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News and Notice Board for the Nations . . .

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Hundreds healed, thousands decide for Jesus
Things have been happening big time in Thailand. I have been part of 18 new lives coming to Christ during the last week and a half by personel evangelism. I was also preaching in Aka village last week and 9 gave their lives to Christ. Amazing. We just had a healing and evangelistic campaign in town and I am excited to tell you that during the last two days three thousand gave their lives to Christ during this event and hundreds were healed. It is like Christ is at work everywhere I look. People are giving their lives to Christ like almost everyday.
Gareth Lavell, Rejoice AIDS Charity

§ See Gareth's work and his latest news page Click here

Conferences for Central & West Africa
The 5th CRAF Francophone Africa Regional Consultation is on 7-11 May 2007 for Central Africa countries in Bangui and for West Africa countries, 14-18 May in Lome. CRAF brings innovative leaders together to hear how God is at work, to learn cutting-edge insights from one another, and to assess where each nation is at the unfinished task of the Great Commission.
Younoussa Djao
From http://www.brigada.org

Uganda School of Mission sows seeds to live
Our 3rd session with 12 very committed poor rural pastors ended very successfully. Peace has come, the ar is over and they can go back to their villages each with a Banking for the Poor loan of £6.50 to buy 2 bags each of sunflower seeds. After 3 months this sunflower will be ready for harverst and each bag should produce seeds worth £58.00. They will pay back £7.25 and the balance is for their food and for the course, £6.50. This is the only hope thye have to fund their studies.
Pastor George Purkweri, DCI in Lira, Uganda
Photos of Uganda here

The side of Africa nobody likes . .
The BBC reports that a Pentecostal pastor left $55,000,000 and two fighting widows after his death in a plane crash. Timothy Olufemi Akanni came to the attention of the authorities after his two widows who did not know about each other rowed about who should inherit it. Assets include 23 bank accounts; shares in leading banks; houses and land in the most sought-after parts of Lagos and Abuja and a variety of motor vehicles. Mr Akanni, who was a Pentecostal Church pastor in Abuja, was eulogised at his death but the discovery of his second wife and a $55m fortune has shocked many. Investigators discovered assets far greater than his total legitimate earnings in life.
Click here to read the full BBC News article

Mission school, banking and campaigns in Indonesia
I imagine if only the churches practise discipleship like the School of Mission then this world will soon be won. Next month, we'll expand to reach factory labourers with new classes and we also use your materials to teach 150 students from 10 schools. We will be having a campaign on a housing estate where we have rented a building but it is already too small for 100 people who came to our Sunday meeting. This month we collected $110 from the Bank for the Poor ladies and we re-loaned it to several carpenters who make doll houses. Almost everyday one or two people come asking for a loan. We were very proud and joyful to have our 9th wedding anniversary last month. With three kids and several achievements we made for Jesus, we celebrate His dwelling among our family, and his provision that never fails.
YM, our main partner in Jakarta.
Address by request only for security reasons

More dead than in all the world wars together
Forty-two million people live with AIDS and 20 million have already died from AIDS leaving 14 million orhpans. New cases of HIV/AIDS infections are 14,000 daily with 2,000 new cases a day in children under 15. 15,000 children under 15 die every year from AIDS and 33% of all pregnant women in Swaziland, Botswana, South Africa have AIDS. This virus will kill more people over the next 10 years then all the world wars and disasters of the past 50 years and has reduced life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa from 62 years to 47 years and in some African countries, up to half of all new mothers will die of AIDS.
Source: Justin Long, Momentum Magazine
From http://www.joelnews.org

® Write AIDS in our search box at the top to discover help and advice.

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Anyone else had a vision like this ?
I saw a kind of confidential meeting where 2 men were talking to a group of 12 maybe 15 world leaders, all of whom were standing up. There was one well dressed woman who seemed to be the German prime minister. The men all were dressed in dark suits, white shirts and discreet ties except for a man in front who was dressed in a light colored suit. A black man was leading the meeting, it was Kofi Anan, the UN secretary who then introduced the pale suited man. I couldn’t see his face clearly but Mr Anan said that he was introducing them to the man who will solve all the world's problems. I had not been reading or thinking about the end-times but this vision made my heart start racing I had to leave my room to get my breath back. Has anyone else had this kind of vision ?
Edye Izaias, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Announcing changes to this page and this website
It is in our hearts and minds, in prayer and in planning to hand this Discipling The Nations website ministry over to a next generation, to someone younger or more likely to a young team with a passion and a vision for this kind of work and with the gifting to develop it further. We think that how these pages are designed, produced and hosted in the future should be their decision. We plan to return to an Acts 6.3-4 commitment to prayer and the word of God, whilst serving the new team from the background in a consultancy role. Suggestions, ideas and volunteers from anywhere in the world will be considered.
Les and Pilar, founders and editors
Contact us about this news

® I think this is absolutely right, Les; absolutely right. I think it will be a very good thing for you to be able to release these pages in this way and the way you are holding back waiting for the right people will be highly beneficial, if not essential for whoever takes on that work.
John Clements, Llanelli, Wales, (Long-term supporter)

School of Mission graduates open 200 churches
We are deeply grateful to God, Dr. Les Norman and to DCI Trust because we now have 35 Bible schools and a two-year Bible college in Africa which regularly produce new workers for African mission fields. At least 30% of our graduates planted new churches and 40% went back to serve in their churches. Around 200 churches have been established by our graduates and once a church gets established in an unreached area, the region is no longer unreached. We must now open national bases in Nairobi, Kenya; Mbale, Uganda; Lilongwe, Malawi; and Juba, Sudan at a cost of a few thousand dollars each but we know we cannot put it off any longer because the bases are needed for greater stability and to make this ministry African, all from a vision a few years ago.
Paul Lee, EAPTC School of Misison, Nairobi

® Ladies and gentleman, if you are looking for somewhere with initiative and integrity to invest your missions giving you will find it hard to do any better than to bless these people who have caught the wind of the Spirit for Africa. The work is high quality, we have been to see for ourselves.
Les and Pilar. the editors

Hopes over new Malaria treatment
British and Kenyan scientists have developed a new treatment for the killer disease malaria.
Click here to read the full BBC News article

® We will do well to pray for all the researchers and scientists who are working hard to find a vaccine or a cure for this terrible disease which gauses so much suffering, death and grief in poor families all over the tropics. Spiritual warfare on a global scale will help turn the tide against this implacable and highly intelligent enemy of the poor.
Les and Pilar.

Ten patients need cleft lip surgery
Sirs, I need surgical help for my patients.
Dr Veerakumar Mds, 31, Pattukottai, India

How £70 makes a difference in Africa
Mme Pauline Sawadogo of Boulmiougou had a 75.000 CFA [£70] loan from the Bank for the Poor to buy beans during the harvest and sell them in town and at the same time she is making maize flour to sell. She told me that now she is able to feed her family very well and she is very happy. Mme Daboue Denise had 50.000 CFA [£45] and she is also very happy now because she can look after her children very well. These ladies are not widows but their husbands just do not care about the family and leave everything to the women.
Josephine Ouedraogo,
DCI Banking For The Poor, Burkina Faso

Click here for full Bank for the Poor information

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Letters to the editors

Argentinean passionate to do mission in Falkland Islands
I want to ask you about the Falkland Islands, I'm trying to get any kind of information but nobody has the anwers. How could I start a christian mission in the Falklands, it's very hard for me to go there because my nationality is not the best one to be acepted by the Falkland Islands. Who can give me more information ?
Luciano, 28, Pergamino, Argentina

® Lucinao, it is also hard for people in the UK to get to the Falklands, tourists from here have to go with the RAF or via Chile as and when they can. I have never heard of anyone doing a mission in the Falklands. There are three churches for the small population, see this website for everything to do with the Falklands. I hope that your nationality should not be a problem these days provided your heart is humble and set to serve Christ. This website carries an apology from years ago for the misguided war that the governments of our two countries chose to have. I hope you find a way forward, please keep us in touch with your news.
Les Norman.

History written at Fitzroy Church, Belfast
It's the 25th anniversary of the Clonard-Fitzroy fellowship. Clonard is one of the largest Catholic monasteries in Belfast and a Catholic Archbishop and the Moderator of the Presbyterian church are going to speak in the same service. The Clonard-Fitzroy fellowship was awarded the Pax Christi prize in 1999 for the work for peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.
Jose Iparraguirre D'Elia, Belfast, United Kingdom

Chile's magnificent response to India's Dalits
It all began by the end of 2003, when the ship Logos II visited Chile. As part of the crew, there was a man from India who shared about the needs and challenges of one of the most populated countries in the world. That is how we heard about the 3,330 million Dalits, who do not even belong to the caste system. Christians all over the country have taken up the challenge and have raised over $15,000 dollars for a centre in Mysore, South India and to help build a centre in Secunderabad. We praise God for the response, which shows that when we commit ourselves to something and are sensitive to His calling and seize the opportunities that Jesus presents us with, everything is possible. If you want to know more, please contact me
Alvaro Yanez Vergara, OM Chile

Peru missions family in Costa Rica needs help
We went to Costa Rica for the birth of our second baby, but as my wife had to wait for a caesarean we could not use our return tickets back to Peru. We are in Costa Rica with nothing but the grace of God. Thank you for any support with prayers, invitations and advice you can give us.
Daniel Chávez Barahona, 39, San José.

Haven't you always wanted to go on a cruise?
We invite missionary groups to take a missionary cruise along the River Marañon, a tributary of the Amazon. There is plenty of work to do: evangelisation, discipleship, church planting. We have a 15-metre long boat.
William Sifuentes, 49, Nauta-Loreto,Perú

Medical teams invited to South California
We want to go to the non-Christians to reach them for Jesus.
Pastor Santiago Samarin, 53, Ensenada, BC

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Letters to the editors

Fast and pray with us for Haiti
On 10 November 2006, because the country is in a dire situation. Many children are enslaved, raped and maltreated and parents even offer them to Satan as part of Voodoo rituals. To learn more, please write to:
Jorge Cardacci, 42, Buenos Aires, Argentina

How can I get my church to be involved in missions?
I am in charge of the administration of the existing missions and the creation of new ones. How can I organise this task?
Jose Antonio Fernandez Carballo, 38, Veracruz, Mexico

® José Antonio, here is a full answer from a lady who has spent a long lifetime doing exactly what you have asked about. Click here. If the page is in Spanish come back in a couple of days and it will be ready in English.

We read all the news, twice, make copies and pray.
This news is a great blessing for our lives and the church we are pastors of in Cuba. We read and re-read each news, we take down the prayer requests and every Sunday during the service we pray for the people. We use this news to call out in prayer for the countries, peoples and ethnic groups that need our support. Please, pray for our people; many of them are sick.
Pastors Rebe and Raul, Cuba

Diabetes, tumours, deafness and pain healed
With a team of three married couples and over in three weeks in a very impoverished region with a great lack of the word of God the Lord has already healed diabetes, tumours, deafness and all kinds of pain.
Rodrigo Satil Cruz, 26, Franca-SP, Brasil

Valencia-Spain: First “King of Kings” Celebration
The themes is to get ready for multiplication. From 6 to 9 October, with pastors Edmundo and Arsenia Ravelo, from the Christian Community in London.
Fernando Prieto Alamán, 52,
King of Kings Evangelical Church, Valencia


Can anyone point me to a children's website ?
I need ideas about missions programmes for children in English?
Paz Ribeiro, Victoria, Canada

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Letters to the editors

Copies of the Bible in English in Braille to give away
To anyone who works with the blind.
Andres Vegara, 21, Santiago. Chile

Dentist ready to serve wherever needed
I want to contact missionary agencies to set up strategic alliances because our vision is the unreached peoples. I need to train in Missiology and English.
Esteban Valverde Virhuez, 33, Huacho - Lima, Peru

First Christian coffee shop - bookshop in Israel
With the Christian people in Israel growing more and more every day despite the many obstacles that exist in this country that cannot see Jesus as its Saviour, we made a dream come true: we just opened a a Christian coffee shop, where we’ll organise events, plays, concerts and seminars.
Eduardo, 30, Beer Sheva

Today's World Christian News

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Letters to the editors





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