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Welcome to the August 30th 2004 edition
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Who is in France and Spain ?

I am an Argentine missionary with a calling for Europe, especially France. I have already been there. I'm writing because I would like to get in touch with churches or organisations working on the France/Spain border.

Carina Colombo


Prison bars never keep Jesus out

We had a meeting in the women's prison with worship, testimonies and a talk about inner healing. Many inmates gave their lives to the Lord, three girls with babies offered them as well. We prayed for every one of them. It was a wonderful meeting.

Evangelista Jorge Salvarezza, La Plata



Mexican mission in Vienna

We are working amongst Afghan refugees and now have a church of 17 Middle East people who meet in a basement with our team from Mexico, USA, Germany, Austria and Afghanistan.

Cesar Sotomayor, Mexico



God's choice stunned us

Our School of Mission has started on Tuesdays with 23 people from all walks of life take part, from buskers to doctors. When the Lord calls people to serve Him, He does not choose as we do, and His choice is stunning. Ours church is 6 months old and we have seen the hand of God as we started off with 27 people on and now we can't accommodate everyone even with 112 seats. 

David Gianella Duran, Santa Cruz


Looking for Friends of Africa

This October I will be going to preach in missionary conferences in Portugal, England, Germany, France and Spain. I would like to get in touch with pastors interested in missions in Africa. I have some free time and could visit other churches while in Europe. We are going to Angola in May 2005 and welcome pastors, missionaries, workers and people who love Africa and missions to come with us.

Pr. Marcelo Satiro, Indaiatuba


Opening the Peruvian rainforest

Four Bible College students plan to go into the Peruvian rainforest in October to help train the native believers. We need the Lord to guard us and guide us. If you have been before please e-mail.

Ana Curin, Temuco


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Explosion in the Amazon

It's the name for our event in Leticia where native pastors can come and  be trained. David Shibley from the USA and Jaime Useche from Colombia are the speakers. Only through prayer we will win the world for Christ.

Wilson Hernandez, YWAM



Looking for Pen Friends

If you are a Christian in North, South and Central America and want to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ together please e-mail me.

Michel Houssin, Caen.


2004 monsoon causes vast damage.

Thousands have become homeless and lost their cultivations, many have died. Three of our prayer halls which cost $1500 each were completely destroyed in Kattappana and must be rebuilt within days to continue the services. Please remember these believers who lost everything in this natural calamity that they may be strong in the Lord in the midst of this crisis.

Pastor Daniel


Five native missionaries abducted

For photos and latest info, please visit this page

John Schwartz, Gospel for Asia


Evangelism from your website

The Web has enormous unused potential for evangelism. Add this special page to your own website using a single line of Javascript code to encourage Christians to take up this challenge.

Tony Whittaker, Repton, UK



Bomb blasts rock Iraqi churches

Bombs have gone off near four churches in the Iraqi capital and one in Mosul. At least 11 people were killed and dozens injured.  Iraq's Christians used to number 1 million but now are maybe 650,000, about 3% of population. The bombings did more than kill worshipers, they destroyed any hope among  Christians of staying off the hit list. While many Christians hated Saddam Hussein for his oppression, they were free to worship under the ousted dictator, who officially preached religious tolerance and maintained Tariq Aziz, a Christian, in a prominent role as deputy prime minister. Christians are proud their faith came to Iraq in the first century while Islam arrived in the seventh century.

BBC World News, Reuters, The Globe 2/8/04

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be our correspondent - send in news from your nation


Free Christian book, published 2004


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Sudan for real, not on TV
Our friend and colleague George Purkweri from Uganda is going into the Sudan again, on the 28th August for a 2 week mission to Yeei and other 4 different towns where he hopes to plant churches which will become community centres for the rebuilding of lives both spiritually and materially.  He is going equipped by the friends of DCI with 40 goats to loan out, thousands of seeds, hoes, saws, and all the materials and know how to start the free Bible Schools that the beleaguered believers there have been requesting for the last year. The work seems to be great and needs a lot of prayers.  After so many years of sanitised TV images of the world’s pain and disasters the fact is that we these days we view but we don’t see, we hear but we don’t listen. Isn’t it time to ask the Lord to soften our hearts again and make our heart like His.
Photos from Lira, Uganda


We are just back . .
From the UK's New Wine Bible Week which for us has been one of the best times before the Lord in living memory. One of the speakers was Michael Cassidy of African Enterprise and the very well known Jackie Pullinger who lives with the poor of Hong Kong was another speaker. In the evenings and in many of the seminars there was a continual move of the Holy Spirit to refresh and bless the 11,000 people there, many of them teens and twenties. Another 11,000 were there the week before and almost as many young people have now arrived for their own Soul Survivor camp. These celebrations - New Wine, Spring Harvest, Grapevine, Keswick and others are the high spots of what the Lord is doing in the deeply secular UK.
Les and Pilar


Arabic Translators wanted

Our pages in Arabic have ground to a halt and we may have to close them despite rising visits from the Middle East - unless someone can translate for us and someone else check the Arabic. Can you help ?
Les and Pilar


How can I check my e-mails when travelling ?

On any PC go  - it’s free and fast.


Where can I find an inexpensive room 
in the world's capitals ?

Go to where every hotel has a score for security, location and cleanliness.  Also try and


Can I learn First Aid on-line ?

Go to this BBC online course to get the knowledge and confidence to deal with an emergency.


How can I communicate with South America ?

Translation into Portuguese or Spanish can help put your ministry or business message before more than 500,000,000 people in the Americas.  Professor Rodney Bortolozzo is the expert translator of our pages in Portuguese and Rodney will translate for you at very reasonable cost, much less than the professional agencies.  He is a man of God, of integrity and considerable skill and speed. 
Phone him at (043) 3348-4527 in Londrina, Brazil.
See his web page or
E-mail Rodney


How long will you live ?

BBC Health's Life Expectancy Calculator is a fast, fun quiz! See if you will live forever, or maybe today would be a good time to make your peace with God and the family ?


I don't know the key to success, 
but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

Bill Cosby



Who are we ?

Les Norman is a speaker and a writer with a heart for the lost, the last and the least of the world. Pilar Remón is a teacher, an intercessor, counsellor and a very popular Christian poet in the Spanish language. If you speak Spanish this is Pilar’s free book. Our daughter Elisabeth is finding her way forward in youth work.


Ladies and gentlemen, The DCI Trust (1987-2004) needs the support of a world of readers so that we can support mission to the lost, the last and the least of the world. No deductions for administration are ever taken. You are very welcome to join us.
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Reach out to the remote . .

I am a Malawian living in a remote area and I am looking men of God who will assist me in building a good church.

Tonnie J Mzulumba, Lilongwe



Faithfulness of God before my eyes

I was jobless for 18 months, having to take care of my wife and four children. No doors opened and I spent most of that time working in my church cleaning, tidying up, repairing this and that. After 18 months, God's answer arrived and I started work at the biggest supermarket chain in my country as a trainee. A year later, after agreeing with God that I would give away, apart from tithes and offerings, every single pay increase, his answer was amazing!  I am now a branch manager with a very good salary. I encourage everyone to give and to do so with happiness. God loves people who give happily, and He prospers us so that we can give to His work.

Pablo Leiva, Asunción



Taking healing for body and soul

I studied to be a paramedic for three years then 6 months ago I went to Bible School because I love God and I want to be well equipped for wherever God sends me.

Freddy Camero Supanta, Lima.


Sponsor a Quechua Bible

Pastor Augusto Pecho is giving adult basic education and literacy skills to very poor Quechua believers. He needs 60 Bibles or New Testaments in Quechua, could you help him buy one or more ?

Nirma I. Guerrero Tello, Lima


Lighting a fire in Peru

Different churches from Chosica, Chaclacayo, Huaycan and Vitarte have got together with an American pastor and 15 missionaries to set off an awakening that will start in the east and spread throughout Peru. with many miracles and healings

Pastor Roberto Peña, Ate-Vitarte



Why wasn't Jesus born rich ?

Why did Jesus choose to be born as a carpenter's son? Why wasn't he born rich or even just middle class?

Anne Grey


§ Dear Ann, Jesus intentionally chose to be born in a stable, homeless, helpless and vulnerable, a citizen of an oppressed nation, racially discriminated against, considered illegitimate, in the condition of the poorest of the poor. Why ? So that the poorest people of the world, who are the majority in every generation would be able to relate to His human experience, and Jesus would also be able to relate to their everyday life, hopes, fears, injustices and prayers.  Hebrews 2:17 in The Message says, " He had to enter into every detail of human life. Then, when he came before God as high priest to get rid of the people's sins, he had already experienced it all himself, all the pain, all the testing and would be able to help where help was needed." It is a beautiful story, and altogether true. There is truly no-one like Jesus.

Les Norman, the editor.


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South Africa

Are you in Zimbabwe ?

My wife and I want to get in contact with missionaries in Zimbabwe, if there are any left.  We would like to establish a friendship and prayer support for them and also be up to date with the latest news.  We both have a strong calling for the people in Zimbabwe and hope to go there ourselves for mission work in about 5 years. 

Schalk Engelbrecht, Port Elizabeth.


United Kingdom
They missed God's best . .

I cannot tell you how many have come to me in middle age, and have said, 'Dr Smith, God called me to be a missionary but I married a man who was not going, and now we have a family. We are now in middle life and it is too late. I have missed God's best and now I must take second best'. And I have had them break down and weep.'
From The Challenge of Missions' by Oswald J Smith.

Sent in by F. John.



The things they worship here !

We have 26,000,000 people and 200,000 evangelical churches, with around 80 converts in each. The Government says that we have  3,000 sects of which New Age has the highest growth rate. Venezuelans mostly practice a religious mixture of Roman Catholicism, Asian and African cultures and Hinduism, including witchcraft, rites and worship of precious stones, positive and negative energies, etc. Can we who believe pray and work so that Venezuela receives the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Missionary Dante Quintana

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