Missions Mobilisation Network

GUIDE TO RESOURCES - December 2002 
For further details please contact each address directly. 

Unreached People Groups 

Caleb Project Provides tools to facilitate your involvement in world evangelisation, with an 
emphasis on unreached peoples. They have an unparalleled range of videos, leaflets, 
prayer guides, children's materials and much more. They also run training events. Now they 
have a European office too, with a vision to promote outreach to unreached people groups 
living in Europe. Get their catalogue: 10 West Dry Creek Circle, Littleton, CO 80120, USA. 
Email: info@cproject.com  European office Email: bcarltonk@aol.com  

Briefings Excellent WEC booklets on specific people groups, highlighting the work of the 
church at its cutting edge. Current titles: The Arab World; Children in Crisis; Poorest of the 
Poor? (Sahel); The Rim of Fire (Indonesia / Malay peoples); The Silk Road (Turkic 
peoples); India. New titles due. OM Publishing, PO Box 300, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 0QS, 
UK. Email: info@stl.org  www.WesleyOwen.com  

Adopt A People Clearing House Has found a new home with the Bible League. PO Box 
28000, Chicago, IL 60628, USA Email: AAPC@xc.org  Visit their new website. 


Praying through the Arabian Peninsula National believers and Christian workers invite you 
to pray with them to see evangelism increase and the church planted among the local people. Worldwide focus for 2003, building on answers seen as a result of Praying Through the Window. Printed prayer guide available in many languages; publicity video; updates on the website. PTAP, PO Box 11448 Newport Beach, CA 92658, USA Tel: ++1-800-376-5876 Email: PTAP@srginc.org   www.pray-ap.info  

Tunisia 7 - The 7 Year Covenant of HUB (Humble, United and Bold) Prayer The prayer 
movement, Awake Tunisia 1999, saw an awakening of the Tunisian church. The church 
grew significantly and now numbers several hundred believers. The Holy Spirit has given 
the church in Tunisia a burden to persevere in prayer for the glory of Christ in this land and 
to see this seed grow into a mature and flourishing church once again. Our aim is to see 
continual and persevering prayer for Tunisia inside the country and around the world, 
creating a 'wall of watchfulness' around the growing church of Tunisia. Info pack, "Face to 
Face" video and contact details of a 'Tunisia 7' coordinator in your region available. 
Monthly e-mail prayer updates. Email: T7@a2bmail.net 


Books & Periodicals 

Christian Aid Mission Publications Missions Insider Report - weekly e-mail newsletter 
focusing on the ministry of indigenous missions. Christian Mission - quarterly 24-page 
full-colour magazine describing the work of indigenous missions with a focus on a field. 
Complimentary subscriptions are sent to active supporters; sample copy can be requested. 
Christian Aid Mission, 1201 Fifth Street Extd., Charlottesville, VA 22902, USA. Email: 
info@christianaid.org  www.christianaid.org  

Global Missiology for the 21st Century: Reflections from the Iguassu Dialogue, edited by 
William D. Taylor Key presentations from the conference in 1999, which celebrated the 
movement away from a Western-dominated approach and toward a shared global 
approach to reaching the world. Gabriel Resources, PO Box 1047, Waynesboro, GA 
30830-2047, USA. Email: gabriel@omlit.om.org  or 30% discount from Amazon Books 

The Re-entry Team: Caring For Your Returning Missionaries by Neal Pirolo. Part I 
establishes the joint responsibility for missionary care between the church and the mission 
agency. Part II is comprised of 70 - good and not-so-good - stories written by returning 
missionaries. Commentary follows each story to help first identify with the situation, then 
second, translate the solutions into helping returning missionary friends. Part III contains 
general articles and a reference section. US$8.95 Emmaus Road International 7150 
Tanner Court San Diego CA 92111 USA Email: emmaus_road@eri.org  www.eri.org  

The 2003 Great Commission Resource Catalogue Free from William Carey Library; Send 
your name and address to Catalog@WCLBooks.com  

People On The Move by David Phillips Perhaps the definitive book on nomadic life and its 
impact on Christianity... as well as Christianity's impact on nomads. Gabriel Resources, PO 
Box 1047, Waynesboro, Georgia30830-2047, USA Email: sales@omlit.om.org  

Publications from Into All The World: 1. Short-term Missions Today 2003/2004 edition. 128 
pages with 29 articles and six comparative mission opportunity charts. US$2.00 plus 
carriage. View the comparison charts and missions book order form online. 2. The Whole 
World Guide to Language Learning by Terry Marshall This is the book everyone should 
choose if they are going abroad for more than just a few weeks. Whether you enrol in formal 
language classes, or work language learning into a busy work or ministry schedule, the 
author's "on location" approach to language learning will fit your needs. Key concepts are 
getting a mentor, and using the "daily learning cycle." US$18 Many other titles on the 
website, or write for list. Into All The World, Distribution Central, PO Box 40519, Pasadena 
CA 91114, USA. Email: intoall@aol.com  www.aboutmissions.com  

Books from William Carey Library: 1. African-American Experience in World Mission: A 
Call Beyond Community; Vaughn Walston & Robert Stevens (editors) This collection of 
articles takes you deep into the history of missions in the African-American community. 
Learn of the struggles to stay connected to the world of missions in spite of great obstacles. 
Read of unique cult ural experiences while travelling abroad. Feel the heart for fulfilling the 
Great Commission - both in the African-American community and beyond. Special price 
US $11.70. 2. Business Power for God's Purpose: Partnership with the Unreached by 
Heinz Suter & Marco Gmur The world is in need of Christian businesspeople who are 
willing to share in God's concern for unreached ethnic groups, especially in 
restricted-access countries. Find out how you can be a part of this great task. Special price 
US $10.39. Gabriel Resources, PO Box 1047, Waynesboro, GA 30830-2047, USA. Email: 
gabriel@omlit.om.org  www.wclbooks.com  

English Teaching as Christian Mission by Donald Snow Special price US$14.44 
WorldChristian News, PO Box 26479, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA Email: 
wcnnews2@aol.com  www.Worldchristian.biz  


Enrichment Conference for Missionaries Budapest, Hungary, January 8 to 12 2003. Take 
time out of your ministry to be refreshed and sharpen your vision. Speakers include Ravi 
Zacharias, Gary Chapman, Kathy Koch and singer Michael Card. Children's programme. 
Contact Conference Ministries, Moody Bible Institute,820 N. LaSalle Blvd, Chicago, IL 
60610, USA. Email: confmin@moody.edu  www.moodyconferences.com unga  

Missions Fest Canada February 2003, Edmonton, Alberta www.mfest.ab.ca Winnipeg, 
Manitoba, February 2003 www.mfest.mb.ca  Toronto, March 2003 www.missionfest.org  

4th European Member Care Consultation "TOOLS FOR THE TASK: Growing Deeper, 
Going Broader." 14-18 May 2003, Lunterem, near Amsterdam, Holland Intended for those 
who are either actively involved in member care or for those wanting to be more involved in 
this ministry. Marion Knell, Global Connections, Whitefield House, 186 Kennington Park 
Road, London SE11 4BT, UK. Email: mariondk@uk2.net  

Mission Expo 2003, Budapest, Hungary June 26 to 29. Following the highly successful 
event in 2001, the needs of the world will again be made known to central Europe. Will 
include many denominations, national and international missions agencies. Contact Terry 
Lingenhoel, OM, Erd 2030, Bajuszfu utca 15, Hungary. Terry@h.om.org  

Global Consultation on Business as Mission Thailand,19 -24 January 2003, for mission 
staff and business people. Business as Mission Team, YWAM England, Highfield Oval, 
Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 4BX, UK Email: bam@oval.com  

4th Missionary Conference for Students, Brazil, 1 - 4 March 2003 The AFTB (Brazilian 
Association of Tentmakers), ABUB (IFES student movement in Brazil) and CEM (the 
Evangelical Missions Training Centre), will host this in the city of Viçosa in the state of 
Minas Gerais, Brazil. Open t o professionals as well and we will make the most of the 
opportunity, and organise a meeting of the AFTB at the same time. Email Délnia: 

Tentmaking Congress, Philippines: 27 - 29 March 2003 Organised by the Filipino Missions 
Association. Dr. James Hudson Taylor IV has agreed to be the main speaker. Email: 

Broadcasting & Communications 

Ransomed - Unharmed While eight foreign Christian workers with Shelter Now were being 
held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001, they wrote songs to encourage and 
comfort each other. Now some of them are available on this CD, which has captured the 
faith and hope that the group had. GB Pounds 10 from Gill@groundlevel.org.uk  or 10 Euros 
from muehlan@t-online.de  




Church Multiplication Guide Translation George Patterson's widely-read Guide is now 
available to be translated into non-English languages, royalty free. You can look over the 
instructions and download a revised original for non-American translators from http://currah.info/www/cmg/  Any questions? Write to George at GPatterson@CVImail.net  

A People Loved Islam resource pack examines the beliefs and impact of Islam and 
provides a Christian response. GB£9.99. Includes: - video - Bible studies - Children's 
materials - Info Sheets, OHPs - Poster - PowerPoint - Discussion group starters - Prayer 
points - Testimonies of Muslims who have found Christ OMF International, Station 
Approach, Borough Green, Kent, TN15 8BG, UK Email: omf@omf.org.uk  www.omf.org.uk  
or www.us.omf.org  

A Heart For the Nations Mission music by Pastor and musician Randy Mayfield. 17 songs 
of worship and mission in English, Spanish, Swahili, and a medley in 7 different languages. 
Available in CD (US$15) or cassette tape (US$10) postage paid. Central Missions - 7700 
Davis Drive, St. Louis, MO 63105, USA. Email rbmayf@aol.com  

Stuff You Need to Know about Doing Missions in Your Church 90-page 
encyclopedia-on-diskette of one-page lists, outlines, forms, and resources covering 
everything from Bible Verses on missions to Missions Pastor job descriptions. Also 
second volume, "More Stuff You Need to Know". Sample pages at www.davidmays.org
click on "book notes" and scroll down. Each diskette US$12. ACMC, Box 221, 
Brownsburg, IN 46112, USA. 

For Children 

Help Children Pray For The 10/40 Window. Children's translation of Praying Through the 
Window 6: Women and "The Girl Child". Use it for any 31 day period! 

Africa: The Land of Stewardship Start at the top of the continent and "safari" down from 
Egypt, to the bulge countries, to the Congo, and end up in South Africa. Compare Islam to 
Christianity, study wildlife, missionaries, pharaohs, and the diamond mine s of South Africa. 
Kids will love to dress like the Tuareg, cook Ethiopian injera, trade at a Moroccan bazaar. 
In a Handled-paper-bag with an Africa sticker are: the Curriculum book Africa: The land of 
Stewardship (9-15 w eeks), Crafts, Map, and Resource book: Eyewitness: Africa. US$99 
(includes shipping) - the curriculum book by itself is $55. Konos, Inc., P.O. Box 250, Anna, 
TX, 75409, USA. Email: info@konos.com  www.konos.com  


Global Opportunities. * www.globalopps.org  website has information including free 
papers/articles on tentmaking. * GO World magazine contains articles on issues, stories, 
missions-related news, a country study, job ideas, etc. Subscribe on home page. * Half-day 
seminars; significant, intensive, 4-day tentmaker training course. * Counsel and mentoring 
and guidance / resources for the job search process. info@globalopps.org  

Associação de Fazedores de Tendas do Brasil (AFTB) The Brazilian Association of 
Tentmakers has just become the latest national entity as part of the worldwide Tentmaker 
International Exchange (TIE), to represent the growing number of Brazilian workers. Email: 
pjglink@muranet.com.br  www.nossogrupo.com.br/grupo.asp?grupo810  

AZTEM Australian tentmaking advisory body, member of TIE. Available for help and advice 
to prospective and current tentmakers, and all seeking to obey and represent Christ in the 
workplace (wherever that is.) Website includes a good selection of book titles on the 
subject, which can be purchased direct from AZTEM or at your local outlet. Email: 
aztem@aztem.org  www.aztem.org


Useful web sites

Free 85 study School of Mission in 12 languages www.dci.org.uk 

Resource Sheet For Christian Artists And Musicians Website for missions minded 
individuals / leaders / missions / ministries, etc. interested in using the arts in the Great 
Commission. Includes lots of information / resources / networking opportunities and 
ministry opportunities; always being developed further. 

Extensive database of Christian resources available within India with a focus on Hindi language materials, although other Indian languages are also included. There are well over 700 resources already in this database and it is growing. Email your questions or resources to info@indiaresources777.org  www.indiaresources777.org  

A site for Christians from all walks of life to interact and encourage each other. One of the most destructive forces among those who serve in a Christian vocation is discouragement. This is a platform and forum from which these voices can be shared in candour and honesty as a constructive means of understanding and encouragement. www.Voicesfromthevillage.com 

Spiritual Landscape In Iraq www.oprev.org/Iraq.htm  Editor Bruce Sidebotham has done a 
great job assembling some very challenging information on this needy land. 

Training and Finance 

Life From God's Perspectives Cut down adaptation of Perspectives course for "ordinary" 
Christians. Cut into bite-sized pieces used in 3-8 week modules. CD-ROM with leader's 
handbook and lesson plans in two formats, supplements standard Perspectives reader or 
notebook. US$25. Ken & Martha Shirkey, email ksgateway@earthlink.net  

CIU Courses in Budapest and Germany Opportunities to earn a Master's Degree in Europe 
or supplement your study and professional development with intensive grad level courses 
run by Columbia International University. January 13 - 20, 2003, Intro to Islam taught by Dr. 
Ray Tallman. March 31- April 11, Cultural Anthropology; September 22-October 3, Folk 
Religion. Email ciubudapest@hotmail.com  

Help Train Next Generation of Church Leaders The fast growing church in some countries 
badly needs well-trained leaders. OC Team (Overseas Council for Theological Education 
and Mission) runs a sponsorship programme to train key people for leadership. They 
partner with 102 strategic Bible colleges in 63 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, 
Latin America and the Middle East to train leaders in their own context, culture and 
language. OC Team helps resource these colleges with student scholarships, faculty and 
campus development, and educational resources. OC Team, Overseas House, New Road, 
Colston Bassett, Nottingham NG12 3FQ, UK. E-mail: mail@octeam.com  www.octeam.com  

Perspectives On-Line A joint project between International Christian Ministries and the US 
Center for World Mission. www.icm-international.org  and then click on "Perspectives 
Course" and then on "Perspectives Online". 

Until The Whole World Knows by Alicia Britt Chole An informal but surprisingly intense 8 
week small group journey toward centralizing God and His mission! Purposefully 
interactive, the book is designed for cell groups, Christian education, personal devotions, 
and mentoring relationships. Designed to fill eight 90 minute meetings with substance, 
discovery, interaction, and application. Each chapter contains a selected reading, 
interactive warm-up, teaching guide, discovery questions, application section, and further 
study suggestions. Includes global web links and resources for missions and children. One 
Whole World, Inc., 3397 Liberty Road, Rogersville, MO 65742, USA 
info@onewholeworld.com  www.onewholeworld.com  

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