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The First Christmas Party for the Poor in Liberia
December 2007

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Our party for the poor which started on December 24, at 9:30 AM and ended at 20:00 hours and it went very well. It started with 9 cooks, mainly women who began by cooking rice, special popcorn, cakes, heavy meat soup and many others delicious foods. This took us five hours.

There were over 1100 children who benefited from this party but because the journalist couldn't wait for the late arrival of children from far away. The party started with Christmas traditional music from our church, then we praised the Lord using a rented PA system. All the kids were very, very happy seeing for the first time Ice cream as a prelude to eating our most stable food, the rice. There were 37 children between the ages of 6-15 who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Since then, they had been attending our regular Sunday services.

We gave them Christmas gifts which included a complete new suit of clothes that was sewn by volunteer tailors and curiously many of the kids, almost all of them would not wear their new clothes until Christmas Day itself.

The sad thing was that on New Year's day, most of the kids came again to our home begging for food thinking that we could do it all again but this was not possible. They returned to their slums and other so-called homes downhearted, but we did manage to offer them something for the day.

We extend our appreciation to you for your patient and understanding in our first
experience with this party for the poor.

The party for hundreds of adults, the disabled, the widows, orphans and AIDS victims is planned for January for an area of Monrovia where all these people are gathered in misery.

John Duco, Monrovia,

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