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Crossing the world to India
We are more than grateful for God's faithfulness because we are on the way to India. It has not been easy but we have moved by faith leaving our work and our home while expecting the miracle of God's provision, and He was faithful. Now we have to face all that it means to make our home in North India and we know that God will have a few surprises for us.
Julio y Noemi Vallejos, 30, Buenos Aires

Abdul read entire NT in one night !
On a hot day in 1983, Tom, a missionary on his way home in a rickshaw, saw a young man on the side of the road, and asked him if he wanted a ride. The young man, Abdul, had been through a tough time, including being locked in his room, solitary confinement, beatings, death threats and suicide attempts, because he had questioned the Koran. He went home with Tom, who gave him a Bible. When he returned home, Abdul read the entire New Testament in one night. John 3:17 astonished him, because it told him that God does not damn people but save them. That very night, he opened his heart to this God! One week later, he had read the entire Bible. His salvation was the start of the most dynamic present-day evangelistic movement in an Islamic nation, currently numbering hundreds of thousands of Muslims now following Isa, and around 10,000 who are baptised each month.
From Joel News with permission, subscribe at:

Reaching out to the Professionals
After 20 years in Argentina in full-time Christian work reaching out to the professionals and decision-makers I have now been home for two years. Our Professional Impact movement started with five people and we are now 40 with four different groups at work. In our recent conference 762 people came and 178 decided to follow Jesus. I am very convinced that we can sell the seeds of faith in Christ among the leaders of my country, promoting the principles and values that Jesus taught.
Delma Lopez B., 45, Santa Cruz.

Are you in Morocco?
Morocco is a country that is in my heart and I want to go there, so I am looking for contacts.
Marcos Santos, 43, Rio de Janeiro.

§ Hi Marcos, I think it will be good for you to contact Arise Shine Morocco because they are the experts when it comes to Morocco. The e-mail is here
Les Norman.

Jesus heals 10 years of stomach pain
Many think that Jesus forgives their sins and makes demons flee but they don't believe fully that He heals all sorts of illnesses. A member of my church testified on the day of his water baptism that his stomach had been healed after 10 years of illness. The doctors had tried their best to heal him but nothing was happening. One day he prayed to God - the God who took all our sicknesses with Him to the Cross of Calvary - and he received complete healing.
Pasteur Niyongabo Felix, Bujumbura

Church grows from 70 to 5,000 in 3 years
The city of Guilin, Guangxi with its unusual cliffs, has become a symbol of China's beauty, spiritually, though, Guangxi was until recently a desert. Idol worship was the normal religion, and the few Christians could not imagine revival. Now, though, the light of the Gospel is burning brightly, and the churches are growing rapidly. Only 3 years ago, a house church in one region had 70 members; today, it has 5,000! The movement is led by a middle-aged couple; he is a simple and uncomplicated man, she a strong character and conscientious. They were both expelled from the state church in 1998, so started a house church, where they met, sitting on the floor in simple surroundings. Signs and wonders started to happen: the lame walked, the deaf heard, and people were healed of cancer. Everyone in the area recognized the believers' love for one another.
From Joel News, with permission.
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Our Christmas with fishing families
On Christmas Eve we got on the train and went to a coastal village to take boxes of toys to the children of the fishermen who are the only inhabitants of this remote place. To see the faces of those kids was a beautiful experience. I can send you photos.
Iván Castro Rodelo, 39, Barranquilla.

Committed to World Missions
We want to encourage and strengthen missionaries and their families who have left everything to follow Jesus, allow us to share both your difficult and your good days, write in Spanish please.
Claudio Carrillo, 28, El Dorado Meta.

El Salvador
Planning to go to Turkey
I am a graduate in missions and working for a national missions agency. Next in November I want to go to Adana in Turkey for a month and would like to contact anyone who can receive me there.
Rufino Amílcar Hernández Linares, 35, Soyapango.

6 villages, 6 meetings, 600 souls follow Christ.
At one village 250 people came for the first public meeting ever in that village where we now have 30 people coming to worship under a tree as they don't have a place. Sixty Buddhists accepted Jesus as their Lord and God. When the call for prayer was given people were running towards me for prayer and a touch form the Lord. We also blessed 10 widows with new clothes and also fed 600 people with rice and chicken curry.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala.

Something very bad has happened.
Not long ago, I wrote you about the 60 new believers in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh who were threatened with death if they did not return to Hinduism. And we all thanked God when He answered our prayers and the Christians were spared. Now, for the first time in our 26-year history the place where that church was meeting has been forcefully taken over by radical Hindus and defiled as a temple. Local officials have done nothing and the leader of the Hindus is threatening a massive, village-by-village campaign to force Christians to convert back to Hinduism. As you can see, Satan is not going to give up easily in the fight for these precious souls. And yet the enemy is no match for the power of prayer. Latest news here
K.P. Yohannan, Founder & President, Gospel for Asia

An Iranian Pastor is stabbed to death
Pastor Ghorban Tori, 50, an Iranian converted to Christianity, was kidnapped and stabbed to death, leaving a wife and 4 children. The secret police then raided all the houses belonging to other Christians in the town, then arrested and seriously tortured 10 other Christians who now have been released. All the unofficial churches have been told that their days are numbered.
From Open Doors

Get your nets ready for a great catch
This is high time to wish every child of God a happy new year and good planning for 2006 in the field of God. Let us get in with new strength and knit our nets to be ready for a great catch as fishers of men. We need to get into 2006 with fervent prayer knowing that our weapons are not earthly made. Let us not be afraid.
George Mkandawire, 32, Lilongwe.

§ To see a BBC Photo Album on Malawi click here

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710 Christmas packs for earthquake children
Soon after Christmas I visited our Earthquake Relief Camp in Balakot city to distribute relief packs to 710 children each with a warm jacket, a winter cap, gloves and biscuits. Just $14 each from donations, more are always welcome please. It was to encourage them as well as to show them the love of Jesus. Most of the children were Muslims.

Pastor Muqaddam Zia, P.O. Box - 663, Faisalabad
Tel. 0092-300-6646727; Fax. 0092- 41-8711269

Our Jungle Bible Schools
In January, February and March we will be running Bible schools for native children and young people in the jungles of Peru for the Huitoto, Bora and Shipibo Conibo peoples.
Javier Barrios Medina, 23, Lima.

Collection of 50 creation videos - free
For all the Christians around the world I can offer you my creationist videos free of charge to help you reach out to the sceptics and post-modern rationalists. These videos have been done by various PhD experts such as Dr. David Menton, Dr. Charles Jackson and other Christian scientists/creationists. If anyone can help me with a video projector than I can make good use of a big-screen for the young people here.
Bruno Yauli, 35, Arequipa.

Twenty fours ago we arrived in Burkina Faso . .
We are with the Remar missionaries who have welcomed as into their home and are treating us with exceptional Christian love. This whole overflow was with a genuine humility, goodness and such an example of living the others that we are already deeply impacted. Not only do they welcome and adopt kids with AIDS and other terrible sicknesses as their own children but they are organising and giving support to thousands of people across the length and breadth of Burkina. We have never seen anything like this! We feel that we are witnessing a demonstration of that true love that gives to others without expecting anything in return. When you see the unconditional love of Jesus at work amongst the people you know what is happening but is so difficult to explain with words. In the next few days we are going to take a bus that has been converted into a mobile hospital out to the poorest of villages, already we have seen nothing like it anywhere. But now it has been all that we can take to see the faces of these missionaries and the sacrifice they make for the desperately poor people they are reaching. I think for the first time we are seeing the words of Jesus being fulfilled when he said that there is no greater love than the love that gives its life for others.

Drs. Ángel, Abigail, David y María,
Equipo Medico de Salud Integral, Barcelona.
Contact Us

§ if you are a doctor, nurse or in the medical profession you might be interested in joining this new movement which without any doubt at all is going to be a great blessing throughout the world in days to come. We have committed ourselves to support them in any way that we ever can. You can see some photos in this full report even though you may not understand the Spanish.  They did a fantastic job in Burkina treating and praying for 150 poor people a day and taking gospel meetings at night.
Les and Pilar.

How can we bless you ?
How could you work together with us ?
We are soldiers in the same army, in the same battle of faith, serving Christ together. We all know how many difficulties and sufferings there are in this calling that we have received as a glorious gift from our Lord. In the beginning of 2006 our prayer from the bottom of our hearts is that you might be healed of all the physical and emotional wounds of the years gone by and that the Holy Spirit will pour out God's ointment of love on your life. May the Lord give you all the consolation that you need and may you be strengthened in the faith and in the power of Him who overcame everything for us. We are certain that in the year ahead that the Lord will take us on from victory to victory, from triumph to triumph, from power to power, and from glory to glory and we pray for you that you will receive even greater Grace and that the fruit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit may be multiplied in your life. We are here to serve you in any way that we can.

Miguel and Mari Carmen Diez, the founders,
REMAR International, Madrid and 30 nations worldwide
Contact Us

Our Christmas with the Unreached Peoples

We put on a street party in housing estate about 75 people turned up. Then we had our orphaned children's party with over 80 kids and almost 120 adults. We had a mime group, a cultural Thai dance group, a tambourine dance group and Christian worship in Thai for the people. The we also did a big event in the Shan people slums and many of the kids were involved in telling part of the story of the birth of Christ. I am also thinking of maybe having a New Year celebration event on Taipei Road in Chiang Mai where there are thousands of people passing by and where the Shan and every Hilltribe group is trying to make a living.
Gareth Lavell, Chaing Mai.

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A Christmas beyond our expectation . . .

God graced the celebration of the birth of His son Jesus as we celebrated this years Christmas with 300 poor or lame, blind people, and lepers, people with deformity and swollen bodies, the mentally ill, paralyzed, deaf, epileptic people and AIDS widows, orphans. Friends offered five vehicles to transport these poor people from the refugee camps to my home where we had a party. We served Coca Cola and cooked a whole bull to show God’s true love for the lowly people. These people went back praising God and the whole town was surprised to see the poor rejoicing and praising God in different vehicles. One journalist said ‘this is a true religion’. It was a surprise to the civic leaders and a lesson to the rich who have all, but are mean with their riches, and a great challenge to the religious leaders in Lira. One church leader saw and learned and went himself to five camps to bless 150 orphans with books, pens, soap and one plate each. Thanks for this great blessing to Uganda.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

You can do it when you want to!
Under the banner of With Christ You Can Do It we were able to bless six poor districts in Paysandu by taking clothes, food and shoes to 500. It is our dream to do a lot more to rescue children from hunger and prostitution.
Pastor Juan Carlos Laurino, 51, Paysandú.

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The Last Word for Today . . .

To the Pastor who said that his church
is no house for the homeless . .
For me it is totally astonishing that anyone would say that churches are not houses for people in need. What happened to Christ command to feed the hungry, give a drink to the thirsty and clothe the naked? What happened to that command to be hospitable and help others, beginning with the brothers and sisters of our faith? People who are in need ought to be able to find help in a church or have we church people become so saturated with blessings that we have forgotten what it is like to send out an SOS?

How easy it is to give something to someone and so quiet our consciences. How easy it is to tell yourself that because you give to missions once a year that is enough to fulfil the law of love! It is so sad but all too true that when people prosper financially they forget how painful it was when they themselves were in need in days gone by.

How quickly hearts become hard and we look down on people who have urgent needs. And if we give them something just once, we say that will have to do. But meanwhile who will relieve the hunger of the family that cannot buy food? Clothe the ragged? Who will give a room to the people with nowhere to go, and especially to believers who find themselves where they never wanted to be. How can the churches ever cease to be one family for those in need?

One day the Lord impressed upon me that our churches are to be a kind of Intensive Care Unit where the sick, the wounded, the anguished, those in debt and the poor in spirit might come and find hope and light. Just remember who God brought to David when he was in Adullam’s cave, they were the poor, those in debt and the distress, people made bitter by society's rejection, cast outs in the eyes of the world.

Nevertheless David understood that his mission was to take these men and women and turn them into people with value, integrity, faith and purpose in their lives. This is exactly what God wants his ministers to be doing, getting hold of lives that have been destroyed and building them into a better future. It will be these people who once they have been healed that will have the faith to heal others, and to set the oppressed free, open the eyes of the blind, clothe the naked, feed the hungry and give a bed to the needy.

How easy it is for churches just to have programs to attract the people with money, and how easy it is for people to think only in their own prestige and reputation but to forget that the most important thing of all is to love our God and our neighbour. What will it ever matter if we build a great empire and then when we arrive in the presence of God we feel ashamed that we never used what we had to reach out to those in genuine need. Why do not we feel ashamed now at how comfortable our Christianity has become?

Years ago I often asked the Lord why my own life was so difficult and he impressed upon me that I would never understand how a hungry person feels if I always had my cupboard full. Until my own shoes had holes in them and my clothes came from the second-hand shop I would never understand how the people who know nothing else feel about this. Until I struggled to pay the rent I would never know what it feels like not to be able to pay the rent at all. And so on. These days I give thanks to God for having lived all of these things and for the way He brought me through in victory. How much I long to get back to the original ways of the early Church where the believers loved each other unconditionally and everyone shared with each other until there were no needy people left amongst them.
Pastor Ana Aviles, San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

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