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Comment from John Coles
The leader of the New Wine movement in the UK
I have found the amount of media interest on the death of this Pope almost incredible. He has been known as being highly ‘conservative’ in his views on personal sexual morality (for which we might read biblical in most cases!). Yet he has been lauded by a liberal media a great Pope! It is as though when the media understands, and almost longs for, a clear voice of spiritual and moral leadership to be heard. There seems to be a deep respect for the lead that the Pope has given. Perhaps that should be an encouragement to us all not to be ashamed of our views, but to keep restating what Christians have always believed, with the same grace, even winsomeness, that the Pope had. At the same time lets pray for the election of the new Pope, that he would be someone similarly committed to biblical morality, and as welcoming of renewal as the Pope John Paul has been. I don’t think this latter aspect of his papacy has had much mention in the media but I believe that the reception and use of Alpha by many Catholics around the world has been because of the Pope’s views.

§ Despite all the doctrinal differences that separate Christendom we here do have thousands of Catholic readers worldwide, and who are real people with feelings, views and a faith.  The least we want to do is to weep with those who weep. As is the case in many of our historical protestant churches some Catholic people know the Lord and walk with Him, many others especially those outside of Europe, love a God they hardly know and are on a journey and want to be guided, yet others know only the Church. So we share the sadness of many in the passing of Pope John Paul II, a remarkable man in the Roman Catholic tradition who stood by the poor of the world, and who never swerved from the Bible's view of the priceless value of human life. For news coverage and articles Time Magazine last week was superb.
Les and Pilar.

How fragile life is!
These days I have been following the last hours of the Pope, John Paul II, and realised how fragile life is and how close we all are to death. Brothers and sisters, let's live every day as the last day of our lives, bearing in mind that after we die we will be accountable before the author of our lives -and we will either be rewarded with eternal life or face perpetual condemnation.
Carlos Cortes Perez, Barranquilla, Colombia

The World News follows  . . .



Amazon - Venezuela
God is working in my boys . .

'I want to say something. I can tell you something. I want to be a believer. All you teach reaches my very core. I do not want to keep on mulling over this; I do understand what Christ did on the cross. Help me to believe it', said Gabriel, a child who gave his life to Jesus yesterday. There were two other children in the group: 'I always think upon what you talk about God's words to me, and I have no words; so, the more I ponder about it, the more I believe it is true. But I am afraid of saying yes to God. I am afraid of letting Him down. I am afraid of arriving in Parima and doing things people pressure us to do. I have five brothers; they all say are believers but behave quite badly. I do not want to be like them. I want to live a good life. I want to be happy', said Acaya. God is working in the hearts of my boys. Please, keep us firmly in your prayers.
Musme Apóstol, missionary to the Yanomami.

Together for the unreached . .
We actively support the churches in evangelism and discipleship especially amongst the Quechuas, Aimaras and Guaranis. God has given us the Jesus film, the NT as an audio drama, and audiovisual materials for children.
Eloy Mollo, Santa Cruz,

On my way to Niger . .
I am going with World Horizons, Brazil, and would like to make contacts with churches and pastors in Niger. If anyone would like to support me in prayer I'll tell you more.

Anyone got a projector on the shelf ?
Hello Les, I am working with videos and the Jesus film in towns and country, supported by my church and with very good results. The problem is that we need to hire the equipment. If anyone has a projector, even a second-hand one please contact us.
Angelica Ruiz, Temuco

Do you need us in Germany ?
My wife and I are pastors by the grace of God, If you are in Germany and need us, please contact us.
Mario Guiñez, Santiago

 Costa Rica
Who needs me in Europe?
I am training as a pastor at a Christian University. I am an industrial engineer from Peru, aged 50, married to Monica and have two teenage children. I am interested in being a self supporting missionary in Spain or Europe and would like to get in touch with either a missionary agency or a church that needs our support. In me and my family, you will find a good Christian team.
Eduardo Nuñez M, Costa Rica.

§ Hi Eduardo: It is not just Spain, but also all of Europe needs a faith and a dedication like yours. Come in the time and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. From England, a big hug of encouragement in Christ,

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Can I have your leadership training ?
Dear Les, our local church just started a Bible School for some of the gifted members to serve as pastors in the future. We shall be very grateful if we can use your Leadership Modules for their training. What are the conditions of use?
Daniel C.Patrick, World Christian Revival Evangelism, Accra.

§ Hello Daniel, you can download all the modules from this page The Word version is easier to print than the html version. Go ahead, take all you want free of charge, give copies free of charge except for the cost of making the copy, you can copy just one or two lessons at a time to keep expenses down for the students if you wish. If you look at the FAQS page and then the Diploma page you will know how to issue valid diplomas. I will help you in any way that I ever can, just ask.

Global Christian Trends
39,000 Christian denominations in the world
They range from several million to fewer than 100 members in all 238 nations. They can be divided into six megablocks: 1. Roman Catholics - 1.119 billion; 2. Independents - 427 million; 3. Protestants -376 million; 4. Orthodox - 220 million; 5. Anglicans - 80 million; 6. Marginals - 34 million. The Independents, comprised of independent and post-denominational Christians, are the fastest-growing group, and already make up 20% of the world Christian population. Christianity is currently growing fastest in China, with an estimated 10,000 new believers each day. Status of Global Mission, Todd M. Johnson & Prof. David Barrett, based on 10 million questionnaires in 3,000 languages.
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Translations Spanish - English
Mayra Ramírez is an English-Spanish translator and she can do some translations for you. She is married to a pastor who teaches at a seminary.
Contact Mayra

People here worship idols . .
Especially Christians are facing persecution here so pray for freedom to preach the word of God. In Orissa we don't have a Bible School so I am praying to start one in July to send people to establish churches for His kingdom.
Pastor Ajmad Ati Missal, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Tsunami kids and lepers restart life because of Jesus . . .
Dear Les and DCI family, Thank you so much for the gift for the Tsunami orphans at Kulachal. We bought food, new mats, pillows, clothes and plates and have opened a Mercy Home for these kids and hope God will provide every need for them. Were you able to find anyone to help these kids monthly ? Last Saturday we had the 4th meeting for the 100 women and 75 men lepers from the Christmas mission. They are asking for a regular weekly service and now some want Bibles. With coffee and a biscuit they are very happy. I am sure we will see a lot of them in heaven.

Pastor Daniel, Voice of the Gospel, Kerala.

§ Daniel, I just found someone and we will join with them so these poor kids are not going to be disappointed. Isn't the Lord good, all the time ?

The sights in my promised land
Evangelism for the Arabs Ministry here told me that during the last Ramadan, 145 of them handed out New Testaments in Milan. When the Arabs were leaving their meetings, many said "I always wanted to have one of those". Some even asked for more, whilst others would not accept them. In February, the Catholic Church organised a national congress on exorcism. Why? Because of there are over 700 Satanism sects in this country with about 100.000 members between 18 and 30 years old. Now, that's something to pray about, isn't it? The best news this month was that the Lord allowed me to lead two Swiss women to His feet.
Margarita Macazaga, from Argentina.

Church planting by helicopter and GPS
Forty new churches have already been planted among the 2.4-million- strong Betsiminsaraka people group in the island's dense rain forest. Teams of four evangelists fly to their starting point by helicopter, from where they travel by foot for two weeks through difficult and sometimes dangerous terrain, planting new churches and strengthening existing ones. Two weeks later, the helicopter picks them up, often hundreds of miles from their starting point. Source Dawn Africa
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Pastor forced to leave country
The South African pastor of the only English-language Protestant church in Marrakech was given a few days official notice to leave Morocco. He had been the subject of an article in a fundamentalist publication in which he was falsely accused of evangelistic activities and despite the fact that another Moroccan publication publicly refuted the allegations, he and his whole family were forced to leave. Their departure will leave a big hole in the family of God in that city.
Arise Shine Morocco Prayer Bulletin 54

Excited ? You bet we are !
A friend of ours here made the greatest decision recently, and this afternoon we're going to begin your course together - him in Arabic, and myself in English, but talking in a mixture of the two! We'll begin with lessons 21-40 - the basic Discipleship course and maybe then go back to lesson 1. I just thought you'd be excited to know that a Moroccan is about to begin using the materials!
Name withdrawn for security reasons

§ This is what we dream about having spent years putting the Free Bible School into many languages including Arabic. Excited, you bet we are!
Les and Pilar.

Obstetrician wants to go into missions
I am 28 years old and about to graduate as an Obstetrician, a profession our Father has given me to serve Him. I want to serve Him in missions and if you need me please contact me.
Rose Mary Melèndez, Cusco.

This health centre goes to the people
Apart from the health programmes we are involved in, we care for 67 children with meals, health care and teaching support. Please, pray for this small project we are doing with our own money. I can send you photos and information.
Manuel Salvador Rosado, Rioja. San Martín.

Are you in Qatar ?
Please let me know because I am planning to visit Qatar soon.
Eliomar Alexander Sucre, Mérida, Venezuela

Micro-vision goes national. . .
I visited the Aduku Bank for the Poor scheme and discovered that their performance has challenged the Government of Uganda greatly. The Government sent a fact finding mission to analyse the success of this micro-credit scheme. Their report after meeting our poor widows and their leaders was so good that they want to adapt our strategies and philosophy of banking for the poorest. I really thank God for the way you gave birth to this vision which is now becoming a national vision for Uganda.

Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

§ Thank you George, it is nice to be a link in the chain from heaven to Lira but as the Bible says, it wasn't Paul, and it wasn't Apollos but it was God who gave the increase, and for the sake of Uganda and poor, suffering Africa may the Lord give a lot more yet.

 Free Bible School Materials    Money Forum

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 United Kingdom
Teenagers upfront and leading . . .
Our College Christian union has been running since last October. It's something that we had been wanting to start up since we became Christians and it was quite strange how it all came together so easily last year, when we'd spent the years before trying to organise one without seeing any results. Three new Christian teachers came to help out and pray for us, before didn't know one. The first CU was really nerve-racking as we had never led anything before. To be honest we were expecting 5 people and we nearly had a nervous breakdown when around 20 people walked in. There were only 4 Christians among us. We just shared our testimonies and told them all without any reserve how insane we are about Jesus and how much we love him and how we've given him our lives. You could really feel the Holy Spirit in the room. I think people were a little shocked at what we were saying but now 30 people attend every week. We have been able to pray for people and see them open up to God and 5 young people have become Christians but somehow we are not satisfied, and probably won't be until we see all 1500 pupils on fire for God, living for him and being totally passionate about a relationship with him. If you could please pray for us and the CU we'd be so grateful as we have a huge heart for the school and to see it saved. We've basically just told God that we're not leaving until He's made an impact through us. So if we're still there by the age of 40 you'll know why. It sounds quite impossible, but one thing I've learnt is that if God can bring out a CU out of nowhere, then he can do all the above and more.
Lizzie and Rebecca, Bingham, England.

§ This is our daughter and her friend, just 16 and 17 years old. To see a live CU emerge just like this one has in secular Britain this is a move of God which everyone is watching very carefully and no-one would dare to interfere with. Pray for the girls and for the school, this is maybe the only way many of the kids will ever hear about God's love for them.
Les and Pilar.

Tribe to tell their story through music and song . .
SIt's a long journey from Dar Es alaam, Tanzania to this little time-untouched mud hut village, and I'm not simply referring to miles! Two years ago we spent time with the people of Mnase to learn something of their life. At the time they were entering a period of drought and famine as the rains had failed to come and they did not know how they would cope in the coming months. Our way to help is to record them telling their story and sharing their lives through music and song. We in the West can learn much from their life and be blessed by their music, they will receive 100% of the profit made on selling the CD's. All this depends on whether our recording equipment will work with no electricity, and in very hot weather, dust and wind. For many reasons, things may not go as planned and ask you to join with us to pray for this venture, our protection and most of all for the people of Mnase.
Martin and Rebekah Neil, Northumbria Community.
Is this news voyeurism ?
I edit the Good News website and have recently made statements regarding what I consider to be news voyeurism. You might be interested in taking a look here
Howard Dobson, Bedale, UK

 United States
Free $2,000 worth of Bible Study E-Books
Concordances, Dictionaries, Naves Topical, Spurgeon, Andrew Murray, Dwight L, Moody Owens, all on a CD Rom. You may print them, but they must not be sold. Just send me your mailing address.
Dr. Robert A Schwarz, Arvada, Colorado, USA
Contact the writer

Amazing grandmother impacted by Burkina Faso
I am finally fulfilling my life long dream to travel to other countries, to live with the people to learn about their culture and to share my own, and somehow find a way to contribute to make life better for others. I have just returned from a visit to Burkina Faso visiting schools, orphanages and churches there and in Ghana. I learned that the greatest needs are for the leaders to learn to speak English, to dig wells and to support orphanages. Could the youth of your area participate in a project to bring wells to Burkina. See the Walking for Water page. Do you have contacts for me to go to Ouagadougou to teach English? Burkina Faso really has a beautiful people in poverty and our countries have the solution.
Sheryl A. Bailey, Lebanon, NH.

Today's World Christian News

The Last Word . .

Planting and watering are menial servant jobs at minimum wages.
What makes them worth doing is the God we are serving.
1 Corinthians 3, 8-9 The Message

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