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The Do's and Donts of Internet Fund-Raising
If you are passing by looking for a place to apply for funding for your project then this page will help you make a good presentation. Most funds return applications after reading the first few lines so take time to make a good presentation.

One Day the Beggar Died 
One of our partners in a poor country was very upset because he had spent a lot of his wages from his job to put on a free teaching seminar for leaders and pastors but curiously instead of gratitude he had men lining up to ask him to pay them a few dollars a month and they would put his name or ours over their churches. Some would not even take no for an answer and he didn't know what to say. Sadly the same problem comes the way of these pages quite often, and if you click on this page you can read some of things we say in reply, for right or for wrong.

Looking for funds to cover a pastor's salary or support ?
Click here to read the explanation from the DCI Fund application page

The Money Raising Seminar Notes
Lecture notes from Les Norman, the founder of the DCI Trust which has been giving global support for the world of mission since 1985. This outline is based on 33 years of releasing funds to live with and a great deal more to give with, without making appeals or asking for offerings. Click here for the seminar notes and make contact to have this seminar in your locality.

Looking for Money ?
Click here to see different places where you can apply for financial help and what you can and cannot ask for.

The DCI School of Money Module
Twelve free lessons on how to overcoming poverty and fund the call of God, just as applicable to the believer in the sophisticated west as to the believer in the developing world. Click here to see and download the module.

The DCI School of Kingdom Economy 
Sixty five free short Bible based lessons about God and money, about giving and receiving, written and as practised by a British accountant with a big heart for mission. Click here to see the School of Kingdom Economics.

The Money Forum
Click here for advice, articles and your comments from the news pages.

here to see and download a free book on George Muller, learn how this man successfully trusted God over a lifetime for funds for himself and for thousands of orphans.

Take this free book: the astonishing story of Rees Howells, intercessor, soul winner and revival leader in Wales in the last century. A man who gained faith to contunally receive large sums of money and he tells you how. (In English) Click either pdf or Kindle format.

Called to Give ? 
Click here for a one page article for people who feel called to be givers but are not sure how to respond, and it's also for people who are being asked to give but are not sure if they should say yes - or no.

Business 4 Mission creates Funds 4 Mission 
Click here to see some of the ways that we create employment in the developing world to produce funds for reaching the lost, last and the least.

Tithing or giving?
Should we should tithe 10% of our gross income or our net income after tax. Indeed should we tithe at all ? Click here for a discussion starter paper.

Owe no man anything
This is what the apostle Paul said but he did not live in an age of credit cards, buy now and pay later loans, mortgages and a debt driven society. Click here for an ongoing discussion paper on avoiding debt.

How do you send money overseas?
Our guide to the different methods we use is here

DCI has never been a fund-raising organisation nor do we make appeals, send out magazines or ask for offerings, rather we are a gathering point for people who feel called to giving and to generosity for the benefit of the last, the lost and the least of the world.