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Feb 21st - 2nd massacre in month

It took place almost at the door of this DCI base in Uganda. Our Member of Parliament counted 193 murdered people, many were children burned alive by the LRA rebels. The Government soldiers are doing so little, people are suffering, no food, no education, no sense of living at all. We face more death unless God and the international community intervenes.
Pastor George Purkweri, DCI Uganda, Lira.

Burying the innocents the next morning

From the BBC News pages that describe the massacre:

§ We encourage you to write a short courteous note to the Ugandan Government via their official website to protest the lack of defence for the people of Lira and to request urgent negotiations to end the violence. Also do write to your own government to ask them to bring international pressure on Uganda to solve this bloodthirsty hidden war which is taking the lives of thousands of innocents many of whom are believers and refugees. 
Les and Pilar, the editors.



Do you work with tribes in Brazil?

I would like to get in touch with people taking the gospel to the ethnic tribes in the Amazon.

Gilberto Ruiz Alvizo, Argentina



Your translators in China . .

How is their mission going, to pray for them and to know a bit more about the work that God is doing through them.

Lorena Segovia, Argentina

Lorena: I am sorry that I can't tell you a great deal, because of the high security measures that have to be in place over there. Even I do not know the real identities of the young ladies who are translating our pages and studies. In some parts of China there is genuine revival and in others, there is cruel and intense persecution, and our friends live in the latter. They belong to the underground church and they and others are involved in training hundreds, even thousands of young people who want to be missionaries in China and abroad. The ambition of all of them is to return to Jerusalem down the old Silk Road, which today goes through many Muslim and Hindu countries, towards Calvary. When a friend paid them a secret visit to speak at a training weekend, he and all the students ended up running through the fields at night in their pyjamas to save their lives because armed police suddenly turned up with dogs.

Les, the editor.



Looking for information on Spain

I want to live and spread the Gospel there.

Jorge Arsenio Duarte, Rafaela, Argentina



My dream is Morocco

To be where the Muslims are and reach the hearts of women and children through education, communication, literature, cooking, community services and small business without flouting their culture. If you know about  Morocco, please write to me.

Natalia Lareu, Buenos Aires, Argentina.



We need a radio transmitter

To reach our village and spread the Gospel to needy families, prisons and hospitals of the Mapuche-speaking people.

Pastor Marcos Alarcón, Collipulli



English in English-speaking country

I have been called to missions and need to learn English. I have already done a course but did not learn very much although I spent a lot of money. If anyone has contacts . .

Sandra Martínez, Santiago.

§ Sandra, learning English in England is very expensive, but have a look at this page of Christian language schools. Les, editor.



DCI School of Mission begins

By the Grace of God, it will soon become a church, as there are already over 20 members. There are also many missionaries already interested.

Alexei and Milca Rico, Buenavista.

Free DCI School of Mission


Free Bible School Materials   

DCI Banking for the Poor


New page: How to start mission in your church








Anyone have A3 printing machine ?

I have started a Christian magazine in English and French, the first of its kind but I need an A3 printing machine, does anyone have one to give away?

John Kudjo, Paris



IT engineer leaves Bangalore job

I have come to serve the Lord in the barren yet cultivatable North India. The Lord gave me a vision to purchase land, cultivate it and establish self-sustained small Christian communities.

K T Viswaraj, Khargone.


Fifth death on the mission field

After 21 days fasting and prayer 400 new decisions were made and we are expecting a great harvest. Please pray for Pastor S who has seen a fifth death in his church when his father in law was killed by anti christians. The family is in great agony. The people have warned the pastor to leave but he is ready to die. He baptised 60 Hindus in that village and that is why the fanatics are so angry at him.

Pastor Daniel and Lily, Kerala.


School of Healing on the streets . .

Tandur was virtually unreached with about 250 believers in a town of 100,000.  Almost the whole Christian population attended the School and when the time came to send people out two-by-two on the streets God worked great miracles through them, including the raising of a crippled man. 

John Fergusson, Salisbury, UK



Who wants to come and visit us ?

In exchange I have a heart to preach in Asia and the USA.

Rev Wycliffe Mboya, Kisumu.



1,200 students on 5 month mission

God is opening the doors so that His people may retrieve what the devil has taken away from them. We are in a very conflictive area with alarming violence and drug addiction.

Cesar Martinez, Mexicali, Mexico



6000-strong congregation

We have 600 home groups and we feel guided by God to set up outreach strategies. We are working mainly with Mixtecos but we would like know more about how other groups work with unreached peoples.

Arturo and Sandra Salas, Tijuana, Mexico


Free Bible School Materials  

DCI Banking for the Poor









I am getting ready to go to Turkey.

Please feel free to contact me.

Obed Uc Pool, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico



We are experiencing revival

We have been fasting, praying, worshiping and praising God for 40 days and waiting for a touch of His Holy Spirit. We have hunger for God and our only wish is to be used throughout the world for his glory !

César Emillio Gramajo, Tlalnepantla, Mexico.


Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Looking for information.

I have a missionary call to Africa, and am praying for them.

Alicia Corvo

§ Alicia, you might like to see and read the excellent BBC Photo Journals on Africa 
Les and Pilar, the editors



Looking for a pentecostal ministry

I am a student at a Bible College and my dream is to be a missionary in any part of the world after my graduation. 

Pastor Dickson James Ibeka, Lagos



Preached to 2,958 people . .

160 repented and got saved, and 13 were baptized. Please pray for them to remain faithful to their promise.

Pastor Labin Taj, Lahore.



Youth start Vision Today ministry

We have ten years of experience in working together as one body focused on missions, training and discipleship among children, teenagers and adults.

Nirma Isabel Guerrero  Tello, Lima


Peruvian Amazon

Mega-project for Shuar natives.

We need as much help and support as possible from churches, missions and individuals.

William Sifuentes, Pucallpa


Who are we?   See our work with photos









Crossing 11 time zones with gospel

Gospel Expedition 2004 is underway as the largest and most significant evangelistic outreach in Russia. It is a huge task because people are travelling across 10 time zones in the harshest of conditions around a nation three times the size of the USA.

Mission Network News, sent in by Robert Hosken, Moscow


Sierra Leone

Refugee Camp Church needs help

We have trained 34 evangelists to teach the Liberian and Sierra Leonean refugees. The work is hard as there are no Bibles, tracts or song books.

John Mansaray, Buduburum



Back from Africa, joyful and sad. .

Happy to see how the work is growing so fast but sad to still see multitudes of people living in misery, hunger, disease, orphaned and abandoned. I know we cannot change the whole world but as long as the Lord allows we will keep going with passion.

Miguel Diez, Remar International, Madrid.


United States
Free leaflets in Spanish

For believers in South / Central America, I am a pastor in Texas and  I would be delighted to get you any literature you  need at no cost to you. See also this page on free literature

Rev. Frank Garcia, San Antonio


United States

Speechless at Mel Gibson Jesus Film

At a private screening for actors, directors and Hollywood executives you could hear weeping and sobbing and a stunned silence when the lights came on at the end. When Mel Gibson walked up front to answer questions, the group looked like deer which had been caught in the headlamps of a car. They were speechless.

Jamie Morgan, The Soul Winner’s Devotional

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United States - France

Need  materials in French?

French Thompson Chain Bibles and French ministry books at up to 90% discount here

Free subscription Brigada Weekly Mission E-mail



Evangelistic invasion, Caracas, 

Young people come from all over the world 6-10 April.

Argenis Seijas, Caracas.



Called to work in Spain

We want to strengthen leaders and go to places with no church. We have pastored for many years here; now it is on to Spain so we need as many intercessors and supporters as possible.

Rev Argelio Rodriguez, Caracas.


Free Bible School Materials   

DCI Banking for the Poor





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