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Easter with Uganda's Refugees

"The violent death rate is three times higher than in Iraq and the war is costing Uganda $85m a year. All this puts the region in the UN emergency category."
The Guardian newspaper, UK

"Northern Uganda has terrorism of the worst kind anywhere in the world."
UN Humanitarian Affairs chief Jan Egeland.
Full story here

On the Friday evening before the Easter break, Pilar and I sat down to our meal, gave thanks and started to eat. As we did so I began to have unexpected thoughts about the week's work not being finished, which I thought it was. We prayed, "Lord, if there is one more thing left to do, what is it ?" Instantly, and I mean instantly I remembered the camps in Lira that we told you about in the last two editions. See this page How could we eat alone and with a roof over our heads ? I rang our friend of many years George Purkweri in Uganda, and together we organised everything from start to finish, finding funds, money transfers, buying food, transporting it, - the lot in less than 36 hours which is a miracle in itself because Easter is holiday time everywhere.

So we managed to share our Easter Sunday meal with all 1,865 men, women, children and disabled people in one of the smaller refugee camps around Lira, Uganda where we visited last month. Instead of the expecting the people to queue up in the very undignified way which only adds to their emotional misery, we tried to create a atmosphere of worship and prayer to celebrate Jesus being alive and their helper, before the eating took place. It only cost about 30 pence or 40 cents per person, £510 in all, even with a 50% rise in food prices since we were there in March. It was not a banquet for that price but the people were hungry and the food relief trucks still drive by.

How about your family and your friends and your church doing the same for these poor people this month ?

On Monday George e-mailed us to say this, “We had a very good time at the Camp near the Bible School . The people came early for a worship service and after preaching the word Jane gave the food to the camp leader in the presence of everybody. The news reached the whole camp and even those who had not come to the service came out with a lot of joy and thanking God for this miracle. A woman from a Catholic background named Lucy Akello came to us in tears of joy saying she had slept without food for two nights together with her four orphans and she had no hope to feed them. When she saw  food in the camp she said it was like God visiting them. The elders from the camp send back a lot of regards and thanks..”

With some money and with George ready to go, we can do this again and we need to, for Jesus and for these poor people.
Les, Pilar and Lizzie.
Contact Us

§ Alternative methods of sending a gift

Wanted: Editor for these master pages in English.
Voluntary role, must be able at least to read and write in English and Spanish,
must have a heart and call to world mission, be able to work in a team,
and be able to edit text down to size.
Contact Les Norman about this

More time with Les and Pilar  New
Answering your questions in depth



AIDS is real . . .

And it's in our churches

This beautiful and deeply moving book needs to be on every pastor's desk, it needs to be sent as a gift to every pastor in Africa, India, Thailand and wherever AIDS is striking hard. It is written in Africa in plain simple language with rivers of compassion and feeling by two health professionals who have worked with AIDS sufferers and their families for many years. Dismiss the myths, save lives, buy this book and send it to a world of people who die in their thousands every year killed first by ignorance then by AIDS. ISBN 1-59452-026-7 Oasis International or for just Naira 350 which £1.53 or $2 + postage from Africa Christian Text Books
Les and Pilar, the editors.  

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A cry for Europe . .
From the middle of this long lost continent that few remember in prayer, but the reality is that for many years now the Europeans have lived in an unprecedented spiritual coldness. we want to raise an army of intercessors from different countries who will pray together for Europe, for a true and genuine revival. If you would like to be part of this great movement write to me please.
Emanuel Neto, 23, Brussels.

Church already set up in the capital city
Let me share this excellent news that in Thimpu, capital city of the kingdom of Bhutan, there is now one Christian congregation with a pastor. They need your prayers, as this nation has closed doors for evangelism.
From Claide Rodriguez, Bogotá, Colombia.

New School of Mission doing just fine.
We have a class a week and we meet to celebrate Jesus and to eat together which is such a blessing. We have a group of 16, it has increased from 2, from 8 different denominations. The students have learned that we can share the love of Christ and fellowship together in spite of our different church backgrounds. These guys had a wonderfull time, they are one. I know the work to be done is big. There are many souls to be won. My students are overwelmed by the gospel, they want to spread the news, and now we are arranging a city outreach. We want to go to every home, and speak about Jesus. We are all set to move in the direction the Holy Spirit is appointing. This year is a year for harvest, we are going to take this city for Jesus, we are going to empty hell.
Silvana Mara, Pousso Alegre

§ Hi Silvana, It is good to see the increase up to 16 and maybe you have even more by now? The School in Uganda went from 0 to 25 in one week and then to 45 students a week later. Jesus had 12 men in his discipleship school, so you are doing even better! It was always a very great joy for me to have so many different denominations in our School of Mission and to be honest over all the years that we ran with the School, we never had one single problem between the different backgrounds although so many people almost prohesied that we would have unending arguments. It never happned, not once. The men and women were totally united behind Jesus and behind His call to the nations and everything else took second place.
Les Norman.

More time with Les and Pilar  New
Answering your questions in depth

Liking or disliking has nothing to do with it . .
Someone asked a missionary in Africa. Do you ike this work? He repliedy: No. My wife and I do not like the dirt, we do not like crawling into vile huts, through goat droppings, we do not like being with ignorant,filthy, brutish people. But is a man to do nothing for Christ which he does not like to do? God pity such a one. Liking or disliking has nothing to do with it, we have an order to go and we will go. Love constrains us. Such is the drawing power of the cross. We must preach Christ and follow His highest call to the widest and deepest application of love, so that men and women become believers and are delivered from the power of sin, Satan, the world and the flesh. We are commisioned to plant a church in every village in Africa and are looking for men and women who willing to do whatever it takes to extend the glory of God throughout Africa. If not you, who? If not know, when?
Dr Talla Andre, Yaounde.

We miraculously survived a terrorist attack
My wife and I miraculously survived a terrorist attack by paramilitaries, thanks to the hand of the Lord, while we were in a church service in Puerto Asis, Putumayo. Three members of our community were killed and 16 were injured –some seriously. The attack was broadly covered in the press when it took place in September 2004. We want to help the victims, we are ready to tell our testimony wherever we are invited to do so.
Francisco Sevillano Cortes y family, pastors

Ethiopian villagers answer questions live on-line
The BBC arranged a live web link to the village of Moyale which allowed people from all over the world to put questions to local people. fascinating stuff ! You can read what was said here:
BBC Africa Ethiopia Link

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Women play a powerful role in evangelism.
As men go out to work and support the family most of the time women will be at home so we have coordinated the women in the church and formed teams of two who visit and speak about Jesus in 20 homes every day, 2 days a week. They will visit houses, hospitals and other public places with the gospel tracts and scripture portions as well as personal ministry of prayer and counseling. 280 sisters attended a conference for the ladies and we are planning to cover 150,000 houses this year, expecting a harvest of 1000 souls through their ministry.
Pastor Daniel Varghese

Mothers find life tough in prison
Believers Dr. Rebekka Zakaria, Eti Pangesti and Ratna Bangun are in prison for 3 years after being wrongly convicted of attempting to coerce children to change their religion. In a cramped, dirty prison of 437 inmates only 16 are women in 2 cells where they sleep all together on a hard, wood platform with no blankets or sheets and have to pay money to the guards to turn the water on to the toilet in our cell. Rebekka incredibly is allowed to lead a worship service on Sundays in the prison and 35 people from her church are allowed to enter the prison to participate. “This is School of Trust Bible School not a jail,” said Rebekka, “I am not angry at the people who brought the charges against me. I forgive them. I bless them.” Etta has three children and said, “I dream of going home. I am depressed sometimes. I am not angry about being here.” Ratna, with children eight and two said with tears in her eyes, “I miss my children so much.” Urge the Indonesian government to release the three. Source
See the video at Indonesia Watch
From Pembela Ministries, Indonesia.

Everything to do with mission
and Christian work overseas . . .
OSCAR is a brilliant gateway to useful information, advice and resources. Enquire within about everything and generally you will get an answer. Highly recommended (In English only)

They said, send your wife away . . .
I was born in Republic of Togo and came to Nigeria as a bricklayer due to the political instability of my country. I gave my life to Christ in this big town of Lagos, a friend invited me to a church, the friend himself that day had just receive Christ 2 days ago and ask me to go with him. The preacher was speaking of people who worship idols not knowing they are creating problems for themselves not knowing I was an senior idol worshiper from Togo and I came to Lagos with my idol. That day I gave my life to Christ and I personally burned the idol I worshipped. One year later, I was encourage to go for training in a college where I spent three years. I had a problem because my Nigerian wife was not giving me a baby. My family in Togo wanted her out and to give me a wife from Togo who would give them a child. They promised me that the wife they would bring to me would give me a baby boy, and that was my heart desire. So I called on God asking him that because I love my wife and the Bible does not permit this kind of divorce, would He please give me a baby boy so my family will know that my new God is a powerful God. My wife miraculously became pregnant and gave me a bouncing baby boy today called Emmanuel. I promise to serve God all the days of life.
Pastor Daniel, Lagos.

 North Africa
Huge prayer gathering in the desert
Last month around 5,000 believers from more than 20 nations in the Middle East gathered in a huge tent in the desert to pray for several days. Via live internet they were joined by at least 45,000 others in the region. They prayed at the same place where the Desert Fathers lived and prayed in the 4th-5th centuries and asked the Lord to bring His healing and reconciliation to conflicts in Iraq, Israel, Darfur and northern Uganda. It was a vibrant, marvellous time, full of passionate prayer, singing and lots of enthusiastic worship in spite of the heat. All 17 denominations in the host country including Catholics and Orthodox were there. More at IPC and Global Day of Prayer
From Joel News, Holland.

 South Africa
Volunteers for mission welcome
We as missionaries in South Africa and Lesotho, we need short term outreach teams for 1-3 weeks and volunteers for from one to twelve months.
Anton Mostert, 45, Trompsburg.

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Pigs turn poverty into prosperity

Here's a photo of the first pigs that we got for the Shan peoples slum.Our little jeep really stinks but what a wonderful blessing these little pigs will be especially when they are able to breed. These pigs will give these extremely poor refugees from the Shan state of Burma a sustainable income. It was one of my most funniest experinces trying to get them out of the cage into my car and then into the Shan slum pig pen.
Gareth Lavell, Chaing Mai.

§ Brilliant news Gareth, we have pigs too in many of our Banking for the Poor projects, and goats, cows, water buffaloes, chickens in fact we have quite a zoo of our own and like you say when the animals arrive, prosperity for a poor family is just round the corner.
Les and Pilar

More time with Les and Pilar  New
Answering your questions in depth

Number 1 need: training for leaders and workers
In one week we have registered 40 church pastors from the refugee camps for a new School of Mission and more are still applying. They will come to the School one week for intense training and then go back into the camps for 3 weeks with the materials to study and pass on to others, then meet again in the first week of the every month. It will take one year for them to get their diploma. We need some support in term of food like beans to feed the refugee students and I am going to sell off all my chickens to buy some beds and rent a room for them to sleep in during our meeting time.
George Purkweri, DCI Uganda, Lira.

§ 40 students is a lot to handle, George, Jesus only had 12 in his Discipleship School but as the Bible says we who believe in Him will do even greater things. I wish you very well, this is exactly what Lira and North Uganda needs to get the work of God moving again in the region. Do not forget to get the students deeply involved in practical work doing what they are learning and encourage as many as possible to take the same teaching and pass it on to many others, either week by week or by starting a whole new School of Mission when they graduate. Let the word of God spread widely and grow in power, that is where the anointing is. We are ready to learn from your experience and you can be sure that I am waiting, watching and praying with you.

 United Kingdom
Opportunities in international development
We have a Jobs Update and a Survival Guide for gap-year or short-term voluntary work with practical advice and information for anyone volunteering or working overseas, 200 sections and 500 web links. It's all you need to know for preparation, getting there, being there, returning - and ideas for what to do next.  See http://www.wse.org.uk Jobs and volunteering opportunities with practical help in preparation, being there and in career advice.See Christians Abroad  UK Government International Development website  Online short course for International Development
From Les and Pilar

More time with Les and Pilar  New
Answering your questions in depth

The Last Word for Today
Celtic monks travelled as wandering pilgrims seeking the will of God through a life of asceticism, breaking down the last possible barrier between themselves and God - love of their own country - and making a total gift of themselves to God by voluntary exile. When they encountered the heathen, their wholeheartedness made them superb missionaries. But we must not think of this as planned mission endeavour. It was far more haphazard, a by-product essentially of their determination to follow the will of God.
Kate Tristram

§ Recommended reading: The Life of Columban by Jonas. When he left Ireland with 12 companions in around 590, he was nearly 50 years old. Download free and read the full fascinating story here written in the 7th century

Today's World Christian News

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