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Christmas Party for the Poor in Lilongwe, Malawi

Sponsored by supporters
of the DCI Trust

in Brazil and the UK

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This party took place as part of the first activities to plant a new church in a poor district of Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, one of the poorest countries in East Africa.

Everything was organised by Pastor Moses Aringo, a graduate of the Nairobi School of Mission who has been very successfully working with us for a couple of years in north of Malawi, planting a church there with a School of Mission and a Bank for the Poor.

Moses writes, "Praise the Lord, we had a wonderful time at the party especially so because after prayer God honoured us with good weather all through the day. Try and imagine that for the last few days before Christmas Day it was raining all the day long, even on the day of the party it was raining in the morning. We prayed urgently that there should be no rain and our Lord answered us.

We had a wonderful party, there was a band to lead with praise. We welcomed the poor, the HIV-AIDS infected and the children - most of them orphans and it was all joy. We ate and drank together, everyone had clothes for presents which brought huge smiles on the faces of many who would otherwise had no money to celebrate Christmas.”

We had a message about the meaning of Christmas from one of my former students in Mzuzu and many responded by wanting to be prayed for. At least eight people gave their lives to the Lord, and I will be following them to help them grow.”

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