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South Asia Tsunami

On behalf of all of our readers we send our prayers and deepest sympathy to all the victims of the South Asia tidal waves. We have heard many stories of God's safekeeping and help and after some days of tension it does seem that not one of our friends and contacts are missing. Nevertheless both the TV screens and many, many other e-mails tell of the unbearable loss of family, friends and homes. Every church that we know in the UK is sending funds to help with the disaster relief. Gospel for Asia have people on the ground in the affected areas and both they and Tear Fund in the UK are well placed to send help. The following eye-witness view of the relief operation is from a pastor on the Tamil Nadu coast. Take care to send financial aid only to agencies who are known to be responsible, capable, coordinated and directly involved in serving affected people in their areas. Many e-mail appeals are from people who have "friends of friends" in the affected area. As in all things financial, wisdom and common-sense is needed.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

India - Tamil Nadu Coast

1000 Volunteers and groups getting involved

Praise God, for the action taken by more than 1000 volunteers and different religious, voluntary organizations and private companies especially government getting involved in the relief work by supplying food and necessary things. But the need is much more than that. Many people are affected by mental worry and fear of Tsunami again. Please pray for them. Many local textiles company are giving new clothes to the affected people. So, no-one wants old clothes. Lot of old clothes that are sent are being wasted in the coastal regions. We want to collect them and give them to other inland poor village peoples. In many places people have no problem for food and drink, but they need houses and future job facilities. Many affected people are getting help again and again from different agencies due to improper supervision and coordination in the system of distribution of needed items. The sad thing is that unaffected people are also getting help from different agencies. Some anti-social people are roaming here and there to steal the things. A few destitute children, widows, sick people and mentally affected people are not getting help, since they have nobody to give proper guidance and also they have no idea how to receive help and also they have no strength to wait long time for help standing in queues.
Stephen Christopher, Tamil Village Gospel Mission

Free Christian Book

At 80 years of age senior minister Eric Maddison has released a treasury of wisdom proven throughout a lifetime of pastoral counselling. Pastor Eric has been a blessing to our lives for over 25 years and his book is not to be missed at any price - but for free . . wow ! Take it free, copy it free, give it away to everyone you know.
Les and Pilar, the editors
Click here to see, read or download

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Started your free School of Missions

In our last meeting the main topic was the Free School of Missions from this website because it fits the cell vision which we are working on. We are starting the School of Missions and wanted to share this with you.
Juan José Giacobone, Buenos Aires


Colossal, unjust fine for illegal worship

Vasily Yurevich, of the charismatic New Life Church, was on 28 December fined 150 times the minimum monthly wage, about $1500 U.S. for organising an "illegal" service. Pastor Vyacheslav Goncharenko faces punishment on the same charges. Two weeks earlier his church's re-registration application was rejected, rendering, against international law,- all its public activity illegal and subject to punishment. Other religious leaders have been fined in Belarus this year, but the fines have generally been much smaller. Pastor Goncharenko said "we're ready for everything. We will stand up for our rights to worship God. This is all we want to do, and God will defend us." Nina Gordeyuk, deputy head of the local district administration, vehemently denied that the authorities are waging a campaign against the church.
Full article available at: Forum 18 News Service
From Robert Hosken, Moscow


No more unreached in this generation

We have a dream to make Jesus known to all the unreached people in this generation especially those in the 10/40 Window of North Africa. We are two small and very poor congregations in Pernambuco in the middle of high levels of crime, poverty, drug addiction and prostitution. Please, pray for us.
Marcia Nascimento, Olinda.


Christmas at the Koratty Leprosy Colony

Thank you so much DCI World Christians for your partnership with us to reach 350 lepers for the first time ever. Eighteen of us went to share the love and compassion of Jesus with them. After singing a few songs I shared about the love and concern of Jesus for the poor and the needy. When the altar call was given to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour and Lord, 22 came forward with tears to be prayed for. We prayed for them and shared our love and concern for them by serving food to them and also giving new clothes to all 350. Many of them said that after many years this is the first time that they had a good full meal. The Government gives them 3 kilos rice for 10 people for a day and that is the only one meal they ever have. No one visits them and they have no hope or joy. They begged us to come back. The man in charge said that no-one has ever prayed for these people. We promised them that we will come back. They are waiting to hear the gospel and experience the love of God. It is because of you we were able to reach these people with the love and gospel of Jesus. In heaven you will see them and the heaven will reward for your sacrifice. We want to bless them with cotton and cloths for bandage, spirit and medicines for pain, Dettol for cleaning, bedspreads, artificial limbs and food.

Six saved from intended suicide

Today a man came from Koratty where we had the Christmas Party for the Lepers. He was staying outside the colony and when he heard our singing he came in to attend the meeting. Today he borrowed 2 Rupees for the bus and came to our office to tell us that he is married with two children of 8 and 6 years. His father and mother are also staying with him. Some months ago he had an accident and borrowed money for his treatment but because his right hand was broken he could not do any work to support his family. The debt shot up to 2500 Rupees with the interest and he had no way to pay it. The whole family did not have any food for three days so the 6 of them decided to commit family suicide on 24th December and secured poison. It was at this very time we were there with the lepers and shared the gospel of hope and peace. After the meeting when we served the food he too asked food for his family. Today He came with tears to thank us and to accept Jesus as his personal Saviour. He cancelled the idea of suicide.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala.


Holy Land News on-line

Direct from The State of Israel and Palestine this is the only news agency in the world which sees religious topics as its central sphere of interest. The news agency also provides general news from the Holy Land, primarily in areas that may be of interest to the public around the world. Our online data base currently contains 1.2 million entries and there is much more to come.
Yitzhak Levinson, Chief Editor & Manager

Why does the Christian world forget its roots ?

Why do they forget we Christians in the Holy Land. Why do you let us leave your Holy Land. This land belongs to you also. We have become very poor and people want us to leave this Holy Land. I hope that someone can tell me the full truth because we are afraid to talk about it. Please help us to stay in your Holy Land
Talal N.Barham, Bethlehem

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Seventy-five new graduates

Before anything else, Eunice and I wish to thank you for investing your finances for the needy ones of the world instead of spending them for normal Christmas holiday routines, what a blessed idea the World Christmas Parties are. We thank God and we are indeed warmed and touched by your godly gestures and wish to do something similar in the near future. We have another reason to praise the Lord today. We are pleased to send you the names and final marks of 75 graduates who ed from the 8 different training centres in Kenya. Attached photo is one of the graduation ceremonies held in Nairobi area.
Paul Lee, Korean Missionary in East Africa
Evangelical Alliance for Preacher Training & Commission


Christians conditionally released from prison.

Behind the Maldive Islands' tropical paradise is a fanatic Islamic government which expelled all foreign Christians in May 2004, and imprisoned all known local Christians in June. As non-Muslims, Christians have no rights according to the Maldive constitution. They were imprisoned on the infamous prison island Dhoonidhoo for five months, finally being released on 17th November. They remain under close observation, have little access to the Bible, and have been threatened with further imprisonment if they continue to follow Jesus Christ. The Government officially denies that there are any Christians on the islands, because global recognition of their existence would destroy the image of a 100% Islamic state, and many Maldive inhabitants would be interested in hearing the Gospel.
Source: Charisma News
From FridayFax free in English.
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Middle East

Arab evangelists challenged to reach the Arab world.

Middle East Muslims are fighting any Christian aspect in their lives, they hate America and western world and considering them a dangerous enemy which plans their destruction. They hate Christianity as a symbol of America and Western World, so they fight their own native Christians and destroy Christian figures in their countries. We need more than preaching to approach Muslims, we need to love, help, and pray for them more. We have to reach the with Christianity as the message of love and peace not with the power and supremacy as shown by the American world.
Your Egyptian brother.
Address withdrawn for security reasons


Christmas with 1000 prisoners

We want to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely from the deepest of our heart for taking care of us during our 3 months in England, France and Belgium. The return to Peru was a tremendous change and we were affected in our health. Raquel was sick for 15 days and Max had a stomach infection. Since we arrived back in Ayacucho, we have helped many needy people with food and clothes and shelter in our home, like Rosa and her three children who have tuberculosis. We celebrated Christmas with the youths, disabled, children and needy people and later at the Yanamilla Prison several churches did a lovely Christmas breakfast for a thousand people.
Pastors Max and Raquel Candia, Vidas Ass'n, Ayacucho.


Thirty-five New Agers find Jesus

Some 35 New Agers found Jesus during the few days of the November World Congress for Spiritual Healing which claims to be the world's largest event of this kind, in Basel, " reports Pastor Daniel Hari. Hari and Stefan Driess of Manchester, UK, rented a stand called 'Christocentric Healing', and held healing demonstrations every hour to explain that Jesus Christ can still heal today, and invited the visitors to experience this for themselves. "After simple prayer, we saw a whole series of healings. People felt a sudden warmth, symptoms vanished, and a large number were interested in learning more about Jesus, including many who wanted to get to know Jesus." The stand became the most visited in the entire exhibition, according to several assistants.
From FridayFax free in English.
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Party for the Poor in the Shan slum

When we were just about to go into the slum my friend who was driving accidentally knocked the 4WD gear and we almost lost control of the car fully loaded with 450 kilos of rice. We blocked the road, had to call an engineer but finally we made it to the slum. After the enemy had his way, God had His way. The YWAM team did some mime and then singing and told the story of Christmas. They were many testimonies told and then the Shan slum people did a tribal dance for our team. We then had everyone join in singing Christian songs and explained what the songs meant. We all prayed for the people of the slum over a microphone in Thai and Shan languages and when we all sang Christian songs in Thai and Shan the entire slum joined in. It was awesome, they welcomed us with so much warmth and love. Distributing the gifts of rice, soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, dried noodles and chocolate bars from DCI was quite overwhelming even for a hardcore slum worker of six years experience, this poverty was truly moving and humbling. No other group or organisation has ever been in to help them. They are all desperate for God love. The Shan people have been tortured and raped and their children and other family members murdered in Burma, their stories of survival are incredible. They saw the true light of Christ's love this evening and I am sure that in time many of the poor and desperate Shan slum dwellers will give their lives to Christ.

Second fantastic evening with the poor Shan people
It was truly awesome we sent out the message of Christ to almost 200 Shan people. We had drama and games for the kids and then we did singing and Christian mime and handed out emergency aid items to the poor. It was truly amazing and many of these Shan people requested that we pray for them after the event was over. These Shan people live in a factory where they work for practically nothing as "slave labour" We handed out hundreds of Christian leaflets and other people just turned up from nowhere. It was a truly awesome evening full of the Holy spirit. The most important thing is we have been invited back to this new community again. We received a very warm welcome. I wish you could have been with us, would have been blown away by how God is working.
Gareth Lavell, Chaing Mai, Thailand


Best Christmas Party for the Poor ever

On December 23rd we had the best DCI World Christians Christmas Party with widows, orphans, displaced people and the community of Egwang in Loro Apac District. Many gave their lives to Christ and 80 requested water baptism so we went to a river about 5 kilometres away and baptized them all. On the way to the river for baptism so many people joined us and we preached to them Christ. Afterwards we gave the new converts to the local pastors who promised to open a new Church in Loro to care for the new converts. There was enough food for everybody and enough blankets, soaps, candies and other gifts for the widows and the orphans. The civic leaders were so much appreciative and grateful to God and to us for remembering the poor, disadvantaged people. God bless you, God bless DCI Trust, God should bless you for your concern for the spirit, souls and the body of my poor people in Uganda.

Party for the Poor goes on and on . .

Since we did not do it in Lira this year but in Loro, God put the same burden in the heart of a business man who is not a born again Christian in Lira. This man by the name of Johnson Ocol bought 100 kg of meat, 200 kg of rice, 4 bags of cabbages and drinks and took them to 800 prisoners and everybody was blessed. They news people went to the prison and found the prisoners and the prison warden saying that God gave this vision of feeding the poor through Pastor George Purkweri last year. After this the news was over all the 5 local radio stations in Lira. Thanks for passing the vision to me which I have passed to others. May the glory be given to our God and thanks to all who contributed in one way or the other.
Pastor George Purkweri, DCI Lira

United Kingdom

Lots of Cell Church and Church Planting Links

Peter Worthington, Halesowen.

New website brings
online UK Christians together

Christian news, arts, and events from all denominations across the UK.
Abi Cushman, Web Designer, Hull

Smoke - a killer in the third world kitchen

Smoke from cooking on wood, dung and crop waste kills 1.6 million men, women and children a year. It is a larger killer than malaria and is the fourth greatest risk to death and disease in the world's poorest countries. The smoke from burning these fuels turns kitchens into death traps because particles from fuels like wood and charcoal make lungs vulnerable to such as pneumonia, pulmonary disease or cancer, asthma, tuberculosis, low birth weight and infant mortality and cataracts. There are solutions that do not cost the earth. ITDG has worked with communities in Kenya, Sudan and Nepal to develop improved stoves, smoke hoods, chimneys and improved ventilation. Read more here
Les and Pilar, the editors

Visiting The Mosques

I have been in Mosques in Gloucester and Bolton where I led Christians in a 'tour and talk' with Imams. I broke the Ramadan fast twice in Birmingham mosques. One was Shia where there were discussions with Palestinian Waleed Siddiq, a moderate statesman who served as deputy speaker of the Knesset - and a good man. I have been accepted by Birmingham Imams to join a team for monthly discussions and lunch together. This gives me insight and is a mine of internal information. It also helps me keep my hand in with real live and very knowledgeable Muslims as relationship and trust develops.
Pastor - Author well known to us, Name removed for security reasons.

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United States

52,000 new churches a year planted

Mission agency Christian Aid was founded in 1953 by Bob Finley, who worked closely with Billy Graham. It was one of the first American mission agencies to support local missionaries instead of expensive Americans, particularly in nations where Evangelical Christians are an oppressed minority. Today, they support 90,000 missionaries, and are training 40,000 missions workers in hundreds of Bible schools. They plant over 52,000 new churches every year - equivalent to 1,000 each week. Source
From FridayFax free in English.

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DCI Bible School in Iraq

My church is the Truth of the Word Ministries and I am also in the US Army preparing to go to Iraq. I have been teaching your classes to the soldiers in my unit as well as to others looking to enhance their knowledge about God. I already have the questions for the exam but now need the answers as I will be deployed to Iraq and will not have internet access. I just want to spread the word and knowledge of God to all that are willing to listen.
Minister K.A.L
Address removed for security reasons

The Last Word for Today

Stop Struggling !

Flesh gives birth to flesh but . . . Spirit gives birth to spirit. John 3.6 If you want to see God's promise fulfilled in your life this year, do not rush things - or you might give birth to an Ishmael! Ishmael was born because Sarah tried to orchestrate events and bail God out. And the world has been living with the consequences ever since. Be sure that your plans are born of God's Spirit. Do not try to salvage anything that is flesh-based. God said, 'my covenant will I establish with Isaac' (Genesis 17:21), because Isaac was the result of God's will, done God's way, in God's time.

Jesus said, 'Flesh gives birth to flesh, but Spirit gives birth to spirit.' Everything that is conceived in you comes from one of two sources; the flesh or the Spirit. People will try to involve you in all kinds of schemes to rescue and promote yourself. But God does not need help to bless you; He can do it all by Himself. That is why, whenever Satan attacks, you need to be able to point him to your spiritual birthplace and remind him that you did not begin this project, therefore you do not have to finish it. What God ordains, He sustains!

So today, if God is dealing with carnality, pride or any other obstacle in your path, do not get in His way. Like rescuing a drowning man who is frantically trying to save himself, until you stop flailing around God cannot do anything for you. Give it up! Try less and trust more! The Bible says, '...he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion. Philippians 1:6 NIV). So relax and stop struggling!
Bob Gass, The Word for Today, January 2nd, 2005

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