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Welcome to the September 29th 2004 edition

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Lectures on stem cell research

Would people in Europe be interested in having a Christian microbiologist come over to give lectures on stem cell research? I give the Christian response to the stem cell and embryo research issues and I can speak to students on the science and ethics of stem cells. I will do this for donations only.
Dr Clement Persaud, Ph.D.


Missionaries get in touch

Our church will pray for missionaries especially in India and Africa. Who has heard of the COMIBAM Adopt a People group project ?
Andrés Vergara, Santiago de Chile.

§ Andres, COMIBAM is a leading Latin American movement for missionary support Their website has all the Adopt A People details and a great deal of information about Latin American missions.
Les Norman.


African mission makes it to Guangzhou

We wanted to help his ministry with your Chinese material and that is why I asked you for your School of Mission in Chinese. Things are definitely not easy over there due to a law prohibiting conversion of the Chinese but our missionary is trying his best to establish something in this golden spiritual fishery.
Name withdrawn for security reasons

§ Please go to our entry page, choose Chinese and you'll see what may be the only 85 study Bible School in Chinese on the Internet. Please do all you can to get it into China as many believers there are deeply frustrated by the Government blocking our website to prevent these materials reaching the Chinese churches.
Les and Pilar.


Jesus means everything to me

Nothing important, just trying to be inside His deep heart. I am old but need to learn about my God, to study, I need to follow his voice to hear his voice clearly. He means everything to me and I need nothing except to be with Him. I am hungry to know him. I am a housewife until Jesus calls.
Nadia T, Al Mokatam


The new face of world ministry

I just made a mission trip to Seoul, South Korea to teach on Leadership Training and Seminar for church pastors and workers in Korea and Asia.
Daniel C. Patrick, World Christian Evangelism, Accra.

§ Dear Daniel, Thanks for your news, this is a new day for missions. It is a blessing to see how the Lord is sending non-Western and non-white leaders to take a lead in world ministry. Onwards, for Jesus, Daniel, and God be with you in every step.

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Captured missionaries freed alive

Three native missionaries who were captured and threatened with death in Bihar have been released by anti-Christian militants in a miraculous turn of events. Pastor Manrathan, his wife and Bible woman Sarita were due to be killed within 48 hours for "desecrating a village with the Gospel" unless a ransom of $550 was paid, a huge amount in the impoverished region. They were severely beaten and tied to a sacred tree. The Lord has answered the prayers of thousands of believers worldwide.
KP Yohanan, GFA, Founder.

 Terrorists watch our church planting

Our graduates have started 125 home congregations in Cuttack City since April 2003 but they have to be very careful about terrorists. Two Bible Schools were held in an area controlled by terrorist Hindu Youth Groups but still 80 students graduated. Our ladies teams reach into the cultures where the women and children cannot be not approached by men.
TACPD, England

 Hindus add Jesus to list of gods

For many Hindus they have no problem to add Jesus to their list of gods but through baptism they declare that Jesus alone is their true God. In India baptism is very important because the converts declare their faith in Jesus and separate themselves from all Hindu gods and practices. We just had 3 baptisms in Kodaccal, 2 in Chalakudy and in Kozhuvalloor we had 23 commitments to the Lord and all of them are ready for baptism.
Pastor Daniel & Lily, Kerala.


80 AoG church leaders arrested

Police invaded the annual conference of Iran’s Assemblies of God and arrested at least 80 church leaders as part of the worst crack down on evangelical believers in a decade. An eye witness claimed that "every single person present was put under arrest, blindfolded and taken in for interrogation."

§ The very latest news is that the last 10 leaders were released some days later having been severely interrogated but given no reason for their arrest.


Beslan Survivors come in Medical Airlift

The Michael Cherney Foundation is spearheading a lifesaving airlift to Israel of 10 of the most severely hurt children with their mothers, who stand to benefit most from Israel's highly advanced medical care for victims of terrorist attacks. Michael Cherney, commented that "since terror knows no borders, neither should our solidarity in fighting this evil and helping its victims. That is our mission, and we will spare no effort to ease the horrific pain this tragedy has created."
Sent in by John Clements, Ambassadors for Christ, UK

Free Bible School   Free School of Believer's Finances



Like to open a training school

We want to use your course materials but please advise me how I can issue my students credible and valid certificates ? My husband and I are self-employed home tuition teachers ministering to children and teenagers, we are not a registered organisation because we are operating from home.
Jacqueline Tan, Malacca

§ Dear Jacqueline, you are very welcome to the network of schools worldwide, between us all and in very many different ways, thousands of men, women, boys and girls are being trained to be leaders in Christian work. If you go to the Information Page then follow the links to How to Issue a Credible Diploma, all will be clearly explained, It is not difficult. Our best wishes, please stay in touch.
Les and Pilar.

Muslim World

30-Days Prayer in Ramadan

Free prayer guide for adults and kids for the worldwide prayer focus on the Muslim world during Ramadan, October 15 to November 13, in 42 languages.











Specially for the
World Christian Network

You are our eyes and ears for what is happening in your country, 
be our correspondent - send in news from your nation

Free Christian book, published 2004


Another super book, all proceeds to our work

§ Where can find Prison Ministries on the Web ?
Pastor Tonnie Mzulumba, Malawi

§ One of the world's biggest is Prison Ministries and this page will give you a long list of people that are working with prisoners. Also, for a testimony about Alpha in a UK prison.

§ English to Arabic and English to Russian
Christian volunteer translators Urgently needed to complete our Bible Studies and to edit our news pages. Join our team around the world.

§ What does Hebrews 10, 26-30 mean please ?
Jorge, México.

§ Jorge, what I always tell my students when they want me to save them the trouble of thinking about a difficult passage like this one is this: "Read it once and then read it again and again, then believe it just as it is written. God's word is not difficult or complicated, even the simplest people in the jungles must be able to understand the Bible otherwise God could be accused of hiding His best from humble believers and only revealing it to the well educated .

So read Hebrews 10, 26-30 over and over, pray, ask for revelation from the Holy Spirit. Believe what you receive from the Word. Look at what comes before the verses and what comes after. Who is speaking and to whom? Now and this is it - apply the verse to your life first of all. Then, if and only if it is necessary, go to the commentaries and dictionaries but remember that the best commentary on the Bible is the Bible itself. It's a simple answer but I hope it helps, once you see how the Holy Spirit brings the Word alive for you, you will never look back.
Les Norman.

§ This page was made by Dave Wilson of  Web1 in England.
Why not ask Dave to make your web pages for your business,
you will be as pleased as we are.


Who are we ?

Les Norman is a speaker and a writer with a heart for the lost, the last and the least of the world. Pilar Remón is a teacher, an intercessor, counsellor and a very popular Christian poet in the Spanish language. If you speak Spanish this is Pilar’s free book. Our daughter Elisabeth is finding her way forward in youth work.


Ladies and gentlemen, Our charity the DCI Trust (1987-2004) needs the support of a world of readers so that we can support mission to the lost, the last and the least of the world. No deductions for administration are ever taken. You are very welcome to join us.

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Myanmar - Burma

Desperate need for Bible teachers

We have a desperate need of people who have a heart to bring us a week or month of teaching for my uneducated church in Golden Triangle City, focused on salvation of sinners. With shame but sincerity I have to say that we cannot provide any funds. Greetings and heartfelt gratitude from me and from the church in the village for what you are doing and for your prayer and work for us.
Philip, national Myanmar missionary

§ Dear Philip, While you wait to see who offers to come and help, I would sincerely recommend that you take our School of Mission notes and lessons from our website which are my own heart and voice, and teach these very subjects yourself in your language and with your own culturally appropriate illustrations and testimonies added in. You will find this 2 Timothy 2.2 approach to be very effective, as many leaders just like you have found all over the developing world.
Les Norman.


From soldier to servant

My wife came to know the Lord 5 years earlier than me and while I was on the battlefields of the mountains of Nicaragua, she would pray for me. God heard her clamour and years later I came to the feet of Christ. Since I welcomed Him, I had a call to undertake a pastoral ministry. Thus, using up our savings, we bought a plot of land and started an evangelisation work and set up a church in Ciudad Sandino, Managua. This neighbourhood is ridden with juvenile crime, prostitution, drugs and many a broken household. We have won many souls for Christ, young people who are now serving Him. We have only got God's support and our and other people's prayers, but we do welcome any group sharing this vision.
Colonel Silvio Palacios Baca, Managua.


Pastors lose six children

After days of searching for them, the two Beslan pastors have now discovered that six of their eight young children died in the local school hostage drama. Between 1,500 and 2,000 people gathered in front of their homes to support the Totievs' who are loved very much. As others in the crowd began cursing and vowed to take revenge Pastor Sergey Totiev stood up and said: "Yes, we have an irreplaceable loss, but we cannot take revenge. As Christians, the Bible teaches us that we must forgive. Vengeance is in God’s hands." "the most powerful sermon and witness that has perhaps ever been heard in that community." It said "the crowd was very moved.
From Russian Ministries


60,000 Kilometres Gospel Expedition

This record breaking expedition visited about 236 different cities and town across Russia's 11 time zones. It lasted 221 days and they drove over 60,000 kilometres to hold over 447 different evangelistic meetings. Hundreds of people came to Christ and bringing humanitarian aid gave the evangelical churches a new realm of authority that they've never had before and tore down a lot of suspicion." Full story here:
Sent in by Bob & Cheryl Hosken, Moscow.
Agape-Biblia and Agape Rehab Society



Thanks from widows, students and pastors

George Purkweri from DCI Uganda and his wife managed to reach us despite transport difficulties with materials for the Bible School, pens, exercise books and study materials. He brought 40 goats, 40 hoes, seeds and 2 saws; all were given in isolated locations which are far from one another. We managed to reach even up to Yei 100 miles from the border. George and his wife visited all the churches and preached in the markets. About 80 people were saved and 4 bedridden sick people were healed, and some others walked in various locations. Some roads were bad, rain was heavy but George and his wife did the work of God.
Tom Kokanyi, Sudan


Funeral brings deep insights

I went to Miss Orn's Thai funeral, the lady who died of AIDS a week after receiving Jesus. (See the last edition) It was an open fire and I could see everything but it really hit home to me that she really was not there and that God had saved her. I also was truly humbled and realised that we have only three purposes while on this earth: To prepare for our salvation; to teach and help others prepare themselves for their own salvation, looking completely to God's grace, mercy and love; and finally to make a difference in this world in the short time we are here. Les, I realised all that while looking in that fire. I saw that she was no longer in that body but she was in Christ's presence in His unconditional love. I have seen thousands of funerals like this in my time in Thailand but, Les, this was the first body of a young lady who gave her life to Christ in her last moments. To think that I helped her to find Christ and then only a week later I saw her in the cremation fire, this truly blew me away. It made me put everything into perspective and my eyes were opened by her and by God like never before.
Gareth Lavell, Chiang Mai.

§ Dear Gareth, This is very sad news, except for the certainty that Miss Orn is now with Jesus, whereas only a few days ago she had no hope for her coming move into eternity. Thank God for Jesus, and we also thank God for your love and the love of your wife which brought the salvation of Christ to a poor woman in the moment of her greatest need.
Les and Pilar.

§ Gareth's ministry serves men, woman and children with HIV/AIDS, and he has seen thousands lost to this terrible disease over the years in Thailand. Why not visit Gareth's website, see what you can do to help him and his work amongst people who live in sight of the gates of eternity.
Les and Pilar

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Blessed be God for this website . .

That links missions, churches and workers all around our world. My personal prayer is that each mission, church and Christian worker would fast and pray for the support of the editors and for all the other needs of the World Christian Network as my wife, four children and I have decided to do every Friday. Let's build a prayer chain for DCI around the world.
Vespacien and Richarde Ganza-Kobozo, Lomé

§ Vespacien, what can we say ? What a precious man you are, there is nothing more valuable to us than the kind of support and friendship you have offered, God bless you and give you strength to stand with us in world ministry. Together we can change the world, one person at a time.
Les and Pilar.


Looking for an open door

For me the Great Commission is Tunisia. I work in education and would like to go to Tunisia as a working teacher or, as they say, a tent maker.
Héctor Salinas, Paraguay

United Kingdom

Church Planting Training Oct.1-3

We are holding our first Luke 10 training weekend for house church leaders led by experienced church planters Tony and Felicity Dale. We expect the time to inspire our church network and others to carry the good news to unreached areas and plant churches.
Peter Worthington, Bromsgrove

New national Christian news page

National and regional Christian news with features, music, arts and events based on our 10-year-old publication.
Howard Dobson

New website for School of Mission

I have included all 88 lessons and some extra material of my own. Any comments on the site would be appreciated.
Roger Collins, Anglican College of Evangelists
Associate Evangelist Open Air campaigners

§ Roger, you have done a marvellous job, it is great to see how the word of God is spreading widely and growing in power especially in the darkness of the Internet.

§ If you would like to include this news page or the whole School of Mission on your website, just let us know but go ahead without making changes. There is no copyright and nothing to pay. Freely we have received, freely we give.
Les and Pilar.

United States

Soul Winning Quote of the Month

We are more interested in keeping the sick out of heaven than we are in keeping the lost out of hell. (Adrian Rogers on the subject of prayer meetings)
Jamie Morgan, The Soul Winner's Devotional
Igniting a passion for souls on six continents. Subscribe free


Can't we learn how to forgive?

Aggression between peoples is getting more serious every day. Over here believers are against one another for political reasons but can we not learn to live in Christ to be able to forgive and be forgiven. Please, pray for my country so that we can all get through the trouble we are in these days.
Oscar Márquez, Caracas









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