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Welcome to the 26th July 2004 edition
To see today's edition please click here





What's Chinese for Welcome to China ?

We are organising a service for children. Can you write "Welcome to China" in Chinese for us ?

Victor Arrieta.


§ Victor, our friends in China could translate this for you but it might take you a long while to get an answer as the Chinese authorities control e-mails and the Internet and our friends are cautious. In fact our website is blocked by the Chinese government. Your best bet is to nip into the nearest Chinese restaurant and ask the young waiters to help you - they love doing something else apart from serving meals.

Les, the editor.



Know anyone in Cambodia ?

A friend of mine has a calling to go there, we would like to get in touch with missionaries in that country.

Andrea Pauli, Curitiba.



Life with endless war

We have come back from Rwanda with a mission vision to restore hope and families by the Gospel. Together with God and with people from around the world we can give a new face to this country which suffers endless war. Let me tell you more.

Pastor Marcel Rachid.



Lectures on stem cell research

Would people in the UK and Europe be interested in having a Christian microbiologist come over to give lectures on stem cell research?  I can do presentations to Pro Life groups on stem cells and embryo research, and to Ministers on the Christian response to the stem cell issue. I can speak in churches and give a biblical perspective on embryonic life, and I can speak to students on the science and ethics of stem cells. I will do this for donations only as long as there are enough invitations for the churches.

Clement Persaud, Ph.D.


§ Ladies and gentlemen, this is a fantastic opportunity to put on an event about one of today's red hot issues. And read on, you might get two doctors for the price of one . . .

Les and Pilar, the editors.


Clement and I were in the church today

We prayed to God for more guidance and opening of doors. We felt like soldiers ready for war and when Clem brought up the subject of some evangelical work for me to do, I heard the Holy Spirit telling me: "Tell him about your anointed hands, don't tell me that I did that for nothing." It is true that recently one of my ex-patients recovered in a miraculous way after she was touched by God during a terrible illness. I had been her treating physician and without hesitation always prayed with her and her husband while laying on of hands. None of the other doctors could explain the outcome, some say it may all come back even after more than 6 yrs have lapsed. Well, all we know is "God Is Greater."

Dr. Frances Dartana, Victoria, BC


§ We were impressed to see that Dr. Frances's website is all about prayer and not about medicine. Take a look too, you will be blessed. She must be the doctor we are all looking for !

Les and Pilar.


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I dream unreached peoples

I would like to help as a missionary in Africa or in the East. I would like to know how to win souls for Christ and I offer myself as a humble servant to start by doing the lowest and most heavy-going tasks. I am passionate about evangelism but I know that knowing the Word is not enough. Living the life and serving is also important, and I want to get some experience.

Nelson Campos, Talcahuano.


Know any missionaries in Turkey?

Preferably in Istanbul, could you please let me know?


What about Mali ?

We pray for Mali but have no idea what is going on there. We pray for the children, for missionaries and their finances, and about the epidemics, and for international support.

Farias, Viña del Mar



Reach out to us over here  . .

We Christian workers need distance learning courses as well as music, magazines, Biblical studies, tracts and brochures as it is very difficult for us to get any literature at all.




Shadows of Islamic extremism fall . .

In France, Muslim ghettos are starting to spring up, in which "muyahidin" kamikazes are recruited. The French government is trying to stop the imams calling for a "Holy War" against the West from their mosques and since July 2003, 12 foreign imams have been deported for recruiting young people for the "jihad". France has over 4.5 million Muslim and almost 1,000 imams.

Sent by Markus Buser, quoting: La Razón.



Are you a pastor in Italy ?

We are interested in the missionary work in Italy and would like to get in touch with a church or pastor in Italy.

Vilma Morales Clavería, AME Missionary Agency


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Ladies and gentlemen . .

We need support from a world of readers so that we can support a very different world of people and projects in mission and social action. No deductions for administration are ever taken. Thank you.
Les and Pilar, the editors and founders.
The DCI Trust, 1987-2004

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Let me help Uganda

I would like to know how I could send a donation to help your work in Uganda.

Viña del Mar, Chile


Thank you, the information you need is here  


People in Uganda and Sudan, including many believers are facing a cruel crisis. Only last month we were informed that two thirds of the widows we have been helping with zero interest micro-credit loans in Lira have lost their houses, belongings, children and even their lives in the recent massacres. One widow has lost ten of her eleven children. This is Africa at its worst. This month we have sent £600 to the Sudan to buy goats, seeds, hoes, saws and all that is needed to preach the gospel and start a free Bible School for the beleaguered believers there.

Les Norman,

DCI Trust, 1985-2004








New Government is good news

Anti conversion bills are being withdrawn by the new government. We expect a great harvest with in next 5 years and we are prepared for that.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala


People here even praise stones.

Here many people groups have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and live under the poverty line with no schools for their children, no hospitals. Mostly they depend on their religious priests, they even praise stones to save them from their problems. We are working in these people groups. Our aim is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to every one these areas.

Prasad Sakile, Hyderabad.


PM pledge over suicide farms

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has promised assistance to families of 3000 farmers who have taken their lives because of crippling debt after failing to repay high-interest loans from private money lenders. Mr Singh said he would ensure that banks provide assistance to the families, and one member of every family gets a job.  In Somayjulapalle at least 53 farmers have taken their lives and the village is a picture of distress and havoc caused by a five-year-long drought. The spate of suicides points to the complete collapse of cheap and affordable government credit to farmers. A rich man can buy a Mercedes Benz at 4% interest rate, but the farmer is charged 13% to 15% for buying a tractor.

BBC World News



Crossed lines but God healed

People were expecting healing meetings rather than training others to heal but despite this slight misunderstanding, God moved throughout, and many were saved, healed and set free from demons. I encouraged people to pray for each other and one girl prayed for her mother who had been suffering pain for many months. After her own daughter had prayed for her all the pain had completely disappeared!

John Fergusson, JF Ministries, UK


First time trip to India

We are a first ever team of 9 young people from Christ for the Nations, please pray for us.

Jóvenes con Propósito, Monterrey



Manja stays in prison

We just heard about wrongfully imprisoned GFA missionary Manja. The judges said that he would not be released. Now we are planning an appeal to the King of Nepal. Earnestly pray for God's wisdom to be given and for King Gyanendra's heart to be receptive. Though sad and deeply disappointed, Manja responded with trust in the Saviour. "God has a plan and in His sovereign grace he allows some of His chosen servants to be put in prison." Even in prison he will keep witnessing for the Lord and leading others to Christ.

K.P. Yohannan, President - Gospel for Asia

Articles and photos


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New Zealand

DCI Bible School online here

We have had our first enrolments already! Our July Prepare the Way Conference in Auckland will help the school will grow through this. Come see our page, enrol on-line.

Bronwyn Ngatai, Glory Wind Ministries



Looking for 12 months voluntary work

After graduating, I have felt far from my spiritual place and it is time to do something for people. I can do any job which involves increasing my personal development. I want to meet people from other cultures to know them better and learn to be tolerant. I want to learn as much as possible to put into practice when I get back. I speak Spanish and German.

Pilar Guadalupe Saldivar Gallegos


§ Pilar, See Remar Internacional of Spain as they are always looking for volunteers for their brilliant work in  Africa, Asia, all the Americas and all Europe including Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Les and Pilar, the editors.



Please send music to our church

We don't have one musical instrument so if you have a guitar you don't use any more, would you send it to us. We are a low-income family, but rich in God.

Yelka Fabiola Cajusol Monteza, Chiclayo, Peru


Surgeon going to India

I have worked in missions for 8 years, mainly with mercy campaigns in the health area, with much blessing. I have now left my job as a doctor and I am training for mission work in India. Please tell me about missionaries and their work in India.

Edgardo Cifuentes, Lima, Peru.



Is tongues "of the devil" ?

Do you believe in the Baptism in the Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues ? I have a couple who I am discipling now and they are under fire by the group they belong to. One member told them that speaking in tongues is of the devil. How can this couple respond to this attack on them for having been Baptized in the Spirit? Should they stay in the group and in the church where they are now or should they move on somewhere where Baptism in the Spirit is practiced?

Anne Grey, Quezon City


§ Anne, what a question!  An evidence – yes. Initial ? Hmmm not so sure, but what your friends are experiencing is a re-emergence of a sad doctrinal conflict between some of the more traditional churches and the more modern pentecostal or charismatic churches.  It has been many years since I last heard that comment as the Holy Spirit has now moved in many of the churches that once opposed the fullness of His presence. It always was and still is very unfortunate that people recklessly say that a Biblical gift from God is not from the Lord at all. Obviously if your friends wish to know more of the ways of the Holy Spirit and His gifts they are going to have to consider where they will grow best through worship, teaching and fellowship.  I would be inclined to point them towards a Pentecostal or charismatic pastor of known integrity and then allow them to seek the guidance and confirmations of the Lord for themselves.

Les Norman.


Free Bible School Materials    Money Forum










Visitor to Europe gets a shock

I was in Zurich and found the people are so reserved, and the churches are so closed and cold with only 50 members. I feel so sorry for Switzerland. There are many resources in this country but people are lukewarm and not bothered about the mission of the church. I am praying for this country.

Writer from Asia well known to us.



Only Islam and Orthodoxy

Abadan's deputy police chief said that in Turkmenistan only two faiths are allowed, Islam and Orthodoxy, while the rest are banned. A Baptist lady was subjected to crude remarks and threats to imprison her and confiscate her flat, if she continues to meet her fellow-Christians. Although criminal penalties for unregistered religious activity were formally lifted in May, unregistered Baptist communities have been hard-hit by the government's continued refusal to lift the ban on unregistered religious activity.
Full story at Forum 18 News Service  

From Agape-Biblia, Moscow.


United Kingdom
Let's do some Kingdom business

This network is to encourage Christians to do business with each other and to help the finances of the Kingdom of God. Recommended By Colin Urquart and Hugh Osgood.

Talents Christian Business Network

United States
Can your lessons help ?

Are you aware of anyone using the lessons provided and the certification process that is clearly detailed on your site to enter a country like the Philippines as a missionary? 

Ed Flemister, White Plains.


§ Ed, I have not heard of any definite case of the kind you mention, but having said that the free diploma level studies are in use in hundreds of different training settings, and I do know that many a student has added a graduation to his CV and to his applications for recognition either from secular or church authorities. In this day and age when it is getting more complex and difficult to get into some countries, every bit helps, provided of course it is the 'bit' that the authorities are looking for.

Les Norman.




Huge experience on offer

Would you like to experience what it means to be used by God? We invite you to the second missionary trip to Merida, in Easter 2005, organized by the Pneuma Project. After this, your ministry will never be the same.

Argenis Seijas, Caracas



The last word  . .
This week it's for pastors and church leaders . .
“If you will be a servant to this people, be considerate of their needs and respond with compassion, work things out with them, they'll end up doing anything for you."

2 Chronicles 10:7


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The next time you put on a dinner, 

don't just invite your friends and family and rich neighbours, 

the kind of people who will return the favour. 

Invite some people who never get invited out, 

the misfits from the wrong side of the tracks. 

You'll be, and will experience a blessing. 

They won't be able to return the favour, 

but the favour will be returned, 

oh, how it will be returned!
Jesus. Luke 14.12 The Message

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