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Our World Christmas Parties

For the Poor 2004

This year we are holding three parties.  The first is in India, where our friend and colleague Pastor Daniel who is holding the Party in a colony of abandoned lepers, men, women and children. " There will be 375 people and we taking food and clothes. There will a worship team coming with us to sing and lead the worship. I will deliver the message and pray for the sick. I am taking 10 Bible students with me to taste it. When we went to see their situation we saw that most of them had lost their body parts and were too pathetic to see. The smell of human flesh made us vomit and we could not stay longer."

The next party is in Chaing Mai, Thailand where our friend Gareth Lavell will be celebrating the coming of Jesus with 200 or more people in a Shan slum.  The Shan are a very neglected, unwanted minority tribe. Gareth is also going in to the local children's cancer ward where little ones and their parents spend months hoping for the best. Our friend George Purkweri in the war zone of north Uganda will be bringing at lest 300 orphans, widows, AIDS and war victims, blind, disabled and paralysed people together to hear the meaning of Christmas, to give them hope, a good meal, music and celebration with the offer of long term care from the local churches.

As a family we choose to celebrate with the poor instead of spending our money on parties and presents at home, especially at this time of year when people in the West spend millions of pounds on unwanted gifts and fill their diaries with every kind of party. Let Jesus be the reason for the season and Christmas be an opportunity to put Isaiah 58,5-9 into action. Why not do the same for the poor people where you live or Sponsor A Party with us in the developing world ?
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Free Christian Book
At 80 years of age senior minister Eric Maddison has released a treasury of wisdom proven throughout a lifetime of pastoral counselling. Pastor Eric has been a blessing to our lives for over 25 years and his book is not to be missed at any price - but for free . . wow !
Les and Pilar, the editors
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Every writer covered in prayer

Thank you very much for the newsletter. It is very good and I share it with my prayer group. Please know that even from the southernmost part of the world we pray for every missionary and every written request.
Alberto Grosso, Piedra Buena.


Ready to help you

If anyone needs prayer support or any other help, including my coming to see you, to be part of counselling groups and speak about the love of God in Jesus Christ, I am ready. Wherever it may be, I'll go.  May Jesus bless you!
Samuel Halley Balbino Carlos

Central African Republic

Testing times for the Pygmy work

Certain jealous villagers have been persecuting the Pygmy brothers, ill-treating and beating them viciously. Benjamin, who leads the work, reported this to the police who imprisoned those involved. This, however, caused an uproar in the village. We lost a Pygmy brother to a serious form of leprosy but we were able to bring the others suffering from the disease to Bangui, where they received the treatment. We have begun a work caring for 15 orphans and are setting up a poultry project to support it.  We have almost completed the foundations of the Mission Training Polytechnic, and are awaiting the start of the dry season to start putting up the walls.
Anatole Banga, Nations en Marche


Memories that live with us forever

In my country, during the Pinochet regime, over 35,000 people were tortured; the latest government has just received sworn statements  from survivors. As I believe in Jesus I am sure He could never approve such practices, so I wanted to let you know about this. No one should suffer such atrocities and many of those who did now believe in the Lord.
Mrs Ema Ortega, Viña del Mar


Pastors go to rescue of drug addicts

We run a charity to provide shelter and food to young drug addicts. If you would like to know more about this difficult task of deliverance, evangelism and ministry that Jesus does for us, please write.
Edgar Diaz R., Cundinamarca -Soacha

DR Congo

In massacres God saved and called me

I am now studying at Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology and my goal is to reach 14 ethnic groups in the north-east of my country who do not have the Gospel. I am greatly challenged to be involved in the Great Commission. My country, the DRC is in serious economical, political, social crisis after the terrible ethnic conflict. I was a victim but God protected me although many of my brothers and sisters were savagely slaughtered. But in the midst of such crisis, God wants me to serve him. Please pray for me. I am married and have three children.
Kile Dino Mozart, Bunia

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Church and homes burned down

"I may face some troubles on the coming days, and may be arrested as the police are not satisfied about the escape of a girl from a forced conversion to Islam 3 years ago back to Christianity and our church. I expect a visit from the police and they may search my office and computer. The police eyes are focused upon me, my friends and our activities and they may arrest us at any time. There was another clash between Muslims and Christians in Beni-Suif and 11 Christians were killed."


"Last night, the Muslims in Mankateen, our village in El Minia south of Cairo, attacked the new church in a movement called "El Gehad" (Jihad). After the 7pm "El Esha Prayer" they came to our new church building carrying gasoline and succeeded in burning the church down and then they burned a pharmacy of a Christian doctor and burned another believer's car. Then they turned to Christians' houses near the church to destroy and burn everything. We are not sure at the moment of how many victims there are." Name withdrawn for security reasons.

§ The writer of these two e-mails is a young Christian leader who is our close colleague in the Arabic speaking world. We have not heard from him since last week. You may wish to politely write to the Egyptian Embassy  in your country to protest this violence which goes unattended by the police.
Les and Pilar, the editors.


Unreached peoples in Rome

I distribute evangelistic literature and small croissants to Bangladeshis and other foreigners who eke out a living selling merchandise in the metro station. There are quite a few Wolof speakers from Senegal and Arabic speakers from North Africa. I have booklets in Arabic and a few tapes in Wolof.
Andrew Diprose, Rome


Miracles bring many to faith

Despite the Communist authorities' best efforts, hundreds of people in Laos are turning to Jesus, many of them after they have witnessed a healing in Jesus' name. The Government is doing its best to intimidate Christians with jail and severe punishment to prevent the Gospel spreading further. Church buildings were closed, but many brave Christians continue to meet in them. The indigenous missionaries have authority over demons and many miracles open the people's hearts for God. The churches in Laos are growing faster than they have done for many years, and even the most determined government cannot stop that.

From FridayFax free in English. Subscribe by blank e-mail


Called to be missionaries to Korea

God has put a burden in our hearts to minister to North Korean defectors. Please pray that God will provide us a way to go and a missionary visa and support.
Pastors Julie and Charity Bermejo, Bayawan City


Let your PC speak the gospels - Free !

World English Bible        Spanish Bible
Click on any chapter of the four Gospels.  It works best if you're using RealPlayer as your default MP3 player, because then you'll hear the spoken Word right away!
Bob & Cheryl Hosken, Moscow

Sierra Leone

A village called “There is no god”

Indigenous missionaries in Sierra Leone looking for places unreached by the Gospel discovered a village called “There is no god.” The name spoke of such hopelessness that they immediately made plans to take the Gospel to this Islamic, occult and juju stronghold. The village chiefs and elders have given the missionaries permission and they started off by taking care of physical needs. The missionaries are determined to see the village change its name.
From FridayFax free in English Subscribe by blank e-mail.

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Special Feature
Money for Nothing ?

Do NOT to ever reply to unsolicited e-mails particularly from West Africa and the Middle East, although they could be from anywhere these days, that offer you large amounts of money for you or your church or mission.  They are all well known frauds.

Do NOT respond to official looking e-mails from your bank, credit card or any bank asking you to confirm account details - it is 'phishing' - the e-mail is not from your bank, it is a clever hi-tech scam.

Do NOT reply to unsolicited e-mails that tell you have won a European Lottery - you have not.

Do NOT ever reply to unsolicited e-mails asking for your help, your address or your name and bank account to help people from overseas to obtain visas to your country.
Many Christians and Pastors have lost significant amounts of money already, please be wise and do not allow yourself to fall into the hands of international gangs of criminals.

"I have been receiving this type of e-mails offering millions of dollars but I could understand by the Holy Spirit that those letters are false. My friend sent $3000 four months back and still he did not receive any information from them. His total family is suffering now."
SB, India

"I have been conned out of US $3700. I wanted to minister in the US. It was a con. I organized to raise the money they asked for, sacrificed for it, fasted for it, borrowed from friends but now I am lamenting, crying, frustrated and confused.  Help me in prayer, I have no reward."
W.M. Kenya

"I had an e-mail from Nigeria telling me they will send $50,000,000 to help poor people. I replied and I got a phone call to come to Amsterdam Airport to clear the sending and to pay the administration fees. I told them that I don't have the money so without one further word they put the phone down."
RS, Switzerland.

"We have lost $300 which was for a person to attend a Pastors Conference in USA. We are not able to afford but we did this to introduce our ministry. But they deceived us. We have learnt a great lesson."
KM, Pakistan

"These criminals are devils in human clothing. I have been cheated, robbed of $26,000 and placed into a  financial pit because of these frauds and spam criminals from Africa, offering great donations to my work here in our country. They use theological terms and Christian phases in order to capture their prey, mostly innocent Christians. They mask themselves as Christians and offers large sum of money but are really emptying and drying your pocket and bank account."
M.S., Suriname

 Free Bible School Materials    Money Forum


United Kingdom

OSCAR's December front page

What is the Ministry of Encouragement ?
Alternative Christmas gifts
From a pig or a goat, to a mosquito net or a bed.
How do you decide to do mission work overseas ?

Cheap phone calls to missionaries this Christmas
Mike Frith, One Stop Missions Advice

United States

Billy Graham predicts that . .  .

One of the next great moves of God is going to be through believers in the workplace. is launched

This is a one-stop evangelism training website filled with information, articles and other important resources to help you turn the world upside down with the Gospel. As you apply what you learn, you will  decrease the size of Hell and increase the population of Heaven. Leading someone to Jesus Christ is the most exciting thing you will ever do!
Jamie Morgan, The Soul Winner's Devotional

Only one life, it will soon be past.

"Only what's done for Jesus will last."
Missionary pioneer C.T. Studd

Over 4000 audio/video sermons can be downloaded and reproduced freely but cannot be resold.
The brilliant David Wilkerson section

Bible Gateway opens for you

Bible Gateway is a free service for reading and researching scripture online, in the language and with many Bible translations to choose from and compare.

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