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Here is a new special monthly interactive support page for students, graduates and leaders of the Schools of Mission and Banking for the Poor projects, and it might interest everyone with a call from God as well.
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Over 40,000 decide to follow Jesus
Our School of Healing was to be held in the Cathedral, a brick and tin shed We were soon among the miracles and at least a dozen were instantly healed. Fevers left and pains disappeared on the simple command to ‘Be healed, in the Name of Jesus!’ by the delegates praying for each other in pairs.
One crippled young boy walked for the first time in months. On Saturday morning we sent the delegates to their neighbourhoods and the local hospital, from where many wonderful testimonies flowed. A dumb man began speaking, pains dissolved, and sicknesses vanished.

A bedridden lady, commanded to rise in the Name of Jesus, promptly did so, and went to take a shower! Her neighbour, seeing the miracle, gave her life to Jesus there and then. We were taken to the Anglican cottage hospital where we found one patient suffering from malaria and high blood pressure. Before I had finished praying for him his face lit up like the sun! ‘I am healed!’ he declared and discharged himself. I was asked to preach on Hope for three days and the Holy Spirit once again rose to the occasion. More were healed, and some 50 gave their lives to Jesus. Hope Rwanda is a roller-coaster of emotions and effectiveness. 'If you achieve 40% of your planned work, you've had a good day,' encouraged a local missionary. All the visiting teams have returned rejoicing and every event has made its mark in the hearts of the Rwandan people. Over 40,000 have apparently already given their lives to Jesus! People tell us that 'Rwanda is different this year. There is more joy, more hope and more life.' Truly this event is changing the heart of a nation and it is a privilege to be part of it.
John Fergusson, Coordinator, Hope Rwanda, Kigali.


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Strange who God chooses, uses and sends . .
I am praying a lot for myself and for my students, specially after I got to know where they really are in their walk with Jesus. Their lives are broken in pieces. I am doing a lot of counselling, a lot of deliverance and fasting for them all. Strangely enough, the Lord told me that this would be the sheep he is going to send me, the hurting ones, that he will heal and strengthen, then put in them his glory and send them to the nations.
Silvana Mara, Pouso Alegre School of Mission

§ This is our kind of School of Mission, Silvana, some of these weak, rejected, despised and foolish people whom God chooses (1 Cor 1.27) make the most faithful followers of Jesus. Those who are forgiven much love much. This is music to our ears.
Les and Pilar.

Can you help with Banking for the Poor in China ?
In a village of 6,000 people very heavily hit by AIDS we have selected those who have accepted the gospel and are really in need. These are just 10, mostly women. They will receive funds to start a small business and the leader will supervise by receiving the money back at the end of each week. Nobody will ever detect 10 people in 6,000, I can assure you there is no risk, I myself want to protect this ministry and will never engage in what will be an hindrance. If needs be, we can send them to town, to start a new life.
Name withdrawn for personal security

§ More about DCI Banking for the Poor: Click here

§ We know China quite well and have been involved with Chinese believers and people visiting China for over 20 years. My colleagues have been chased by the police across freezing fields in midwinter, others have been beaten and imprisoned. One of my friends has written a book about his experiences in China. We have all of our School of Mission studies translated into Chinese by the house churches in Central China. So we have an idea of what is happening there. You feel there is no risk in what you want to do and you ask how just ten villagers out of six thousand might be caught by the authorities. The answer is very simple. When a villager who has nothing one day suddenly has a business the next day, the neighbours will ask what is going on and word will spread. Other neighbours who are public Security Bureau informers will tell the local police and they will be around within a day with questions, and maybe they will confiscate everything and imprison the villager for having contact with foreigners. People see and talk. That is why my friends had to escape through windows at 2 in the morning when the police raided a secret prayer meeting that no-one knew about. No-one, except for one man who saw people arriving in the dark and went to the PSB. We would like to help you but you will need to work on this idea very carefully, make it all legal and involve Chinese leaders up front. Otherwise you could lose all the funds in the first week and cause problems or even prison for people, depending on which part of China you are in. Some parts are very tolerant, others deeply hostile to the gospel.
Les Norman

The way we fight drug trafficking
I set out with a group of mission students from YWAM to an native community in Peru, where coca is still the crop even though some people know the Lord. It was a challenge, for it was going to be dangerous and it really was, but the Lord supported us and 320 young people accepted Christ and 11 were baptised. The local church was urged to follow the Lord. Please pray for the Amazon as there are some places where the Good News has not been preached yet.
Charles Valencia, 37, Leticia-Amazon

 Democratic Republic of Congo
Not the time to do nothing after war . . .
War has caused the death of many here and I myself am a victim of much harm. Now we have orphans and street childen in every corner of Bunia, suffering abuse and having no education. We want to care for them and ask for your prayer for a work that I have started to provide a family and social reintegration for these children.
Pastor Dino Mozart Kile, 35, Bunia

 El Salvador
Which Hermeneutics book can you recommend?
I study Theology in El Salvador.
Roberto Gonzalez, 53, San Salvador.
Address in subscriber only edition

Students doing amazing things for Jesus
My students a going out into the villages and settlements and pPeople are being saved. We have started a church at the Training Centre site and we are seeing God do amazing things.
Marion Male, 48, Labasa.

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God's answer to terrorism in Pakistan
A leading terrorist, who is responsible for many bomb attacks in Pakistan and other countries, converted to Christ in our recent evangelism campaign in Karachi. Later he returned to his village, where he testified of his salvation through Jesus Christ. His friends then kicked him so badly that he could barely walk. Crippled, they locked him up with the intention to kill him the following day. That same day there was an earthquake in the area. His friends released him, as they assumed he would not be able to survive anyway. With great pain and perseverance he made his way back to Karachi, the place where He first met Jesus, to connect with fellow believers. God led him to the 'School of Christ', a training that helps Christians start churches in the surrounding villages. With a lot of pain, he listened to the teaching, captivated by the Word of God. In the third week, during the lessons, the power of God came upon him, and the Lord healed him completely from all the wounds inflicted by his so-called friends. Today this former terrorist is no longer in the business of planning attacks and destroying people's lives. He proclaims the gospel and now terrorizes the devil's realm.
Bernd Goldbach, Alliance of Independent Pentecostal Churches.
From Joel News

The Hispanics march in the USA made me fear for them.
When the immigrants demonstrated on the streets of the USA some days ago, I felt an acute pain in my soul and told my husband as we watched the news on TV that this would surely release some kind of revenge against so many Latin Americans. I could foresee some hard times for the immigrants in the USA and that thousands would be expelled. Many people were happy to see so many illegals and others converging in force on Washington but I could only feel sad about it, because for me, spiritually, it was something like this that provoked the Egyptians to fear the Hebrews because of their numbers among them and they put them into worse slavery.
Pastor and prophetess Ana Maria Avilez, San Pedro Sula

§ Coincidentally both Ana and her husband Julian have become very sick and the situation is a little alarming. They need our prayers and if you would stop everything for just one minute, right now, and pray for them, it will help a lot.
Les and Pilar.

Please watch our Video on Mercy Homes
Click here to watch it now, 10 minutes.
Pastor Daniel, Kerala, and all India.

§ This is a highly professional video giving some beautiful sights of India and India's children, Pastor Daniel's work among the poor and orphaned is just as beautiful. We know Daniel, he is a very genuine man with a lifetime of experience and integrity behind him, take a look, and if you feel like helping Pastor Daniel, go ahead with confidence.
Les and Pilar, the editors.

Does sorcery open the door to evil ?
Was the earthquake more than a natural disaster ?
My wife's dream from several months ago came to pass as 5,500 people in Yogyakarta died in the earthquake. We cry a lot and this time we don’t ask God why, because we have known the answer. Our former president, Soeharto, ruled for 32 years but not many people from abroad know that he is a great magician. And Yogyakarta is his hometown. We know that the devil plays his role much in this disaster, but God is on stage too. He uses every single situation in our nation to bring His will and deliverance. Please keep on praying for Indonesia because the Merapi volcano in Yogyakarta is also about to explode and I cannot imagine how terrible this will be. Disillusion is spreading all over our Moslem country because we have become “the sick man in Asia” and hostility is growing intensely between our moderate and radical moslems who even fight each other.
Name and address wihdrawn for security reasons.
Jakarta, Indonesia.

Join the Worldwide Intercessors Day
On 29th October after a time of repentance the gatherings in various nations will engage in corporate worship and communion, followed by prayer for our communities, nations and governments and we will call upon God for worldwide revival. More from . .
Kennedy Waning, Hope for all Nations, Eldoret.

Praise God for these pages . .
These DCI pages are so helpful for my spiritual growth and what I learn here is printed for the church. The world news opens us to see the need for prayers for different countries.
George Mkandawire, 32, Lilongwe.

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Coming to help the churches in Spain
In October we will visit this nation. We want to join together with you and fulfill the Great Commission.
César Emilio Gramajo D., 47, México.

§ I would like to contact missionaries in Portugal and Spain
Jose Luis, 21, Barcelona-Venezuela
Addresses in subscriber only edition

A revolution has taken place
After massive demonstrations and years of prayer by Christians, the parliament stripped the king of his powers and took the reins of government in the name of the Nepalese people. Instead of being known as 'the world's only Hindu kingdom', the new Nepal will be a secular state. Observers say that this change presents in many ways a timely opportunity for the Church in this nation.
Gospel for Asia, more information here:

God moves powerfully in Baluchistan
We did many meetings in fundamentalist neighbourhoods but God protected us. Four new churches were planted. Believers are in need of Bibles and please keep praying for our two evangelists in this area. About 380 attended our National Unity and Solidarity Conference in Faisalabad, it was a great time of sharing and fellowship. Please keep praying for Pakistan as many great things are happening.
Pastor Muqaddam Zia

Working together is better . . .
We want to set up strategic alliances with missions and agencies to do missions together. Our vision is to send Latin American missionaries to the unreached peoples and welcome American, European and Asian missionaries to train and mobilise our people.
Ps. Dr. Esteban Valverde Virhuez, 32, Huacho - Lima
Address in subscriber only edition

Take my experience with street children
According to the UNICEF, there are 60 million street children in Latin America –an alarming figure. They are a mission field. I have worked over ten years with street children and want to offer my experience and knowledge to ministries or to people who are willing to reach out to them.
Dante Quintana, 36, Maracaibo
Address in subscriber only edition

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