonous snake, a cobra, during the night time when he attended his natural call. Immediately we rushed him to the nearby hospital in town which is 10 kilometres way. Entire night doctors treated and watched him. By morning nothing has happened to the child. Now he is faring well. Praise the Lord.
Pastor Y Benjibab, AP.

Info needed on the 10/40 Window and Russia.
We're going to have a meeting with young people in my church about Missions and we would like to know everything about Russian people (their language, customs and religion) I'd like to get in contact with a Russian missionary, it would be really helpful.
Dania Perez, Sonora.

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My next mission field is former Yugoslavia.
Is anyone working or interested in working among Serb Croats?.
Olugbenga Alabi, Otan Ayegbaju.

Medical Missions trip to Equatorial Guinea.
It is planned for the 21st of  July for 12 days. We are a group of three surgeons, a general practitioner, a paediatrician, an audiologist and 1 assistant who are going for a medical and surgery campaign at the Hospital in Bata taking manpower, technological, and training materials, all coordinated by a group of ophthalmologists from Valladolid and Leon, along with our team from Barcelona. We are in contact with the only head and nose and throat specialist in Equatorial Guinea and the Hospital itself in order to organise the patients. We will also use the media to tell the population to come and we are counting on the support of some of the churches in the country. Any other secular medical group could do the same but what we do will be done openly in the name of Jesus.
Dr. Angel Olmo Romero, Barcelona.

Pastor marries widow with AIDS
In early September I will be in Malmö, Sweden visiting HIV/Aids NGO's and taking three very poor Thai people with HIV on an all expenses paid cultural exchange trip sponsored by the Swedish Government. I am also taking with me a young Thai pastor, who is married to a hill tribe lady with full Aids. The Lord asked him to marry her to reduce the stigma associated with HIV/Aids and also increase the number of believers in his area. He obeyed and the stigma of Aids was reduced and numbers increased in the church as God promised. He as been married for just over five years to this lady and they have a child from the widow's previous marriage. He is extremely happily married and a great man of God. Many people advised him not to marry her but his faith in God was strong and God kept His promise. Some people still think he was crazy for marrying her, because when he married her she was extremely ill but now she is fighting fit, still with AIDS but she is living a fantastic quality of life and most of all extremely happy and also a full on born again Christian. I was wondering if you knew of any Spirit filled churches in Malmö Sweden?
Gareth Lavell, Chaing Mai.

 United Kingdom
Have you seen the Street Pastor website?
I am helping to set up the scheme in Leicester, some nice photos on the website. We have been on the streets here since April. In first month we talked to over 200 people between 10pm and 3 am on Fridays including many Middle Eastern, African, Chinese and Eastern Europeans.
Ann Murphy, Leicester.

§ Ann is a very special lady will we have known for quite a few years and have the highest admiration for. She is one of those sorts of people who you help to take a first step into mission and then find that they quickly overtake you with their passion, sacrifice and vision. God bless you Ann, Romania, France and now Leicester are better places because of you and your faith.
Les and Pilar.

Just been to Uganda to see for myself
I have just returned from Teso where I have been visiting partner churches working in relief and development. The Church of Uganda and the Pentecostal Assemblies of God are doing a fine job dealing with the havoc that was caused by the Lords Resistance Army incursions into the area. They have helped many in the various camps and now are helping people return to their homes and the many orphaned children. The Churches are growing. Pray for resources and peace in the area.
Dave Watts, Stourbridge.

UK Culture for Beginners
Whenever you cross from one culture to another, it's important to understand about the culture you're leaving behind and the culture you're going to, as both of these will impact on your behaviour and ministry. Here is an online guide called New2UK and its a must read for those wanting to understand how UK culture can effect their behaviour, whether their cross-cultural ministry is overseas or in the UK.
OSCAR UK Information Service for World Mission

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 United States
Crisis prayer team ready to serve you
Hello Les, I read in the last edition about the woman in Cameroon who was burned to death, how terrible. I thought I should let you know, that if you have contacts that need urgent prayer, we have a Crisis Prayer Team of about 200 people to whom we send prayer requests that come through our contacts in different areas of the world. They have committed not to redistribute prayer requests coming by email. I just thought to offer this service to your contacts in dangerous areas who may need prayer but don’t have access to a prayer team. We focus on persecution but we pray for whoever contacts us. We don’t farm other peoples contacts, we pray and we do not offer financial assistance as we are focused only on prayer.
Terry Holderread, Christians In Crisis.

DAWN Around The World
Africa is more open for the gospel than it has ever been. Thousands of Muslims are finding Christ, and some of the most exciting church planting movements are among Muslims. Civil wars, AIDS and political repression are other factors leading growing numbers to open for the gospel. In Europe secular ideology has failed and there is a new interest in religion and spirituality. Writers, artists and talk show guests are speaking increasingly about spirituality. Until recently, people thought that religion is what people believe before they discover science. The secular faith in progress itself, which was supposed to replace religion, has failed, as clearly shown by the growing church attendance in London. Hillsong London started with only 70, but has now reached 5,500, with 1,500 new believers in 2004. In Uruguay and in only seven years, not only has the number of churches doubled to over 2,000, but the number of Christians has doubled with it.
From the DAWN (Discipling a Whole Nation) Free Newsletter, Orlando, FL
From Friday Fax in English, New Zealand.

Why don't they come to church any more?
When surveying people who stopped attending church after six weeks, 92% of them said it was because no one talked to them.
The Soul Winner's Devotional.

We have planted more than 120 churches here
We came to the United States of America as missionaries sent out by our church in Mexico City in 1994, and we started a first church in the living room of our house. Since then we have planted more than 120 churches where we live and we gather together every Sunday and celebrate 8 worship services. We have 14 prayer meetings a week at 5 in the morning. Our vision is to plant more churches all over the country. We need your prayers and if God is calling you to join us in this vision, please write to me.
Armando Vera, Florida, USA.

At the heart of the tension-ridden streets
In May 2003, when the situation in our country was very tense, two of us started to pray for Venezuela and our oil industry. Now, we are a huge group, and there are seven other groups in different places. We believe that God will raise groups throughout the oil industry.
Raquel Gil, Maracaibo

Rescue in very dangerous slums.
We rescue lives by God's Holy Spirit. The members of two dangerous gangs gave up by Jesus' Word, actually our authorities are collaborating with them. They have employed them, they have given them sports equipment and they have also been integrated to other cooperation programs. Our vision is to reach all the gangs in this area.
Dunia Centeno, Cumana, Estado Sucre.

The Word on the Web
What's the biggest challenge in your life ?
I was interviewed recently for a magazine article and one of the questions I was asked was: What has been your greatest challenge in life? My answer was this: The biggest challenge of my life was not when my husband decided to give up Christianity; nor was it when a couple of years later we left our home, cushy jobs and friends to come and live in England and work for God; nor was it when we heard from God that we should live by faith and not have a regular salary; nor was it when our church decided to stop supporting us - which left us with £35 per month to pay bills, mortgage, food, etc; nor was it when I was told that the baby in my womb could be dead; nor was it when my mum died suddenly and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. My biggest challenge every day in life is to keep my eyes on Jesus and to keep trusting him for everything. Often I feel I am walking on water, knowing that if I look around me at all the circumstances of the wind and the waves, then I will, like Peter, begin to sink, but if I keep my eyes on my faithful Jesus and keep trusting him, then - even although the wind and the waves roar - Jesus will lead me to safety and victory. Today if you are facing problems, turn your eyes on Jesus and put your trust firmly on him. He's the greatest rescuer ever!

Nancy Goudie - NGM.
From the Word On The Web Daily e-mail
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The Last Word for Today
What to do when you hit rock-bottom . . .
 It happens to us all, I have been feeling so low in spirit lately and felt that my relationship with God was really dwindling. I even started to convince myself that I didn't know the Lord. I was so worried about this spiritual low that I re-committed my life to Him again this morning. The enemy attacks in many ways, my mistake was I was listening to him and not to God and I felt that everything I had gone through with God was for nothing and that my life was worth absolutely nothing in Gods eyes. I saw my salvation slipping away that's how bad and low I felt spiritually. That's why I had to act and re-commit my life to Him again. This morning was awesome after I re-committed myself to Him again, I feel re-born all over again. I also feel that I had not lost Him but it was just Satan's lies, but I feel stronger for my renewal and re-dedication to our Lord Jesus. I thank and praise His holy name for the reassurance that I had not fallen from the path or given up on God and I praise His name for showing me how much of a lying, cheating, stealing force Satan really is. I thank God for not giving up on me and for still loving me, when I was almost reaching rock bottom. Don't let life or Satan get you down, we have to remain with faith in Gods promise that everything will be fine and He is big enough to truly see us through to the end and that no problem is to big for Him to handle. God is our only true source of life so let's keep focussed on Him and who He really is, and our position in Christ's family.
With love from the unreached people and the poor of SE Asia.

Today's World Christian News

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