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Welcome to the 30th January 2004 edition
To see today's edition please click here






Our DCI World Christmas Party

God moved in a great way with the street kids who enjoyed a big roast and an Argentine potato salad, they ate a lot, almost without stopping for most of them. Normally they eat in street soup kitchens and the kind of food they had was a miracle for them. The happiness on their faces was indescribable, filled of joy, happy with everything. In spite of the fierce heat that day we did everything we planned to do. We got them together and we made an prayer of gratefulness to God for the celebration. We felt like privileged people at that moment, your love for them deserves a great applause. Later we distributed the gifts, some very nice clothes that was a finishing touch for these children, because their parents if they have any, can never buy anything for them, not even the minimum necessities.

Mariela Ruiz, Buenos Aires.


§ Who is DCI ? That’s us - the editors, and members of this global on-line fellowship. See the other reports from Peru, India and Uganda further down the page, Burkina is still to come
Les and Pilar, the editors



Really liked Euro Mission Congress

It was inspiring to see so many young people worshipping the Lord together at the Tema Mission Know it, Live it, Share it Conference in Germany! There were a lot of different missionary organizations and it was interesting to speak to people and find out about their work!  We were 13 from Belarus,– 3 girls  and 10 guys. We had our national flag with us, but most people have never seen it before, so many were asking ‘Where are you from?’ We were at the seminars and were praying for the refugees in different parts of the world and collected offerings for them. There were a couple of very special seminars that will also stay in my memory. Pictures here

Olga Semenova, Lepel.



From China back to Jerusalem

Djalma a missionary that I work in training in India and I are going to Korea to discuss a partnership for Horizontes Latin America at the sugestion of Luis Bush. The aim is to work with Project Back to Jerusalem, training Chinese people to travel the Silk Road back to Calvary.

David Botelho, World Horizons, Brazil.


Burkina Faso

4,650 people, 5 villages hear Gospel.

We showed the Jesus Film and 280 accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. These are largely Muslim and animist remote villages where literacy is very low. A  church is under construction in Keleguem and will have adult literacy programs. We hope to open 21 literacy centers providing education and the Gospel for 30 people each over 40 days using Biblical teaching material.

Pasteur Ouédraogo Philippe, Ouagadougou.



Thirsting to know the Word of God

I thank God for your free lessons on the Word for all the Third World countries

Nsabimana Blaise, Bujumbura.



All 85 Mission School in Chinese

We are very pleased to announce that our entire School of Mission in Chinese language  is now on this website, translated in Central China, in secret. The Course is free of charge, as always and in many languages. If you have contacts in China please let them know as our means of publicity and distribution is severely restricted.

Les and Pilar, the editors


Who are we?   See our work with photos







Prayer needed for visit

I will be leading a secret ten-day training course on Islamic culture and mission to Muslim people. Although there are 22 million Muslims in China, the 23 participants are heading elsewhere in the Muslim world as missionaries. I am humbled by the Chinese church's vision to take the gospel back to Jerusalem from where it started - and all lands en route, which are mostly Muslim. I am entering a very sensitive situation indeed in which I could be refused entry if word got to the wrong people. I will be taken from the airport to a discrete and spartan location where I will live with the students. No one enters or leaves the premises for the duration. Already some of the organizers have been arrested and jailed.

Writer well known to us

Name withdrawn for security reasons.



Started your School of Mission here

This mission in Cienfuegos province will God willing soon be a church as we have 20 people already. The free School of Mission is going to be decisive in training this new church as it gives us so much growth and vision.  We have a lot of missionaries wanting to come as well.
Alexei y Milca Rico, Buenavista.



60,000 at Taizé in Hamburg

"Since yesterday morning Hamburg is no longer what it was, suddenly, it tastes different!" was how one Hamburg journalist described the city. Nearly 60,000 young adults came  for the event and no less than 20,000 were housed in families. A joint letter from the Catholic and Protestant churches offered a generous welcome. Read the full report and see photos

The Taizé Community, France


Germany - India

6 week India-Pakistan mission trip

We have 2 or 3 services and smaller meetings each day plus pastors meetings, seminars, visits to orphanages, leprosy stations, open air meetings and services in the slums like those in Mumbai. We need Gods protection and the anointing of the holy spirit and the right word for each occasion. At home, my church in Berlin will have 40 days of special fasting and prayer.

Johannes W. Matutis, Pastor



Buduburam Liberian Refugee Camp

We have received educational and agricultural materials for peasant farmers, training in secretarial skills and an orphanage school from Healing Hands International, USA. However the number of refugees is now 75,000 and we hope that God will provide more help for us according all in His riches in Glory.

Anthony Macedo Barlee, Accra.



Vast convention in bamboo tent

Many thousands of people attended every day, hundreds came forward for prayer, thousands of meals were served, 23 students graduated from the pioneer mission school. After one night service with 1400 people we could feel the presence of God, demons screamed and went, many were healed and set free. Now we are on 21 days fasting for the city. We are badly in need of 300 more Malayalam Bibles for the new converts.

Pastor Daniel and Lily, Kerala.


Free Bible School Materials   DCI Banking for the Poor









The World Christmas Party here

To our surprise 350 people turned up!  Jai Yeshu, Jai Yeshu (Praise Jesus) was the sweet chanting which the poor, the lame and blind people recited with joy.  Pastor Stanley John gave a Christmas message. Many confessed that it was for the first time they heard the gospel and everyone invited Jesus into their hearts. With great joy our church people served food to them. One of them said "I never got so much love in my whole life".  Even while they were eating food we were singing songs to them which they picked up very easily. We also gave blankets to the needy and an invitation to come to church. To our surprise we were thrilled to see them in church the following Sunday! What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas, we have made friends with these people for whom Christ died. We are very thankful to you for sharing with those that have nothing.  You have turned many tears of sorrow into joy and have had a great impact in the lives of poor people which will always be remembered.  It was the best Christmas party our church ever had as many people have joined church after that.

John Joseph, Central India.



Tour 2004 Africa can come to you.

Under His Wings and The Reidelij Ministry with international gospel singers Hits are visiting Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and we can still visit more cities if you contact me. Africa shall be saved.

Rev. Wycliffe Mboya, Kisumu Hallelujah Church.



Spain needs church planters

There are more than 7000 villages without even a mission point. I want to contact people who want to join me in this because the harvest in plentiful but the workers few. This is urgent because if the harvest is lost it is lost forever.

César Emilio Gramajo D.


§ How true this is, we just came back and although there are some very bright spots for the gospel, overall the situation is bleak. Over 20 years ago we went on foot around maybe 20 villages in  Teruel giving out leaflets and talking. People said we were the first ever to come with the gospel. Little has changed since then.  Les and Pilar, the editors.



DCI World Christmas Party Report
Loaves and fishes truly multiplied

It has been wonderful, and you will never believe that 350 poor children, teenagers, adults and elderly people turned up. The people from church were up very early getting the food ready and they did it in the street with tremendous love and enthusiasm, the cooking pans were huge.The children were first in and from 10 o'clock till 3 in the afternoon we had the Word of God through songs, drama, puppets and the Christmas message explained, it was just beautiful. You know that had planned for 200 people to come but people kept on coming until we counted 350 with us. We could see Jesus working a miracle amongst us because the loaves and fishes were genuinely multiplied because we had never planned or provided for so many people. Even when everyone had finished we still had plenty left over to take out on Christmas Eve to 50 poor Quechuas in Yanamilla. It was a very special experience to be actually in a stable with a real manger with all these people from 5pm till 11 at night. We could feel the cold of the night, and the rain coming down and turning the ground to mud.  We all slept on the floor as these people do and we felt their poverty. The people didn't stop singing and praising the Lord and listening to the Word of God, they were full of joy and happiness. This has been the most extraordinary Christmas that we have ever seen in our lives, thank you for sharing your love and your hearts with the poorest people in this world.

Raquel Yupanqui and Max Candia, Ayacucho.


Free Bible School Materials   DCI Banking for the Poor








Republic of Congo

Need school+support to be a minister.

I'm graduate of master degree and for a long time I'm wanting to be a minister. At university my wish was to be an anthropologist but now I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

Bienvenu Baloubeta, Pointe-Noire.



Interested in Banking For The Poorest

I have an association of Pygmies and HIV people, about 800 in Kigali so if is possible I would like to be your partner from Rwanda, the very poor country of Africa after genocide of 1994.

Pastor Amani Placide.



We have changed our name

Clap House International is now Apostolic Restoration Centre International'. Please pray and ask God to help us meet the demand of the hour as to affect the world for Jesus Christ with great miracles, signs, and wonders in his name.

Pastor Rasaki Solomon Erhenede, Dakar.


Sierra Leone.

After the war the church still there . .

God has led me to appoint three men to train as pastors and I was praying to God to help me I came across your Bible School materials and was led directly to use them. I will keep in touch, maybe the Lord will lead teams to our war torn nation for gospel services.

Pastor Emmanuel Gibson, Freetown



In Brazil this week and next . .

I celebrate my first confirmation service with over 100 people to be confirmed in Recife and 20 in Belo Horizonte. I will ordain 3 people to CEEC ministry as well as meeting with leadership teams and planning  the coming year. In Spain our community is growing steadily with re is a real and growing interest in the Sunday services. We need to find a place to worship, as my house is becoming very small for Communion and some people here are put off by home churches. We are praying for the most suitable place to hold our services so we may be able to reach more people with the amazing hope and joy that is in Jesus.

Josep Roselló, Benissa.


Who are we?   See our work with photos








World Christmas Party guests of honour were lepers who are blind . . 

The remarkable Christmas party for the lowly persons in Uganda, ''was the most marvelous, excellent and historical celebration in the whole history of the disabled and lowly people in Uganda'', said the local chairman of the blind, lame, street kids, dying  women and AIDS  orphans. "This was the most real Christmas party I have ever been to", said the Member of Parliament. We had over 450 people with disabilities and our guests of honour were the lepers who are also blind. Our Lord Jesus who was born for such a people, the hopeless and downcast. The three Christmas cakes had the writing ''Jesus cares and we too''. There was enough food, drinks and the joy was that each one was able to eat and still leave enough for the refugees who could not come for the party. In fact, the next morning my wife was still feeding the people with what remained even though the number of people rose up beyond our expectation. All  the local radio stations made us the main news ''feeding over 450 poor people in Lira.'' and even the newspapers are publishing what happened. The name of the Lord has been lifted in Lira more than before. ''It was much more better than holding the biggest crusade in Lira'', some one commented. ''We are really challenged''  said the pastor from Burundi. After seeing the party Bishop Tom Okello was strongly touched by God and he organized a similar party for all the refugees who live in his church hall. The member of Parliament also wants to organize a party for the children of the disabled in the refugee camps.

Pastor George and Jane Purkweri, Lira.


Ukraine - from last edition

Need a Kurdish Bible for new Christian

Dan Bardwell, Llviv.


§ Dan, A free source for a Sorani bible online is here or to buy the Kurd Bible as a book contact Orientdienst, Postfach 45 46, D-65035 Wiesbaden, West Germany, Fax:+49 (611) 940 60 41

Tony, DCI England


United Kingdom - India

We are expecting 5,000 people . .

This week in India, in Tandur, a town of 100,000, almost no churches, is 3 hours from Hyderabad, off the beaten track. I shall be the only foreigner some of children have ever seen.  We are expecting 5,000 people on the last day of the gospel meetings and about 120 delegates for the School of Healing. Please pray for a great outpouring of God’s power and that God closes the door of hell for that week.

John Fergusson, Salisbury.




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