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Welcome to the March 27th 2002 edition.
To see today's edition click

Welcome to Catherine from Belgium . .
And husband Richard who will be editing this page in French for Europe and West Africa. 
More help with French, Italian, German translation 
is welcome, especially for the studies

From Oswald Smith's "Passion for Souls"
We continue to pray that the empty pews and seats of the churches - in the UK - will be filled again with multitude of people who love God.
Edgard Abraham Álvarez Muñoz, Venezuela.

Haiti mission needs volunteers.
We have a Church, orphanage and school so if you, your church or anyone you know is looking for short or long-term mission - please write.
Karen Beeman, Christian Haitian Outreach

We want to build a school for orphans
We are renting a building but it is becoming small therefore it now hard to continue. We need your prayers and support.
Pastor Billiance Chondwe, Lusaka, Zambia.

Cerro de Pasco has school of mission . . 
Twenty three students have already gone to the mission field. It's wonderful, your  materials have been very helpful for our task.
Ps. Joel Sanchez Tolentino, Perú.

Many desiring the word of God in India.
Mostly Andhra Pradesh. We proclaim the gospel in many villages as Spirit of God strengthen us. We had special gospel meetings and 5 believers obey baptism. Kindly pray for our assembly.
Pastor. P. SJ, Andrha Pradesh, India

Photos of our visit to Burkina are at 
Sally Griffiths, England.

First mission family sent by AoG Ecuador. 
We have just arrived in Murcia, Spain. We see the need for the Gospel. Cross-cultural pioneering is a real challenge but we trust the Lord.
Agustín Castillo, Katy and family, Murcia, Spain

A men’s conference for the fifth year . . .
Over 85% of children born in the Kingston area are born out of wedlock, 90 % of crime is committed by males age 12 to 25. These conferences help address this problem.
Ikiebe W. Sedi, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

This is what we are experiencing here...
60% of this area is controlled by guerrillas who for 3 years have banned all churches. Pastors are murdered and 100's of believers are displaced.
Pastor Mauricio Silva, Villavicencio, Colombia

Schools of Mission in Kenya and Uganda . .
The School of Mission strategy from this page helps in equipping the church planters who have planted nearly 200 new churches in six years.
Paul & Eunice Lee, Korean missionaries in Nairobi, Kenya

Hindu Ashram in Wales !
The Skanda Vale Hindu Ashram is hidden in a valley 20 miles from us. It has 4 farms, 200 acres, 4 temples, hundreds of birds and animals, an elephant, a large staff and receives 70,000 visitors a year from many countries. This makes me wonder whether the delayed answer to our prayers has something to do with the power of the deity installed here by the Hindu presence.
Rowland Evans, Nations, Llanelli, Wales

My aunt is kidnapped by the terrorists . . 
We have been forced to negotiate with the authorities. Please pray with us for a rapid solution so the family can be together again.
Helberth Rojas Corzo, our colleague in Colombia.

My mum is diagnosed with kidney cancer.
She has only one option - stem cell transplant. However, this costs £30,000. I am asking if you know any organisations that would help.
Justin De Smet, United Kingdom.

Our Pastor has 2nd heart attack . . 
José Garcia, pastor of one of Spain's largest churches was rushed to the ICU in a coma.  80% of his heart is damaged and options include a transplant. He is very weak, the family in shock but the church is maintaining prayer and faith.
Virgilio Zaballos, Terrassa, Spain..

Killing of Christians at worship continues . . 
In Bahawalpur 17 were martyred a few months back. On March 17th terrorists threw 6 grenades on worshippers in Islamabad. 6 are martyred and 42 injured including my friend's wife. Kindly pray for us, we stand next in line.
Altaf Naseem, Pakistan

Pastor in Romania needs our help . . .
My brother Teofil quit university because our parents can't afford to sustain him. He is now in London looking for a job. Could anyone help him ? Can anyone help us with materials for building small churches and houses? Anyone have a old printing press we can have to create work ?
Pastor Tim, Carei, Romania.

My call is to southeast Mexico. 
The plan is to provide parts of the Bible on tape in the local dialects, then invite people to a film and ask them to accept the Lord. So far 1500 Mixe, Misteco, Nahualtl, Zapoteco have responded.
Roberto Jiménez Flores, Tehuacán, México

Training for mission in West African Sahel.
Years ago we talked about a West African School of Mission. After the seeds and efforts sown the Lord has answered in his own way. World Outreach have started training the churches for mission, and it seems to be working well.
Keith Smith, Gorom-Gorom, Burkina Faso.

Over 700 stood to pray, "Here am I, send me."
I have just spent five days ministering at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. About 1400 students and faculty attended the meetings.
George Verwer, Operation Mobilisation, England.

UCB Word For Today is coming in Albanian.
More information:
Leslie Wright, Chester, UK for Albania.

We are in Senegal where . . .
75 %of people here are Muslims. We are a new ministry proposing to have the inauguration revival in July. Please come and help us.
Rev. Linus Chima Obaegbu, Senegal.

Jos Market destroyed in suspicious fire.
Over 100 church members lost homes to arsonists in September and now they and 100's of others have lost their only means of living. I am lost as to how to give leadership. 1000 pastors came for prayer and we felt God asking for a week of fasting which the State Government endorsed and closed the entire State for prayers.
+B.A.Kwashi, Anglican Bishop of Jos, Nigeria.

Church in Brasov Romania growing well.
In Calan the church is growing and in Constanta 80 people came for a great meeting. Next we go to Poiana where poor people were shown love by believers visiting with food, resulting in an Alpha course. Now they are visiting a homeless couple with 4 kids who live on a beach in the cold! 
Dave & Rosemary Playle, UK in Romania

It is our desire to go into unreached areas.
We are willing to be sent wherever God lead us. The decision has been taken because we want to follow His voice.

Edgar Muñoz, Caracas, Venezuela

My father slipped and broke both the legs.
We took him for surgery but later he had blood vomiting and the doctors were afraid that it was not in their hands. All our orphans, pastors and congregation prayed and God did a miracle. He is slowly recovering but need your prayer.
Pastor Samuel John Bula, Andhra Pradesh, India.

In a juvenile prison in Buenos Aires . . 
God is working bringing liberation, repentance, and soul healing. We are having baptisms, and need lots of prayer.

Liliana Del Corno, Argentina

Seven congregations in poor areas. 
We have preached the gospel for 12 years and daily serve 350 destitute kids, youth and adults.

José Vargas, Montevideo, Uruguay

Teams are travelling to Morocco.
Pray for effective outreach, divine guidance and appointments, and protection. Pray many might receive a long term call to Morocco.
Phil Rule, Arise Shine Morocco

Many freed from witchcraft.
Sister Victoria, one of our students spent a year in a small town using material from these pages to teach. She comes every three months for more and tells how God is changing people.
Richard, Kitwe, Zambia

Reaching the Deaf of Africa
At least 12 Deaf Christians are trained every year to plant and lead churches and Bible studies every where in Africa. Our class has deaf Ethiopians, Tanzanians, Ugandans, Zambians and Burundese.
Jack and Evelyne Owiti, Nairobi - Kenya

Seeing the Sindh . . .
The people are receptive, but we need the right team of faithful, available, able and teachable men. In Karachi we were well received and shared teaching. There is much potential, some folk from Baluchistan also invited us.
David L. White, England - for Pakistan

$270,000 damages against a church
Kaziah Hancock was told she could meet Jesus in the flesh if she handed over land and water rights to the church. When he didn't show up, she sued the church for breach of contract, fraud and emotional distress and won.
Ananova News, about the USA

After 27 years in the Amazon forest in Peru . . .
There are now 82 small churches and we have begun to send native missionaries to other unreached ethnic groups in the border with Brazil. We have gone through many a difficult situation, but God has always been faithful
Pastor Nolasco Vera and wife, Peru

Latest unreached peoples facts and figures and it's all free to download.

Extensive, totally free Bible Basics course.
Written by a missionary for non-Christian nationals.
Barbara Haas, Cleveland, USA.

Missionary for seven years in Paraguay. 
Now I am in New York getting ready to serve in the Canary Islands.

Eusebio Victalino, Brasil

Satanist group use law to meet in church.
Moroccan believers in a legal action are calling desperately for prayer to expose the man in question and have him expelled. Satanists are making legal papers disappear, disturbing testimonies and using bribes, false accusations, and physical threats of torture and death.
From Arise Shine Morocco.

Bank for the poor progressing well.
The first ‘entrepreneurs’ who received money have successfully paid it back. God bless you for standing behind all our success.
Pastor George Purkweri, Lira, Uganda.

Please help Africa Bible Institute to train . .
Ministers for evangelism, education and the needy We also need finances, books and computers.
Patrick Azariah Dekryst, Accra - Ghana

Third mission to Suriname.
We are praying for a big bus and Christian material and supplies to distribute along the way.
Monica Brown, Kamloops, Canada 

Free leaflets on 1,400 unreached peoples.
Prayer resource of the century, you only pay the shipping for leaflets with photos or the CD. 
Les Norman, World Christians, England.


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