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The Annual DCI Christmas Party for the Poor
Are you coming with us ?

Every year for the past few years we have had our annual DCI Christmas Party in the developing world, often two or three parties. Instead of inviting our supporters and friends in the UK we invite the poorest, the disabled and the outcasts of society to a day out with a meal with everything provided including music, drama, the gospel and prayer.

This year we are going to do the same. If you would like to help sponsor our 2006 Christmas Parties then now is the time to let us know, certainly before the month end. Then we can decide how many parties we can hold. It is a lot of work to put it on but the poor never forget the day. Click here to see what happened last year 

Lira, Northern Uganda, has been under siege for almost 20 years from the LRA insurgency from Sudan which has cost many thousands of lives and condemned tens of thousands of others to squalid refugee camps. UN High Commissioner for Refugees Jan England said, "This is the world's worst and most unreported humanitarian tragedy."" Talks are under way at this moment to end the war and will probably succeed. 

Pastor George Purkweri, our partner in Lira plans to hold the a Christmas Party for the Poor on the 22nd Dec 2006. The 600 guests will all be personally invited and transported from the streets and the refugee camps: 150 disabled people; 100 bed ridden people living with AIDS; 100 orphans with no family at all; 40 street children; 50 street beggars; 50 widows and 60 neglected refugees. Not one has any means of celebrating Christmas, or anyone to care for them or anywhere to go. The budget for a full day of music, drama, speeches, eating, drinking, presents and prayer with transport on lorries to and from camps and streets is just £1.60 / $2.50 a person. George says that the people who came last year still remember the day and long for another one. Ladies and gentlemen we have prayed and now we are in your hands. Thank you.

Les and Pilar, the editors.
Contact Us

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The news follows . . .

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Thousands turning to Christ in Ethiopia

Six years ago my wife and I went with two evangelists to the east of Ethiopia where not 1% is Christian. Within four months, 50 people came to Christ. The Lord added more evangelists to our team and now within the last six years about 9,000 people have committed their lives to Christ and are baptized. We now have 40 missionaries and every four months we baptize up to 250 new believers and we have planted 50 churches." Name of source withheld for security reasons.

From DAWN Africa and Joel News



Hindu alcoholic loses everything . . .

Because Rajan, a good tailor, was an alcoholic he lost almost everything and things were so tough for him, his wife and two girls that they decided to put an end to life.  As they were planning this one of their neighbours shared the love of Jesus with them, led them to Jesus and took them to church where Rajan began to seek and follow Jesus. One day he shared his desire to open a tailoring shop and we granted a DCI Bank for the Poor loan of $200 to rent a shop and buy one sewing machine. God has blessed this business and today Rajan employs three people, his daughters go to college. he has a good house and they bring people and offerings to the Lord.

Pastor Daniel Varghese Kizhakkevila, Kerala, India.



We are people of sorrow, suffering and mourning !

The world is unaware that since 1999 4,000,000 people have lost their lives in DRC through war and HIV/AIDS. 1200 people a day die here and I think it is time for churches to address the social and spiritual issues that Congo's people face. We have numerous orphans living desperately these days, some of the 50,000,000 African orphans expected by 2010. My  wife and I are working on how to take care of orphans living without shelter, education or hope for the future. Write to me for more information please.

Dino Kile Mozart, 36, Hope and Care for Little Souls,

Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo




Denominations or Denominationalism?

Letter from George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilisation.

As I have ministered around the globe over the past 50 years, people again and again have asked me about what I am trying to share in this letter. There has been more hurt, disunity and discouragement in connection with this than we can ever know.  Click here for the full article and feel free to pass it on.

George Verwer


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Is Mongolian church world's most efficient missions force ?

Evangelical believers are growing at twice the pace of Islam, and three times as fast as the world population especially in places like Brazil, China, Bangladesh, and Nigeria which all have exploding Christian populations. The Mongolian church is the most efficient missions force, sending one missionary for every 222 Christians. Churches in the global South are now eagerly sending out their own missionaries, often as tentmakers with their sights on spreading the gospel all the way "back to Jerusalem." Jason Mandryk, of Operation World, Source: Judd Birdsall, Lausanne Movement.

From Joel News.




300 Indians boldly publicly baptised on TV . .

On World Religious Freedom Day we had a bus loads from Gujarat, Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh, MP and 2 two jeeps from Bhilai for baptism.  The Anti Conversion Bill was burnt in public with great rejoicing which was a sight to see. Myself and two other priests gave the baptisms amidst great hurry with several people were jumping together in the pond. We praise God for a time such as this!

Pastor JJ, Central India

Address withdrawn for security reasons



Tough times in Ivory Coast

Even President Laurent Bagbo has asked the Christians to pray and fast for 40 days.

Jubilee Church.




Thanks for the meals you send to Gourcy children.

Because of your support with rice with sauce, rice, beans and cabbage the children are happy, and their class work is better. Their homes are far away, Gourcy is in the dry north of Burkina Faso. May God bless you.

Josephine Ouedraogo, AEAD, Ouagadougou.




Bank for the Poor training wanted in Peru ?

Please send me all that is needed, I am planning to start with cows to yield $10 per day per family. Can you tell me how do your family get support while you are doing all this job?

Gustavo Velarde, Peru


® Hi Gustavo, Here is a copy of the leaders manual which will tell you everything I know.  We are seeing some wonderful micro-business projects develop around the world. You will find some of our self-support ideas on this page here and here. We have no church or business support and you can be sure that we have prayed a lot asking for God's ways and wisdom to be made clear. We ask for all that we need to live with and a great deal more to give beyond knowing from the Bible not from the TV preachers that giving is the trigger that releases God's blessing. Then for many years we have dedicated a lot of personal time to a small group of supporters.  We treat them as friends, we write, e-mail, phone, send flowers, we invite them for meals, we pray for them and keep them in regular touch with what is happening with us.  They have repaid our friendship a thousand times over. Pilar has part-time jobs teaching Spanish and we choose to live simply in an inexpensive part of town, and our car is many years old.  We avoid debts and credit cards like the plague. It is not by faith that we live but by the grace of God alone and He has always been sufficient, although the journey has been very hard and risky on a number of occasions.

Les Norman.


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Looking for the opportunity that God has for me  . .

I have a burden for the people of Sudan, and I am interested in AIDS education/prevention. I have surrendered to missions and  to whatever God has planned for my life. Who can utilize my service for a short-term mission ?

Jaylyn Brooke Salmons, 17, Missouri, USA


® Hi Jaylyn, To be honest you are already in the USA which is the home of most of the Christian world's best short-term mission and we are in the UK and in great need of short-term mission coming here, Europe stands in even greater need. OK, first go to Google  www.google.com and put in short term mission finder in the search box. You will see things like: Shorter Term Missions and Mission Finder Sudan is a difficult place right now, but not impossible.  We have one young lady who has just come back from short-term mission there and I will ask her to tell you all about it.  Work with AIDS is really important as well, with lots of opportunities for trained health educators and communicators.  ACET are good people who know as much as anyone. Write again anytime. I have a daughter, Lizzie, the same age as you, wanting to do all the same sort of things.

Les Norman.



First School of Mission graduation in Tanzania

It's at Boma-Ngombe on Nov 25th.  We're excited by this first fruit which God is giving in Tanzania after many years of sowing and after many disappointments.

Paul Lee, EAPTC School of Mission, Nairobi, Kenya




Ramadan this year seems crazy to me.

After the government sent 3 Christians to the death sentence, the public are still not satisfied and demand more blood. Lately Pastor Irianto Kongkoli has been shot dead in Palu. He was shot in the head in a shop. His wife was also injured in the attack.

Name removed for security reasons, Indonesia



Aduku DCI Bank for the Poor is . . . wonderful !

The latest one million shillings has been distributed to 8 widows who are doing very well in their micro-projects and paying back. One lady has even bought a piece of land and is planning to put up a small house for her 4 orphans. In the School of Missions we have another 8 pastors from the camps and the first group of 12 pastors are moving forwards.

George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

Photos of Uganda



Sunday morning raids in Uzbekistan

Three separate worship services in churches in Tashkent and Angren.  Zamira Shirazova, a dancer, has been fired because she is a Protestant and sources suggest that Pentecostal churches have been banned from preaching in Uzbek, despite it being the state language.

Read the full story here


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Your School of Mission will be launched officially in Liberia

In our church next Sunday, I can assure you and photos will be sent.

Pastor John S. Duco, Monrovia.


® Dear Pastor John, We wish you very well with your launch and may God bless you and give you the grace and perseverance to see the course through.  My advice to you is to select students who will go and repeat the training in other places where there is none, and they will plant new churches at the same time. A network of Schools of Mission in Liberia will transform the work of mission in the country in very few years.  Train for multiplication of workers. See this page for the very successful Kenya model. Best wishes,




Thirty-three men are ready to go . . .

All are trained and have unreached virgin villages selected where gospel is not preached. With just £40 a month they can each plant churches of 30 to 45 members within 3 months then after a year if we can give a £40 bicycle to these men they will plant one to two churches in nearby villages. That means we can plant 75 churches of 30 members each and by year 3 these men will plant 30 more churches each and will have trained up to 3 men in each church to go further. By the way the lepers are very happy and send their special regards to all at DCI. Pastor Johnson is training two lepers to take every day bible study and prayer meetings in the colony. They are much thankful for the tube lights and the bulbs you provided as they can now spend time in light and live in light both spiritually and physically. Thank you.

Pastor Daniel, Kerala




Lawyer finds transformation in prison . .

Initially, I visited some prisoners who had received Christ only because my church sent me as I am a lawyer, but the Lord subtly transformed the Wednesdays into days for Him. I found out that 70% of the people with whom I talked to had heard about Christ or received Him but had taken the wrong path and ended up in jail. God is working on them and I share with them that God will transform any man in the prison into a new man. Many of us have heard about how God wipes out our crimes and sins but as I work with people in prison I see this is a process, a walking together, a sharing of anxiety, support, love, above all, love. Are there any Christian lawyers with more experience in this.

Jose Manuel Armenta Peredo, 35, Acapulco, Mexico



Cubans get passionate for mission

It is amazing to see how the Spirit of God stirs people worldwide to intercede for the nations. In our church, every Sunday we strongly pray for countries and people in mission. A new generation is being raised, ready to go wherever the Lord may send them.

Gustavo y Elena, Cuba



Bread of Life at breakfast . .

We serve breakfast to children from deprived households and we also give them the bread of life which is Jesus Christ, our Lord. We are trying to reach out these little souls and those of their families.

Robert, 31, Higuerote, Venezuela 

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Letters to the editors

Missions support network welcomes you . .

We share experiences and put you in touch with evangelists, teachers, missionaries, singers, youth workers in their own ministry.

Ricardo Moronta, 58,

International Missions Network, Barinas, Venezuela



Couldn't convince a fly !

I helped out at the 2006 Apostolic Conference here, it was fantastic. I was almost left in tears by 86-year old T.L. Osbourne, a man with a huge passion for the souls, who greatly impacted me when I realised that, at his age, his goal is still to reach the lost. He said that we must demonstrate that we are convinced about our faith. It's true, sometimes, we, Christians, present the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ with such doubts and insecurity and we couldn't convince a fly. People would  follow us if they saw that we were fully convinced that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only solution for this lonely and desperate world in search for a life change and longing for friendship with the creator of the universe. Passionate and faithful men and women who know Christ Jesus are needed, people whose words convince because they are ready to risk their lives and die, if necessary, for even one soul be saved; people who leave their own interests for the sole purpose that the Kingdom of God may reach the hearts of the lost. Can we be this people of vision, passion and action ?

Ana Maria Castellón, pastor and prophet,

San Pedro Sula, Honduras



This is the end of the world.

The Patagonia Missions Office in the world's most southern city promotes the mission vision, and encourages Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia to get into trans-cultural missions around the world.

Victor Hugo Quezada, 46, Punta Arenas, Chile



Going back to the Pygmies in Cameroon

Give me your prayers and help for Kribi, Moloundou and Campo where I am going. God is interested in these souls. I am leaving Brazil because my heart is in Africa searching for the unreached.

Vanilda Ferreira de Souza, 35, Campinas, SP Brasil


Today's World Christian News

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