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1st -15th May, 2001

Free School of Mission

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* From Paul Lee, Korean missionary, Keny
The Lord has helped us through 5 years of life and ministry in Kenya.  I am away until October 11th mostly in prayer, research and speaking in the USA, Japan, Korea and Uzbekistan. Pray that the Lord of the plentiful harvest will call and send more most-needed workers to the lost millions in Africa. Also, remember to pray for our 300+ churches in 5 African countries. They are fully ready to send out an army of native church planters and missionaries to their neighboring countries.  I have no doubt, they'll become one of the greatest mission forces in Christian history, for they can easily overcome the language, health and cultural barriers.


Welcome Pastor Ybrando Durango, Medellin, Colombia
The church was opened around 1985 as a small group in a poor area in Medellin. God has allowed us to grow slowly. We have already gathered almost 100 people. Nowadays we are working with the discipleship. God bless you for all the help you give us.

From Alex Valladares, El Salvador  
Yesterday, we had 7 new births at church. God gave me the privilege of preaching to 25 guests. It was an excellent time and all the converted are young men and women. We have the great opportunity of sharing freely about Jesus, and we are making the most of this freedom.

From Mrs Josephine Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso, W. Africa 
Thank you for your letter, and for all your prayers. As usual, the money your people send is blessing many widows and some pastors in need. I want just to ask prayers concerning the rain. Until now there is no rain and it is very hard. And people are dying because of sickness. Please pray for us, for our land, that the Lord may send some rain to help us to live.Thank you.

From Amalia Morilla, Argentina
May God bless you for the work you are undertaking. I'm an operator at Christian radio stations. This week we started eight Christian channels. Please pray, as God has given me audible messages for me to work here. Mine is a counselling ministry. Thanks to the Lord's mercy I have been able to bring many young people to Christ's feet accepting Him as the only Saviour. Our listeners are between 14 and 30 years old. Pray for Christian stations and Web pages. These are territories that we are grabbing from the enemy.

Welcome Pastor Carlos Monroy,California, USA
We are a church in Riverside, California, USA. There are 23 leaders here and we have already begun the School of Mission. On Tuesday 24 April, we gave lesson 5.

From F. John, England
Here are some words from Oswald J Smith who was writing about the depression of the 1930's. "Well do I remember the days of the depression. Hundreds of men came to the church office for help. Several times I questioned them. Not one of them was ever able to say that he had squared with God during days of prosperity. God looks after those who remember him. 'They that honour Me will I honour'. You had better square up with God now in these days of prosperity or you, too, may be standing in a breadline when adversity strikes again. I know of no better way to invest for God than by giving systematically to foreign missionary work."  

From Javier Montoya, Cuernavaca, México
Many of God's promises are coming to pass in our congregation both at a personal and general level. Greetings from Mexico to the whole Christian world.

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From Marcos Santos, Colombia
Last weekend proved to be tragic for a family of American missionaries working in Peru's jungles. The small aircraft they were flying was shot down without warning by the Peruvian Air Force on a anti drug patrol. An American missionary and her seven month old daughter were killed. The authorities told lies about the pilot saying he had not complied with international norms but the press report that the missionary airplane had properly filed its flight plan. Let's pray for God to comfort the mourning hearts.


Welcome Marco Torres Toro, Talcahuano, Chile
It is a great pleasure to greet you and to wish you the Lord's richest blessings. I pray for God may enrich you in all you are doing. I have recently found you on the web. Since then I have been visiting you day after day. I have downloaded the lessons and we are about to start the school in our Baptist church.

From Mariela Ruiz, Chaco, Argentina
Today we are doing evangelism explosion in the Toba neighbourhood, with indians aged 3 and on. We are going to invite them all in order to show them the Gospel of salvation with plays and drama and choreography we prepared with a few of their own people. We have brought 13 big bags full of clothes to give away. We have met a pastor who has recently brought 130 bags in a bus. He is almost as crazy about this work for the poor as we are. Now we help him too with a radio station in Buenos Aires.

From Fabian Manosh, Mercedes, Argentina
Thank God for through this channel we may receive some information about your work. We are in a small town where idolatry and witchcraft reign. We are only a few. We glorify the One and Only who vanquished, the King of Kings. The mission is beautiful as the Holy Spirit is working here and everywhere. God bless you.

From Lidia Rossi, Mar del Plata, Argentina
May the handicapped also come to know Jesus! When you come across a deaf child, never have pity on him. Admire him. That deaf child learns and deserves all our respectfulness. He symbolizes persistence, virtue and self-denial to conquest the hearing world. When you speak to him, do it facing him, speaking clearly. Remember he can't listen to your words, but he can watch them reading your lips. In your congregation are there any teachers willing to work with "different" children? Don't forget that the handicapped can also know Jesus.

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Do you need professional translation into Chinese, Arabic, Korean, French, Spanish . . Our friends at will do a brilliant job for you. This is a free and unrequested recommendation from the Schools of Mission network. If you plan to do business with China then these are the people for you. We know them well. [Les & Pilar, the editors]


From Alfonso Ambrossi, Stockholm, Sweden
We would like to have this news page. By this means we would like to have some insight because we just began a mission field in Romania but we lack the missionary experience. Do you believe you could help. God bless.

From Andrew Godfrey, Yaounde, Cameroon
There were 29 people on the Africa Orientation Course from several different countries. The course gave a very good grounding to living in Africa.  We learnt about the health issues and how we have to go and buy all our own drugs. We also learnt about the African culture, many of the issues relate to the family and religion. Many Christians still practice traditional religions and trust charms and mystical medicines provided by the traditional healers. It is going to take a real break through with the power of the gospel to see 'the old things pass away but God is able! We spent 2 ½ weeks living in a village with an African family in the North West of Cameroon.

Free School of Mission


From Robert Hosken, Moscow
This link will take you to the experimental development pages of a new Interactive version of this School of Mission course. The Bible verses are live on screen, and a student can interact with other students and the instructor as well. An alternative is with a menu bar gives access to the other things in English and Russian. The full course in this exciting distance learning format will be available by the autumn for leaders and churches to offer and for individual students to use.


From Silvio Jose Palacios Baca, Managua, Nicaragua
What a joy it is to find these pages, it is just what I need to help prepare me to lead our young people at church.  I work in a district called Ciudad Sandino, where our church is. Most of the young people have come out of gangs and drugs.  I need to learn so that I can teach other young people to be missionaries, like I want to be.

From David White, England
In one unwelcoming part of Asia we have appointed 3 evangelists and 3 Bible teachers. In another we have 2 potentially receptive people groups and that there is a small response from them. We have identified another receptive people group, possibly even more receptive than the Brick-makers. The Bhastie are slum dwellers living illegally on Government land. Many are from Christian background, but have never heard that they need to repent or receive Christ. We know of at least ten such Colonies. On the first day more than 40 trusted the Lord in three different homes. On our last day I was physically dragged into the home of a  man who had seen us on that first day. His family met with us for a meeting and nine trusted the Lord.

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From Randy Green, Guatemala c/o <>
A letter from <The daughter of some friends of ours, who are missionaries here in Guatemala, was kidnapped on 26 April as her mother was taking her and her sisters to the Missionary School. Armed men surrounded their car and took 12 year old Amy Sherman. Please pray that God will protect and deliver her and the men responsible will be captured.

From Irvin Wenger  
The Director of CAG called me with information on Amy Sherman's situation. Security forces made a successful rescue attempt. One of the kidnappers was wounded and apprehended in the encounter. We see God's intervention written all over this one! We continue to pray for Amy and her family as they work through this traumatic event.


Pastor John Joseph, India
We just returned from a 13 days tour of Chattisgarh and Orissa with 19 very good meetings, two baptism services and 3 pastors meetings. Our two orphanage projects are going on very well, we are constructing three more small houses to accommodate the children. The Lord has opened a new door for us at Dantewara District.  This is 90 Kms south of Jagdalpur in the most dense forest of Bastar. It is infected by terrorists. There is very little or no gospel work going on there.  We have made contact with a brother and now agreed to work with him.  I was amazed to hear that there were some believers in these jungle village who have been baptized by my Dad, as early as in 1950.  Praise God, that the seed that has sown is still bearing fruits.

From the UK Evangelical Alliance
The UK Evangelical Alliance encourages you to support this campaign.
<Tens of thousands of Christians are this week calling on the UK Government to lift a ban on national Christian broadcasting. Gareth Littler, Director of UCB, a UK Christian radio station that can only broadcast via satellite said, "If the ban is not lifted, Christians in the UK will never be able to listen to the national radio of their choice. At UCB we face the stark reality of being unable to broadcast Christian music to those who wish to hear it. We hope and pray that the Government will stop banning Christians and instead start listening to them." The UK is one of only four countries to have such a ban on Christian radio, alongside Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iran. Over 10 years hundreds of MPs have supported lifting the ban and petitions of 276,000 signatures have been presented to the Government. More info from <>

Welcome to Rob Smith, Badger, California, USA
I am considering your online bible program, but I live with my wife and two children at a Christian camp in a remote area of the Sierra Mountains and we are not able to travel to church regularly. I am hoping to start a youth discipleship program which starts with young people going on a wilderness adventure here in the Sequoia National Forest where they would hike, camp and climb.During their trip, by God's grace, they will encounter Jesus in a powerful way and then be introduced to a follow-up discipleship program.

From Dave Davidson
Pray for Kazakhstan. Stretching over one million square miles from the Caspian Sea to the Tien Shan mountains bordering China is Kazakhstan. Pray about the corruption that exists among government officials and pray that the President himself will overcome the temptations of power and wealth, and see the needs of the people and rule with righteousness, justice and love. Pray for those of the official Islamic faith and the Kazakstani people who believe Shamanistic concepts. Please pray that God will give Kazakhstan new hope and new life through His churches, and enable the potential of the country to be released correctly. After all, He is the Lord of Kazakhstan.

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From Patrick Johnstone, WEC
In 1960 there were only 25 baptized Christians in the Hindu Kingdom of Nepal. Today there are 200,000 Christians out of a population of 20 million that is 89% Hindu, 7% Buddhist, and 3.5% Muslim. During persecution in the 1980's, 2 to 3 Christians from every church were imprisoned. The Nepalese Christians are striving to reach the goal of one million Christians. Tibet is closed to the gospel, occupied by Chinese forces. Only 200 are Christians among a population of 5 million Tibetans. In 1990 there were only five known evangelical believers in the communist atheist country of Albania. Today there are 129 churches with 6,000 believers.


From Danny Pisoni, Hamburg, Germany
Through this page we have been contacted by many people about our project of helping make it possible for Latin American missionaries to come to Europe. We can give you some good news. We are receiving a pastor from Argentina, coming "to explore the land" Num 13:2. We are now arranging the details so his trip may be a blessing. We may work together in an evangelistic campaign in Cologne where we have been invited.

From Dr.Kevin Dyson, NCI University, USA 
Today as I was reflecting on the words of a very significant piece of prose by Edgar Guest called "I'd Rather See A Sermon"  It goes like this: " I'd rather see a sermon than hear one any day, I'd rather one should walk with me than merely show the way. The eye's a better pupil and more willing than the ear; Fine counsel is confusing, but example is always clear; And the best of all the preachers are the men who live their creeds; For to see the good in action is what everybody needs. I can soon learn how to do it if you'll let me see it done, I can watch your hands in action, but your tongue too fast may run. The lectures you deliver may be very wise and true; But I'd rather get my lessons by observing what you do. For I may misunderstand you and the high advice you give, But there's no misunderstanding how you act and how you live!

From David White, England
Praise the Lord He has abundantly answered prayer.  He has enabled me to maintain a very full programme of travel and ministry in Asia both teaching and evangelistic. Hundreds have made a response. A number have been prepared for and some actually baptised in both countries. I have had opportunities to speak in 3 Bible Colleges, one Conference and to students at 3 colleges. In one nation we have been able to double our team, so that three will specialise in evangelism and Church Planting while the original three will concentrate on teaching. This should enable us to double the number of new congregations started.  One hundred last year should have a further 200 added during the next year.

From Fiona Love, England
Hi my brothers and sisters. Just to let you know that I have recently let God into my life and I love it! I went to Spring Harvest 2001 last week at Minehead, Butlins Camp. It was very spiritually fulfilling and I feel I had a calling to preach to young children my age and younger. I would really like some information about preaching and to have the chance to ask you all to pray for me, asking God to help me spread his word of love and truth. If you feel you can help please e-mail me. God bless you all. Fiona, 16.


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