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How do we work among our homeless ?
Our idea is to set up a hostel where we can give them a meal or at least a hot drink now that winter is approaching. We would like them to sleep here too, although we will have very carefully set out some rules. This is pioneer work here, so we need to get some advice from people with experience. Your lessons about the love of God for the poor and about the "Economics of the Kingdom", have very clearly touched us and brought the will of God about serving the poor. We are very moved by all this.
Alicia de Del Basso, Pergamino

§ Alicia, in your country and 51 others the Spanish mission Remar are experts in working with the marginalised. They are very friendly people and always ready to share what they have. In Spain they are very well known and successful. Here’s a guide to people working with the homeless in Europe For lots more information put the word homeless into Google
Les Norman.

Book of the Month
Mosquito - Man's Deadliest Foe

"The female bloodsucker, or flying needle is elegantly constructed, miraculously adaptable and prodigiously efficient. She can deposit thirty or forty malarial parasites in the human bloodstream in a single bite. within two weeks they will multiply to trillions. She is one of the great killers of all time. An angel of death, a magnificent enemy capable of stopping armies and invasions and taking the lives of thousands every day." This book by world expert Andrew Spielman is truly compelling and puts the history and the modus operandi of the mosquito in easy to understand laymen's language. A must for everyone in malarial nations and for every traveller. Highly recommended. ISBN 0-571-20985-8
Les Norman, editor.

Death sentence faces secret believer.
I had the great privilege of meeting a respected Muslim woman in our town, she is poor, the mother of 7 non-educated children and the third wife of a Muslim. I have being speaking with her and we had a lot of time discussing the condition of Muslim women, she is what I call a secret disciple. I bring the Bible in a small tape with the book of John in Fulfulde in cassette, carefully hidden in my handbag, but this must be the week she will not receive her husband. Last week she called me and told me: Sister (this was the first time she uses this name) I want to let you know that I fully believe in Jesus Christ but I am fully convinced that I will die of AIDS. I am just waiting for the sign to come and then I will go to be with Jesus. When I ask her why she said, "My husband has three wives but is still going out with many women, while the bible condemns adultery and fornication. If I were able to care for my children I would stop receiving my husband. " There are many ladies like this that I meet but we cannot help them to avoid AIDS so they will end up in the grave. I am so happy you give me an opportunity of working with you, I just wanted you to know how many lives, you are touching by working through us.
Name withdrawn for security reasons.

Have I given everything ?
One day Wilbur Chapman looked into the face of General Booth the founder of the Salvation Army and asked, "What is the secret of your success?" Tears came and streamed down his cheeks, then brushing back his hair from his brow, furrowed by years of battles, trials and victories he said, "I will tell you the secret. God has had all of me there was to have. There have been men of greater opportunity, but from the day I caught a vision of what Jesus Christ could do, I gave all to him." Dear brother Les, I also ask myself, have I given the whole of what the Lord wanted from me? Amy Carmichael wrote, " Hast thou no scar ? Hast thou no wound ? Yet, as the Master shall the servant be, and pierced are the feet that follow Me; but thine are whole: can he have followed far who has no wound, no scar?"
Dr.Talla André, Yaounde.

The Konnexion
Free Cell Church and House Church News
The Konnexion is a free monthly e-newsletter for everyone on the simple church journey. It is an easy way to keep in touch with events and also provides resources and links to articles from other simple church pioneers and church planters. Subscribe here

Peter Worthington, House2HouseUK

§ This is a great website for everyone involved in cell church or house church leadership and membership. Ideas and resources bound. Highly recommended.

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Les Norman needs a multi-lingual assistant with at least Spanish and English to help provide
support by e-mail. Just a few hours a week, maybe ideal for a former pastor/missionary.
Sadly there is no salary but in this network we do try to help each other.


The poor pay terrible price by selling their blood
I am presently working in 3 villages of 6 or 7 thousand people. One third of these people are AIDS patients but the reality is even greater. What happened is that these people who live on less than a dollar a day heard that the government was buying blood and so they all wanted to sell the only thing they had. Now in every home you have an AIDS patient and the government is nowhere to be found. The media is not allowed to talk, the people are desperate. Even in Africa, and I have not heard of such a misery. I am introducing Christ to them and allowing them to die with the assurance of heaven. May the grace of God be sufficient unto us.
Name withdrawn for security reasons.

Partnership wanted with a church overseas
I am a pastor of a 50-strong congregation in Havana, Cuba, which was founded two years ago next month. It has a mission in the central region of the country. If anyone is interested, please contact me.
Gustavo Averhoff, Havana.

§ Go ahead people in the network, Cuba still is not free but you can get in and people are waiting for you. Few places in the world attract so much emotive interest. From here, we are helping to fund a conference about the Great Commission which will take place in August, God willing and if the government does not object this time round.

New Unfamiliar Paths website
Servant of Servants is the mission set up years ago by David E Bjork, author of Unfamiliar Paths and a trail blazer in the field of grass-roots, street level cooperation between evangelicals and catholics.
Stephen J. Marchs, Villy en Auxois.

§ Servant of Servants has been involved in a very different approach to Evangelical Protestant Ministry in France for over 25 years and has seen some remarkable achievements and cutting disappointments. I was deeply impressed by the highly unlikely and very unconventional story in the Unfamiliar Paths book, but then again France is the heart of secular/catholic Europe where anything conventional has been long since tried and rejected. The new website is superb and tells you everything.
Les Norman.

New Bible School open thanks to you
Ours is a young dynamic church whose foundation is evangelism and gospel campaigns that offer compassion, healing and deliverance. Soon we will have a campaign in Martinique. We want to thank DCI for your Free School of Mission, because it was used by the Lord to call us.
Pasteur Pellegrinetti Maurice, Marseille.
Centre de Formation Biblique

Global Christian Trends
How many books about Jesus are there ?
The more people come to know Jesus, the more the image of Jesus becomes clearer as cultural facets complete His image. Today there are around 175,000 books about Jesus in 500 languages and that grows by 4 books every day.
Source: Todd Johnson,

We welcome volunteers . .
From any English speaking country to serve and assist in various projects of this ministry. Men and women of God who are called to reach and teach 3rd world churches are most welcome.
Rev.T. Arvind Mohan Dass, Krishnagiri

 Free Bible School Materials    Money Forum

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Prayer in 77 cities at once . . Wow !
Last Thursday Indonesian Christians celebrated Ascension Day by holding united prayer meetings in 77 cities, this is the largest prayer meetings ever done in our country. Four hundred Christian leaders from all over the world also gathered together in the largest stadium in Jakarta to unite their prayers in a National Prayer Conference. Imagine the power of millions of believers praying at the same time for their country. Surely our God is doing something marvellous here, and will do even greater things, as we ask him to pour out the spirit of transformation throughout our lands. News about combating corruption never ceases in our media, and we only see God's work in it. Praise the Lord!
YM, Jakarta

On the Internet
Cheap or Free International phone calls
Most of us have heard about Voice over Internet Protocol which allows you to make telephone calls over the Internet. Those of us who have tried it in the past may not have been that impressed with its quality. Well, things have changed! Skype is a rapidly growing service that is taking the Internet by storm. This month's guest writer, Robin Sanderson, is an avid user of Skype and tells us how it can transform communications for international mission workers. Read the article here
Mike Frith, OSCAR World Mission Information Service

§ From the UK try Ratebuster as well for cheap global phone calls. We call Spain for 2p a minute, last month it was just 1p a minute. UK to USA this month is just 1p a minute. No catches, Skype and Ratebuster just work.
Les and Pilar.

The last thing we need here . .
We ask you to pray for us here in Mauritania because there are many Africans here who say they are believers and they hide behind Jesus, but actually they are giving us a bad image because they sell drugs and organise prostitution.
Name withdrawn for security reasons

Christian/Muslim music festival in Marrakech
Friendship is the theme the May 6-8th Christian/Muslim Friendship Fest music festival in Marrakech This is the first event of its kind in the Arab world and portrays Morocco's desire to improve relations with the West. At the same time, the reality is that there will be a huge amount of prayer and praise flowing in and out of Morocco this weekend. Among the Christian performers are: Newsboys, Delirious, Jeremy Camp, Out of Eden and Phil Keaggy. Pray for them as they are under the microscope during their short time here, that their personal and professional conduct would bring much glory to God. Pray that many hearts would be touched, that this would open doors and lay a foundation for similar future events.
Arise, Shine Morocco

Whole villages are saved at once
The whole village had gathered, and many had travelled miles from the surrounding villages to see the Jesus Film. Heidi preached and the entire village unanimously decided to accept the Gospel. During our outreaches in the traditionally Muslim province Cabo Delgado we regularly see whole villages eagerly turning to Jesus the first time they hear our message. Whenever we preach the Gospel as simply, intensely and clearly as we can, there is no resistance. The poor come out of their huts, clothed in rags, and run to Jesus. They accept him as their new Lord without hesitation or doubt, renouncing their old lives of dependency on witch doctors, enslaved by evil spirits, false religion and traditions, and kneel in the dust of their village square, worshipping their new saviour Jesus. In the past two years, over 190 new churches have formed in Cabo Delgado's villages; more are added every week.
Rolland and Heidi Baker, Iris Ministries
From FridayFax, New Zealand
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§ I listened to Heidi Baker every day for five days, I read the book, I saw the video, the lady is an event in her own right, her story is remarkable and the move of God is truly stunning.

Taxing the hungry poor
After a bad harvest last summer following the poor rains, Niger was hit by clouds of devouring locusts. Now some areas are in famine. AoG in Sweden and the USA sent financial help for the worst affected zones and we are infinitely grateful for this help but the suffering has been made worse by a government tax increase on basic products, now 19%. This is an enormous burden for the very poor who are the majority. Please pray for this government position to be softened, if not, insecurity will increase and riots could start well. We need peace to give freedom for the gospel.
Vincent Le Pennec
Sent in by Jean-Pierre Jouanneau, Quebec.

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North Korea
There's nothing to lose here . .
Around 100 years ago, North Korea was a Christian nation. Pyongyang, the capital, was called 'The Jerusalem of the East'. According to Open Doors, the 2,300 Christian churches and 300,000 believers disappeared in only a short time under dictator Kim Il Sung. Today, no other nation persecutes Christians as brutally as North Korea. The regime is well aware of the power of God's Word, as indicated by the confidential documents obtained by a Japanese newspaper, which document the role of Christianity in the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. The strict social controls make it almost impossible for Christians to keep their faith secret in North Korea. Every third person is a spy, so many flee but some newly-saved refugees return to North Korea, despite the dangers, filled with the desire to spread the Gospel. "The life God has given us will not end in prison camps or starvation, but last forever. We have nothing to lose. If we die, we will be with Christ." Open Doors is currently orchestrating a prayer campaign for North Korea, and seeking intercessors. Source: Offene Grenzen
From FridayFax, New Zealand
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What stage at you at ?
Bulat, who is a young man prayed with me yesterday to repent of his youthful sins and receive Christ. We were going through a lesson in our School of Mission course at the point where it listed a person's levels of openness to the Gospel:

1. Christianity? Never heard of it.
2. Christianity? Yes, but what is it?
3. I have heard the gospel.
4. I understand the gospel.
5. The gospel is important for me.
6. I need God's forgiveness and love.
7. Challenge me to receive Christ.
8. Pray with me to receive Christ.
9. I am thinking through my decision.
10. Yes, I want to join a church.
11. Yes, I want to tell others.

I asked him, "What stage are you at in your search for faith in Christ?" Without saying a word, he pointed to "I need God's forgiveness and love." So I asked him if he would like to confess his sins and ask Christ to forgive him. So Bulat prayed with me, and became a new person in Christ! As our worship service came to an end this morning, the praise and worship team led us in a familiar Russian worship song. About halfway through the song I realized why it was so familiar: I had translated it into Russian in 1993! We've witnessed great changes in Russia since we first came here in 1991: thousands of new churches have been planted, and Christians have begun to perform works of charity and mercy all over the former USSR. Our church here in Moscow has planted 14 daughter churches, is in the process of starting four more churches this year, and plans to start another four next year. Please remember to pray for Russia, and for your fellow-servants,
Bob & Cheryl Hosken, 40 years in mission to Moscow.

Missionary Service in Madrid, Spain
If you come to Spain and need transport from the airport to the bus station, a place where to stay overnight, directions to get to other places within the country, please contact us. For a minimum cost, Latin American friend will be pleased to help you.
Tony Vazquez, Madrid

§ This is a blessing, Tony. It is scary to arrive to an unknown place without knowing anybody who could give you any directions. Thank you very much Tony. Perhaps I will give you a ring some day.

The Festival with nowhere to go !
The June FestiMadrid with music, events and Luis Palau expects to attract tens of thousands of visitors as it has in Argentina, Chile and Peru but so far Madrid has refused to provide the Festival with a location and every application has been turned down. So a call has gone out for Christians to meet in front of the local government offices on May 9th and 26th to protest and to ask for all blockages and any discrimination to be overcome.
José Pablo Sánchez, FestiMadrid Organizing Committee.

Welcome to my country
I welcome a missionary to come and work with me here in Tanzania. I am a born again pastor. 32 years old, I am married, and my door is open for those who are willing to come and work in my country. God bless you.
Heavenlight Morice Luoga, Karagwe

 United Kingdom
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Les Norman.

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