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Chinese builders climb walls to get Bibles
There are over 70,000 Chinese building workers in Algeria, working 13 hours each day, 7 days a week, with 10 days vacation each year, for US$400 per month. The men live in overcrowded accommodation on the building sites, watched over by Communist bosses. After work, there was not much to do except smoke and sit around, until Chinese tourists brought large amounts of Christian literature to Algeria. Now, every building worker wants his own Chinese New Testament, and there is often a tumult when the few Bibles are handed out, and hundreds of copies of the Jesus Film are in circulation. A growing number of them are coming to faith in Christ. The Algerian government does not concern itself with these developments, as long as they are limited to the Chinese. The Communist bosses sometimes refuses access to the barracks, but the workers then just climb over the wall. Source: OM News
From Friday Fax in English, New Zealand

Calling pastors in Panama
We are an Argentinean couple with a strong vision for Panama and we would like to get in touch with missions, pastors and leaders over there.
Juan Cravero, 35, Tandil.

Christian lawyers 5th Latin American conference
Christian lawyers from all over the Americas met to celebrate in Uruguay. We praised the name of Jesus and had lectures about Transparent Public Ethics. The conference was organised by the Latin American Network of Christian Lawyers.
Rodolfo Escudier, 42, La Plata.

Back in Europe December and January . . .
For 25 years Pastor Howard Sands, International Director of Beautiful Feet Task Force, has preached the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit all over the world and seen salvation and healing come for many. He can visit your church, small group, Bible college, Business leaders meeting or outreach event. Howard has an extensive business background in sales and marketing and finance, conducts mass evangelistic and healing rallies in India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, and is now ministering to over 3000 leaders in 81 countries every month via a free monthly evangelism and missions e-mail.
Howard Sands, 50, Penrith NSW

Bible Study in the Royal Palace
Just as in the days of Daniel and Joseph, the Lord has raised is up to talk about him in the Presidential Palace of Brazil. We thank god for opening this door for us and we are now praying for our nation and our leaders, and giving Bible studies to help officials to get a deeper understanding of the word of God. We can preach and take the Gospel to everybody in the Palace. We will be glad of your help in prayer and if we can help you as well, then we will.
Rogério De Moraes Silva, 41, Brasilia.

Passion of Christ film screened here
When we invited people to come and see the film: The Passion of Christ a huge crowd gathered. God helped us as when we arrived there were no power but it came back. The film had a major impact on many people, tears were streaming down many faces. I have learned for a man to be touched on the inside, he needs to be in direct and personal contact with the Gospel. otherwise the conversion may only be a travesty.
Abena Joseph, Kribi

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What happened when she said No in Jesus' name . .
We went to a community hall where the whole village comes to buy food and other things, with a brother from the village. A particular beautiful young girl was interested in knowing more about Jesus and kept listening to us and asking questions. She finally received Jesus. Now in the village there was an agricultural volunteer from the West teaching them English and the son of this man approached the girl and wanted to become her boyfriend. The girl sensed that he wanted to lead her into fornication, so she said: Jesus will not like it. The boy was so touched that he listened to her message and he confessed his sins.
Your friend, an African missionary in China.

Films to watch out for . . .
The Da Vinci Code
Everybody's talking about it. 2.4 million copies have been sold in the UK alone, and there will be a lot more sales next year, when the film comes out, starring Tom Hanks. Across the world it's spawned debates, discussion groups, angry responses, TV documentaries and millions of dollars for its engaging, unassuming author. The Da Vinci Code is the best-seller which asserts that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, that the Gospels are deliberate fabrications, and that the whole story of Christianity is a series of carefully placed lies. Discover more, see the websites that show you how to explain the fiction and the errors in the film, get ready, this will be a blockbuster movie
Follow this link . . .

 Finland for the world
Prayer Day for the Persecuted Church
Believers in more than 100 nations will pray for and with the persecuted Church on November 13 and 20 supporting the international day of prayer for the persecuted church. For free material and information come to this website.
Johan Candelin, Kokkola, Finland.

Why so much revival in the
New World and so little in Europe ?
It is really sad that the people in the old continent have become so hard hearted. The difference with Latin America it is that we are like children who believe and trust our God for everything. We are thankful people who hunger for the miraculous things that God has prepared for those who love him. God gives us what we believe for and he respects the level of faith we have. God wants us to experience His glory but he can not give us supernatural things if we do not believe that they exist and if we do not expect to receive from Him. The key is to be like children, they do not think a lot before they play at something, they trust their parents when they tell them to do something new, children just enjoy life and are not so concerned what other people around them think. Many adults need to be free of their love of status when they are in the presence of God and when the worship is flowing. If we decide to please God then we will not mind what the people around us are thinking if only we can reach His glory. We can enter in the spiritual realm where we can see things the natural eye cannot see, the spiritual things that only for those who have the innocence to believe and act on what they hear and see.
Pastora Ana Maria Avilez, San Pula.

Three teenage Christian schoolgirls beheaded
The beheaded bodies of three teenage Christian schoolgirls were found near Poso, a Muslim town in east Indonesia. According to state-run news agency Antara, the three high school students were believed to have been murdered while they were on their way to school. Another three students, who were walking together with the three victims, had suffered serious stab wounds. A statement from the National police cited by Reuters, said up to six men in black attire and veils used machetes to slash the victims. Indonesia’s President condemned the killings as "sadist and inhuman crimes," and immediately called an urgent meeting with the high security officials, including his vice-president, and heads of the army, police and intelligence departments. Poso, which is 1,500 km northeast of the capital Jakarta, had been stricken by three years of Muslim-Christian conflicts until the peace deal in late 2001 with 2,000 people killed in riots.  Full Story here
From the Christian Post

Kindness brings one more family to Jesus
One day I was called to go and speak to a young mother and I went with Tamires, one of our young people. When we arrived we found her sitting on the floor with two small children. She was a rocking one and the other was just crying and crying, obviously very hungry. While I was speaking to the mother I thought I could see some kind of sweet hanging out of the mouth of one child but then to my horror I realised that it was her gums. We invited them to our church meeting but beforehand we took them home to get them some food that they were all so far gone that they came without any show of emotion. We gave the child a cup of milk and she drank a lot as if it were a toast in a banquet. The whole occasion just touched me greatly.
Daniel Dias, 36, Pedro Juan Cabalero.

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After the earthquake your help is needed.
More than 90,000 people have died and more than these numbers of people are wounded and countless human beings were under destroyed buildings and crying for help. We have been strong part of disaster fund and helping by providing warm clothes, tents as we can. Please pray for our hired doctors, nurses and volunteers who are leaving for Muzafarabad next week to provide treatment to the victims since diseases have been produced due to dead bodies lying on the ground for days. People there need your prayers and help, and many will turn to Jesus. Your cooperation would be highly appreciated by Christian community in Pakistan.
Shahbaz Nawab, Chairman, St. Paul Society, Islamabad.

§ To send help you miht also consider: Gospel for Asia;  Tear Fund;  Disasters Emergency Committee
Les and Pilar

The witch woman and the market . .
Last week at the open-air market where we shop, we again crossed paths with the Central Asian witch woman who goes around to the various stalls with her pan of evil-smelling burning weeds, offering to bless each vendor's daily sales in exchange for a small donation. This illustrates to us how much Russian culture is influenced by the animistic folk Islam of Central Asia. Russia calls itself an Orthodox country, but Islam is on the march in the south and one of the four officially-recognized traditional religions here, including Judaism and Buddhism. Russia has a two-way relationship with Central Asia providing the Muslim population with manufactured goods while the Central Asians provide Moscow and much of the rest of Russia with fresh fruits and vegetables. The imbalance in this is in the demographics: and as they say demography being destiny. The Russian-nationality population is seriously declining due to high rates of AIDS, abortion and alcoholism, while the Muslim population of the Russian Federation and of the former Soviet republics of Central Asia is growing. This is a potentially explosive combination that could either lead to widespread military conflict, or to religious and political compromise.
Bob & Cheryl Hosken, 41 years in Moscow.
Agape Rehab Society:

 Sierra Leone
Terror tactics that last a lifetime
During Sierra Leone's decade-long civil war, rebels developed the horrific tactic of chopping off the hands or legs of civilians as a way of sowing terror in the population. Mamusu Thoronka, 41, was one of the many thousands of people affected. Four years after the end of the war, she explains in this photo-diary how she is trying to support her family, without any help from the government.
Click here to see the photos

Our Christian TV now seen in Latin America
After 10 years transmitting television in Madrid and other Spanish cities we have taken the plunge and signed up to reach that in America through the Panansat 3 satellite. Word TV (Tverbo) is family television suitable for everyone and is on 24 hours a day with a very different message for these times when television has little respect for ethics and morality and only makes people more desperate through the fantasy world on offer. Word TV entertains, in forms and teaches everyone from the smallest babies who have their own happy that educational shows, right through to the elderly who appreciate the social and cultural content on offer. We are looking forward to making a lot of new friends on the American continent.
Miguel Diez, Founder, Remar International

§ Word TV is Christian television as it should be, without extravagance and without the sight of preachers dressed like princes. There are no week-long fund raising marathons that almost guarantee healing and prosperity to anyone with a ready and willing credit card. Word TV is clean, honest and does not make you ashamed to be a believer if the neighbours catch you watching it. Miguel is a first-class teacher who lives what he says. It is a shame that he has just returned sick from Burkina Faso after taking five meetings one after the other in the crowded and unsanitary conditions of the Ouagadougou prison.
Les y Pilar.

Brilliant photos of the north
If you would like to see where our colleague and partner George Purkweri is working then take a look at this website. This is not our work but the photos will show you exactly what it is like in Northern Uganda where George has his skill training for orphans, goats for orphans, mushroom farming, employment with knitting and sewing, church planting and teaching in the refugee camps. Spend 5 minutes in the real Africa, go now.
Les and Pilar

 United Kingdom
Believing to plant 36 new churches in 2006
As a home church we have organised and attended Luke 10 weekends and now we are offering ourselves to churches and groups to give encouragement and training. We are praying, believing God and working to see 36 teams of two or more people plant 36 new churches in 2006. We are under no delusion that this will be easy or humanly possible so we value your prayers and any help that you can give to help us reach this goal. The 36 churches will be planted in various ways and will take many shapes involving churches, teams, short-term evangelistic and servant evangelism projects, and building relationships in communities, schools, workplaces, and amongst people groups. Let us follow Paul’s example and by all means win some.
Peter Worthington

§ See the USA article about how churches like these are taking off all over America. If you look at the Luke 10 website and see for example the outreach through discussion groups that explore the works of John Grisham using notes on Law, Justice, the Victim, the Lawgiver and other Grisham themes and Christian content, you will see how people might easily take the next step into new and innovative church expressions like these.
Les and Pilar.

Watch your Table Manners !
Success in crossing cultures comes from observing and learning about the culture before any action is taken. Here is a brilliant database of accepted behaviour advice and etiquette tips, including table manners, for over 40 countries. It's a great place to start when trying to understand a culture.
OSCAR - UK Information Service for World Mission

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 United States
Rapid increase in alternative forms of church
For a rapidly growing number of Americans, a local church is no longer the place to go as their primary meeting place. A new study by The Barna Group shows that new forms of experience and expression are growing in popularity, drawing millions of people closer to God but farther from involvement in a congregational church. New ways of experiencing and expressing faith, such as through house churches, marketplace ministries, and cyberchurches, are becoming the norm for millions of people.
From Joel News

Run out of ideas to reach the people in your city ?
We were listening to the speaker behind this website and he captured our hearts with his simple, kind way of reaching people who never come near church. Our church did what he said for two days and there must have been fifty new people in the next meeting, including a whole row of homeless men brought in by the teenagers led by our 17 year old daughter. One made a definite commitment to Christ, and has been back to every meeting since, others were deeply touched. This website is highly recommended, see it, explore it with time, bookmark it, and above all do something beautiful for Jesus and for the people for your city. As Romans 2.4 will tell you if you can see it, "It is the kindness of God that leads men to repentance" and it is, and it does.
Les and Pilar
For tons of ideas go to by clicking here

Believers not even allowed to visit each other
Members of the Full Gospel Church in Jizak, at an informal meal to celebrate the harvest festival had their meal broken up by the police, the National Security Service and officials from the Public Prosecutor. The church's lawyer said, "It turns out that believers are not even allowed to visit each other." Religious minorities face continuing pressure, the Subbotniki - one Christian movement was forbidden from holding a ritual for a member who had just died.
Igor Rotar, Forum 18 News Service
Full story here

Word on the Web
From one of the free daily e-mails . . .
We have pursued holiness. We have seen miracles. We have wept for the lost and rejoiced with the angels at everyone found. We have heard a call and followed it. We expect to encounter Jesus each day. We have experienced the excitement of having a life that is in the hands of the living God. We experience the supernatural over and over again. None of us will tell you that the Christian life is dull. Smith Wigglesworth, an English prophet of the last century, believed that we should move forwards every day. If we don’t learn something new about Jesus today we have effectively gone backwards. One day we will know Jesus as well as he knows us. It will either be the other side of death or when he returns. Either way we haven’t a day to waste. Our faith in Jesus, our hope for eternity and our love for God and for others, will move us forwards.
Lynne Burke

§ The first e-mail I read every day is Word on the Web, there is some lovely stuff coming through, and their website has some brilliant film and music reviews.

Tell me if you know . . . ?
We will try to answer first, subscribers can join in . .

Hi Les, can you tell me where to find an audio Bible in Hindi?
Andrés Fajardo, 29, Ibagué, Colombia

§ Hi Andy, go to which is a French website and you will find a selection of audio Bibles on CD and in MP3 format. The e-mail for the website is @

Dear Les and Pilar, I would be grateful were you to send me some Christian tracks in French but mostly Fula because I am taking the gospel to Fulas.
Henry D. Williams, Gambia.

§ Henry, go to our free literature page and visit SOON who will give you literature in many African languages.

When I am in Africa for the first time what must I watch out for ?
Kristian Juan, Spain.

§ Okay, before anything else go and see your doctor and get your vaccinations and do not miss out on any of them. If you understand English then go to MASTA pay £3 and they will give you a really comprehensive health report for the country you are going to. When you are there always sleep under a mosquito net without rips and tears that has been soaked with DEET. Drink only bottled water with the security seal intact and drink a lot. Do not eat any fast-food off the street and always make sure that salad is well washed and fruit is always peeled. About half an hour before you arrive take a moment on the plane to put your insect repellent on because often the airports are filled with mosquitoes. Take special care to keep your wrists and ankles covered and sprayed, especially towards dusk. Never touch any domestic or street animal and keep away from those minibuses and bush taxis that are overloaded beyond their limits because you just would not believe how many people are killed every year when they turn over. If you take sensible precautions and have a sensitive ear to the Holy Spirit, then you have a great time. Africa is a very vibrant and fabulous continent, we are going to Kenya and Uganda in February.

Where can I be a volunteer ? I was watching TBN some minutes ago and I saw what’s going on in places like India and Pakistan. Maybe I could do some volunteer work for God. What do you think? Where are opportunities to move around and talk to people about God, even if its within my continent Africa.
Nina, 22, Nigeria

§ Hi Nina, You will often find openings on this news page , check them out carefully and make sure they are well known and reputable missions or churches. My colleague in Thailand who works with AIDS affected children would certainly welcome some volunteer help. His name is Gareth Lavell at aids @ and our Spanish friends who have missions all over Europe, South America and Africa would also make you welcome. Their page is and the e-mail is migueldiez @ Of course you would have to get visas and airfares arranged from your end. With every blessing and encouragement in Jesus, hope you find a good way forward.

Today's World Christian News

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