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School of

Training with
no walls,
no frontiers
and no fees,
since 1985

85 first-class
diploma level
lessons on
the screen.

everything in
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The Notice Bo@rd of the Nations
 Readers and contributors in 100 nations worldwide

Over 1000 pages on offer | 1,153,809 visits



Welcome, we hope you enjoy the March 11 2002 edition . . 
The latest edition is found by clicking here

Rules for writing: Send 5 lines in plain text to introduce yourself.
Some people pay a lot to download so please - no html pages, 
no files, no photos,  no ads, appeals or long letters.
Do write and encourage someone you meet here . .

New: Download the February 23 edition
Zip file arrives in seconds in an easy to print format

New: We just launched 109 pages of the School of Mission in Cebuano, a language of the Philippines, so if you know people there please tell them. With many thanks and much gratitude to Richard Bartz and his team in Cebu for this remarkable work of translation.

New: For your Spanish speaking friends we have ten books free to download written by well-known author Pastor Virgilio Zaballos of Barcelona.


We are busy preparing team trips . . .
To Romania to work in gypsy villages and in a kids camp. We are very excited about our first trip to Zambia in October.
Steve & Carol Halton, Genesis Project, UK.

We have a mission call to Muslim countries
But we do not know how to channel this. We are ready to do whatever for God’s work and would like to receive advice from experienced people. Write us.
Ana Carolina Sanchez, Mérida - Venezuela

Our centre in Wales is bursting . . .
We have the Eritrean Mission Force, and for Egypt - the Open Bible Mission, as well as Operation Up and two Korean missions. They are growing and in need of more space! Lord, do what only you can do and lead us to the place that you have reserved for us.
Gail Dixon, Nations, Llanelli, Wales.

Last month we had outreaches in tribal places . . .
Many tribesmen came to the Lord and two new churches are established. This month we go again. We need a little more help to buy a Jeep for outreach, rural health, transport for orphans and emergencies.
Pastor Samuel John Bula, Andrha Pradesh, India.

We have nine new Filipino students . . 
Several people are also doing the School of Mission online. The lessons in Cebuano may find its way into two Bible Schools that we connect to.
Richard Bartz, Cebu, Philippines. |

Ana Victoria, 12, probably has leukemia.
I would like to request your prayer for my young friend.

Emilio Caballero Franco, México.

Sarah Jane asked to stop raising funds for the Salvation Army.
The world's most downloaded model was auctioning lingerie for the Salvation Army who said her website was inappropriate - but still took the money!
News from Ananova, about Australia


While we teach, we learn.
Seneca, Lucius Annaeus (5 BC-65 AC); Roman philosopher.
 cleans viruses - free


My son had a head injury, went into coma . . .
After a motor cycle accident he started bleeding and the doctors feared brain damage but he is recovering. Please pray for him and for my sick father.
B.Samuel John, Narsapur, India.

Who works in Linguistics?
I would like to receive information about the use of linguistics in missions.

Jackie Britto, Lima, Perú.  

Chinese police detain 47 at a village prayer meeting.
China's President says China has freedom of worship and no-one is arrested for their faith but all religious groups must be monitored. Lai Kwong-Keung of HK who took 1000's of Bibles into China was given 2 years jail but later released.
Ananova News, about China

We have to give thanks to the Lord . . .
As we look back over another year God has done great things. Tens of thousands around the globe have taken a first step to get involved in world missions, because of the Holy Spirit of Acts 13.
George Verwer, Operation Mobilisation, England. and

Maria Fernanda, 20 years, needs a liver.
Her health is very precarious. We hope and pray for God's healing hand on her.
She is in the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Never go backward.
Go forward with all your might.

Charles Simmons (b. 1924) US writer
 cleans viruses - free


One way to be in 21st Century missions . . . 
In a few months I get my degree of vet and zoo-technician. I look forward to working in mission and support myself by my profession. I know there are many zoos in Africa and I could have a chance there.
Aline Loarte, Huánuco-Perú  

Monks sworn to a life of poverty receive $ millions . . 
A rich benefactor donated the Renoir, Monet and de Vlaminck paintings worth $13,000,000 to the St Francis of Assisi Foundation. The monks will use the cash for projects in the developing world.
Ananova News, England.

New York lady wins $80,000 compensation . .
She fell while be prayed for fracturing her arm during the pentecostal service. Her lawyer says the Holy Spirit made her fall, but the church should have arranged for someone to catch her. She originally wanted $4 million.
Ananova News, United Kingdom about America.

We offer English-Russian translation service 
For missionaries working in Russian-speaking countries. 
Andrei Kmit, Minsk, Belarus. |

Encouragment in the Punjab.
The teachers are doing much better, the church planters have a couple of new ones for on the job training and the number of students in the Portable Bible School is also encouraging, children were also attending and taking notes!
David L. White, England for Pakistan


Ideas are the roots of creation.
Ernest Dimnet (1866 - 1954) French cleric
 cleans viruses free


Over 700 stood to pray 'Here am I, send me.'
I have just spent five days ministering at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. About 1400 students and faculty attended the meetings.
George Verwer, Operation Mobilisation, England. and

I ask in the love of Christ that you pray for me . .
I am responsible for evangelisation at my church.
Rene Olvera, Cuautitlan, México.  

Utah woman wins $270,000 damages against a church
Kaziah Hancock was told she could meet Jesus in the flesh if she handed over land and water rights to the church. When he didn't show up, she sued the church for breach of contract, fraud and emotional distress and won.
Ananova News, England.

We have 20 Bible Schools with 1,300 students
Believers Church co-ordinates ministry in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Orissa. 1,200 missionaries are in the field.
Rev. M.A. Lalachen, Nagpur, India.

After 27 years in the Amazon forest in Peru . . .
There are now 82 small churches and we have begun to send native missionaries to other unreached ethnic groups in the border with Brazil. We have gone through many a difficult situation, but God has always been faithful
Pastor Nolasco Vera and wife, Peru


Nothing is more dangerous
than a friend without discretion;
even a prudent enemy is preferable.

Jean de La Fontaine (1621-95); French poet, fabulist. keeps these pages virus free


We are a spiritually destitute people, without missionaries . . 
Please can you adopt my unreached Parsee people in your church and in your prayer meetings. My people are about 4 million in the world and only about 20 or 30 Parsees are saved.
Rev. Kaezad Dadachanjee, Pakistan. |

Over 80,000 children accepted Jesus
For 6 months we travelled along Central America on a bus, spreading the Gospel through songs, dances, plays, and evangelisation to children and teenagers. Over 80,000 children accepted Jesus as their Saviour.
Heber Durán, Mérida - Venezuela. y

Last week in the Orthodox church I attend. 
One of our friends who accepted Christ just two weeks ago during a trip to Moscow to attend a Bible conference is now in the Bible Study with us. God has called every man for salvation, it's our personal choice to accept this call
Arterm Sedov, Saratov, Russia.

25,200 people came to hear the gospel . . 
The evangelistic team came back on Sunday to report 14 villages visited with 8 projections of the Jesus film in Moore and in Bambara. 277 people made a decision to accept Jesus.
Pasteur Philippe Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso.


A good memory is one trained
to forget the trivial.

Clifton Fadiman; US radio performer, author. keeps these pages virus free


6,000 Nigerian students at missions conference. 
Most committed their life to the Lord in missions and need our prayers. The potential of this nation is underestimated and it was good to see their vision.
Chacko Thomas, Operation Mobilisation, England. and 

I live in a dangerous part with many problems.
People block the roads and then the military try and free them. There are fights and deaths. Please pray for my family, the believers and the population.
Froilan Guardia, Cochabambino, Bolivia.

Do you live in Japan?
I would like to get in touch with people in Japan with a craving for missions to receive some information about mission in your country. Thank you.
Jorge Zahradnicek, Rosario - Argentina

Practical Ministries course in Russian and English.
We have 9 in this course, and 6 in School of Mission, three students are taking each course over the Internet.
Robert Hosken, Moscow, Russia. 

Contact with Russia
I would like to receive further information about mission in Russia. The church is are praying for Latin people in Russia and we want to be in touch with them.
Javier Jaraba, Medellin, Colombia

I am one of the first Jews studying Christian Theology
I am flying to Spain, Italy and France. I lecture on “Jewish Origin of Christianity” and Early Church History. You can invite me to share my research.
Dr Mario Saban, Buenos Aires, Argentina


To keep your secret is wisdom;
but to expect others to keep it is folly.

Samuel Johnson (1709-84); English author, lexicographer.
 cleans PC's of viruses - free


Moments when eternity invades time . . .
When voices of Eritrean, Egyptian, Korean, Filipino colleagues mingle together in uninhibited prayer, their faith added to ours, we are lifted together to where we again hear the words, “Everything is possible”. We are overwhelmed by the thought that Jesus’ words can be received as they were given, and find their place of true meaning in everyday routine of the human heart.
Rowland Evans, Nations, Llanelli, Wales.

Asking for information about Zaire.
We have served in the Amazon and now we have the call to Zaire.
Nelson Araque, Amazon-Venezuela

I am a man who has done a lot of thinking, perhaps too much .  .
There is no God. We are life forms on a planet with one purpose to continue life. People go to religion but don't understand their purpose or what happens when we die - the signals in our brain stop, our thoughts are no longer processed and we cease to exist. This is an extremely difficult for the mind to comprehend because the mind does not know what it is like to not exist.
Scott Williams, Milwaukee, USA

We won 103 people for Christ . . .
Eighty youth went to the Mapuche people for 5 days and God did a wonderful work through us. We look forward to reaching many more.
Marco Torres, Talcahuano, Chile  

From an almost impossible church in south Morocco.
We ask you to pray for all our country and especially for our little group in this city. We need the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the unity of the church, more faith in Jesus and prayer for a weak brother in church to be strong.
Passed to us by Phil Rule, Arise, Shine, Morocco.

Looking for a translator of this page into French, German, Portguese
We are a multinational team of volunteers working together by Internet.
Les Norman, World Christians in England.


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