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Welcome to the 24 November 2004 Edition
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Free Christian Book
At 80 years of age senior minister Eric Maddison has released a treasury of wisdom proven throughout a lifetime of pastoral counselling. Pastor Eric has been a blessing to our lives for over 25 years and his book is not to be missed at any price - but for free . . wow !
Les and Pilar, the editors
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Spain is about to happen

After many long months of waiting Adriana is finally going on an exploratory trip to Valencia, Spain this December until February 8th, 2005. She will be available to any churches willing us to share our vision for the Lord to open more doors to Latin American missionaries to help in the re-evangelisation of Europe. We are interested in the ethnic minorities in Spain and how missionaries can financially support themselves through small businesses.
Jorge and Adriana Zahradnicek, Rosario.


Love is . . . 1 Corinthians 13

74-year-old Dr. Siegfried Buchholz, previously General Director of BASF Austria and now a management coach, translated the famous chapter about love as follows: "If I could speak all of the world's languages and were a perfect communicator, but were unable to love people, I would simply be making noise, not reaching anyone. If you love people, you have patience with them and treat them fairly. You do not permanently point out your own good points, or talk down to others. You speak with people, not to them. If you love people, you can understand their feelings. You do not always seek your own good. You can control your ego, and do not take your frustration out on others. If you love people, you do not hold a grudge, or repeatedly point out their old mistakes. You are not secretly happy when others fall, but rejoice when they are successful. If you love people, you will not give up. You trust them, believe in them, and give them hope and encouragement."
From Friday Fax free in English
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Spanish teaching materials wanted

I teach Spanish to Brazilians, can you tell me where to find materials please?
José Paulo da Silva, Joinville-SC.


Is this the story behind 30,000 new believers a day?

Many people around the globe have heard that China is experiencing a huge revival, some report 30,000 conversions every day. However, only few understand that the seeds for this great revival were laid by the blood of thousands of martyrs who paid a very high price to live for the Gospel. During the Boxer Rebellion over 30,000 Christians were killed. Could the 30,000 who are now saved every day be God's reaction? (Asia Harvest)
From Friday Fax free in English
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Are you in Africa?

Please send me your prayer requests, and if you are a missionary tell me what you are doing. Next year, I am coming to see for myself what the Lord is doing.
Sandra Zambrano, Barranquilla


Anyone interested in refugee children?

These are the Lords children who want to be connected to Christian mothers or fathers. Please write for details and photo.
John Mansaray, Buduburam Refugee Camp, Accra

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Films on the streets

We support the Church to win people for Christ by showing films on the streets all over Latin America, in co-ordination with local churches.
Freddy Francisco Betancourth, Guatemala.


Mission trip to Orissa and Kathmandu

I will be preaching the Word and healing the sick. Back home here in Bangalore two major projects are coming up one is an Old Age Home and another is an Orphanage so could you please uphold me in your prayers for the Lord to bless us with more souls.
Ganesh Chitnis, Bangalore

Mercy Home for mentally sick people.

The inmates are taken from streets and from hospitals and homes or they are found wandering or chained or abandoned by their families. One of our Bible school graduates had a vision from the Lord to take care of this people and offered his land for this ministry. He ,his wife and father as well as mother take care of 14 mental patients in their home. Each one is fed and given medical care. This is the third year of operation. Through the love and care that is given to the patients many have been healed and gone back to normal life. We are not taking any grants from the government as we want this to be a Christian home. We also have a church attached to this home and 38 people come to worship God with these people. We support this home with food and medication. By giving a cow to them they can get milk for the inmates and raise money for the home. It helps the inmates to take care of the cow
Pastor Daniel, Kerala.

§ Daniel, a cow is on its way to you from all your friends at DCI World Christians. We are very happy to support this beautiful ministry to some of the most rejected and unwanted people in the world.
Les and Pilar.


First Malawi School Of Mission Graduates

We sent out one of our missionaries to Malawi and he is doing well with his ministry and the School of Mission there. This was the very first course we ran in Malawi, and the number of future graduates will be grow. In the past several years this 2 Timothy 2.2. G12 style strategy of School of Mission has profoundly influenced the communities, cities and nations of Africa. In December we’re expecting 60 graduates in Nairobi with more graduations in western Kenya.
Paul Lee, Korean Missionary in Nairobi


Healing of a Hindu girl

On our visit to Delhi with Pastor Baburaj, in one of the several deprived areas, there was a Hindu woman with her daughter, who was suffering from pneumonia. We prayer for the girl and her mother, with compassion and tenderness in our hearts. The woman was desperately trying to find a solution as her daughter's death was imminent, and as a last resort, she was attending a Christian church. In India, many people have no access to drinking water, that's why many children become ill and die of viruses, mostly amongst the lower castes and the poor. During all our time in India, the Holy Spirit brought this girl back to our minds and led us to keep praying for her and her mother. On our last day before returning to Mexico, Pastor Baburaj witnessed: "The girl you have prayed for has been healed by God! Now her mother is inviting her Hindu neighbours so that they may know the true God!"
Sarai, Adriana, Joel, Alejandría
School of Transcultural Missions, Monterrey


For me it's France - tell me more

We want to go to Europe, to France in particular, to serve the Lord as missionaries. We have a heart for France and we would pray better if we knew more it's problems and situations. I am a Geography and History lecturer at a Christian school and currently studying English and Theology to better serve the Lord.
Miguel Angel Felix Rodríguez, Panama City

Free Bible School   Free School of Believer's Finances


Shipibo people grasp the vision

We are a small group of Shipibos interested in reaching out to our 150 Shipibo communities, some of which have no church. Our vision is to take the Gospel, train leaders, build churches and win souls for the Lord.
Fermin Muñoz Maynas, Pucallpa

From Europe and Asia ? Welcome !

If you are a minister and want to get to know Peru, contact us. We also provide missionary training for people from Europe and Asia.
Ps. Dr. Esteban Valverde, Huacho

14 new churches from Lima

Since 1986, we have worked through Schools of Missionary Training. Three years ago we set up our own church planting programme. We have founded 14 churches in Peru and other nations. We are operating with 3 missionary works in Pucallpa, in the Peruvian forest. We have also sent a missionary to Germany and a physician is soon to fly to India to set up a church. We need some contacts to make arrangements for missionary cooperation.
Fred Pariasca, Lima,

South Africa

Volunteer workers welcome

We are a ministry involved in missions in Southern Africa and need your prayers. We welcome volunteer workers to come and help us for 1,6 or 12 months. Is there a church who will host us in the UK in 2005 for 1-2 weeks to share our vision and ministry with different churches?
Anton and Zelda Mostert, Trompsburg

United Kingdom

Are you raising personal support . . .

This month's guest article is by Myles Wilson, who gives advice and training on communication, fundraising and raising personal support. Myles poses the question `What is the ideal supporter like?'. If you are needing to raise personal or project support this article will provide you with some good insight.
Mike Frith, OSCAR UK World Mission Information Service

Where are London's Spanish churches ?

Can you tell where I can find the Spanish-speaking churches in London.
Maria del Carmen Pereyra, Spalding, England

Superb new missions website

If you take a look around you will see there are still some gaps which I hope to fill in during the winter. You are welcome to contribute comments, articles, discussion forums, web links yourselves.
John Clements, Wales.

§ This is a really good website, beautifully constructed and presented. Well worth a look. We know John well, you can trust what he publishes and he lives what writes.
Les and Pilar.

When Jesus comes . . .

When Jesus comes, new wine is made from water,
When Jesus comes, the darkness turns to light,
He touches death - it's turned to life eternal,
Weakness to strength and blindness into sight.
Tony, Surrey.

Free Bible School   Free School of Believer's Finances




United States

Are you in Ivory Coast ?

We need to find a missionary who is connected to any believing in Jesus Church in the USA and who also is a missionary in Abidjan
Paulo Paulo, Steubenville, Ohio

We are here to pray for you . .

And to do our best to answer any questions you have about the Word of the Lord.
Pastor Frank Garcia, San Antonio, Texas

Evangelism without prayer
      is like a balloon without air.

The work of winning the lost must include time spent in our prayer closet. "Well, I gave up praying for my lost loved one's a long time ago. They are hopeless." No, No, and again I say No! If you want to see result in soul winning—pray, pray, pray! The battle for the lost is raged on our knees. Prayer + the love of God + the Gospel = a soul won for Christ. So why do we pray for the lost? It is to change God's mind? No, He wants all men saved. The reason you have to intercede is to put pressure on the demonic forces that are trying to keep God's will from being accomplished. These forces must be broken down through prayer so that strongholds are destroyed and spiritual blinders are removed from the spiritual eyes of the people. We have a part to play in lifting that veil off of the unbelievers mind. Until then, the unsaved won't see the Gospel, because they can't see it. God will move through intercession, your intercession, to reveal Himself. Through your persistent prayers, He will bring them to the knowledge of their need for Him. Then when they reach out to Him, spiritual rebirth can take place. God can crack the toughest nut. He did for you and me, didn't He? Through our prayers for the lost, there is no one that He can't reach out to, pull them up out of the pit they are in, brush them off, heal their wounds, tell them how much He loves them and bring them His free gift of salvation. Don't stop praying.
Jamie Morgan, The Soul Winner's Devotional
Igniting a passion for souls on six continents

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It's India for me . .

I am 20 years old and long to go to India as a missionary. If anyone knows of any missionaries there or how I can learn any of the several languages spoken there, please write to me.
Andrea Perez, Montevideo.

Are you in Sri Lanka ?

I have been called by God to pray for the people in Sri Lanka. I would like to contact someone there.
Pablo Vazquez Castro

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