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Some of the best articles from our news pages

What shall we do with our lives between ages sixty and eighty?

Hero or failure, how will they remember us?

A Remarkable Story from China 2003

Barnabas – a GEM of a man

Bolon Visit an African mission to an unreached tribe.

Care of Goats

Dalit's - The Full Story


Eye-opening trip to Andhra Pradesh

Family and Friends Evangelism

Fillers or Drainers? by Professor Terry Walters.
If you feel drained spiritually and emotionally this is specially for you.

From Missions Course to Market Place

Gift of Workings of Miracles

God Wants His Money Back

Houses that Change the World by Wolfgang Simson.
A brilliant explanation of Cell Church as a good way forward.

How to Pray for Missionaries by Tony Vazquez, El Salvador

Is Scripture Divinely Inspired?

Kurds Get to know these from the world headlines.

Mission to Guatemala and the USA

Pakistan Receptive people groups 300 new congregations in three years.

Pray for Rain

Pygmies by Gail Dixon, "Nations" Wales.

Salvation and Safekeeping in Sudan

Tears, Kisses and Perfumes
Three things that Jesus still looks for when He comes.

Ten Reasons Why Workers Leave the Field

The Empire Strikes Back

The God of Pygmies and Presidents

The Great Commission
An essential outline for every local church and leaders.

The Statement of Faith of the DCI Community

The Vision

To the Ends of the Earth See the famous Jesus film.

Understanding the Call of God

Visit to Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso

Visit to Pygmies in Central African Republic

Visit to Remote India Visit a remote jungle people and be surprised

Visit to Sudan

Who is Jesus?
A good man or a mad man ?

Why Are There Not More Workers?

Why can't I be like everyone else?
Here are some answers for you . . .

Work It Out between You

You Can Find God’s Best

Your Local Church Can Have a World Ministry



Click to see our Picassa Albums from around the world:
Uganda, Cuba, Peru, Amazon, etc
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Reaching Kosi Bungkus Tribe, Papua - Indonesia


The Dance Preparation, Kosi Bungkus People


A free book by Eric Maddison

An ABC for Travel in India for the 'first time' traveller to Asia, especially India

The 10/40 Window? What is it?

The DCI Goat Banks

The Missionary Training Series

Who Are the World’s Largest Churches?

Training for Church Planting
Some of the finest materials in the world from the 45 years of experience of Gerald Rowlands of Australia.
Free download from

Mundus Gateway
To read about mission work that has happened in the past for any area of the world go to for a guide to more than 400 collections of overseas missionary materials held in the UK.

Mission Facts + Figures

Joshua  Project II - 2002
The very latest statistics on unreached peoples

Bethany World Prayer Center
Superb profiles on all the world's unreached peoples with photos
Information about everything in world mission
Mission Review
Articles on specific people groups

World Missions Resources 2002
On-line guide click


Ask a Missionary - Anything
Complete a simple online question on professional, vocational, or similar issues and volunteers will research and respond.

Short Term Missions
Fully searchable database of opportunities

Missionary Training Materials
Highly recommended booklets

Free Literature for Evangelism
and Free Web Pages . . from SOON.

In easy-English, French, Portuguese, Pulaar, Russian and Swahili.

Operation World

Join thousands in prayer for the nation of the day.
World's most popular Christian database of nations.

The ultimate guide to every nation on earth

The most detailed information on the worldwide move of God and the remaining task for every nation. Truly priceless and free on-line here:
Operation World

Online instant translation
French, German, Portguese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese etc.
See also and

The World Famous Jesus Film
See it on your PC in many languages

One stop total information for everyone coming to the UK 
or going out from the UK into world mission.

Following Jesus in the 21st Century Conference
Right click here to download of a full set of teaching notes.
The speaker was our editor Dr. Les Norman.

Free - 10 Books in Spanish
Comentaries, books, church history, Great Commission
All free from well known author Pastor Virgilo Zaballos.
Please tell your Spanish speaking friends.


Research 250 Missions
Type in who, where or what are you looking for,
press search and in seconds addresses appear

SIM Logo

The Great Commission
Search Engine

Search Information

From SIM: The Christian Missions Home Page




Preventing Malaria

Understanding Islam. Is Islam Really So Different? A page for everyone who realises that they know almost nothing about this faith which millions follow. Written by an Arabic Christian professor in the Middle East.

A Letter to Missions Mobilizers by George Verwer, the Chairman of AD2000, gives an insightful review of church and world missions today.