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Madness became a miracle
Our neighbour was very ill following a stroke and nothing more could be
done. It was very sad to see her unable to speak, see or eat. My husband
and I went to pray for her and returned home convinced that the Lord was
going to do something, which seemed to be madness. Three days later, to
the overwhelming surprise of everyone, Luisa sat up on her bed, began to
speak and asked for tea. All the glory is for Jesus.
Sandra Quintero, (one of our translators)

Looking for contacts in Bosnia, Serbia / Croatia
Alicia Del Basso
Write to the editor for e-mail address

We export footballers and faith in Christ
Brazil used to be a mission area but now Brazilian missionaries and 80
denominations and churches have planted new churches in the USA, Canada,
Europe and Africa, and are evangelising intensively. They broadcast
Christian radio and television programmes via satellite or acquire
stations in other nations. One São Paulo church is already at work in
136 nations.
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Canada - Haiti
Help rebuild Gonaives
The devastating floods killed many hundreds and left thousands homeless
and hungry. We are sending Patrice and Nathalie Derrouche to Gonaives to
help with the rebuilding of lives and families. We welcome donations to
help their work.
Jean-Paul And Mireille Boutonnet
Ministere Misericorde Et Compassion, Quebec


Come to South America
We need to get in touch with missionary agencies to come and work in
Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.
Pablo Tapia, Lautaro

Free training at the real end of the Earth
We are an apostolic team working in the southernmost region of Chile. We
have planted a church where there was none and set up an apostolic
school to train people for free.
Pablo Escobar Belmar, Pto. Aysen.

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Built to be taken away ?
Moa is a mining village and a stronghold for Christianity. For years the
believers have been building a 2,000 seat hall and now the government
intends to take off them. Please, pray for them.
Enrique Poello, Las Vegas,

Join the world's largest prayer group
The 2004 International Day Of Prayer For The Persecuted Church in
November is now open.
Johan Candelin, World Evangelical Alliance, Kokkola,

Audio New Testament in French - Free
We also have the Jesus Film and other resources.
Simon Wyckaert , Lille

What is the state of the evangelicals?
According to ex-political minister Hans Apel, the State Church has no
future, except in the south because salaried employees who pay the for
the Church through an additional tax are leaving because they don't want
to pay thousands of Euros each year for the “nonsense” which many
Bishops produce. "I consider this way of financing the church a sin," he
said, calling on evangelicals to proclaim their faith. Jesus wants this
nation back and for that to happen, Christians need to be courageous in
approaching others. "We cannot expect the State Church to
re-Christianise Germany." Apel left the church five years ago to protest
against the blessing of homosexual partnerships.

Source: Christian news service
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Last 10 years lost in murder attack
All that me and my wife have got in the past 10 years as refugees in
Ghana has been lost when whoever burned our house down tried to have us
killed for no reason that we are aware of. The teachers salaries for the
school where I am the Vice Principal also got burned. Now we are
starting from zero again needing housing, clothes and food. We are very
thankful to all the people who are praying on our behalf to the Lord for
help and recovery. We do appreciate all that you have done thus far and
thank God for those who are helping us materially in getting us some of
those things that we lost in the fire. May the Lord bless you dearly.
Anthony and Mrs Macedo Barlee, Refugee Camp.

§ We need to pray for these good people and please help them if you can.
Les and Pilar, the editors

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A harvest from your seeds
We recently finished a 10 day Bible training program for 42 of our young
pastors, 7 of whom were filled with Holy Spirit for the first time. I
cannot forget that this pattern was introduced by you and it is so
effective. Pastors and leaders are raised through this training program
and some have started new churches. This was our 10th program in 9
years. Besides seeing miracles of healing and deliverance all of our
financial needs were met. I remember the conversation we had on a train
crossing India regarding starting a Bible School. That enlightened me
and a vision was born.
Pastor JJ, Central India

§ JJ, That train trip was a Divine appointment for us both, it is great
to see what the Lord is doing in Harvest Mission. It is a privilege to
know you and the family.

Les and Pilar.

Eye-opening trip to Andra Pradesh
Click here to come with us and see what we saw, in a one page report
Pastor Daniel, Kerala.

Ivory Coast
Norway and the Netherlands
We feel God's call to Europe having already started 2 churches here in
the Ivory Coast. Please tell us more.
Akichi Amon Jérémie Hervé, Abidjan

Wealth isn't everything
Eighty people commit suicide daily, including children. Japan is a
wealthy country, technologically advanced, but behind this is loneliness
and depression. This is a country in great need of God. Please pray for
people to come and support the work in this country.
Karina Keiko Shiyama Avalos (Mexican)

Desert begins to blossom . . .
We give thanks from the bottom of our hearts for God's grace in
Mauritania in spite of our heavy burden of sin. God’s work is developing
here as He reveals new strongholds and new mission fields ready for
harvest. He shows me where I need to go next. We have just started to
plant new churches in the south among the Maures, Poulars and Sonikes
peoples and God worked miracles. People came to know Jesus as their
Saviour and we now want to start a Bible School in this area. The
Poulars are mainly illiterate but learn by listening to audio tapes.
Anon for security reasons.

We are glad to have been able to provide a fast tape copier for this
brave African man working in one of the world's most closed nations as
far as the gospel in concerned.
Les and Pilar.

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§  You are our eyes and ears . .
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§  Free Christian book, published 2004
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§  Who are The World's Largest Churches?
One page easy to read and copy report
By Wolfgang Simson

§ As a church how do we make a start in mission ?

Jose Antonio Rivas, El Salvador

José: Here's a special page on start ing from zero in missions
Les Norman

§ This page was made by Dave Wilson of  Web1 in England.
Why not ask Dave to make your web pages for your business,
church or missions organisation. You will be as pleased as we are.

Who are the editors ?

After 27 years training leaders and helping them to start new churches,
missions and Bible Schools, Les Norman these days is a guest speaker
and a writer with a heart for the lost, the last and the least of the
world. Pilar is a teacher, an intercessor, counsellor and a very
popular Christian poet in the Spanish language. Our daughter Elisabeth
is finding her way forward in youth work.

If you speak Spanish here is Pilar’s book free for you.

§ Ladies and gentlemen, our charity The DCI Trust (1987-2004) needs the
support of a world of readers so that we can support mission to the
lost, the last and the least of the world. No deductions for
administration are ever taken. We welcome our gifts.

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Myanmar (Burma)
Join Thailand to help Myanmar
Myanmar has a long history of torture and persecution of the Chin people
and others who have turned to Christ in huge numbers. More than a
million ethnic minorities are hiding in the jungles, refugees are over
the borders and 1,300 political prisoners are behind bars. Pastor
Philip, 26, is trying to disciple primarily Animist people in Myanmar.
His existing church for 30 people is rotten and falling down so we are
going to help him build a new one of wood and brick for 100 people. We
have $350 so far and need $4,500. Will you join us to help the Myanmar
believers through this good young pastor.
Gareth Lavell, Chaing Mai, Thailand

§ We know Gareth well and trust his judgment, and he has checked out the
situation with Philip. Gareth, you can count us in.

Les and Pilar.

300,000 Christians in Islamabad.
I have preached in many Churches and in open areas and in cell Churches
in my 4 week visit. God has done many miraculous works there. Many souls
accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Sick people were healed with the
grace of our God in the name of Jesus Christ. I am once again thankful
for your prayers.
Pastor Rauf Swan,Voice of God Ministries, Pakistan

Ex-terrorist now leads worship
Three years ago, the women from our ministry visited the high security
prison for women jailed for terrorism. It is marvellous to see God's
power transforming lives. For example, Lily became a new person and
changed. She was pardoned and since leaving prison has been helping with
worship and she works for a Christian firm. Lily plays the zampoña and
the pan pipes well and wishes to play the flute or the saxophone so if
anyone has one not being used we would be very glad to have it.
Franklin Escalante Fuentes, Lima

Taking hope to the hopeless
On December 12-19 Hope Family Church and other churches have their
annual outreach to to the families in this troubled region. The theme is
the heart of Jesus for the hearts of the hopeless. We will have
workshops and then go to hopeless people in hospitals, orphanages,
prisons and bus parks. Last year a number of street boys received Jesus
and moved over Kigali's streets preaching to others. Any evangelist from
around the world who would like to come and preach, the door is open
until November 12, before we make the posters.
Pastors Marcel And Jacqueline Rachid
Pastors Justin And Nadine Nkundabagenzi

Sierra Leone
Churches told to stop meetings
Almost 65% of the churches meet in school premises but now letters from
the city council and the Ministry of Education have told the churches to
stop. Prayer and fasting has started for God to intervene and save His
Pastor Emmanuel Gibson

Kiev church and bible school
Our church is one and a half years old and we have 100 members in the
centre of Kiev with a vision to bring the Word of God and His salvation
to every family .
Robert Senda, Pastor and Bible School director, Kiev.

United States
Do you believe that the harvest is plentiful?
Do you believe that there are a lot of people just waiting for someone
to present the Gospel to them? Do you have a fear that people won't want
to receive Jesus if you step out to witness to them? We will only do
what we believe. If we think that people won't want to become
born-again, then we won't witness much, and even when we do it will be
in fear and not in faith. Remember, that the devil is a liar. So, if
Satan is telling you that no one will want to get saved, that means
there are a lot of people who will receive salvation. If the devil tells
you that it is difficult to witness, that means it must be easy. If he
tells you that you can't, that must mean that you can. Jesus said, "Open
your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for the harvest."
Jamie Morgan, The Soul Winner's Devotional
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Going to Qatar - looking for contacts
Eliomar Alexander Sucre, Venezuela.
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